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November 4, 2012    review
Joey   Age: 31

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Hey guys.. it's only been barely a week but better to have some comments on here from those of us who are starting with it then none. First, this if the frist powered fat burner I have ever used, previously it's always been capsules or tablets. So it's a good thing that the flavor is really good (Fruit Punch). In terms of fat loss.. I think I am down 2 pounds but that can be anything, probably water weight at this point in the game as I do appear leaner and harder. BUT, where it's really awesome is the energy kick.. it literally works within 5 minutes of drinking it. Just a good focus, good mood, good energy combination that really helps with my workouts and on off days it's just a good start to my work days. I am only needed to drop about 12 pounds or so in total, so nothing dramatic and in the long run increase my lean muscle definition. Just to look good basically, so I am hoping this helps. So far I am impressed and I will report when I am done with the container.

I am also using hydrowhey for my post workout protein and con-cret for my pre-workout creatine."

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BPi Sports - STIM Elite

Newest Evolution of the Energy Enhancement Category to Propel your Progress to the Max

BPi Sports nutrition has come up with their latest STIM Elite formula to provide a competitive alternative to energy based fat burners on the market today. With their track record of products released over the past few years, there is no doubt that this will again top the charts. BPi always pays close attention to the ingredients and always leans towards introducing new and effective components to truly put a new spin on everyday supplements. This product leans towards becoming a great aid to any weight training or cardio session to really energize and fuel you to give you the ability to push through those plateaus. Having the ability to push through and really force your body to utilize those calories will allow you to drop those pounds and transform your body to the goal you have set. We'll be posting full product details and will serve as you only unbiased review source - so visit back often!

Advanced Fat Burner Properties to Slim and Tone your Body

Experience the Focus, Drive & Endurance your Workouts Require!

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