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January 16, 2016    question
Jeff   Age: 46

"... Will I fail a drug test for drug court?"

May 5, 2015    question
Aaron Flowers   Age: 41

"... I have to take regular urin screen at doc for opioid use or any drugs. Will p6 cause me to pop positive for anything? Thanks for your insight. My testosterone is like 60 and I want to try this before getting shots. Please help!!!!"


June 26, 2015
response by Jason

It shouldn't as it's 100% legal.

February 2, 2013    question
isaiah   Age: 28

"... Just started first cycle of p6. What is good to stack with this product? Currently taking bpi pump hd for preworkout. BSN cellmass 2.0. For pre n post. BSN amino x for post and . musclepharm armor v n cla core. N whey isolate protein. Anything that im missing ? "


February 4, 2013
response by Peter

Wow, you seem to have an excellent stack - good work. If you have the funds I would suggest adding in a good multi such as ADAM from NOW Foods or Opti-Men from Optimum Nutrition along with a good fish oil for morning and night.

December 6, 2012    review
RSTEEL   Age: 56

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Used P-6 for 8 weeks and rate 5 out of 10. Don't expect immediate results, a bit pricey for what it offers. Nothing sold as supplements is going to be magic... you must focus on years of proper training, rest and nutrition. Illegal supplements are magic if genetically gifted and extreme muscle stress although be ready to do a year in jail if caught, I did......"

May 4, 2012    question
Daniel   Age: 33

"... Can I take P6 extreme with Assault by Muscle Pharm?
Can I take P6, 30 min before i worout?"


May 6, 2012
response by Paul

I think that is stimulant overkill. Why do you think you need both? I would say stick with one and instead focus on proper training, nutrition and rest to get your results.

January 24, 2012    question
philip   Age: 26

"... What are the side effects? I am on some nerve medication,will it be okay to take this with the nerve meds?"


January 25, 2012
response by Grant

That is a very specific question that you need to ask your doctor about, it's not very wise or smart to try to get it through a forum. This product contains strong stimulants.

November 11, 2011    question
kman2079   Age: 30

"... will p6 fail a urine test"


November 15, 2011
response by Brenton

Depends on what the urine test is for. Contact the doping committee you are concerned about, ask what substances are banned and then check the label of P6.

June 17, 2011    review
Daniel   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Absolute best testosterone optimizer, bar none. The price is extremely high but worth every penny. The body re-composition I have experienced with P6 is incredible, but I have yet to experience any bad side affects thus far (3 weeks in). Most definitely purchasing more! "

February 3, 2010    review
Cameron Jr.   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Using p6 now for about 10 days and so far I am liking the results I see. The product is fairly cheap compared to others but works much better from my experiences. Going to run it through to April to see what I can get out of it.."

December 19, 2009    review
Jirick   Age: 27

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... P6 is pretty good overall.. I haven't used many test boosters in the past. The best one I have used before P6 would have to be Gaspari's Novedex XT. But since using P6 now for the 2nd cycle I am convinced it's the best thing out there for me at least. Well worth every dime.. a diamond in the rough if you ask me."

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Cellucor - P6 Extreme - Boost Testosterone!

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