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Janet Layug Diet and Workout Plan & Online Pictures

Janet Layug Janet Layug Janet Layug Janet Layug Janet Layug Janet Layug
Janet Layug Janet Layug Janet Layug Janet Layug Janet Layug Janet Layug

Janet Layug DIET PLAN

Janet is one of the top IFBB Bikini champs out there and we see a long run in her future in the sport. She's truly dedicated to improving herself as much as she can, with 100% effort!

Janet is a big believer in pushing clean foods throughout the year to stay in shape and not slip away from contest condition. She believes you have to change the way you think to succeed!

Tip 1 - DO NOT eat anything that is processed!

Tip 2 - Stay away from dairy and consume plenty of vegetables each day

Tip 3 - Healthy fats combined with lean protein sources for the win

Tip 4 - Try to roast brussel sprouts or cauliflower to change things up

Tip 5 - Cheat are allowed, but only a single meal - not a full day!


Janet has always focused on her core and glutes. Putting in extra effort daily in to these two muscle areas to sculpt out her amazing physique. There is a fine balance in bikini and Janet has mastered it.

She has developed several great strategies and techniques when it comes to this area of the body and is happy to share some of her insights in to a great mid-section. Here's a glance what Janet does:

Standing Crunch - 20 reps, each side.

Russian Twist Bicycles - 10 reps, each side.

Stability Ball Windshield Wipers - 8 reps, each side.

Side Plank Twist - 8-10 reps, each side.

Instructions - Complete 4 sets of each exercise, listed above.

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