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Shawn Ray's Diet Plan & Workout Routine plus Photo Gallery

Shawn Ray Shawn Ray Shawn Ray Shawn Ray
Shawn Ray Shawn Ray Shawn Ray Shawn Ray Shawn Ray


Shawn Ray has become a true legend in the sport of bodybuilding thanks to his classic lines and symmetry that he brought to the stage every time. Usually only weighing in around 205 pounds, he focused on quality over size.

Let's take a closer look at what Shawn Ray ate during his typical off-season bulking phase - read below!

6AM - 10 egg whites, 3 yolks, large oatmeal, ground beef, whole wheat toast

9AM - New York steaks, backed potato, nuts

12PM - 3 large chicken breasts, steamed rice, almonds

3PM - 1lb ground beef, pasta, mushrooms, peppers, etc.

6PM - 12 egg whites, 1 yolk, oatmeal with banana or strawberries

9PM - 2 slices whole wheat bread with jelly & peanut butter


Always known for building a classic and balanced body, Shawn often trained using many different types of training methods. He often utilized the Weider principles to bulk up and then carve out the details for the stage.

Below are listed some of the principals that Shawn used during his award winning career in the sport.

Principle #1 - Be sure to use different exercises with every workout. Always confuse the muscles in to new growth.

Principle #2 - Change up the order of the exercises with each workout as well.

Principle #3 - Never train with the same number of repetitions or same number of sets in your plans.

Principle #4 - Intensity techniques such as forced reps, drops set and rest-pause can drastically improve your progress.

Principle #5 - Never stick by the same training split, switch it up every 4-6 weeks for variation!

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