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Ali Landry's Diet and Workout Plan & Online Pictures

Ali Landry Ali Landry Ali Landry Ali Landry Ali Landry Ali Landry Ali Landry Ali Landry Ali Landry Ali Landry Ali Landry

Ali Landry DIET PLAN

Ali Landry has been in the fitness and entertainment business for many, many years. Getting her start with a Miss USA victory, she quickly realized the potential of having a healthy and curving physique. She went on to grace many covers and pages of various fitness magazines!

Ali realizes the massive importance of following a set diet to help her reach and maintain her body:

Tip 1 - Ali used the Chef's Diet to help her remove the baby fat she gained during her pregnancy.

Tip 2 - They key to any diet plan must include three components; it must be delicious, healthy and convenient

Tip 3 - Each day should consist of 3 regular meals with 2 snack in between.

Tip 4 - The ideal caloric count per day should stay within 1200 to 1500 calories. Of course, each person varies so consult with a dietician.

Tip 5 - When you are following a proper diet and exercise plan, you should be losing 1-2 pounds per week, each week.


Ali has always utilized fitness and exercise to keep healthy and carve out her sexy body. It takes daily dedication and persistence with exercise to really reach your full potential regardless of the sport, acting or modeling path you decide to follow. Even at the age of 39 Ali stays active!

You must find an activity or gym workout that you enjoy yet can maintain year round for best results.

Exercise 1 - Squats. These are great for overall leg, thigh and glute development. Do them slowly for a count of 4 going up and 4 going down. Try these every other day for 15 repetitions and 3 sets.

Exercise 2 - Knee Push-Ups. This is a great exercise for your chest, shoulder, triceps as well as core. Once they become too easy, simply do real push-ups on your toes rather than your knees.

Exercise 3 - Planks. Excellent exercise for your entire mid-section and abs as well as core strengthening. During the movement, be sure to squeeze your tummy, glutes and back. Hold each time for 30 seconds.

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