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May 16, 2014    review
manny "tonka" garcia   Age: 30

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... I didnt get anything out of this supplement. No real increases in strength, water bloat, and it all went away after I stopped."

October 26, 2013    review
mack   Age: 34

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I gotta say this the best creatine product ive taken. Im 3 weeks in and can see and feel a difference, mainly in recovery. No stomach discomfort or bloat."

September 20, 2013    question
mack   Age: 33

"... Can this be stacked with ahd?"


September 22, 2013
response by Grant

Yes, works quite well together actually. Just follow the directions on each package carefully.

July 17, 2013    question
nick   Age: 25

"... I am taking alarm and vein from bpi for my pre workout, blox for during my workout and afterglow for my post workout. when would this supplement best fit in my stack "


July 20, 2013
response by Neil

Your stack is already pretty full.. be sure to concentrate on real food and good training as well as supplements are not the solution, just part of it. As Build-HD is used pre, during or post workout you really don't have room for it. I would suggest using it as a intra-workout supplement. So wait until your blox is done and try the build-hd as I think it works better. Save your blox for regular drinking during the days as it's a great amino acid to drink.

July 14, 2013    question
Nick   Age: 25

"... I just started using this product, I've read the label and talked to a few people everyone say after or before is best to take it and I heard taking half before and half after it good. But I take a pre workout, a mid workout and a post workout, when would be the ideal time to take this product. "


July 17, 2013
response by Shane

It all depends on what else you are taking. I would suggest taking a pre-workout product such as Craze, Ritual or Scream. Then drink this during you workout and afterwards. Follow that up with a protein shake and about an hour later a solid meal.

On off-training days, take this first thing when you wake up. I like to take double the serving in the mornings to really kick the body in to gear after the night rest.

August 11, 2012    review
Hobbs18   Age: 18

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I been using bpi build hd for about a week and a half. I purchased the fruit punch flavor which taste pretty good. I use it directly after my workout and my muscles feel hard and like there about to explode for about 2 hours after i'm done working out recovery time is good too the only problem Im having with this supplement is it doesn't mix well so I just throw the scoop in my mouth and wash it down with water overall it's a good product except for the mixing"

July 6, 2012    review
Nick   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey guys. Ok so after about 2 weeks of this stuff I am fairly impressed. I purchased the White Raspberry flavor and it's excellent, so flavor gets full stars in my opinion. I use it only during my training to switch it up a bit from xtend which I have been using for the past several years. That is the only change that I have made so to test it out properly without any other variables and three things I am noticing. One is fuller and longer pumps, strength increases and a slightly better recovery where I can train 5-6 days instead of 4-5 days per week. I will continue to run it and see where it goes, but as of now it's A+ in my book.


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BPi Sports - Build HD Creatine

One of the Most Innovative Brands of the Year Releases their Anticipated Creatine Supplement

BPi sports supplements has done it again with their latest creation - BUILD-HD! The long awaited creatine entry in to their line of products has arrived and will surely not disappoint. There have been many variations of creatine since the original monohydrate days and each time it improves just a bit more. Now, with this ultra concentrated variation you are taking yet another leap ahead in sports nutrition evolution. Unlike the basic creatine solutions, this one does not require you to load or maintain and contains no sugars or maltodextrins to spike your insulin which has proven to aid in fat and water gains. Not only will you experience the muscle growth, strength improvements, recovery benefits and more that creatine brings - this formula also provides the drive, performance and endurance you need to make the most of each rep in the gym.

Neuro-Cognitive Enhanced Concentrated Creatine Formula!

4500mg of Automatic Muscle Building Anabolic Powder!

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