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December 28, 2012    review
Karen   Age: 31

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Hi guys, I am using this protein daily and find it to be excellend. It is only available in Vanilla so that is the only drawback and I am rating it a 4. Otherwise, it's excellent, and don't get me wrong the vanilla is actually great tasting.

I decided to go with this because it was and is different from the rest of the proteins as it combines different amino from beef, milk and eggs. I've noticed my recovery and progress with my training has improved since I've started and it's a great motivator in the big picture."

September 10, 2012    question
Anthony   Age: 41

"... I am suffering with Gout. Are
Provosyn, Density and Ultra 40 the right supplements to help get in shape with?"


September 14, 2012
response by George

These are all great choices for protein and it will help you with your goals.

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Beverly International - Provosyn Protein

Remaining True to their Highest Standards of Quality - Beverly Introduces their Latest Protein!

Beverly International supplements are proud to release their latest protein blend supplement, Provosyn! This brand has been an industry leader since their inception in 1967 and has continued to stand by their highest quality standard with all of the products they release. This protein blend consists of a combination of three different amino acids profiles derived from beef proteins, milk proteins and those found in whole eggs. This proven ratio and mixture has proven to be a successful blend to help you increase your muscle mass weight.. without the hassle of extra fat. In the big picture, each serving contains over 9000mg of essential fatty acids. This is a perfect solution for both men and women of all ages; whether you're an athlete in high school or senior citizen looking to maintain your diminishing muscle mass. As always, the delicious flavors are also what make this protein stand out from the rest - you'll be coming back for more till the last drop!

Experience Significant Improvements in New Lean Muscle Mass!

Contains Beef, Milk and Whole Egg Protein Components

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