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June 17, 2013    question
Dan   Age: 40

"... I am about to finish my second bottle or my eight week of APE. People are telling my stop for 4 weeks now, but the bottle says you can take it up to 12 weeks. Also, during my 4 weeks off what can I use to keep up the great results?"


June 17, 2013
response by George

12-16 weeks is an OK run for products such as this, as long as you are still making gains - if not stop.

Then, take a 4-6 week break to let your receptors recoover. In the meanwhile, continue to train well, eat and sleep. With regards to supplements, increase your protien intake and use some tribulus, zma and fish oil at night. You'd be surprised how well that works to keep your gains but even continue to improve while letting your system recover.

May 2, 2012    review
Joey   Age: 35

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have now been using ape for about 5 weeks and I really impressed. I will compare it to the former Novedex xt from gaspari and it's actually just as good. So if you had good results from that then you'll probably also like this.

Weight gained about 9lbs so far and I am leaner. Good workout pumps and overall A+ supplement in my book."

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Athletic Edge Nutrition - APE

Finally a Testosterone Booster Strong Enough to Yield Results but not get Banned by the FDA!

Athletic Edge Nutrition has come through with flying colors with their latest, APE! Short for alpha performance enhancement, this is the latest in the testosterone enhancement supplements to grace the market. Unlike other alternatives, this version actually does as it claims yet doesn't leave you hanging with dangerous addictions or side-effects. Change your physique, overall performance and endurance by boosting free and bioavailable levels of your natural testosterone quicker than before. With the suggest use coupled with a good diet and daily fitness plan, you can also expect to shed fat while adding some quality lean muscle gains. You'll also no longer have any need for a separate pre-workout nitric oxide booster as APE contains the right ingredients to get the veiny pump every workout! Make a difference with your progress and overall results with this latest and very popular product.

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