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April 24, 2012    question
matt    Age: 21

"... overall did anyone see any results? "


April 25, 2012
response by George

Of course.

October 21, 2011    review
George   Age: 43

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Just finished my bottle, my friend had a massive amount of supplement stored from the past decade. Even though the expiring date had passed, I gave it a chance anyways and to my surprise it worked as good as it was new. The reason I am rating it in the middle is because of the side-effects. They were not MAJOR but annoying to me. I experienced some rage, acne on my shoulders and forehead and nipples were a little bit tingly. It has since been a few weeks and the symptoms have died down considerably with the help of AHD from BPi, but just kinda scary to go through it - that's all."

February 23, 2007   

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... I would suggest to those reading this to stay away from duratestin. It is very dangerous because it is actually an anabolic steroid. If you want to risk kidney and liver damage, baldness, gyn, acne everywhere, and more.. then go ahead.. duratestin is perfect for you, lol."

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Iron-Tek - Duratestin

One of the Latest and Greatest Leading Pro-Steroid Formulas for Unbelievable Growth!

Iron-Tek supplements introduces the true sense of hardcore into their product line with their quite popular Duratestin supplement. This is not your everyday basic protein or creatine pill, this is a very power anabolically charged supplement that is meant for hardcore results for advanced athletes only. The main benefit of this product is the rapid and long lasting increase in your body's testosterone levels which has proven time after time to be the single most effective hormone to help men increase their site, raw power and recovery times. Being able to train harder, longer and with more intensity each and every workout leads to better results very quickly. This can only be achieved if you are taking care of your rest, eating like a champ and training like an animal - as we said before, it's hardcore all around.

Combine with Proper Training & Nutrition for Proper Results

Proven to Boost Dramatic Physical Gains with Success

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