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Gaspari Aminomax 8000

August 23, 2015    question
Carlos Nacario   Age: 49

"... Can I take aminomax 8000 together w/ mutant whey protein? If ever, pls suggest me the particular time for intakes. Thanks. . ."


August 26, 2015
response by Jared

Of course.. take the aminomax during workouts or throughout the day in a water jug. Take the Mutant Whey post workout or before bed.

August 3, 2015    question
Nathan   Age: 43

"... Can I take aminomax 8000 with bcaas 6000? is this to much of any over load of ammo's? if it's not and ok to take together what would you recommend how I take them? bcaa first then amino after workout?"


August 26, 2015
response by George

No, waste of time. Instead, invest in one BCAA product and then a protein powder.

April 12, 2015    question
winter   Age: 24

"... Hi, is it ok to chew the tablet since it so very big i cant swallow it. And 2ndly is it ok taking aminomax together with whey protein after the workout? Thanks"


April 20, 2015
response by Sugar Ray

Sure, as long as you get it down each day.

April 4, 2015    question
Josh   Age: 22

"... Hi there i am going to the gym and taking aminomax as per the recomended dosage my quesn is do i need whey protien ?
I am eating a lot though 250 gm chicken , fish in lunch, fish in dinner every day so do i really need whey with aminomax?"


April 22, 2015
response by Harold

If you have 250grams of protein per day, that is MORE than enough. Don't waste your money on more protein as you have enough. Instead, perhaps a good pre-workout such as PRE JYM or post workout such as POST JYM. That will help with progress and recovery.

March 25, 2015    review
Rakesh kumar   Age: 30

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Is gaspari aminomax 8000 vegetarian??"

March 17, 2015    question
winter   Age: 24

"... Ive already used this supplement aminomax from the past..but which is better amino max or whey? Since i have to use this supplement one product only..thanks.."


March 30, 2015
response by Nick

Amino acids and whey protein are similar yet different. If you have to choose one, stick with whey protein after workouts and before bed and Amino Acids such as this product DURING your workouts.

February 14, 2015    question
C n raja lingam   Age: 37

"... I am taking 3 aminomax 8000 tablet before and after workout but i get stomach irrigation can i take or reduce the number of tablets.



March 31, 2015
response by Nick

Yes, and perhaps your body doesn't agree with capsules. Try switching to powder drinks instead.

November 15, 2014    question
jay-ar   Age: 19

"... Hi. Im 19 year old. Can i take 8 tabs a day?? . Is it good to my age?. And can i take those aminos without taking any protein powder. Just aminos? "


December 2, 2014
response by Hank

Yes, it's amino acids - safe and natural. This is NOT a protein replacement, so you need to also take a good protein source as well.

September 16, 2014    question
Sumit   Age: 37

"... Hi , can i stack gaspari amino max 8000 with beast creatine pre and post? "


December 2, 2014
response by Trevor

Yes, of course. Using a creatine with amino acid product is a good stack.

September 19, 2014    question
Nargiza   Age: 25

"... Hello everybody. My husband has bought Aminomax 8000. His trainer advices him to try. So, now I' m worried too much, because we are trying to have a baby these months and I'm scared that aminomax can prevent from having a baby. Who knows what influence has the tablets on sperms? Can I still try to be pregnant? Please can you answer the questions? Thanks in advance! With respect, Nargiza Sharopova."


October 30, 2014
response by Hank

This is just amino acids which is safe and natural. You should be fine to take it without any sides.

August 20, 2014    question
avtar   Age: 27

"... Can I use aminomaxx8000 n ectogen. .same day or suggest proper way to use...thnx in advance. ..I workout 4day a week n start 3 months earlier. ."


September 13, 2014
response by Simon

That is fine.

July 30, 2014    question
Rish   Age: 26

"... Sir I m going 2 take aminomax8000..... Mi training is like one dat gym n one dat cardio
Should I take dis tablets on cardio "


August 1, 2014
response by Gaspari


August 7, 2014
response by Neil

You can take these ANYTIME of the day. Amino acids are always a good way to increase muscle mass and boost recovery.

June 10, 2014    question
Francisco   Age: 36

"... '...if i am using Aminomax 8000 before training, is it necessary to take any other pre-workout supplement, such as Neuro core, or is Aminomax enough by itself?
many thanks "


July 6, 2014
response by Trevor Caines

If you want a stimulant, then yes. I actually prefer the new Pre Jym product, it has everything you need and more.

February 25, 2014    question
hasan   Age: 30

"... if i take 16 tabs of AminoMax 8000 per day ... will that be too much -since it contains creatine - ?? will that harm the body ?"


March 23, 2014
response by George

I would not go that high.. not really required either. Stick with real foods to make up for the protein levels which you are aiming for instead.

Remember, supplements are just that - a SUPPLEMENT to your regular meals - not a replacement.

February 22, 2014    question
Ahmed   Age: 34

"... can I take both a hydro whey and Amino 8000 through the day? and what is the best serve for each one?"


February 24, 2014
response by George

Yes. Take the HydroWhey by ON right after your workout - one scoop is enough. Then take the amino 8000 while you train or other times you drink water throughout the day.

February 18, 2014    question
hasan   Age: 30

"... hello , my question is : if i take 2 servings of aminomax 8000 ( 16 tablets ) per day ...will i need any extra creatine and taurine supplements ?"


February 24, 2014
response by Parker

No, amino acids don't require the use of creatine or taurine.

November 29, 2013    question
dhan   Age: 48

"... there is no side effect to take aminomax 8000 and pharmaton together pls help?"


November 30, 2013
response by Mikey

No, it's safe to do so. If you have concerns, please consult with your doctor.

May 9, 2013    question
Dan   Age: 30

Thank you for answering my previous supplement question on the 4rd of May, I have a couple more based on what you said,
At the moment I am doing a push, pull, leg/abs split, e.g. over 2 week period, I do 5 minute warm up on cross trainer every time, Monday would be Chest, Shoulders Tris, Tuesday would be Back and Bi's, day off on Wednesday, Thurs Legs/Abs, another day off Friday, Saturday Sunday repeat Monday and Tuesdays program, Monday off, Legs/Abs Tuesday, Wednesday off, Thursday/Friday repeat the Chest/Shoulders/Tris, Back/Bi workouts, Saturday day off Sunday repeat Legs/Abs, then start the 2 cycle again. Can I incorporate more CV into this to drop my body fat really low? is this an effective method to train? am I doing anything wrong? Thanks"


May 10, 2013
response by Roger

Your training split / program are really good, keep that up.

May 3, 2013    question
Dan   Age: 30

"... Hey, I realise no questions have been asked for a while but I have a question, I currently am stacking 3 gaspari products, superpump max, bcaa 6000, Aminomax and also the Sci-MX GRS-5 protein shake. At the moment I am taking the aminomax as soon as i wake up with breakfast, then 45 minutes before my work out I take the superpump, 30 minutes before my workout I take a serving of 6 bcaa's. My workouts normally average between an hour and a half and 2 hours. During my workout I normally take more bcaa's and amino's when half way through. I then also take more of each after my workout along with a shake. I also take aminomax before going to bed. Is this overkill? Could I be stacking this in a more benficial and cost effective way. Thanks."


May 4, 2013
response by George

No, this is actually a very good stack and you know what to do. Amino acids are best during and after training, but if you can afford to use them more then every couple of hours is perfect.

Also, depending on your goals, 2 hours of weight training is overkill. All you need is 40-50 minutes. Never rest longer than 90 seconds between sets, even if you are training for size and strength. In an out, no chatting.. get it done. Shock the muscles and get growing with your bcaa.


May 8, 2013
response by Dan

Ok thank you for answering my supplement question, couple more based on what you said,
At the moment I am doing a push, pull, leg/abs split, e.g. over 2 week period, I do 5 minute warm up on cross trainer every time, Monday would be Chest, Shoulders Tris, Tuesday would be Back and Bi's, day off on Wednesday, Thurs Legs/Abs, another day off Friday, Saturday Sunday repeat Monday and Tuesdays program, Monday off, Legs/Abs Tuesday, Wednesday off, Thursday/Friday repeat the Chest/Shoulders/Tris, Back/Bi workouts, Saturday day off Sunday repeat Legs/Abs, then start the 2 cycle again. Can I incorporate more CV into this to drop my body fat really low? is this an effective method to train? am I doing anything wrong? Thanks.

March 10, 2013    question
esam ghantous   Age: 19

"... please answer me as soon as posible .. my tranee asked me to take 3 tablet after break fast and 3 after lunch ( before going to gym ) and 3 after gym .
and he told me to take 3 after breakfast and 3 after lunch in resting days ( this is just for the first week ) .. is it wright to take that amouts ?


March 10, 2013
response by Freddy

Yes, that will work very well. These are amino acids and using them around and during your workout is ideal.

Be sure to also be using a high quality protein powder, multivitamins and I would also suggest creatine and glutamine.

Good luck.


March 10, 2013
response by esam ghantous

thanks for advice .. :)

December 27, 2012    question
Rally   Age: 18

"... Approximately, how many minutes or hours should I take Aminomax 8000 if I'm going to the gym? Thanks."


December 29, 2012
response by George

Simply use 4 capsules about 20 minutes before training and then another 4 capsules right after training with your whey isolate protein shake.

October 23, 2012    question
hani jdeed   Age: 32

"... Hi guys, I purchased Aminomax 8000. If I take this will I lose weight and gain muscles? I want to gain muscle and lose some fat in the stomach area, I want an answer from an authorized gaspari rep. Thanks


October 24, 2012
response by Simon

Yes, amino acids are designed to help you recovery from weight training or exercise and allow for faster increase in lean muscle tissue. More muscle tissue means a faster metabolism which leads to weight loss.

If you want a Gaspari Rep reply, call the company.

October 20, 2012    question
k1sobhy   Age: 21

"... dose anyone know the bcaa's ratio in aminomax 8000"


October 24, 2012
response by Henry

Gaspari hasn't noted the exact ratios.

October 16, 2012    question
Rony   Age: 26

"... Hi guys, I purchased Aminomax 8000. If I take this will I lose weight and gain muscles? I want to gain muscle and lose some fat in the stomach area, please help.

Thank you "


October 24, 2012
response by Harold

It will help you recover from exercise and help build new muscle tissue.

October 4, 2012    question
monika   Age: 26

"... i m a housewife doing regular house work.can i take aminomax 8000. will it be beneficial for my skin and hair?"


October 11, 2012
response by Paul

Yes, it's a great amino acid drink that holds many benefits for everyday people - even if you are not an athlete.

October 2, 2012    question
Hejialong   Age: 35

"... how to use amino max 8000 ?????"


October 3, 2012
response by Irish Mike

Very simple, take 4 capsules BEFORE you train and then again another 4 capsules AFTER you train. Do not take it on rest days.


October 23, 2012
response by Hani Jdeed

can i take the upper mentioned dose even if i want to build my muscles?

September 24, 2012    question
sunny   Age: 28

"... I eat aminomax 8000 daily after training four cap & before 60 min of training i eat efx kre-alkalyn 3 tab. What is best for me plz suggest "


September 26, 2012
response by Paxton

Your plan you said is fine, keep it up.

June 25, 2012    question
mhs   Age: 25

"... Hey guys, does this supplement contain anapolic? Thanks. "


June 27, 2012
response by Jack

Not that I have heard of. Contact the actual company - they have a 1800 and email - they'll know the answer.

May 22, 2012    question
nanni   Age: 26

"... my trainer told me to take 5 Gaspari amino max8000 during 5 after and 5 after dinner (before i sleep) is that too much??"


May 24, 2012
response by Shane

Your trainer is correct - take 4 before and 4 right after. You'll see some good gains. Be sure to have a whey protein isolate shake right after your workout with the 4 capsules as well. This will improve recovery and quicker gains.

March 13, 2012    question
osama   Age: 21

"... I have both nito-tech and aminomax 8000 . how i can use them ? because i start training after wake up by only 2 hours
i need to know what the time to use them ?"


March 13, 2012
response by Peter

You can use both of them as directed, they are both excellent products and will work well with each other.

AminoMax 8000 is taken BEFORE and AFTER your weight training. On days you rest, do not take it.

Nitro-tech is a protein meal replacement that is taken 2-3 times daily. One after your training is a must then the other two between meals. So try Breakfast - NitroTech - Lunch - NitroTech - Dinner

February 25, 2012    question
Jimmy   Age: 25

"... What are the side affects ???? i want to try to take this product but lots of people say it has side effects."


February 25, 2012
response by Steven

There are ZERO side-effects when supplementing with amino acids. Since you have heard of "lots of people" saying it has side-effects then why ask? I hardly doubt there has been ONE legitimate claim of a side-effect from someone who followed the directions.

December 26, 2011    question
samz   Age: 19

"... firstly tell me is this supplement ??? because i wanna use this, tell me how i can use it, what i can eat diet with this supplement...???
n this is my first experience to use any supplement, tell me what quantity i did use for first time ..??? "


January 4, 2012
response by Jane

This is an Amino acids supplement that helps rebuild and recovery your muscles after a workout. You should drink it before and after your workouts for best results.

August 23, 2011    question
Pawman   Age: 39

"... Would it be advisable to take whey protein and aminomax 8000 at the same time, i mean before and after workout? "


August 24, 2011
response by Nathan Jr.

Yes, taking them both during the day is an excellent combinations. I would actually not mix them, I would spread them out throughout the day at different times. Since protein is essential aminos as well, you would just be giving a super dose of protein at once. With my suggestion, you are fueling your body with two slightly different types of aminos at different times which your body will absorb and make better use of. Best of luck!

August 22, 2011    question
Rob   Age: 35

"... Hi, I am currently taking the following supplements with my 6 meals a day. I don't know too much about amino acids. I have purchased Gaspari AminoMax 8000 and I also have Allmax Aminocore 1000g. I am not sure which one I should take, or can I take them both? Gaspari says to take 4 pills 15mins before training and after your workout. Aminocore you take a scoop in water while you workout. Should I just take one, or can I take them both at the same time? What do you suggest I do?"


August 22, 2011
response by Parker

I would choose one and stick with that, once it's up try the other one. Great way to actually compare the results of each. Follow the directions for best results. Amino acids are coming back in a good way as they are the real building blocks of muscle and aid in recovery.

January 26, 2011    review
Jimmy   Age: 29

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've been using aminomax for about 5 weeks now and really find it helps out with my recovery and strength levels - taste is fine and no side-effects to speak of."

August 3, 2010    review
Carl   Age: 26

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am very excited to give amino max 8000 a try.. I've always had great results with gaspari supplements especially with the newest sizeon max. When is the release date for this one?"

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Gaspari Nutrition - AminoMax 8000 - ALL NEW!

Brand New AminoMax 8000 from Gaspari is Designed for Serious Bodybuilders & Athletes!

Gaspari Nutrition has once again released a ground-breaking supplement to the industry, called AminoMax 8000! This exciting new revolution is specifically designed for serious athletes and advanced bodybuilders who are looking for ultimate results. AminoMax 8000 has been shown in studies to dramatically increase strength, lean muscle mass and muscular endurance levels! With an amazing eight grams of high potency amino acids per serving, AminoMax 8000 is the essential amino acids supplement on the market today. The scientific process used to create AminoMax 8000 contains an amazing 91% hydrolyzed lactalbumin derived from whey protein. Addition features such as fast acting di and tri-peptides, AminoMax 8000 contains extra l-leucine as well as l-taurine to truly give you the best results per serving. To optimize the results, it's recommended that you supplement with AminoMax 8000 pre and post workout. Get the results you are working so hard for with the power of AminoMax 8000 today!

Contains 91% Hydrolyzed Lactalbumin from Whey Protein!

Essential Building Blocks to Build Skeletal Muscle & Lean ass!

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