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Laura Prestin's Diet and Workout Plan & Online Pictures

Laura Prestin Laura Prestin Laura Prestin Laura Prestin Laura Prestin Laura Prestin Laura Prestin Laura Prestin Laura Prestin Laura Prestin Laura Prestin

Laura Prestin DIET PLAN

Known for her countless magazine covers and calendar shoots, not many people are aware that Laura is actually a highly competitive bikini competitor. This takes a far more structured meal plan to reach your full potential on stage. She is a committed model and athlete!

Follow along with Laura's tips to get in shape and stay there. Here her guide to your daily menu:

Tip 1 - Adapt to eating every two hours. It can be a meal, snack or protein shake.

Tip 2 - Be sure to consume enough daily fiber. Some great choices include oatmeal, fruits and vegetables.

Tip 3 - When it comes to protein choices, stick with lean options such as chicken breast and fish.

Tip 4 - Consume enough greens each day, I prefer spinach.

Tip 5 - Other daily choices I include are berries, apples, bananas, skim milk and even egg whites.


It takes plenty of years of dedication to get the body that Laura has. Plenty of cardio and weight training on a daily basis to not just get in to shape for her covers or competition, but also to maintain it for appearances. Recently a new Gaspari athletes, she stays in top shape!

The key to success is to keep it fresh and exciting while exercising, follow Laura's suggestions below:

Tip 1 - The best exercise for my glutes are squats.

Tip 2 - Favorite exercises for the abs and obliques include hanging sit ups, bicycles and Russian twist exercises.

Tip 3 - The best form of cardio is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Tip 4 - My typical training split is; Monday: Quads and Hams, Tuesday: Back/Abdominals/Biceps/Triceps, Wednesday: Chest/Deltoids, Thursday: Quads and Hams, Friday: Back/Abdominals/Biceps/Triceps, Saturday: Yoga, Sunday: My Rest Day.

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