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Rachel Moore's Diet and Workout Plan & Online Pictures

Rachel Moore Rachel Moore Rachel Moore Rachel Moore Rachel Moore
Rachel Moore Rachel Moore Rachel Moore Rachel Moore Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore DIET PLAN

Rachel Moore is a former fitness model and magazine cover model that really set the standard in the late 90s. Mostly featured in the pages of MuscleMag and supplements ads such as Muscletech, she really built a fantastic bikini body to inspire anyone wishing to get in to shape.

To attain such a body worthy of a bikini or even a magazine shoot, follow these wise diet tips:

Tip 1 - Never skip meals and never go longer than 3 hours between eating. This is essential for healthy muscle tone and to avoid muscle loss.

Tip 2 - Always include a high quality and lean protein source with every meal of the day.

Tip 3 - Carbohydrates are an excellent energy source but if taken to late in the day it will be stored and converted to fat.

Tip 4 - Drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you feel thirsty, you have already reach the beginning of dehydration.


Rachel really made a name for herself once she committed her efforts with her training and nutrition around the clock. It's is critical to stay within shape when you plan to have a career in modeling as you never know when your next call will come. Remember, training is a mental game, win!

The basics of fitness and exercise can be summarized by these quick tips that Rachel suggests:

Suggestion 1 - When starting with an exercise program, start off slow and work your way up to 5 days per week.

Suggestion 2 - To avoid distractions and chatting in the gym, put on a pair of headphones. Remember, you are there to train 20-30 minutes and get out.

Suggestion 3 - Always warm-up with a 10-15 minute slow pace cardio activity. This helps to warm-up the muscle and increase circulations to prepare for the training.

Suggestion 4 - Stick with one muscle group per day for optimal results in the long-run. Keep sets at 4-5 and repetitions around 15-20.

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