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November 15, 2017    question
RAD   Age: 40

"... Several years ago, i took an oral supplement that was actual HGH, or so it said. It did work. I literally had zero body fat, all lean muscle, hair grew in thicker, looked and felt five years younger, and sex drive and size of unit increased. The only side effect was acne, which I combatted by using proactiv religiously. Can I expect the same effects from this? Especially with the hair growing in thicker, and the male enhancement? "

April 6, 2017    question
mohan   Age: 37

"... I am 5.7inches & was(152lbs) but have gone to 146 now, i have been using this product for the past one month and i approx burn 400 cal by cardio alone & then work out per day with very less supplements(just 2 muscle milk 12 Oz), i actually want to gain muscle mass but have lost 6 pounds.Am not sure if its working and Kindly let me to know if there is a way to gain weight by this HGC or what to do next. Thank You"

December 26, 2016    question
Byron Smith   Age: 45

"... I'm looking to compete this summer, is this a NATURAL supplement ? I know that theres things that are considered '' cheating '', is this one of them ??

December 26, 2016    review
Zach S   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I had a major hand surgery involving 2 lacerated tendons while at college just after I began taking this supplement. My recovery time was cut from 8 weeks down to 5 (significant for tendon healing) . I was eating a ton and hitting legs 2x a week along with it but I feel this product significantly sped up my healing process. My surgeon was dumbfounded with how quickly I was back to 100% fastest he had even seen. I've been taking it intermittently ever since. Better sleep, better skin, better energy in the gym, my recovery time seems to go down significantly and I have been making steady PRs in the gym on bench squat and deadlifts. Love this product."

July 31, 2016    question
Jessica   Age: 34

"... I've been using this product. I feel I can lift more. But I'm also gaining a little weight. I'm trying to lose weight. Should I stop taking this?"

June 9, 2016    question
Hayden   Age: 20

"... How long can you cycle HGC for ? I want to do another bottle right after I finish the first. I figured it shouldn't do any harm because it's a natural supp. "

December 26, 2015    question
Carl   Age: 49

"... After about 6 months of taking HGC my bench has went up 40lbs and I look younger,so I'm hooked! Has anyone else gotten stronger on this?"

March 20, 2015    question
Jorge   Age: 16

"... I'm 16 and plannig on taking this should I ? And what are the good and bad parts of it"


March 30, 2015
response by Ken

No, waste of time and money. At 16 your body is already maxed out with natural levels of test and gh. Stick with a good meal plan, good training plan and you'll see results.

Remember, it takes TIME. No such thing as over-night results.

May 29, 2013    review
JD   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... This stuff takes away pain and gives you strength. Don't expect the 5 hour energy feel that most of the idiots out there are looking for. You will see gain in muscle mass and energy. You have to be careful not to tear any muscle because you can keep going with this product. Make sure to rest your body like you normally do even if you think you can do the same workout the next day. Just know that this stuff is the real deal and it gives you confidence because of it."

April 28, 2013    question
Lynn   Age: 57

"... Thank you so much for your reply George! I didn't think anyone would. I agree with your reply and appreciate it very much! Do you think I can ever this product? I tried to reply to you where it told me to but I could not get it to work so I am sorry I had to type this in the experience place. "


April 29, 2013
response by George

You are very welcome Lynn. Improving your growth hormone levels can certainly be something you use in the future to help you with your situation.

April 27, 2013    question
Lynn   Age: 57

"... I am worried now. It seems you all are men that are using this product. I am, female and use to work out an hour and a half and also do weights every other day. I got very ill. I have anklosing spondylitis, gastroparesis and several other disease issues. The AS is a terrible form of arthritis in the spine mainly, the gastroparesis means I am not digesting my food. I have had 3 spine surgeries in less than 2 years that made me worse and 5 surgeries total. I went from being so active I never sat down to almost an invalid. I am deeply depressed and on about 25 medications. I did research and found out about HGH. However the lady at Vitamin World sold me this and two more products. I have lost all my muscle mass and lots of weight so I want to increase energy and muscle mass. Is this a mistake for me? I hope so much someone will help me with this. I am becoming suicidal and can not even get out of bed most days. Thank you! "


April 27, 2013
response by George

Lynn, thanks for sharing your experience. Remember, this is a natural growth hormone booster, not actual growth hormone. That you will need to get prescribed by your doctor or professional.

I wouldn't suggest using this just yet. Instead, start by increasing your daily protein intake through a protein shake supplement. In addition, use a sports based multi-vitamin along with fish oil. Then, I would suggest a natural joint and ligament product that will help strengthen your issues.

It always starts with small steps to get there.

At your stage and current state, I would HIGHY recommend a personal training whom can guide and follow you daily. It's not something you can piece together through some lady at Vitamin World and the internet.

Best of luck to you.


February 21, 2013    question
Jeff   Age: 26

"... What is the best way to take this. after chewing it should I allow it to stay in my mouth for sublingual absorption or should I immediately swallow it?"


February 21, 2013
response by Pauly

When using this product, it's important to CHEW then swallow it.

February 12, 2013    question
jovanni   Age: 18

"... Hi i was wondering if the hgc increases your libido? "


February 12, 2013
response by Pete

Yes, increasing your natural growth hormone levels have a positive effect on your libido along with many others.

December 29, 2012    question
PRF   Age: 48

"... I was looking into the dynamite 180 diet plan and they sell their own hgc, which is much more expensive (of course) and then I found this. I see all the post talk about gain...I want to lose. Does anyone know if this can be used in conjunction with weight loss, not muscle mass gain?"


December 29, 2012
response by Jackson

Yes, that is what Growth Hormone does. It helps you increase your lean muscle mass very quickly but at the same time burning fat. It's a perfect combination and that is why it's so effective. I am not sure if this particular product is still available, but click above on the buy link to see what the current best alternative are, supplements-wise.

Remember, real Growth Hormone is very expensive and requires a prescription. These supplements on the other hand are affordable and signal your own body to produce the higher GH levels.

November 8, 2012    question
Thomas   Age: 19

"... First time using this supplement, and I'm a little hesitant. Reading reviews, curious about possible side-effects?"


November 14, 2012
response by Karter

No side-effects if you follow the directions.

September 26, 2012    review
Hector   Age: 70

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I been taken HGC for sometime and I have to said that it really works for me I feel rejuvenated for me, I try taken it the way they told me to take but it wasn't working for me, so the way I am taking it is before I go to bed I take 3 tabs 15 min before bedtime without eating or drink anything."

September 11, 2012    question
Ryan    Age: 22

"... Is this banned by the NCAA does anyone know?"


September 14, 2012
response by Dexter

It is a legal hGH supplement so odds are that it is not on the ban list - but it will all depend on what the NCAA looks for. Why not just ask them?

June 11, 2012    question
Curtis   Age: 18

"... I think when it comes to HGC; will it even help me get healthy?"


June 12, 2012
response by Drew

What are your health issues?

May 28, 2012    review
Robert   Age: 65

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I noticed more energy while taking this product and I am definitely stronger. The bottle lasted me 6 weeks, so for the money, this is a great value. "

June 11, 2011    review
seth   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I'm currently on HGC, 2nd week, changed my diet of coarse, 250 grams of protein daily,4000 calories daily, and I'm also stacking with HGC along with 2 other products, and with in the 2 weeks I've been on it I've already noticed very dramatic effects (good effects) I've jumped amost 10 pounds in all of my maxes in only 2 weeks, and my muscles bulge product I have ever used (legaly) and I will continue to use this product"

April 8, 2011    review
kyle   Age: 20

"... So far nothing has changed im on creatine and I think that id the only thing working is there anything I can to naturally to get jacked 6 foot 165lbs and im muscular but I want more"

December 19, 2010    question
Apo    Age: 17

"... Hi,

I've bought this Human Growth Complex Men.
And I want to know.
I am now the size of 1.63. And I can be larger 1.70 cm?

Because I want to grow, but grow for the HGC is not it?

Can someone please answer quickly as it goes.

Thank You"


December 20, 2010
response by Apo

I mean.
Can I still grow if I take these pills.

October 31, 2010    review
Dick   Age: 72

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I am 72 years old I have used 1 tablet rejuvination formula at night under the tounge for about 8 years. The only problem I have is when I stop takeing it to give my body a rest every 6 months. Then it takes a week to get back in condition when I start using it again, unless I step up to take 2 or 3 tablets for a while. I highly frecommend it for all old folks who want to stay young."

July 1, 2010    review
justin   Age: 18

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... ok so do u have any ideas for supplements to help with gaining height? im doing a program that is helping just wondering for supplements that are safe and help."

November 11, 2009    question
Reese   Age: 18

"... I was wondering like hgh will this stuff make me taller maybe. Will it stunt the height growth of anyone under the age of 18. "


January 10, 2010
response by packy

I'm 18 as well and all i can say is that for something you can get for less than $30 isn't going to stunt anyones growth, even though its powerful, its not pure hgh. You're not injecting this into your body. However, I highly recommend something like this than you take something such as d-bol or any other type of ananbolic steroid..


January 27, 2010
response by Rob

Packy, you are 18 and it shows. As a personal trainer you should be wary of anything that comes in a bottle that your body can not produce naturally. At this point the FDA will stamp approval on just about anything. The difference between injecting and swallowing is the time it takes to get into your blood stream. Reese, you can get the results you are looking for in time and hard work. Unless of course you are looking to get taller, in which case you might want to pick up a pair of lifts for your shoes. Aside from that, you are both 18. Your body still has not finished growing. Give it time guys. It is not worth screwing up your body systems to get quick results. I highly recommend researching what each chemical inside this product does to your system and the after effects of overloading those systems. Im not trying to disrespect you two, just educate you. That's what I do. Best of luck to both of you.


August 25, 2010
response by Evan

Rob HgH does accur natually in the body!!


May 2, 2012
response by Smith

Yes, it does, but his point was that the stuff in this supplement is not naturally produced by the human body.


May 3, 2012
response by George

Yes Smith, but the "stuff" is natural. Just ingredients that trigger your body to product more HGH so the entire process is natural. Unlike actual HGH medication where you directly inject growth hormones in to your body.

September 13, 2009    review
Nick   Age: 26

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... I've been taking this for 3 months and seen no improvements at all. Don't spend your money on UltraLab HGC it's not worth it."

April 21, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I start using HGC a week ago and it feels great i can see my muscles bigger with a great pump when i train and my veins want to blow it works very well"

April 2, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I just started reading about HGC and read a lot of reviews. What is the recommended cycle of time to stay on this and go off it? And does it need to be stacked with anything else"

February 11, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... This stuff is amazing! Squat weight is up 20lbs in three weeks, bench up 15lbs in three weeks. Recovery time is almost non existant as I barely feel muscle soreness no matter how far I push myself. My body weight has only gone up a couple pounds so far but my body fat is dropping.The gains are lean (not water weight) I am a customer for life!!"

November 12, 2008   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Wow.. I can't really believe that this is the real deal - and it is! I love it.. and I am glad I can get HGC legally without any issues. One of the best, if not the most important supplements in the category. I would never even think of not using it."

December 13, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... The real deal, HGC really does work and very very very well!"

October 10, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Will use again because it works, I usually use it 5 days on 2 days off all teh time."

September 17, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Works like a charm.. no doubt. Will use it again, am actually using it right now.. very good!"

July 7, 2007   
Maine, Smith

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... When I can't get my growth hormone preion filled out on time, I substitute with this item from Ultra lab and the results are almost identical. Very good brand, I trust them one-hundred perceny."

May 30, 2007   
The Real Deal!

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... All kidding aside, HGC is the real deal and should only be used by those serious about some rapid strength and lean muscle mass gains. Be sure to add a proper diet and hardcore training regime for maximal results."

February 12, 2007   

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I use HGC daily. This is the only way it works, you can't miss a dosage, not even one."

February 1, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... HGC is probably as good if not slightly better and more effective cost comparison-wise than HGH. The results are pretty similar, but the thing I noticed most, that stood out boldly was my skin. It looks much younger, smoother.. I would guess I took of maybe 10 years. I am 56 and it has made a difference. I recommend hgc, as your doctor or physician first, but I am sure they will agree with me. It's safe and natural ofcourse."

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Ultra LAB - Human Growth Complex

This Ground breaking Supplement for Youthfulness, Accelerate Muscle Growth & Recovery

Ultra Labs has helped countless men with their hormonal balance thanks to their Human Growth Complex (HGC) supplement. The great thing about this product is that it is 100% legal and natural based yet it can raise and stabilize your hormonal levels quite similar to prescription based alternatives. The key difference is that HGC actually triggers your natural ability to raise your growth hormone levels rather than make you ingest or inject dangerous growth hormone ingredients instead. The benefits of this supplement and the rise of human growth hormone levels has shown positive effects with gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass, increasing strength gains, improving recovery times, boosting daily energy and mental focus and what most men look for which are anti-aging characteristics.

Powerful Somatotrophine Homeopathic Supplement!

Provide Support and Optimize Natural Hormonal Levels

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