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Cellucor Super HD Advanced Weight Loss Supplement Review

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Cellucor SupplementsSuper HDSuperHD by Cellucor

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Cellucor SuperHD Results & Ratings

5.0 / 5
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July 16, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ Sharon - age 67 ]       using

" ... I have been taking super HD with NO3 chrome, Hydroxycut SX7 and CLA from GNC for weight loss for about 2 weeks, I have developed an extreme itch all over my torso. Could this be from one or all of these supplements? I hate to quit all of them if it is just one that is causing this as I am loosing weight and have great stamina and energy. Any suggestions? Thanks "

Response shared August 7, 2014   [ Silar ]

" ... Wow.. that's a lot of supplements. That would explain your reactions as you mix and match too many different products. Stick with one with a GOOD DIET and GOOD CARDIO plan to get all the results you want and MORE. "

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May 16, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ Adam - age 33 ]       using

" ... If I already have the possibility of having fatty liver. Can HD hurt it even further? "

Response shared May 16, 2014   [ George ]

" ... It's not something I would risk, at a minimum talk to your doctor and bring in the bottle so they can see the ingredients and any possible complications which may arise.

If you're looking for fat loss, remember that diet and exercise are 99.9 of it. "

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May 13, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ Terry - age 35 ]       using

" ... I have a runny nose and I be sneeze all time


Response shared May 16, 2014   [ Peter ]

" ... You have a cold. "

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June 3, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Paris - age 45 ]       using

" ... Hello, I am taking Triadalean which gives me no energy boost but gets rid of fat. But, I am also extremely tired with it. My question is, can I take Super-HD in conjunction with this product as well? Thanks. "

Response shared June 4, 2013   [ Mikey ]

" ... It might be too much to combine the two. If you are looking for some energy consider a cup of coffee or caffeine pill as well since you'd be wasting your money on the fat burner aspect of Super-HD if you are already getting good results from Triadalean. Besides, there might be complications by mixing ingredients. "

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April 17, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Marc M - age 32 ]       using

" ... I have been using this supplement and I am wondering if I should take milk thistle supplements to keep my liver clean while using Cellucor products? "

Response shared April 18, 2013   [ Nick ]

" ... No need to take any milk thistle with a fat burner like superHD. If you take prohormones or pro-steroids then yes, but cellucor doesn't carry any of those dangerous types of products. "

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April 14, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Dalton - age 17 ]       using

" ... I am taking Super HD and I want to take Cell-Tech with it. Will they cancel each other out? "

Response shared April 14, 2013   [ Peter ]

" ... No, they do not cancel each other out. Using an energy/fat burner product with a high quality creatine is a good combination. I would also suggest a good protein as well. "

Response shared April 16, 2013   [ Dalton ]

" ... thank you "

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August 27, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Vito - age 25 ]       will

" ... I am 220, looking to drop 20 pounds. I see Super HD packaged with T7 Extreme and D4 Thermal Shock. Would this be over doing it? Will taking just Super HD be enough. "

Response shared September 1, 2012   [ Carter ]

" ... Yes, I would not stack 3 as that might be overkill. Super HD on it's own is actually extremely effective and a good choice. Cut back your carbs and overall calories, hit the gym 4-5 days a week with cardio 3x per week and you'll lose those 20lbs in no time. "

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August 11, 2012   [ REVIEW ]   [ Jeni - age 31 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Hi everyone, my name is Jeni I am 31 years old. I have always struggled with weight issues and never really came across a good fat burner that works besides the now banned hydroxycut formulat from a few years ago. This, in my honest experience is probably as good as it gets. I usually shed about 1lb through diet and exercise alone each week.. when I add SUPER HD I am dropping another 1-2lbs more so some weeks I am dropping 3lbs which for me is excellent. I only have about 25lbs or so to lose so yet it will take some but at this rate it's right around the corner. The energy is also very good, no crashing or shakes like hydroxycut used to give me.. just a clear sense of focus and stimulation which I really have gotten to love. "

May 30, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ TraderMike - age 33 ]       using

" ... I am currently taking this product with Ahd and solid. Will taking this thermogenic enhancer conflict with my test booster? Is this product considered a stimulant? Thanks. I have been losing weight regardless due to my strict diet, but I figured this product could give me an edge in meeting my goals. As I am taking this with the test booster stack, it is hard for to tell what is causing my positive results. "

Response shared May 31, 2012   [ James ]

" ... This is a good stack for getting lean and hard. Yes superHD is a stimulant based supplement. The thign to remember that when aiming for gaining size and getting lean at the same time, getting lean always wins. So even though you will some SOME improvements in lean muscle, you'll see weight loss more.

If you don't like that, stick to ONE goal at a time. "

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May 17, 2012   [ REVIEW ]   [ Lacy - age 22 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I have been using this product for a few days now and I feel amazing. I am female and weighed 216 Tuesday and today is thursday and I'm already down to 213. Due to being overweight I am usually so tired and I have a huge problem with my appetite. I constantly crave sweets and unhealthy food. Taking this product I feel alert, energized and have had no food cravings. I still have an appetite, but a healthy one. I have changed my diet to 3 meals a day and a snack in between those meals, so I can eat every 2 hours. I think this pill will really help other people who are ready to lose weight but lack motivation and energy, because it gives that boost that's needed. I believe it needs to be taken with diet and exercise though for ultimate results. I did not diet or exercise before taking this pill, but it has given me the energy to workout, focus to finish my workouts, and controls my food cravings allowing e to stick to a healthier way of eating. I definitely recommend this product to anyone serious about losing weight. "

April 18, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ kdm42089 - age 22 ]       

" ... Think it would be alright to mix m5, no3, p6 and super hd? "

Response shared April 25, 2012   [ Adrian ]

" ... Sure, but it might be overkill. What are your goals exactly? Sometimes less is better when it comes to supplements. Don't rely so much on pills and instead focus more on your training, real meals every 2-3 hours and rest at night. "

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April 18, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ joshlh21 - age 19 ]       using

" ... Will this product cut my fat more if I'm stacking it on to my cycle. "

Response shared April 19, 2012   [ Quinton ]

" ... You'll have to be specific about your "cycle", how are we supposed to know?

With regards to helping you burn more calories and get more energy, this is exactly what Super HD does. "

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March 9, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ dnice - age 41 ]       

" ... can this product damage my kidney are liver "

Response shared March 20, 2012   [ Ken ]

" ... If you take the entire bottle in one sitting then probably yes, as is the case with ANY supplements or drug. Just follow the directions, use common sense and you'll be ok. "

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March 9, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ dnice - age 41 ]       

" ... what are the side effects "

Response shared March 10, 2012   [ Paul ]

" ... If you follow directions and are in good healthy physical condition, none. "

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February 2, 2012   [ REVIEW ]   [ Simon - age 25 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... All I can say is WOW! I was lucky enough to get a bunch of free samples from the LA Fit Expo this past weekend and let me tell you I was hooked from the first dose. I took a free serving and probably 20 minutes later I already felt it. Wasn't a crazy jittery feeling, but you could for sure feel the kicked up focus and clarity. Heart was pounding a bit harder.. but nothing crazy. Have been using it for about 5 days and already lost about 2lbs, some might be water. Really excited what this will do. My friends tell me I really seem up-beat and alert lol "


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Description » Cellucor - Super HD Fat Burner

Power thermogenic ingredients unlike anything else available on the market today!

Cellucor Sports supplement has unveiled their latest product, Super HD! fitFLEX is here again, first on the mark to break the news, give you the chance to share your review and ask questions! A combination of powerful new thermogenic ingredients combined with potent nootropics you'll get the fat burner effects you want in addition to a powerful mood enhancer to boost your attitude and well-being. This is one of the latest products to be released by Cellucor and there are promises of many more new items to come! In addition to being a powerful weight loss agent, Super HD also is a strong suppressor for your appetite to help you control cravings and junk days! If you're ready to try something new to help you reach your ripped and tones self, consider this solution as your weapon of choice heading into 2012!

Includes Premier Ingredients such as IFAS503 and CAPSIMAX!

Super HD Fat Burner Delivers Fast & Safe Weight Loss Results!

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