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October 9, 2012    question
Deb   Age: 39

"... What is the supplement/mood enhancer in the cellucor T7 exetreme? "


October 15, 2012
response by Drew

The ingredients are not revealed, it's part of their blend. You can go through the regular ingredients on the label though to get an idea.

July 12, 2011    review
SMS   Age: 40

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... I work out on avg 5 days a week and watch my diet. Very excited to try something with quick results and no stimulants. My trainer has used it and he looms awesome. Unfortunately, after two days of using it, I broke out in severe hives. I really wanted this to work. My husband stated it at the same time with no side effects. Will be very jealous if it works for him!"

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Cellucor - T7 Extreme - FAT LOSS SUCCESS!

Experience the power of fat loss with Cellucor T7 Extreme for Amazing Realistic Results!

Cellucor has broken ground in the supplement world and it's very impressive.. including their latest T7 Extreme! T7 Extreme is your one-stop solution to fat loss success that you can count on for the results you deserve! By improving your body's own metabolic rate and releasing stubborn fat stores, T7 Extreme has been proven to help your lose weight. It's also key to note that T7 Extreme is stimulant free so you can go about your day without the annoying highs and lows that most other fat burner product produce. Transforming fat stores into instant energy is key to the success with T7 Extreme.

100% Stimulant Free and Proven to Enhance Mood!

T7 Extreme has the power to RELEASE stubborn body fat!

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