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Kyla McGrath's Diet and Workout Plan & Online Pictures

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Kyla McGrath DIET PLAN

Kyla is an up and coming fitness and figure competitor from Canada. She has been extremely dedicated and involved in the industry for man years and has become one of the more popular faces in our sport. She excels in her goals and has also become sponsored by many top supplement brands.

Kyla knows how to get in shape and she relies heavily on her nutritional knowledge to get in the best possible shape:

Tip 1 - Always start with a game plan with your diet. Write out your weekly meals and make adjustments along the way. Never just guess.

Tip 2 - Remove all processed foods. Stick with fresh and organic choices to make a significant change in your body and health.

Tip 3 - Always stick with a meal or snack every 2.5 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism in check.

Tip 4 - It's OK and suggested to use vitamins and supplements during your diet as regular foods might not always give you exactly what you need, especially vitamins and minerals.


With a wide array of competitions under her belt, Kyla has placed well in both bikini, fitness and figure competitions. She has an athletic body yet still has the sexy curves that make her a fan favorite. The amount of hours spent in the gym and with fitness truly show the final package!

Since Kyla has been in so many different fields of fitness, there are a variety of suggestions she can offer to you:

Suggestion 1 - Regardless of the type of exercise of physical activity you choose to do, ALWAYS be sure to thoroughly warm-up.

Suggestion 2 - Consider choosing a training partner to help motivate and spot you during workouts.

Suggestion 3 - As a beginner train one muscle group per day roughly 4 times per week. At the advanced stage, you can apply different methods such as split training, etc.

Suggestion 4 - Never let negative emotions set you back.. use your time in the gym to really give it your all and push ahead at all times!

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