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March 5, 2017    question
Manuel   Age: 37

"... Can I use gat pmp preworkout with gat testagen at the same time since I work out early in the morning before work??"

July 6, 2016    question
Ali   Age: 19

"... I am a player athletics, I have examined dope .. Is this product within the list of steroids? WADA"

January 21, 2016    question
Drew   Age: 23

"... Hey I've used testagen about a year ago and loved the results. I've heard that you can take both testagen and testrol together, is that true? If so how could I do that safely?"

January 14, 2016    question
Alexey Lutkov   Age: 19

"... Hello ! Can I stack this product with iforce testabolan v2 ? I red and they got different ingredients . Thank you !"

August 29, 2015    question
Kian Habashi   Age: 17

"... Hi! My testosterone is an extremely low 200ng/dl. Would this product help bring it to a better level and let it stay close to there with a proper pct?"


November 8, 2015
response by Simon

At 17 you have bigger issues as your levels shows a clear sign of that. See your doctor before trying to use a test booster, there is a bigger issue at hand here.

August 6, 2015    question
marco   Age: 35

"... Hi .....I ve used testral .... very good ....I would like to try testagen.....Do I need to take some thing after a 6 week cycle to bring back my hormones to normal...? If yes for how long...? Thanx."


August 26, 2015
response by Vlado

Sure, perhaps a PCT will be required but as this is a natural product, you may not need anything. Be sure to train hard and eat right while using this to make the most of it.

March 22, 2015    question
Sean A   Age: 28

"... I've been working out for a while now and I'm very interested in competing in men's physiques and need to take my supplementation to the next level, I'm used to taking Hgh Up by applied nutriceuticals, if I start testament should I stop the Hgh Up? And what is better Hgh Up or testagen?"


March 28, 2015
response by Drew

Most test boosters are the same. I prefer Alpha Jym supplement. To get lean, all it takes is a good diet and exercise program.

March 9, 2015    question
nippon   Age: 31

"... Can i take two tabs before sleeping. Or can u judt tell me the dosage


March 17, 2015
response by James

Take it exactly as the back of the bottle says. Why change it?

February 13, 2015    question
Robby94   Age: 20

"... IF i stacked FINAJET,TESTAGEN,and any kind of zma or gh aid for night time would that be considered "un-natty" for INBF shows? "


March 31, 2015
response by David

No natty by any means.. but enjoy the gains Robby.

June 11, 2014    question
vicky   Age: 21

"... can i stack GAT NitraFlex Pre-Workout Powder & GAT Testagen together?


July 6, 2014
response by Nick

Yes, it's a good combo actually.

May 6, 2014    question
sebastian   Age: 32

"... can i stack GAT FinaJet & GAT Testagen together? Should I run a cycle support or a PCT? What side effects should I expect? thanks for the help"


May 16, 2014
response by Quinton

Yes, it's quite a powerful combination so be sure to have your training and meals in order to reap the best results.

No pct required for this. But it's ideal always to run ZMA with TRIBULUS each night to keep your levels stable and healthy.

February 16, 2014    question
Valter   Age: 51

"... Hi, I am about to start using TESTAGEN. Previously I have been already using TEST (by MUTANT)but I did not experience dramatic changes in my work out. Question is, at my age (51) do you think TESTAGEN will be able to give me the boost to improve my muscle size and quality?"


February 24, 2014
response by Paul

Natural test boosters will only go so far, especially considering your age. Consider seeing a doctor for some HRT.

July 15, 2013    question
Charlie   Age: 19

"... So what about aromitase and estrogen? Will it increase gyno or increase estrogen? "


July 17, 2013
response by George

No, this product is natural and will not cause those side-effects. That is the great thing about this product as you'll get prohormone, pro-amabolic results without the sides.

May 15, 2013    question
Roy   Age: 16

"... What side effects will I get if I start using Testagen?"


May 16, 2013
response by Ricky

None. It's a safe and proven testosterone booster if you follow directions.

I will mention however that at your age of 16, your natural levels are already maxed out so this would not be worthwhile. I know you are probably anxious to change your size and strength but you need to be patient.

Instead, focus on products such as protein, glutamine, creatine and amino acids to make the most of your goals.

This site has a really good guide, click at top on SORT BY GOALS in the menu.

April 12, 2013    question
araham   Age: 19

"... good day I am 19 years old and I want to know if you could use gat testagen or instead take jetmass, jetfuse nox and supertein all of gat at the same time what I want is to increase my volume, definition and muscle hardness"


April 13, 2013
response by Nick

Yes, this is a good stack. If you can afford it all, then yes go ahead and be sure to train hard and rest 6-8 hours per night so you can grow and recover.

April 11, 2013    question
JJ   Age: 32

"... hi, I like to know if i will have the same benefits for cardio excercise instead of weight lifting with this product, i do crossfit and i dont like massive muscle at all, i only wan´t to gain leaaaan muscle and look ripped... should i use this product?"


April 11, 2013
response by Sergio

Yes, you will. This product, like most testosterone boosters primarily help your recovery. Then, depending on your diet and training style you will gain strength, muscle size, or cardiovascular benefits. Be sure to also use a high quality whey protein powder as well.

April 5, 2013    question
Cruz   Age: 24

"... With the new testagen formula do you need a post cycle or is it strictly herbal ingredients to where a pct is not needed?"


April 5, 2013
response by Gene

No, it's a natural testosterone booster. While it is safe and legal and gives you great results, you don't need any pct. I do suggest usually though is to run ZMA with TRIBULUS when you finished your cycle to keep your levels optimal and hold your gains.

February 21, 2013    question
Justin   Age: 31

"... I'm on Testagen, I know it can result in False positives on drug tests but as what kind of drug. Will it cause a drug test for marijuana to come up as positive or just steroid drug tests?"


February 22, 2013
response by Paul

HOW do you know that it causes a false positive on a test? Can you please share your proof as I have never had any issues myself. Thanks.


February 22, 2013
response by Justin

Because it says so right on the bottle, and there's been countless other comments about false positives. Just wanted to know what kinds of drugs it could trigger a false positive for?


February 22, 2013
response by Paul

Ok, that would make sense thanks Justin. Reason I wrote I've never had an issues is because I did have a screen test at work while on this and nothing happened. Not sure what they were looking for.

My best advice would be to call or email that actual company as since they wrote the warning should then be fully aware of which false positives occur.


February 22, 2013
response by Justin


January 23, 2013    question
Sam   Age: 32

"... Is it guaranteed to show a false positive? I take testagen and finajet. If so how long to clean out the body? Thanks. "


January 24, 2013
response by Mike

It is a natural testosterone booster, which means that it causes your body to increase your test levels. Unlike steroids that actually contains test substances.

Pretty much you are good, unless they check for higher levels of natural test in your body.


January 24, 2013
response by Sam

Thanks! Love this site!!

January 9, 2013    question
Sam   Age: 32

"... I'm currently taking finajet by GAT. I have no libido at all. Can you take testagen with finajet or do you know of another GAT product to use with finajet to fix this?"


January 10, 2013
response by Mikey

Yes, taking testagen will boost your test levels, therefore your libido. In addition, you'll also get much better gains with your weight training goals.


January 10, 2013
response by Sam

Thanks for the fast feedback and helpful information.

December 31, 2012    question
Injured Lady   Age: 50

"... I'm 50 and have had trouble in recent years with constant running injuries and maintaining condition between workouts if I have to miss a day or two. Between the injuries & quickness in loss of conditioning, it's getting harder for me to keep myself in good athletic condition. I'm thinking about starting hormone replacement therapy, but I don't find much info on replacing women's falling testosterone levels. Firstly, can this product help women, and if so, secondly, world there be any adjustment of the recommended dose for women taking it? "


January 2, 2013
response by Nick

Low testosterone levels is a direct results of the lack of recovery and consant injuries you face. Most doctors will tell you that is part of aging, but that is nonsense as our bodies are designed to have a certain hormonal level. If women can already get treatment for menopause and estrogen loss, managing testosterone should also be accepted.

I think this product will benefit you. Start with the lowest dose and go from there. It will be too low to suffer any side-effects but enough to see some benefits.

I would also strongly urge you to see your doctor, explain your situation and request montly blood work to make sure everything is within safe ranges.

November 27, 2012    question
Jc   Age: 33

"... Do I need a Estrogen blocker when I used this product at the same time? And on off Cycle should I take something during my off Cycle? "


November 29, 2012
response by Ken

No, no need for off cycle or pct. It's a natural testosterone booster that tapers off and is safe.

October 26, 2012    question
Alex   Age: 16

"... Is Testagen good to gain mass?? I'm trying to gain muscle weight for football. I'm also taking Amplified Wheyboliv extreme 60. Would this help me achieve my goal?"


November 1, 2012
response by Nate

Yes, it's a natural testosterone booster that improves recovery, strength gains and the building of new muscle tissue.

Stacking it with the protein you mentioned is a good idea, take two of those per day and eat another 3-4 solid meals per day and you'll makes some tremendous gains.

July 17, 2012    question
Mike   Age: 20

"... Is this Product safe? Should I be worried about anything?"


July 20, 2012
response by Peter

Yes, it's is a natural testosterone booster. Use it as directed, train hard and eat well and you'll make some wicked gains.

June 22, 2012    question
lucas   Age: 31

"... Just started today. My only concern is that the bottle says it can create a FALSE POSITIVE on a drug test. Is this true? If so should I stop so I don't lose my job? only put 3/5 because I just started today"


June 23, 2012
response by Jason

Yes it is true, that is why the bottle claims this. If you are concerned about testing positive then STOP.

May 17, 2012    question
roadkiller   Age: 31

"... If I wanted to cut weight, would Testagen be a good idea to use or is this more for bulking? I'm not really sure :S"


May 17, 2012
response by George

Well it all depends on diet as well. Adding testosterone to your body will help you add more lean muscle but at the same time more muscle equals a quicker metabolism. So basically if you do 4-5 days a week training, eat clean and add in some cardio you'll drop overall weight while adding lean muscle and toning up.

April 5, 2012    review
5fingerdeathpunch   Age: 28

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... just bought my first ever test booster and although only been on it of a short time already the strength gain is noticable .any one here using this stuff whilst trying to quit smoking??? overall so far so good this stuff works"

April 6, 2012    question
kevin   Age: 33

"... So from what im reading from the reviews im actually excited to try this product but was wondering if at my age do i really need a boost in testosterone? I have been working out for about two years now but looking to get a helping hand in increasing size. "


April 9, 2012
response by Paul

At 33 sure as your natural levels peak in your early 20s. You should actually see quite an improvement taking this product.

March 16, 2012    question
SAMY   Age: 33

"... Hi, I saw that one of the main ingredient in this product is the 3beta-hydroxyandrost-5-ene-17-one. Is this an anabolic steroid prohormone? If so, why is a PCT no necessary?



March 19, 2012
response by George

No, anabolic prohormones have been banned by the FDA a few years ago. This is safe to use.

July 27, 2011    review
Andrew   Age: 23

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I love this product. I have seen a major difference in my strength and energy in a very short time. I will be buying more of this product. Thanks guys"

March 23, 2011    question
Jhon   Age: 21

"... is Testagen a steroid."


July 27, 2011
response by Kent

No it's is not an anabolic steroids, however, just like steroids, it does raise your natural testosterone levels so you can benefit from muscle gain and strength gain results. It's much safe on your body, you get to keep the gains and there are no dangerous side-effects.

April 11, 2010    review
Carl   Age: 28

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Been using TESTAGEN now for about 5 weeks and am really impressed with the results. No side-effects either, which is nice. Biggest noticeable improvements would have to be increased muscle size and vascularity as well as some pretty decent strength improvements.


November 22, 2009    question
bill   Age: 18

"... this has some seriously strong ingredients in it, idk why the fda isnt on them but does this product need a pct and liver support cuz it seems like it would need it"


February 18, 2010
response by andy

no u dont need pct or milk thisle as its all natural booster lol and u really dont need it because at your age, ur testosterone are sooo high! lol


July 27, 2011
response by Kent

Agreed.. it boosts your body's own testosterone levels so it's not dangerous. But don't get me wrong, it IS very effective at helping you pack on some extra muscles you can keep.

February 21, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... works pretty well.. I'll have to rate it a 4.5/5 as nothing is really perfect right? lol.. anyways good booster as I had my natural test levels tested after 6 weeks of use and my doc said my levels had indeed gone up, at a safe level but for sure elavated!"

October 29, 2008   

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Been using this for about two weeks of a four week cycle and it seems like over night strength and size are beginning to boom! Only side effect so far has been very light acne on shoulders and my face feels a bit flushed after each dose. more to come..."

September 22, 2008   

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Finally.. the first testosterone, over the counter supplement that I decided to spend cash on and it worked! Really surprised as I pretty much took a stab in the dark, but it worked out and I will be re-ordering again. Overall, in about 5 weeks I added weight to every exercise (or reps otherwise) and my arms, chest and back have really got bigger. The scale says I only added 9 pounds but it looks like a lot more!"

March 4, 2008   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Not to worry, I am running testagen right now and am really happy with it so far. I'd be rich if I took a penny for everytime someone asked me if I was on the sauce! haha"

January 26, 2008   
Unbiased Reviewer

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... The original testagen formula worked wonders, I am hoping that the new formula is as good!"

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