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Hi-Tech Anavar Real Prohormone 180 Tablets Review

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Hi-TechAnavarHi-Tech Anavar

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Hi-Tech Anavar Results & Ratings

4.2 / 5
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84%   27

January 16, 2015   [ QUESTION ]   [ claudia - age 32 ]       will

" ... hi i had taken the real anavar my doses was 30 mgr a day for max 8 weeks, now i just found this supplements that says its the same but reading about it the dosage is different , so for a female how much should i take thank you "

Response shared January 17, 2015   [ Shane ]

" ... I would follow the minimum suggestion dosage on the lable. This is a legal version of Anavar so it may work slightly differently. Try and adjust based on results or sides. "

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December 14, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ Gino - age 25 ]       using

" ... Im almost done with my cycle and I know im going to experience a loss in my gains... how do I keep as much as possible? And when should I run another cycle? "

Response shared January 23, 2015   [ Sam ]

" ... Yes, you will lose all of the gains which is common with steroid or anabolic products. "

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December 12, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ mike - age 22 ]       using

" ... Hey this my first time using a prohormone.I'm am not a aadvanced weight lifter but never did any unnatural supplements. I been on clear muscle for the last two months in is about to start anavar asooon as it get to house is that ok? "

Response shared January 23, 2015   [ Richard ]

" ... If you are not advanced, then you should steer clear of these products. Remember, all of the gains you make are temporary and you will lost them all once you stop using the products.

Think about it Mike. "

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October 17, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ PARIS - age 18 ]       will

" ... How should a female take this product?? also how would the produHI-TECH PHARMACEUTICALS Sustanon 250ct affect a female looking for gains, too???

Response shared October 30, 2014   [ James ]

" ... I would cut the dosage in half and listen to your body. If things start to feel off.. then stop. "

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June 23, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ J Miller - age 28 ]       using

" ... I Just started cycle of anavar yesterday. Was wondering about on cycle support if it was needed? Also what about running anavar with test cyp? "

Response shared July 6, 2014   [ Henderson ]

" ... You should have figured that out before you started - you should not be using this if you really have no clue or set game plan.

Start over. "

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February 16, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ aryan - age 20 ]       will

" ... In a week im going to be using sustanon 250 500mg or w.e the unit is
And 50g of winstrol along with basic creatine mono, bcaa, glutamine, protein
I have good clean diet train 6-7 times a week, also an athlete
For durin cycle im running arimidex and joint sports as well as liver supports n stuff
An pct I got nolva, hcg, aromasin etc so yes my cycle is planned out
Now my question is can I also add this to my stack or wud tht be too much? "

Response shared February 24, 2014   [ Mason ]

" ... Wow.. why take anabolics? TEMPORARY gains with permanent long-term side-effects - most guys drop dead in their 50s from heart failure.

Anyways, if you choose to go down this path then there is no need to add products such as this - you have the real stuff so don't over think things - just train hard, eat right and rest. "

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October 7, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ v singh - age 26 ]       

" ... hi.. i am 5.8 was only 52kgs 6 months back... now gained nearly 6-7kgs in last six months using sci-mx omni hardcore.. gained strength over all but size is not that much.. increasing.. used ON creatine also... now off it. planing to buy hi tech arnomar.. but finding mix reviews on all over internet.. can u please suggest "

Response shared October 14, 2013   [ Nick ]

" ... It works very well if used as directed. However, you need to also follow a good diet (5-6 meals per day, healthy) and train properly 4-5 days per week. Get a full 8-10 hours of sleep each night as well as this is the time you will grow and recovery your muscles. "

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October 9, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Dragzz - age 25 ]       will

" ... Hey
I am currently using the test factor and x-factor advanced, and I am planing on jumping on anavar after, how long should I wait after my cycle of TFA and XFA before I can start my cycle of hi-techs anavar?
Cheers "

Response shared October 14, 2013   [ Joey ]

" ... I would wait 6-10 weeks. During this off period, stick to high protein, zma and tribulus. "

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October 1, 2013   [ REVIEW ]   [ slayer101872 - age 40 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... This product is amazing. Been on and off of it. And it gave me the size that I've been wanting. For a small frame guy my age. Love anavar. Gonna buy another bottle

September 13, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ kim - age 43 ]       will

" ... Is anavar legal in united states "

Response shared September 22, 2013   [ Jose ]

" ... This supplement version of anavar is 100% legal, safe and extremely effective for lean muscle gains, strength gains, cutting and overall well-being. "

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August 25, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Mimi - age 38 ]       will

" ... I am a female i would like to use this but want to know if its safe and if i should stak with something else and what side effects should i expect "

Response shared August 26, 2013   [ Nick ]

" ... No need to stack it with anything but I would suggest using the lowest dose. This is a very potent yet relatively safe anabolic to use. "

Response shared June 11, 2014   [ maria ]

" ... How to use for me as a woman? "

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August 18, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Dragzz - age 24 ]       will

" ... Hi
What do you think is a better supplement and will give you better results out of Anavar and test factor combined with x-factor by molecular nutrition
Cheers "

Response shared August 19, 2013   [ Neil ]

" ... I would personally cycle each and find out, both are excellent in my opinion.

Be sure to follow a good diet plan high in protein, train hard and get 8-10 hours of rest per night to properly grow and recover. "

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June 12, 2013   [ REVIEW ]   [ christian - age 52 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... ive been using hi-tech anavar &dianabol cylces for almost 2 yrs, and love it! it does what it says. I will continue this regimentas I am very happy with the results!! remember, diet, diet, &exercise, get results. "

June 9, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ rock - age 48 ]       will

" ... when taking in morning with or without food "

Response shared June 10, 2013   [ Paul ]

" ... It doesn't matter. Works both ways so might as well have it with your breakfast. "

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June 7, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ bobo - age 24 ]       using

" ... hey currently taking anavar impressed so far but accidently took an extra serving in the same day (3 pills 3 times). Have a weird feeling but was wondering if I am in any real danger here? Thanks BOBO "

Response shared June 10, 2013   [ Nick ]

" ... No real danger if it just happened once. I would stick with just one serving the next day to balance it out and then back to regular schedule. "

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April 17, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Travis - age 29 ]       using

" ... I'm currently taking hi tech anavar and am enjoying the gains but how long of a cycle should I do? Any suggestions? "

Response shared April 18, 2013   [ Simon ]

" ... I would suggest 12-16 weeks on followed by 4-6 week break. "

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April 15, 2013   [ REVIEW ]   [ John - age 21 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I have used this supplement multiple times. I used a bottle a few times a year throughout the last 2 years, and I love it. I get excellent results every time I use it. As a senior collegiate athlete, I have been training at an advanced level for many years, so gains come at a much slower rate now. Whenever I use this, my strength gains come steadily, my muscles fill out nicely, and I get great pumps in the gym. It's not a miracle supplement that will turn you into Arnold in a month, but if you're a well dedicated lifter, and you are patient, you will see great results. "

April 9, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ bats - age 18 ]       will

" ... i plan on useing this product and was wondering since i have family history of liver problems should i be takeing anything to help the liver out with this supplement? "

Response shared April 10, 2013   [ George ]

" ... The question is, do YOU have any liver problems? Get yourself checked out because if you do, then you should NOT be using this product. "

Response shared April 15, 2013   [ John ]

" ... This is not THE Anavar. It is not the steroid, but a natural supplement, so it's not going to kill your liver. Hi Tech bought the rights to use the name, which is a brilliant marketing plan. It has been a very effective for me, as I use it a few times a year. I would recommend using a liver support if you are stacking many supplements. If you are just using this with your basic pre-workout and daily protein shakes like I do, you can get away without using a liver support. At 18 years old though, if you're partying hard, you might want to add some milk thistle into your diet to go along with this. "

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April 1, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ chris - age 40 ]       using

" ... Im a 40 yr old male. 5-10 256 lb with spare tire. I have been training hard 2hr a day with 45min cardio. 20 lb of weight loss in last 90 days with considerable muscle gains.
My question is should I lose more chub before i start anavar. My final goal is to lose spare tire because i have a natural huge chest, shoulder and decent arms.
when should i start and what dosage would be recomended

Response shared April 1, 2013   [ George ]

" ... Congrats on the recent results, very good!

The gains you make with this anavar supplement promote lean mass gains, so you will still be losing fat if you watch your diet. Just stick to a high protein menu with low to zero carbs at night. I would also lower the cardio to 20 minutes per day not to lose muscle mass. "

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March 29, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Travis - age 29 ]       will

" ... Hi I'm thinking about starting a cycle with anavar will it be safe to stack with colossal labs N.O.monster "

Response shared March 30, 2013   [ Paul ]

" ... Yes, adding a pre-workout such as NO Monster is a good stack. I would also be sure to use a good isolate whey protein after your workouts for better recovery. "

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February 6, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ WILBERT CRUZ - age 37 ]       will


Response shared February 8, 2013   [ Andrew ]

" ... Blood TYPE diet plans are excellent and becoming more popular as science proves them to be quite accurate especially for athletes, so good start with that.

Yes, using Hi-Tech Anavar with a creatine and tribulus is a good choice. Be sure to include a high quality whey protein isolate following each workout and perhaps branch chain amino during your training such as XTEND or AMINOLAST. "

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December 7, 2012   [ REVIEW ]   [ poppawheely - age 45 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... After one week I am seeing some slight gains. Added at least 2 lbs muscle weight so far. I have it stacked with Epistane and this is my 1st cycle. I plan on running 6 week cycle(with cycle support), then 4 week PCT. Continuing with heavy training and good nutrition/supps. Currently weight 182 lbs with 19% bodyfat. Started Epistane at 20 mg per day & will gradually increase Epistane up to 40mg per day for weeks 4-5, then reduce back to 20 mg for 6th week. ANAVAR FEEDBACK: These are horse pills and first dose sent me into acid reflux attack. I am actually grinding them up into granuated form and mix with gatorade to swallow, so proceed with caution if you have acid reflux. I haven't noticed any appreciable pick-me-up from morning dose, but I start the day taking RoxyLean so that overpowers anything in its path. "

December 1, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Mario - age 23 ]       will

" ... I was wondering if its ok to.take protine with this And wats the best protine shake and if glucosumine pills will be ok also and wats a cycle I keep hearing about them and will my natural testautarone levels go back to normal wen I stop . and has any one had testicle reduction from this sorry for so many questions but thank you "

Response shared December 4, 2012   [ George ]

" ... YES, you should always use a high quality protein supplement regardless of any other supplements. It's the most important.

Browse this website at the top, Suggested Supplements gives you a good idea of the top choices today.

Yes, your natural levels will return back to normal a few weeks-months after you stop the cycle.

You may experience shrinkage temporarily, nothing to worry about. "

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November 26, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Kay - age 28 ]       will

" ... Whats the difference betweem this product and "real" Anavar? Why is this legal and the other not? "

Response shared November 29, 2012   [ Jones ]

" ... This is real anavar, very effective. Supplement form yes, but you'll get the results you're looking for. "

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November 16, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ lynne - age 31 ]       

" ... hello, i am about to start my first cycle with anavar and want to know what the proper dosage would be with the least side affect and for how long i should be taking them. as well should my dosage fluctuate? "

Response shared November 29, 2012   [ George ]

" ... Just follow the directions on the bottle, you won't have to worry about any side-effects as they are usually extremely mild or non-existent. "

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September 24, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Drea - age 21 ]       will

" ... Do I need to run a PCT for this? I only plan on taking 10mg max a day ( since I am female) but am wondering if I will need to take something to taper off, and will the gains stay even after my cycle? I only want to take this for one cycle "

Response shared September 26, 2012   [ Tara ]

" ... I would suggest something like A-HD, or tribulus with ZMA - that should be fine as Anavar doesn't really shut you down that hard. Keep your nutrition and training as high as it was when you are on and you'll be fine. "

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September 18, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Vincent Grant - age 26 ]       will

" ... I hope this does the business. Having problems gaining during off season and retaining my lean tissue while I cut. Gonna use this for 2 cycles then switch over to DAA for 1 cycle. Gonna be crossing my fingers! "

Response shared September 20, 2012   [ Richard ]

" ... Excellent choice and you should see some clean, hard solid results from this. Let us know how you make out. Also some advice for holding your muscle size while cutting, be sure to consume at least 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, I even find that it takes 2.5 grams at times to keep it. "

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September 7, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ short dog - age 39 ]       using

" ... Hello i started using Anavar. But my question is Will it do any kind of damage to my body if i keep using it? When I bought it I mixed it with Nuerocore and it made my body freak out. I had an ugly feeling inside that lasted 2 1/2 days why did it do that
? "

Response shared September 8, 2012   [ Gordon ]

" ... That would probably be from the Muscletech Neurocore product, Anavar would not cause this. "

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August 12, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Andy - age 17 ]       will

" ... Hi guys, I'm new here, I have been lifting for a year and keeping fit, will anavar give me that edge and helpnme get lean like will smith in I am legend? I'm currently 8% body fat "

Response shared August 14, 2012   [ Peter ]

" ... At 17 you are far too young. Your natural testosterone levels are already maxed out. I know it may seem like the results are coming slow but this will not make you a monser over night - and usually the gains you make you lose.

Stay patient and stick with protein, creatine, glutamine and BCAA's each day to give yourself the best chance at gains.

Once you're 21 or even 25 consider taking testosterone boosters, right now it's a waste of time regardless of what you're friends think or say. "

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August 10, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Alex - age 25 ]       using

" ... Do i will need a PCT after my 2 month cycle ???? "

Response shared August 14, 2012   [ Paul ]

" ... I would suggest AHD from BPi Sports or many others have actually had good experience from Tribulus, ZMA and glutamine each day to keep their gains and help restore then natural hormones back to normal. "

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August 5, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Alex - age 24 ]       will

" ... Is Anavar a Test booster ? "

Response shared August 9, 2012   [ Shane ]

" ... Yes, the anabolic ingredients will increase you testosterone levels to allow for quicker muscle gains, strenght and recovery with basically zero sides. "

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July 27, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Nick E - age 20 ]       will

" ... I was wondering if this would be used for cutting/putting on lean mass like the real deal or does it give you that bulky look pro hormones tend to give people ? "

Response shared August 2, 2012   [ Arnold ]

" ... This is not a prohormone. You will make some lean hard gains with this in the 30 day cycle. "

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July 16, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Tomu - age 20 ]       will

" ... I just turn 20. I train hard, do strong man events and I am looking for an extra edge.

I am wondering if I'm old enough to handle this kind of product and if so, what are the side effects if any? "

Response shared July 20, 2012   [ Zack ]

" ... Yes, it's safe and effective. Zero side-effects from this supplement just follow the directions. "

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July 15, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ steve - age 24 ]       used

" ... Can i stack Anavar with Millenium sports technologies somnidren-gh and zmk "

Response shared July 15, 2012   [ George ]

" ... Well yes you can but remember, more doesn't equal better results. Instead, focus on things that make an actual difference in your progress such as your nutrition, training and nightly rest. "

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June 3, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Chris80 - age 22 ]       using

" ... Does anavar make you test dirty for a job?? "

Response shared June 8, 2012   [ Hank ]

" ... The real prescription version yes, this one I highly doubt it. "

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May 27, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Alex - age 25 ]       will

" ... As a testo booster and a close to steroid as it is supposed to be....are there any baldness sides noticed.? is it possible to affect hairloss generally? I had an iron problem and had lost some hair , now im on therapy and afraid of losing again hair with this product.
Thank you "

Response shared May 28, 2012   [ George ]

" ... With any type of testosterone booster, whether it's natural like this product or anabolic in nature - the side-effects always depend on your genetics. "

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May 24, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Jules - age 24 ]       will

" ... Can you drink alcohol while on it? How bad it's this Anavar on the liver? "

Response shared May 24, 2012   [ George ]

" ... You shouldn't drink alcohol when trying to build muscle, period. No matter what you are on. But in terms of liver damage, yes drinking alcohol will be harsher if you are using Anavar as it's already being abused by the chemicals. "

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May 21, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Lee - age 32 ]       using

" ... HI there,
I have never used any kind of steriods ever in my life. I have read about Anavar.
I weigh about 155 lbs , what dosage do u recommend ? and for how long? i dont mind if its low dosage but i dont want high dosage that would leave side efects on my body. "

Response shared May 24, 2012   [ Ryan ]

" ... This is a supplement legal version of Anavar - it is safe and very effective. Follow the directions on the bottle for use and duration and you'll be OK. "

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May 11, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ nathan - age 23 ]       using

" ... just a random question would stacking oxy black and anavar gain anything or would i just explode? "

Response shared May 12, 2012   [ Carl ]

" ... Explode? What are you talking about?

Stacking anavar and oxy black is a good muscle building - pre workout stack. As long as you train hard, eat right you'll get some great results. "

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May 10, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ John - age 23 ]       using

" ... Its says take 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon/evening. What kind of time gap are we talking about here? I get up for work at 6am and i am usually hitting the gym for around 12.30pm, so is taking this at 6am and again at 12pm too close together? Or would I be better taking the second dose after my workout with my post protein? Thanks for your time

Response shared May 12, 2012   [ Neil ]

" ... It's not an exact science.. just stay consistent. "

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April 28, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ John - age 23 ]       will

" ... Hi I am planning on using product for a four week lean mass cycle but what I need to know is if i use this in conjunction with a weight gainer/bulking up diet will this produce lean muscle or will the anavar make me excrete the fat and carbs from the gainer/diet? Also if i am only doing a four week cycle of this will i need to do pct? And if so would a light clomid and zma stack be enough? Thanks for your time

Response shared April 28, 2012   [ Shane ]

" ... If you are doing a lean mass cycle then you need to eat lean meats, low carbs and low fats. Anavar can't make you gain fat, it all comes down to what you eat and your fitness level.

YES, I would suggest a PCT - give BPi AHD a try (on this site). Adding zma and tribulus will help as well. "

Response shared April 29, 2012   [ John ]

" ... Ok what is BPI Ahd? And how would you suggest taking it? I
searched it on this site it is unclear as to what it is/does and what dosage to take it at "

Response shared April 29, 2012   [ Shane ]

" ... Site is extremely clear fitflex.com/bpi-sports-arimedex-hd-review.html

Over 100 questions and answers on there to give you ALL the info you need. "

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April 21, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ steve - age 17 ]       will

" ... can i stack with ephedrine? "

Response shared April 23, 2012   [ Ken ]

" ... Ephedrine is illegal and dangerous but yes, you can. "

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March 14, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ robbie - age 35 ]       using

" ... 3 tablets twice daily of hi tech anavar is what dosage un sure because as a man dosage can be up to 100mg s a day please advise "

Response shared March 15, 2012   [ Neil ]

" ... Follow the directions ON THE LABEL. "

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March 6, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ dreamer - age 35 ]       will

" ... How is this Anavar the same as getting it prescribed? How is it that its legal and available to be sold on line? Has anyone taken a full cycle of Anavar and seen results? I seen reviews on gains is not the same as prescribed stuff...so whats the difference? Looking for Anavar thats legit. Mahalo "

Response shared March 7, 2012   [ Jones ]

" ... No, this is a supplement, natural-based version of the Anavar. It's is safe, legal and really effective as well.

If you are looking for prescription based anavar then you will have to get a prescription - otherwise it's illegal.

Give this version a try as it's safe and contains no harmful side-effects like the prescription version does. "

Response shared April 9, 2012   [ Bill ]

" ... Typically anything sold online out in the open and marketed under a steroids brand name isn't actually that steroid. A lot of times, its merely a precursor, also known as a prohormone. Prohormones are also a schedule III illegal narcotic under the 2005 extension of the anabolic steroid control act of 1990. You can still find these PH's online at the seller and buyer's risk. Since 2005, however, many of these supplements are not even the PH's they once were, and have been altered even further to bring them chemical compounds within legal parameters. You're unlikely to experence significant gains with any of these "supplements", since they are made benign enough to comply with the law. With many of these supplements, you still risk experiencing side effects similair to steroids. Research whatever you're thinking about buying. "

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February 20, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ jace - age 21 ]       will

" ... Ive taking hi techs anavar and dianabol as a stack and im wondering if sustanon250 would be good to stack with them . Or with only 1 any suggestions "

Response shared February 22, 2012   [ Phil ]

" ... Yes, Hi-Tech makes the best natural muscle boosters on the market and that stack would help you with some quick and noticeable gains. "

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February 2, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Steve - age 41 ]       will

" ... I am considering using this, can it be stacked with NO-Xplode safely, or should it be taken alone?

Response shared February 4, 2012   [ George ]

" ... Yes, adding a pre-workout supplement to any stack is always ok. Just be sure to stick with one, as most of them have stimulants and too many will just get your wired up! "

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December 22, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ Kim - age 50 ]       will

" ... Being a woman age 50, in good shape, would I use the same dose as a man? 5"5 125lbs?
I have been working out with weight my whole life, just not sure on the dosage "

Response shared December 25, 2011   [ John ]

" ... Hi Kim, yes you are able to take anavar if you are a female but understand that you are increasing your testosterone levels which is a MALE hormone responsible for muscle gain and strength gain but also other masculine properties that you may not be too happpy with. "

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November 26, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ nikao - age 45 ]       using

" ... Hi i am currently using anavar with gakic pro series very impressed with results can someone please tell me what dosage i should take and when in the day i just want to be sure that im taking it correctly i got mine in a package that says OXANDROPLEX TABLETS is that another name for ANAVAR please help..... Thanks "

Response shared November 27, 2011   [ George ]

" ... This is ANAVAR sports supplement, not OXANDROPLEX TABLETS. For directions on how to use this product check out the label. If you are taking another product, then your best bet it to find out from the person or place you got it from. "

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October 31, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ nikao - age 45 ]       will

" ... Hi i am currently taking gakic pro-series have had good results my trainer reccomended i take Anavar would appreciate some sound advice can i take gakic and anavar together for my training GAKIC HAS REALLY WORKED FOR ME MY Trainer is impressed with my results only after 2 months of gym just want to check with people in the know the experienced guys to make sure my trainer is giving me right advice
will appreciate a reply-thanks

nikao "

Response shared November 1, 2011   [ Trey ]

" ... Yes you can stack these together, good combination actually especially if you're looking to boost your strength and muscle size. I would also make sure you're getting a good protein powder as well once or twice a day. One serving right after your workouts is a must, followed by a solid meal 60-90 minutes later. "

Response shared November 5, 2011   [ nikao ]

" ... Hey Trey thanks so much for replying to my question good im chuffed starting anavar on monday with the gakic cant wait im fully into my training now as i can see results from gakic i will also do the protein shake .

thanks so much "

Response shared November 10, 2011   [ newton ]

" ... hey i heard lots of comments on hi-tech pharms ANAVAR being fake n no results??? true or false?? HELP "

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August 27, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ macd - age 29 ]       used

   OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5

" ... I used this,for a natural product it gives good natural gains,would recommend taking a lighter dose if your prone to reflux.. "

August 2, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ Mikey G - age 19 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... can you stack the three hi-tech products anavar dianabol and sustanon 250 together. Also do you need a pct after these cycles? "

July 21, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ Tee - age 40 ]       will

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I Have used the real thing, and can not get it anymore... I am interested in using this to see if it works. I am a female "

April 18, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ Joe - age 21 ]       using

" ... Is ANAVAR and DIANABOL from HIGH TECH PHARMACEUTICALS NCAA "LEGAL" since it is in fact a natural steriod? Also I was wondering if M5 Extreme by Cellucor will it pass a drug test and is it legal. Thanks. "

Response shared April 19, 2011   [ Liam ]

" ... Yes these are legal supplements as they are readily available to buy after the big pro-hormone bust a few years ago. Mind you, the results will not be as dramatic as using actual anabolic compounds, but you will get good "natural" results you should be pleased with.

As far as I know, M5 will not show up on any tests.. but please double check this. Maybe someone else here can confirm. "

Response shared April 19, 2011   [ Joe ]

" ... Thanks for the info... I called High Tech to make sure and they said that they needed a list faxed to them of what is banned by the NCAA you'd think they had already had that sent to them before. I'm still would hate to take anavar, dianabol, and M5 EXtreme and they tell me that I failed a drug test if they randomly did it. Any MORE THOUGHTS FROM ANYONE? "

Response shared August 27, 2011   [ benchprotege ]

" ... i use cellucor products. I am thinking about getting the dianabol and anavar. I know cellucor states on their "c4" label that it may show up on some banned substance drug tests. "

Response shared September 26, 2011   [ chuck ]

" ... M5 contains 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl which as far as i know is a banned stimulant by WADA.

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March 4, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ Jeff - age 21 ]       will

" ... Is High-Tech Anavar a prohormone or is it a natural test booster? please let me know, im 21 and dont wanna take a prohormone this young or a test booster, only a natural test booster. "

Response shared March 15, 2011   [ The Enforcer ]

" ... There are no natural test boosters on the market besides Tribulus. Anavar is a prohormone and a very effective one. Just be sure to run a PCT following the cycle. "

Response shared March 19, 2011   [ Jeff ]

" ... If i am to take anavar at age 21 will it mess me up? and what is PCT?? "

Response shared July 20, 2011   [ Alias ]

" ... Man if you don't know what a PCT is you should do your homework more. But Anavar can be taken at high doses with little to no effects on the liver so a PCT shouldn't be necessary. "

Response shared February 19, 2012   [ Bil ]

" ... First off,being liver toxic is not why you would need pct. Any supplement that suppresses your natural hormone production, when taken for extended periods of time, would need pct(post cycle therapy) in order to jump start hormonal production. Failing to do this would and will result in a loss of any gains you make with the supplement, and lots of other side effects, in some cases permanent. There are many prohormones and designer steroids out ther that arent methylated (liver toxic) that still require pct so you dont go around with the testosterone levels of a 12 year old girl. I dont see any nomenclature in this product that leads me to believe this is such a supplement, I will do further research. Also, there are plenty of forums out there to ask these questions with knowledgable people who can answer, why are you all asking questions on a reveiw board? You realize this makes others lives difficult when they are looking for feedback, from people whove actually taken the product. Just saying. toxic) toxic) "

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February 15, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ matrix - age 26 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... salve ho iniziato oggi anavar, vorrei sapere se č meglio prenderlo a stomaco pieno o vuoto e se vuoto dopo quanto tempo si puņ mangiare "

February 3, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ Bobby - age 32 ]       using

" ... I had taken hi-tech anavar going on 3weeks and feel nothing. Should I up 4 or 5 pills? because I see no gain or feel stregth. "

Response shared February 6, 2011   [ Pete ]

" ... Are you taking the suggested serving size of 3 tablets, twice a day? If you are getting nothing noticeably with regards to strength, pump, recovery then upping the dosage as you suggest will probably not doing anything. Either try another test-booster (if that is what you are looking for). "

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January 26, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ mark - age 25 ]       will

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... i was thinking about useing this after a 3 week break period of useing the actual sustanon. i have a degree in nutrition and sports medicine and if you know what you ar looking for in the ingrediants you will notice that there are 4 different types of andros in this supplement. andros are the male hormones(testosterone)...there is test cyponate...test deonate..and a few others. read the ingrediants you will be shocked...im gonna try this and put a review up in a few months "

January 23, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ chris - age 24 ]       used

   OVERALL RATING: 1 out of 5

" ... I work out 5-7 days a week, 1-2 hours a day. this drug can be very harmfull causing a "high" that last throught the entire day. also extremely elevates heart rate causing potential heart attacks.Be very carefull with this drug, especially since their going off the steriod anavar name yet with a non steriodal substance. Very Dangerous. Would Not ever Reccomend! "

January 14, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ Slim - age 20 ]       will

" ... What are the side effects, Is it okay to take this as a natural competitor?

Has anyone cycled on and off this and seen the difference? "

Response shared September 4, 2011   [ Phil ]

" ... Excellent overall supplement for muscle gains without adding fat. I was also able to increase my strength pretty much with every workout. The gains I made I was able to keep and didn't require to run any pct either. I always cycle it for 6 weeks straight followed by at least 4 weeks off.

This is a safe and natural product however there might be an ingredient in there that may be banned by some organizations - I would call them up and double check before it's too late. "

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January 11, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ Ivan Poddubni - age 57 ]       used

   OVERALL RATING: 1 out of 5

" ... Hi-Tech illegally uses brands such as Anavar, Dianabol, Sustanon. Try to research on internet Agonadra racemosa (Belizean man vine). Source of this spam is somewhere between Russia and China.
It's not steroid, and it is legal.
But, it is not (c)(tm)Anavar. "

January 10, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ raybaby42 - age 25 ]       will

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I am a female figure competitor and have been told the illegal anavar is something a lot of girls use, however I am a natural competitor and plan to stay this way and was thinking that this may be a good alternative for me and may help me in my show prep for the next 13 weeks? any advice? are there the same side effects for females as with the illegal version? Thanks for your help anyone? "

November 23, 2010   [ REVIEW ]   [ Dsalz - age 43 ]       using

" ... I don't see any good results with this product
I think it's just all advertisement.
Maybe other people will have better results but I didnt "

November 16, 2010   [ REVIEW ]   [ dani - age 25 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... best product. gained alot of weight in about 2 weeks. i hav been using this for 2 weeks now and i can already see results , i am very happy and i will definetely use anavar hi tech again "

July 27, 2010   [ QUESTION ]   [ old guy - age 43 ]       will

" ... Should you follow the 3 pills of Hi Tech Anavar in the morning and 3 in the afternoon along with 1 pill of Hi Tech Dianabol if you are stacking? "

Response shared September 17, 2011   [ Dorian ]

" ... Yes, this is actually an excellent stack. Anavar and Dianabol will help you really make solid, hard muscle gains that you can be proud of. "

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May 2, 2010   [ QUESTION ]   [ Richard - age 31 ]       using

" ... I've been using Anavar for 2 weeks. But I have a question. What is the best way to take Anaver, on a empty or full stomach?


Response shared December 25, 2010   [ memphis ]

" ... Take it with food or directly after your breakfast. "

Response shared January 17, 2011   [ cs ]

" ... Anavar should be taken on an empty stomach "

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April 27, 2010   [ REVIEW ]   [ Tanel - age 38 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5

" ... I use Anavar since 3 weeks and it realy helps. I am still in diet for a Fitnessbodybuildingship in Germany. Last Year i win the Mr.Germany in Fitness and i will be sure i will look much better after taken Anavar. Makes me more ripped and i dont loose to much Mass. Great Stuff!! I take 3 before the Gym and 3 tabs 4-5 hours later. Dont take it in the Nighttime. "

April 21, 2010   [ QUESTION ]   [ JR - age 19 ]       using

" ... this stuffs pretty good not lying ive been on it almost 3 weeks and see great results i went from a 45 dumbell chest press to a max of 70lbs and still gaining everyday its new wieght.Stack with jack3d and u will thank me i feel amazing a full pump all day "

Response shared April 27, 2010   [ Tanel ]

" ... Its realy good Stuff!! I take Anavar since 3 weeks and i am still in Diet for a German Bodybuildingchampionship in the Fitnesscategory. It helps me to be more ripped and i dont loose to much weight like the other years. Last Year i was Mr.germany in Fitness...and this year i hope Anavar bring me a btter shape..much more ripped;-))) Works good, but dont take it in the Nighttime. Good Pump!! "

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March 11, 2010   [ QUESTION ]   [ a-z - age 21 ]       using

" ... im thinking about taking Anavar,i have some questions. is anavar legal? where is the best place to get it and how do i know i got the right anavar? "

Response shared April 7, 2010   [ K9 ]

" ... It's not illegal as it is a natural supplement. Best place to buy it is at amazon.com "

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February 19, 2010   [ QUESTION ]   [ Jared - age 18 ]       using

" ... Does it matter how far apart i take anavar. I was told 12 hours apart. 3 in the morning and 3 before bed. How should i take it "

Response shared March 2, 2010   [ Sean ]

" ... Can you take Anavar with any other product. Like P-plex or any other Test booster. "

Response shared May 2, 2010   [ Richard ]

" ... You can take the supplement in combination with Anavar. These supplements will increase the working of Anavar. "

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July 3, 2009   [ Wurayayi ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I have just started on High tech anavar, is three in the morning and three in the afternoon any good? I read read on anavar and the recomended dail usage is 20g. I have worked this intake at less than 12g, can anyone help? "

June 11, 2009   [ Eric ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I took 3 pills right before my workout and half way through my muscles Felt different. I felt better, and more powerful, thsi stuff is great! "

May 26, 2009   [ Noz ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... ive been looking up avanar and cycles are estimated 6-10 weeks every day, 3 tabs in morning and afternoon, dont go to bed with the stuff inside you. hi tech avanar is a natural supplement and isnt ACTUAL anavar.

unless your under 18, it wont matter what age you are. "

April 14, 2009   [ natural pinoy ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Hey i was researching this product and i was wondering if this is safe for 18 year olds because it doesnt say anything about what age is best to take it "

March 30, 2009   [ Vern ]

   OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5

" ... I was wounding how to cycle this and what the diffence is with this and dianbol the other suppler high tech makes I would like to know how good this works "

March 21, 2009   [ Karen ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... This stuff is scary as it builds muscle and strength fast. The scale keeps going up and the weights in the gym keep going up. The muscles are coming on scary fast. This is like no other. I may be too muscular for figure this season. "

November 2, 2008   [ anabolic rican ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Tried real anabolic anavar couple of years back and its awesome believe me but running the risk of infection,and liver problems just didn't make me keep using it,but with hi techs anavar its just like using the real thing! I mean no side effects,it hits you in 20 or 30 mins,and in a week or so you'll see the effects of this pill go to work.I'm on my 2nd bottle and have gained easily 17.3lbs of muscle,while cutting 11.6 bodyfat!truly recommend for any hardcore bodybuilder,good stuff hi tech pharm! "

October 31, 2008   [ JJ ]

   OVERALL RATING: 2 out of 5

" ... Probably a good product but I cannot get past the upset stomach it gives me even if I eat before I take it I feel like I am going to puke every time. I even only tried taking one at a time and still got an upset stomach. "

October 17, 2008   [ HABZ ]

   OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5

" ... This seems like a very potent anabolic muscle builder..i want to know if it is hormonal in anyway or just a nutural anabolic product...plus does it have any form of side effects? thanks "

September 9, 2007   [ Shaine ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Actually very surprised with the good results, I will use anavar again without a doubt! "

February 20, 2007   [ Renate ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Anavar is fantastic! I actually have been having excellent progress with adding more muscle, quickly. "

January 31, 2007   [ Grant, Denver ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Hi. I will like to say to fellow researchers that anavor is pretty good! I have never tried the real anabolic anavar, but this is all the results I can take! It's true what they claim, you feel it less than 30 minutes after consuming it. It's terrific. "


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Description » Hi-Tech - Anavar Tablets

Incredible Legitimate Lean Muscle Builder Designed to Increase Strength and Size Quickly

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has made muscle gains simpler with their Anavar tablets. It's comprised of natural steroidal ingredients which have shown to boost muscle strength and size in a relatively short period of time. It consists of a range of benefits that can usually be found in sperate supplements. Things such as better ATP production which creatine produces, bigger and fuller muscle pumps such as various nitric oxide boosters produce with anti-catabolic functions such as many amino acid products provide. The increase in protein synthesis and the positive nitrogen balance effect leads to better muscle recovery and growth that is far superior than your regular protein supplement provide. For best results with anavar, take 3 tablets with your breakfast and then again with your dinner or before bed. Train hard and eat well to really make the most out of each cycle!

Experience Clean, Dry & Hard Muscle Gains without any Bloat

Controlled Released Anabolic Supplement for Serious Gains

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