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3 Carb Protein Bar

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August 2, 2011    review
Jamie   Age: 29

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... On the contrary to Steven, I used these for months at a time. Great taste and great ingrients. Irontek supplements never became as big or as popular as many of the other brands, namely because they didn't sell their souls for fake advertising, but anyways back to the bars.. the chocolate was amazing and a real treat. Like any protein bar, a great healthy snack to take between meals to help you get the protein to keep growing and recoverying but just a but tastier than plain chicken breasts! In todays world, I am hooked on the BSN Syntha 6 protein bars.. really great taste! PS - stay away from the detour bars.. pure sugar!"

February 23, 2007   
Steven, Smart

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... I never liked these, my girlfriend bought me a box for christmas last year. I found them to upset my stomach and they didn't taste very well. Maybe I am spoiled from the king of all protien bars.. DETOUR!"

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Iron-Tek - 3 Carb Protein Bars

Experience all of the benefits of high protein with super low carbs in a delicious candy bar!

Iron-TEK supplements truly became a player in the industry with their popular 3 Carb Bars! These highly packed protein snacks are not only extremely low in carbs or sugars but also taste great! They are truly ideal for those following a low carbohydrate nutritional plan, but can actually be used by anybody who wants to stay healthy. The 3 Carb Bar is available in amazing flavors such as blueberries & cream, peanut butter & jelly sandwich and coconut almond ectasy to name just a few of the popular choice. Remember, you're not just getting a great source of twenty-two grams or protein, you are also getting the most essential vitamins and minerals to help you with your health goals.

Only 3 grams carbs per bar & 20-22g high quality protein

Chocolate in addition to yogurt covered varieties!

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