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Mary Castro's Diet and Workout Plan & Online Pictures

Mary Castro Mary Castro Mary Castro Mary Castro Mary Castro Mary Castro Mary Castro Mary Castro Mary Castro Mary Castro

Mary Castro DIET PLAN

Mary is one of today's leading fitness model and has an extensive resume which includes popular magazine covers as well as television work such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, MAD tv, CSI:Miami and much more. She has been able to make the most of her amazing physique for real success.

When it comes to dieting, it's a completely mental aspect that you need to control. Here's a sample day with Mary:

Meal 1 - Whey protein shake supplement with handful of almonds.

Meal 2 - 4oz chicken breast with large potatoe and green salad.

Meal 3 - Large green salad with tuna.

Meal 5 - 6oz fish with brown rice and green vegetables.

Meal 6 - 6 egg whites with broccoli.


To build a body such as Mary's, you need to work at it through many years. Getting in to fitness and exercise is what gave Mary the confidence to begin her modeling and later acting career. Living a healthy lifestyle is a total commitment that needs to be followed without regret.

To reach the same level that Mary is at, you need to focus on both diet and exercise. Here's a sample leg and glute training session:

Squats - Use a barbell, dumbbell or smith-machine. Be sure to go at least parallel to really trigger the glutes as well.

Leg Extensions - This is a perfect exercise to target the front of the leg and really shape the areas around the knees.

Lunges - Walking or stationary, this exercise is ideal for the glutes and hamstrings and really gives you the right curves and shape.

Straight Leg Deadlifts - Really squeeze your gluts on the way up. This is an excellent shaper once again. Perform slow and carefully.

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