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October 21, 2011    review
Sharon   Age: 41

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I have been using viva body for over 6 years now with excellent results. The ONLY energy supplement from my experience that actually lasts the entire day, and I am not exaggerating either. There are also zero side-effects that I can mention, just good clean energy. Now the best part is that this pill is also somewhat of a fat burner as the increased energy burns extra calories which really does add up to about half to a full pounds lost without doing ANYTHING differently. Really like this and obviously recommend it to everyone, why not?"

January 30, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hmm.. strange previous post. Anyways, here is a real one. My wife has been using viva body for the past 16 weeks or so. I have seen great changes in her mood, energy levels and just overall wellbeing. She has a habit of over-working herself, day in and day out. But once I had her try viva body, it's like night and day. She's is a new person, vibrant, energetic, makes me want to fall in love with her all over again. Anyways, this post might seem a bit emotional, but that just that effectiveness of viva body. Give it a try and see for yourself."

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Iovate Health - Viva Body for All Day Energy

A Great and Effective Natural Source of Energy to Fuel your Day - Everyday!

Iovate health sciences created the trademarked Viva Body supplement to help both men and women with their daily energy requirements! Not only do they achieve this goal with fly colors, but they have also included specific ingredients that actually promote weight loss at the same time. Now, you're probably thinking that this must be highly advanced stimulant that keeps you bouncing off the walls but nothing could be farther from the truth. Viva Body actually produces a slow, time released energy flow that isn't too strong or too weak - just enough to keep your productive, focused and alert for any activity that comes your day. In addition, the ingredients have proven to help you burn calories without any extra efforts - so you can feel good and look good! You also don't have to worry about crazy highs or lows that other brands leave you with - no crashes!

Combination of Fat Burning and Energy Creating Ingredients!

Long-Lasting Energy that is Smooth all Day Long!

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