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Dennis James's Diet Plan & Workout Routine plus Photo Gallery

Dennis James Dennis James Dennis James Dennis James Dennis James
Dennis James Dennis James Dennis James Dennis James

Dennis James DIET PLAN

Dennis James is truly known for getting massive in his off-season but with quality and dense muscles not just fat or water. He really puts in 100% effort with his diet yet keeps it very simple and basic.

This is a typical day leading up to a contest so in essence a cutting or leaning phase diet plan.

Meal 1 - 100 grams of oats and 90 grams of whey isolate protein

Meal 2 - 12oz chicken breasts, 300 grams of potatoes

Meal 3 - 14oz chicken breasts, 60 grams of oats

Meal 4 - 12oz chicken breast, 230 grams of rice

Meal 5 - 12oz steak, 250 grams of sweet potato plus brocolli

Meal 6 - 90 grams of whey isolate protein


Dennis is probably one of the biggest bodybuilders during his competitive days which came from good dieting and very very hard training. He always pushed his body to the limit to achieve his size.

Intensity is always the main priority with Dennis's training methods, follow it below!

Monday - Chest and Biceps

Tuesday - Quads, Hamstrings and Calves

Wednesday - Back

Thursday - Delts and Triceps

Friday - Chest and Biceps

Saturday - Rest Day

Saturday - Rest Day

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