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Amy Fadhli's Diet and Workout Plan & Online Pictures

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Amy Fadhli DIET PLAN

Amy burst in to the fitness scene back in the early 90s with tremendous success! Officially an American Fitness Model, she won the prized trophy in 1996. Even though she had routes in dentistry, she took up fitness at an early age and made it her life for many years.

Fitness is perhaps the most difficult sport to get in to due to the grueling diet and training requirements.

Meal 1 - 5 egg whites with oatmeal and an apple.

Meal 2 - 4-5oz of chicken breast with large red potato.

Meal 3 - Large green salad with almonds.

Meal 4 - 4-5oz of fish with 1 cup brown rice.

Meal 5 - 4-5oz of lean beef with large green salad.

Meal 6 - 5 egg whites.


Originally a swimsuit model, Amy really built the her amazing body through years of work that would put any professional to the test. After her modeling she began competing in bikini which then lead to her successful fitness role. She continues as a role model in modeling at the age of 47.

To sculpt your very own fitness or bikini body, here are a few simple suggestions to follow:

Tip 1 - Include daily cardio to keep your metabolism moving in the right direction.

Tip 2 - Great options for cardio outside of the gym including jogging, riding your bicycle, swimming, roller blading, gardening, etc.

Tip 3 - When exercising in the gym, try double and triple sets to really burn those calories.

Tip 4 - A workout session should never last longer than 45 minutes. Get in and get out!

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