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BPi Sports GRP-HD Growth Factor Releasing Peptide Review

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BPi SportsGRP-HDGRP-HD by BPi Sports

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BPi Sports GRP-HD Results & Ratings

5.0 / 5
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December 3, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ Devon - age 24 ]       using

" ... Is it better to take this product just before you go to bed?

Response shared January 25, 2015   [ Joel ]

" ... Follow the directions on the box, no other special way to use it my friend. "

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October 12, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ levi - age 23 ]       will

" ... Just got the text 7 and grp-hd stack. I currently use MP assault pre-workout and MP amino post-workout along with gnc's wheybolic extreme 60 protein powered. Will this addition help me lose weight and gain mass along with cardio growth

Response shared October 14, 2013   [ George ]

" ... This is an excellent supplement stack, you'll see some good results. Be sure to also consume 3-5 solid meals as well each day. "

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October 7, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Carlo - age 29 ]       using

" ... I bought a-hd and grp.. how exactly do you stack the 2? Take the grp before breakfast.. wait how long to eat..then take a-hd? And then go work out? Can i still take a pre-workout like c4 and an intraworkout (sizeon)? Or is this overkill.. "

Response shared October 14, 2013   [ Jorge ]

" ... Follow the directions on each one, easy as that. Don't try to change it.

Yes, you can stack in a pre-workout stimulant but never take one of those longer than 6 weeks as your receptors burn out. "

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August 27, 2013   [ REVIEW ]   [ al - age 53 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Just finished 4week of test 7 wasn't to happy with the results did lose more weight bsluggish going back on Bulgarian tribulus I took thisbefore but was talked into the test 7 this ok

July 25, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ AL - age 53 ]       using

" ... Hi was thinking of taking test 7 & grp-hd Iam looking to lose weight, built muscle, gain energy. I droped 30lbs got 20 more to go, I work out 4days a week, is this the right product to use "

Response shared July 25, 2013   [ Joey ]

" ... All three of those goals are attainable with this supplement stack in addition to the right diet and training plan.

Stay focused and on track and you'll get there Al. "

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July 1, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ MauroFROMargentina - age 21 ]       will

" ... First of all, sorry for my english..

Im gonna start to take Test 7 combined with GRP-HD, Roxy Lean and cellucor BCAA.
I am kind a skiny guy, but really ripped. Is it a good combination to get growth my muscles?

I dont know also if its a good idea take proteins as a post-train (i have a few scoops of Prostar Protein).

Do i need yes or yes take TRIBULUS if im gonna take those supplements? Because i have no tribulus and its impossible to get it at my country.

Thanks. "

Response shared July 5, 2013   [ Shane ]

" ... That is a good stack, you will see favorable results from it. Be siure to also keep your protein intake high with 4-5 meals per day with 2 shakes as well.

Using protein right after you train is a MUST.

I wouldn't both adding in tribulus. Instead, use it after your cycle. "

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June 15, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ kraemer - age 24 ]       will

" ... I have a problem with eating because i used to wrestle so ya ha.but since january i started working out 5 times a day and everything on saturday and always do abs.I was bench pressing about 185 maybe 2 reps and i was weighing about150 lbs then. Now i am benching 185 8 times easily and the most i have done is 225. But i just got Carbon cutting an hardening agent, test 7 PCT, and GRP-HD. Im going to start this week with these supplements, along with some russian bear 5000 i have, muscle milk, and max gainer. And i take C4 as a preworkout. SOOOOOOOOOOOO...can anyone please tell me what i should do in regards to when to take these supplements, whether it be everyday im not sure so please let me know! and also if u think itll ge me bigger and what weight i could reach after this cycle. because now iw weigh 143. THANKS "

Response shared June 17, 2013   [ Roger ]

" ... Sounds like a full stack that you should see some good gains with. Remember to include a proper daily diet with 3-4 high protein healthy meals, get your 8-10 hours or rest per night and train correctly.

With regards to the use of the supplements, simply follow the directions on each one - that will work fine. "

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May 24, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Robert - age 41 ]       will

" ... Do you have to weight lift to see results using GRP-HD & TEST7?
Or is it still beneficial to some one who mainly runs,and follows a
Weekly routine resistance type work outs.My back keeps me from
Weights,thanks . "

Response shared May 29, 2013   [ Parker ]

" ... If you want to see results with increased strength and / or muscle size then YES you have to lift weights. Lifting the weights is what stimulates the new muscle growth and strength and the GRP-HD enhanced the process greatly.

With regards to a running plan, using this will however increase your endurance and strength in that manner as well, so it is worthwhile to use.

You did mentioned a weekly resistance plan as well, so yes, again, it will help you with recovery and progress in that area. "

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April 1, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ jon - age 28 ]       will

" ... Just purchased the Test 7 PCT and Grp HD combo pack from GNC. What is the meaning of 1 - 2 cycles for Test 7? Grp hd does not have a cycle - is that right? "

Response shared April 2, 2013   [ Sean ]

" ... Cycle means running a full box. "

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March 14, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ paul - age 33 ]       will

" ... I have been taking creatine for the past week. I just purchased the grp,test 7 stack today. Can I stack all 3 & still see results or should I choose one or the other? Will either work against the other? "

Response shared March 14, 2013   [ Nick ]

" ... Yes, using GRP-HD with TEST-7 is a good testosterone / growth hormone stack. Adding in creatine is also beneficial but I would suggest also using glutamine, protein and amino acid drinks during training for the best potential results.

Here is a good guide from this site for products for each goal that work well together:


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March 12, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Jordan - age 20 ]       using

" ... I started this a few days ago along with the TEST 7 PCT. I usually take them around 7 one before and one after breakfast but I slept way too late today. If I go eat right now at 11am is it better off to take the grp-hd pill around 12 or just skip this day since it's a 5 hour difference? "

Response shared March 12, 2013   [ Mike ]

" ... Yes, take it asap and then get back on schedule the next day. One day of being off is not going to have any major negatives. "

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February 18, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Xavier - age 38 ]       will

" ... I plan to try this supplement but am also taking A-HD and 7Keto stack w/Pump HD as a pre-work out. Will it be overkill to Stack it? "

Response shared February 18, 2013   [ Ken ]

" ... I would leave it out as your current stack is already good, no need to add more. Instead, invest in a quality protein, perhaps an intra-workout amino acid like Xtend and night time growth with zma.

With the current stack you are using, if you are training and eating correctly, you should be making some really good gains... "

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February 8, 2013   [ REVIEW ]   [ Mark - age 25 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Ive been using GRP-HD for a week now and im already starting to see its effects. I take it as directed and ive noticed better pumps over the past few days. I lift 5 days a week and follow a decent diet. "

December 30, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Spiros - age 26 ]       

" ... I am currently going to start a stack for 6 weeks including Creatine,protein, aminos,GRP-HD,glutamine,omega3 and multivitamin. After the end of these 6 weeks i am thinking to start Ecdysten with Tribulus. Also all the above except GRP-HD and creatine. Is it safe to do that or should i wait for some time before starting this? "

Response shared January 2, 2013   [ Henderson ]

" ... that is an excellent stack, you will see good gains from it as long as your training is good and your daily rest is 8-10 hours. I think it's ok to go into the second cycle as the first one is relatively short.

Take a 4-6 week complete break from hormonal boosters after it however.

Just use tribulus and zma in the off-time. "

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December 5, 2012   [ REVIEW ]   [ George - age 48 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Started with this a few months back and I am very impressed guys. I highly recommend it if you weight train at the gym and want to make faster progress. Strength improves very quickly and then the new size and fat loss starts to kick in. No side-effects, just a good transformation. Now, I do attend the gym 5 days per week and stick to a good diet, so it takes efforts on all sides. Also, at my age my growth hormone and tesosterone levels are naturally low so this spike really made my body happy. "

November 23, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ shawn - age 18 ]       will

" ... I go to the gym at 9am everyday, so i wake up at 7:45/8ish would it be good to take Grp right when i wake up then before i hit the take my pre workout(1mr)? "

Response shared November 29, 2012   [ Rick ]

" ... Yes, that would work. Just be sure to take it daily, same time each time - regardless of if or when you exercise. "

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November 10, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Erick - age 25 ]       will

" ... They say you recover and build growth hormone when you sleep. However, this product and tropinex both say to take in the morning on an empty stomach. Would this be better taken before bed? "

Response shared November 14, 2012   [ Ken ]

" ... No, because you are already maximizing your hGH while you sleep. The key is to continue this process throughout the day so taking it when you wake up keep the process in motion rather than ending it when you wake up. "

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October 4, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ WAYNE - age 45 ]       will


Response shared October 11, 2012   [ Noel ]

" ... Yes, of course. But 50% of the equation depends on you so you have to follow the diet and training and rest to let the product do the rest. This applies to ALL supplements. You will see some good gains with lean size and strength with this. "

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Description » BPi Sports - GRP-HD

Instantly Improve your Gains and Progress with your Weight Training Efforts - It's time to Grow!

BPi Sports once again takes the lead with another great supplement, introducing their latest GRP-HD formula to the market. fitFLEX is extremely excited to be the first to share this ground-breaking release which simply adds to the growing catalog of products offered from this forward thinking brand. Each box contains a four week supply that will dramatically improve your anabolic potential through the manipulation of growth peptides. Similar to growth hormone effects, in a short period of time you will experience a lowered body fat percentage while at the same time an increase in your lean muscle tissue. Combined with the proper weight training and nutritional commitment, you can truly make the changes to your body that you've always wanted. Give peptides a chance and truly re-discover what it is to make serious gains again.

Ultra Concentrated Capsules for Better Absorption & Growth

Growth Factor Releasing Peptide for Serious Results!

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