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Essential Natural 100% Protein
Protein by Iron-TEK

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October 21, 2011    review
Dorian   Age: 46

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... Never really a big fan of this protein, not at all. I won't rate it totally at the lowest level as I know it must do something for some people. Either way, my experience wasn't the best. I had the chocolate flavored tub and did go through the entire one as I didn't want to waste my hard earned money. Big issue with me was that pretty much every other day I had issues with the toilet.. and it's not just me as I haven't had that experience with any other protein shakes. Not sure what it was, but just didn't sit well. So it's hard to say how well it worked or didn't as I pretty much expelled it all the next day, every other day!"

February 23, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've been with irontek for 4 years now, some of their great test boosters are gone but they still have good protein supplement. I use this 100% protein powder daily.. usually multiple times."

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Iron-Tek - Essential 100% Natural Protein

Ladies & Gentlemen: Introducing Whey Protein, BCAA's & Digestive Enzymes for Results

Iron-Tek supplements provides you with high end quality protein through their 100% Natural blend that has been receiving rave reviews from all corners of the globe! The key to supplementation for a long-term phase for long-term health and benefits always boils down to the ingredients - and natural is always the successful route to take. This high effective and nutritious shake contains a blend of a variety of proteins that include whey protein concentrates, micellar proteins, isolates of protein, UF/MF variations of wheys along with other essential categories of amino acids. The key with this protein shake is that it is quickly and easily digested and absorbed which means you can feed and fuel your muscle exactly when you need to. Boost nitrogen retention and glutathione production in your body with each serving.. get started today!

Enjoy Mouth Water Flavors with Each Sip!

Loaded with Beneficial Micellar Casein Proteins

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