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January 11, 2016    question
Luke   Age: 10

"... When the best time to use cycle 7 I have heard 1 morning and 1 evening I have also heard 1 brogue and 1 after workout "

January 8, 2015    question
Mark Z   Age: 28

"... Im about a week into this cycle. Since this is a non hormonal product is there any need for me to take a pct or any other suppliment after completing my cycle?


January 18, 2015
response by Paul

No pct required, just keep training and eating right.

June 30, 2014    question
Wilie Brantley   Age: 29

"... What are the side affects to this product? I've been taking it for about 4 days now and out of no where I started having pains in my heart or inside left chest. I'm also taking "Beyond Raw" Resize""


July 6, 2014
response by Kenny

No side-effects, it's natural and safe. Just follow the direction, eat, sleep and train.

June 25, 2013    review
Ram   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Just so everyone knows cycle 7 is not a test booster. It is a non hormonal anabolic. It's called researching your ingredients. Not one thing in there is hormonal. Adaptogenic yes; hormonal no. "

May 2, 2013    question
Ray   Age: 24

"... I finish a 30 day cycle, of image sports cycle 7 in four days. What do I take after?"


May 2, 2013
response by Peter

I would take a break from tesoterone boosting product for 4 weeks. In the meanwhile use ZMA and Tribulus each night to hold your gains and restore your natural hormones back.

Here is a good list of products to consider:


May 9, 2013
response by Hawaiian

Run another 30 day cycle then take a break for 4 week's... you can run muscle agent with it for anabolic support

April 5, 2013    question
Peter brown   Age: 30

"... Just got a free bottle. Already taking Myo-x by mhp and epiq's test booster. Can I stack the Cycle-7 with these products?"


April 5, 2013
response by George

No, that would be overkill. Two testosterone boosters is too taxing on your system and will actually not give you better results. Finish your current cycle, take a 4-6 week break running triblus with zma each night then run the Cycle-7.

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Image Sports - Cycle-7

Formulated from documented studies from Eastern Bloc scientists used on their athletes!

Image Sports is setting a new elite trend with supplement based on their latest release of Cycle-7! This brand has already proven tremendous potential and result with other leading product which include Dexyfen for fat loss and Test-7 PCT for natural testosterone improvement. However, with this latest release you can truly take your natural anabolic potential to new levels, and it's all thanks to the Russian based engineering that makes it possible. During the cold war, this formula was created to help soviets improve their ability to boost strength and muscle mass rapidly. With the fall of the iron curtain and the end of the cold war, this formula has been made public and Image Sports has brought it back to life! With an improved rate of recovery, your body is now able to respond faster through the new growth of muscle tissue and strength adaptations. This is a high performance formula that should not be used by beginners. The key ingredients include Mumijo, L-Leucine, Dioscorea Deltoidea, Viburnum sargentii and Rhodiola imbricata. Take your results to the next level, with Cycle-7!

Leading Strength, Muscle and Mass Supplement Cycle for 2013

Each Bottle Contains a Complete 30-Day Anabolic Growth Cycle

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