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June 10, 2017    review
scott   Age: 24

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... my epiq test bottle says I gotta take 3 pills per day and I look it up it says take one but my bottle says serving size is 3 per day"

May 11, 2016    question
Umair   Age: 24

"... i do exercise daily.but due to expire medicine my body shape is very ugly,here is very fat on my body now. I want to use any sapliment for making a good shape and decrease fats. Please tell me would it be better?"

May 8, 2016    question
Amok   Age: 26

"... Can i use this product without going gym? I have very low testosterone level. I m just 27 years old and have a low testosterone. Few beard hairs on face too."

March 27, 2016    question
Gabriel matovich   Age: 40

"... I am taking the epiq test and already take the 30 day and suppost start with the hardening pill but i am out the town of mi house and i dont have the hardening with me what should i do stop taking the epiq test or continue until i get back home and start taking up the hardening"

January 29, 2016    question
Jacob b   Age: 18

"... Will tho supplement increase the healing process of a strained muscle?"

August 13, 2015    question
Vat   Age: 41

"... CAn woman take this pill and if so what are effects?


August 26, 2015
response by Trevor

Remember, increasing testosterone levels in women may lead to side-effects such as a deeper voice, acne, facial hair etc. Take a low dose to start and watch the sides. You will also increase your lean muscle mass and strength in addition to a far superior recovery rate from one workout to the next.

August 12, 2015    question
Johnny   Age: 29

"... I've just start my Epiq Test and Imore really interested in when the best time to take my 1 a day. I take a few other supps in the morning so I like to spread out my intakes. Tonight Im taking in after dinner to see if I get different results throughout the night but I'm curious what others are doing. Any feedback helps... Thanks guys "


August 26, 2015
response by James

Take it as is directed on the bottle.. doesn't matter what else you take it will work fine.

June 9, 2015    question
Sam30   Age: 34

"... Could this product increase my liver enzymes and cause liver damage?"


June 13, 2015
response by Jason

Not that I have ever heard of unless you abuse it. If you are truly concerned, stay away from supplements and stick with real foods.

May 1, 2015    question
Daniel   Age: 37

"... I just bought the Epiq stack. It says take 1 test booster a day for 30 days then start the hardening. Will it benefit me if I take one booster twice a day instead of one?"


June 26, 2015
response by Norman

No, just wasting your money. Stick with 1.

April 8, 2015    review
Eric   Age: 30

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... great product have lost 7 pounds so far it's great stuff..."

January 15, 2015    question
Travis Rainey   Age: 21

"... I have gyno and it's starting to get worse. I am trying to get rid of/reduce this. If I take my 60 day cycle in 30 days (2 pills a day), will my gyno get better? And also will this product help me solve my gyno problem? Thanks"


January 17, 2015
response by Paul

Boosting your test levels even higher by using this will NOT remove your gyno.

December 18, 2014    question
Ray   Age: 74

"... Is this product helpful for ED?"


January 23, 2015
response by Ken

It will raise your natural testosterone levels, so yes.

August 17, 2014    question
Mike   Age: 38

"... is there a specific time of day to take TEST and HARDENING? I was going to take them first thing in the morning prior to my cardio session and take Epiq RUSH as my pre-work in the afternoon for my weights session... Suggestions?"


September 13, 2014
response by Nick

Follow the directions on the boxes, they clearly let you know when is best time to take these products.

August 2, 2014    question
Brian   Age: 32

"... i took epiq test and my semen is green! why?!"


August 7, 2014
response by Sean

No idea.. but it has nothing to do with this product. What drugs are you on?

July 8, 2014    review
Ryan   Age: 29

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Awesome stuff see huge results in two weeks!"

December 4, 2013    question
Damon   Age: 19

"... Will taking TEST shrink my stuff? I was told test boosters cause shrinkage?"


December 24, 2013
response by Rick

No, and if it does it is minimal and temporary.

October 24, 2013    question
Mafo   Age: 30

"... Is it okay to take the EPIQ Muscle Stack with GNC AMP Wheyabolic Extreme 60 Protein?"


October 29, 2013
response by Sean

Yes, combining a whey protein supplement with a natural testosterone booster is actually a great combination.

October 9, 2013    question
thomas strong   Age: 51

"... do this test boost sex drive?"


October 14, 2013
response by Peter

Of course, all natural testoserone boosters increase your libido.

October 8, 2013    review
Jeremy Mac    Age: 18

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I started epiq test 6 days ago, I feel more energetic than ever, having deep sleeps I'm stacking test with the epiq power, so far my bench went from 185 to 215 for 7 reps.....lovin these products"

October 1, 2013    question
chris lemorocco   Age: 20

"... I am a college athlete.. it says it is free of banned substances so will I pas a drug test if I take epic during my season?"


October 2, 2013
response by Roger

Depends on what the drug test is for. This will raise your NATURAL testosterone levels NATURALLY, so you should be ok. If you are worried, why not just ask?

September 29, 2013    question
Roberto   Age: 47

"... I'm taking epiq , but when I have sex my wife had a burning sensation . Can that be for this product? "


October 5, 2013
response by Noel

No, that is impossible. Odds are that she has a yeast infection.

September 24, 2013    question
Chris   Age: 28

"... Do you have to cycle off this and other TEST boosters? If it doesn't inhibit natural testosterone production, and merely increases it naturally, what is the danger of not cycling off of the product? Thanks."


October 2, 2013
response by Sean

Yes, the box will usually give directions. But I find 10 weeks is the longest you should be on any test booster.

August 12, 2013    question
john   Age: 15

"... what are he side affects fter you stop using epiq test??"


August 12, 2013
response by Nick

None. At most your testosterone levels will drop back to base levels gradually. I would suggest using a ZMA and TRIBULUS stack each night afterwards to minimize any drops.

April 24, 2013    review
TD   Age: 42

  RATING: 5 out of 5


March 28, 2013    question
Gabriel   Age: 44

"... Any effects like caffeine or mood alteration? Thx! "


March 29, 2013
response by Greg

The only side effects will be better energy, mood and recovery which will lead to faster muscle gain and strength gains. Good luck Gab!

March 18, 2013    question
Mike   Age: 27

"... What is the side effects after you stop taking the muscle stack "


March 19, 2013
response by Ronald

No side-effects. Your natural testosterone levels will return, so your strength and recovery will drop slightly. That is why it's best to CYCLE testosterone boosters. Consider 8-10 weeks on with 4-6 weeks off, repeat.

March 17, 2013    question
August   Age: 56

"... Hi, I am over 50 and in poor shape. Would Epiq be a good choice for me?"


March 17, 2013
response by Paul

It would be a start if you are attempting to get back to weight training as it improved recovery, muscle growth, strength, energy and libido. Be sure to combine it with a well-balanced protein diet.

March 6, 2013    question
daddywg2003@yahoo.com   Age: 65

"... Does this product help with errections and maintaining it and ae there any long term side effects/"


March 7, 2013
response by George

Yes, as with any natural testosterone booster supplement, if you are a male your libido will improve along with the other benefits of improved energy, muscle building, strength, etc.

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