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Brandy Dahl's Diet and Workout Plan & Online Pictures

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Brandy Dahl DIET PLAN

Brandy has been a professional model for over a decade and has graced many covers in her reign. She is the complete vision of what a real curvy bikini model should be. Her stunning looks and amazing figure, she is a role model for women and an inspiration for men everywhere!

While the dieting is not as strict as an athlete or IFBB bikini competitor follows, it still has certain guidelines to abide by:

Tip 1 - Allow yourself a cheat meal twice a week, but do not take it overboard!

Tip 2 - Never restrict your carbohydrate intake - you need to stay round yet sexy!

Tip 3 - Add a serving of green vegetables or salad with each meal except breakfast.

Tip 4 - Never wait longer than 3 hours to eat a meal or have a snack - otherwise you will burn muscle over fat.


Brandy really was blessed with amazing genetics and essentially all the right curves in all the right places. However, she still stays very active and include physical exercise in to her weekly schedule. She portrays the classic American bikini model yet works hard to maintain it!

To transform your body in to a bikini worthy results, take some of these options in to consideration to get there:

Suggestion 1 - Incorporate cardiovascular activity at least 3 times per week. You can walk, jog, exercise, etc.

Suggestion 2 - The best exercise for improving your buttocks (glutes) are squats, leg presses and lunges.

Suggestion 3 - Try to exercise each muscle group at least once every 10 days.

Suggestion 4 - Set short, medium and long-term goals to help you stay committed and not stray off track.

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