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Gaspari DETONATE - All New Supplement Review

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Gaspari SupplementsDETONATEDetonate by Gaspari Nutrition

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Gaspari Detonate Results & Ratings

5.0 / 5 based on 3 reviews     SUBMIT A REVIEW / QUESTION

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January 30, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ tony - age 33 ]       will

" ... can we take it with jack3D micro? "

Response shared January 30, 2014   [ Jimmy ]

" ... I would say that this might be overkill on the stimulants. Instead, invest in some real food or good quality protein powder. "

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November 20, 2013   [ REVIEW ]   [ sc081610 - age 51 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Love this product! Only one that make a significant difference. "

September 9, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Tammy - age 43 ]       will

" ... I am on Wellbutrin XL for aniety....can I still take your product? "

Response shared September 11, 2013   [ George ]

" ... This is something you need to consult with your therapist or physician with. "

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April 23, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ K - age 25 ]       used

" ... If this is used 6x per day, can it have a negative effect on your libido? "

Response shared April 23, 2013   [ Norman ]

" ... This is fat burner, it has NO EFFECT on your libido. Why would you take 6 capsules per day?? That will cause you troubles and health issues.

FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS and stick to 1 (one) capsule per day as directed or 2 (two) if you need it. No more. "

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September 18, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Rohit - age 20 ]       using

" ... Hello friends, is it OK if I continue with my creatine use while I am using Detonate?
Thanks for your help. "

Response shared September 20, 2012   [ Simon ]

" ... Yes, you can use creatine whether you are bulking or cutting or maintaining. It is a great choice for keeping you strength, endurance and muscle fullness up. "

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September 7, 2012   [ REVIEW ]   [ Donna - age 37 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I'm on my second day of using detonate by gaspari nutrition, I love it,, clean smooth energy with no crashes, no headaches, which is a huge plus, it kills my appetite, to the point I have to remind myself to eat. Just did a workout and i zipped right thru it. I have been waiting for months for this fat burner, and I'm so happy with it, the only negative thing is, I couldn't sleep last night, not for a single hour, I'm gonna do another workout and see if it makes me tired enough to sleep, good luck on your fitness goals everyone, I'm looking to lose 25 pounds, please wish me luck,:-) "

August 25, 2012   [ REVIEW ]   [ Paul - age 25 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I guess the closest thing I can relate it to is a high of some sort.. just really clear thinking and focus. It's only been 10 days but I have dropped 2lbs without changing my diet so it is doing something. But all in all, I really like the happy feeling.. pretty cool. Will post back my full review in a month or two. "

June 5, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Torrey - age 43 ]       will

" ... I plan on trying the knew detonate fat burning product, but does this product really work, since they took ephedrine off the market I haven't been able to find a fat burning pill that works. I used to use ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin that was the best stack to loose weight. Will this product also work for a male? "

Response shared June 8, 2012   [ Norm ]

" ... It has yet to be released so without any real reviews or experience it's hard to judge. Ephedrine is hardly the best fat burner - it is a stimulant.

Stay tuned for actual experiences in this site, best place to find em. "

Response shared September 1, 2012   [ Donna ]

" ... I just purchased the first bottle of detonate from I should get it in a few days, so excited its finally released, will post back and let you know,,:-) "

Response shared September 19, 2012   [ Donna ]

" ... Well I used detonate for two weeks, first week clean smooth energy, wasn't hungry at all, but couldn't sleep either, kept me up all night, second week I felt nothing, my appetite was back, I crashed several days from not sleeping felt dehydrated, and just felt I got used to it, became disappointed, went off of it, and went to oxy elite pro, and have been on it since, good energy, no crash, and have been able to sleep, , maybe it just works for some people, I responded better to the oxy,,, "

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March 13, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Shelley - age 55 ]       will

" ... If it's by Gaspari, I am sure it will be incredible stuff. I am anxious to try this out. WHEN will it be released? I hope you make enough so it's not on back order a long time, everyone I know wants to try it. I would love to do a pre-order if you would offer that?
Keep the excellent products coming!! I use ALL your stuff. JUST THE BEST. "

Response shared March 13, 2012   [ Rocky ]

" ... Yes, it's 100% by Gaspari they have it in ads in most of the magazines. Hoping for it to be released soon as well - I am a big fan. "

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Description » Gaspari Nutrition - DETONATE - Fat Burner!

Gaspari Nutrition Takes Leaps & Strides in Sport Supplements with the all New Detonate!

Gaspari Nutrition has become a leader in the sports industry, thanks to new releases such as Detonate! Not much is yet known about this soon to be fat burning supplement - however if the trusted results that come with the rest of their line-up is a signal, then Detonate will surely be another force to be reconed with in the industry. We do know at fitFLEX that it will be a once per day dosing product which is far more convenient compared to the rest of the competitition out there that require multiple pills many times per day. Detonate will surely introduce new technology and new results based on the track-record by Gaspari. Check back with you #1 trusted source in the latest sports supplements, to get the first testimonials and lower prices.. fitFLEX!

Highly Anticipated Thermogenic Amplifier from Gaspari!

The Name Your Trust - The Brand That Works!

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