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December 16, 2013    review
Vlado   Age: 33

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... My favorite protein without any question. The best quality, price and really I can trust Gaspari. I personally love the Orange Cream but the Chocolate and Vanilla are tasty as well."

March 10, 2012    question
Neil   Age: 36

"... So this is something that I have specifically been waiting on from Gaspari, a true 100% whey isolate option.. I use their intrapro and myofusion for years now but I would like to replace the intrapro with this for my post workouts. Any news on the release date?

Thanks fitflex for the news.. "


March 10, 2012
response by Sean

I would expect anytime before the Olympia.. I know they are doing a bunch of new releases this year and have already released Anatropin, Vasotropin and the probiotic versions of their popular proteins. They've also re-released a new version of SuperPump but didn't make an announcement.

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GASPARI Nutrition - IsoFusion Protein

Whey isolate is one of the most advanced and fastest acting protein available today!

Gaspari Nutrition had dived head first into the isolate category with their IsoFusion solution and fitFLEX breaks the news first! Following in the footsteps of their mega hit Myofusion protein blend, this version will be more specific to a single protein that is designed to get to your muscle quickly and with maximal absorption to help you get the nutrition exactly when you need it. One of the most effective way to supplement with isolate proteins is immediately following your workout or exercise session as there is a very short 45 minute window where your body will better utilize the aminos better then any other time. We have very little doubt that the new IsoFusion will also have a great selection of flavors as is the case with every single Gaspari products on the market today - this truly makes it easier to have supplement shakes each and every day. fitFLEX is very excited to be the first to be bringing you this breaking news!

Fuel, Repair & Re-build Muscle Tissue with Powerful Ingredients!

Available in the same great tasting Gaspari flavors you love!

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