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Candice Keene's Diet and Workout Plan & Online Pictures

Candice Keene Candice Keene Candice Keene Candice Keene Candice Keene Candice Keene Candice Keene Candice Keene Candice Keene Candice Keene

Candice Keene DIET PLAN

Candice Keene is quickly becoming the world's top ranked figure competitor in the IFBB. Her recent victory at the 2013 Ms. Figure International has truly helped her make her mark in the sport! She really does carry the ideal figure shape and is a great representative!

Candice follows a very strict diet plan both off season and contest pre time, here are some of her guidelines to follow:

Tip 1 - Eat 6 meals each day. Include protein with every meal as well.

Tip 2 - Favorite protein sources include egg whites, chicken, lean ground beef, tilapia and protein supplements.

Tip 3 - Ideal carbs tend to be brown rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes.

Tip 4 - The most important meal of the day is post-workout which should be high in proteins along with carbohydrates for fuel.

Tip 5 - Use a variety of supplements such as BCAA's, glutamine and creatine - especially before and after training.


Candice has work consistently throughout the past few years to sculpt and perfect her figure that has quickly become a winner with each show she enters. She believes in basic weight training but also incorporates HIIT and other advanced methods to really bring out the best!

Let's take a quick look at what Candice suggests when it comes to her elite level of training success:

Tip 1 - Break up your bodyparts per day. This way you can really focus on each muscle group correctly.

Tip 2 - Between sets, use different plyometric exercises.

Tip 3 - Leg should be trained twice a week to really bring out the shape, detail and overall figure form.

Tip 4 - Favorite exercises include hanging leg raises for midsection, squats for building the entire leg and buttocks and finally pullups for a strong upper back and general upper body.

Tip 5 - Consider using both regular and HIIT cardio to really target optimal weight loss success.

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