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May 9, 2017    question
Kristen   Age: 26

"... Someone may have already asked this, but is it safe to take NO2 Red Extreme and a preworkout drink, such as C4, if NO2 Red is taken as soon as I get up around 6-7am, and the C4 is taken 30 minutes before training, which is usually around 5pm?"

January 4, 2016    question
Rodrigo   Age: 27

"... Show I take 3 caps on the morning before my breakfast and 2 or 3 caps before my workout? I use to workout in the night"

February 1, 2015    question
Jcro   Age: 20

"... It says to take one 30 mins before breakfast, but I workout around 3 should I take one 30 min before my workout also? Thanks "


November 14, 2015
response by Shawn

If the product suggest to take it PRE WORKOUT then you need to take it PRE WORKOUT.

September 11, 2015    question
mark   Age: 30

"... i have a bottle that is past 1 month from its Exp date? is it safe to use still??"


November 11, 2015
response by George

Should be fine, usually with protein you have 6-12 months afterwards as long as it's kept out of the sun or heat.

May 29, 2015    question
LEE   Age: 35

"... I read on the back of the bottle that I should take 3 tablets 30 mins before breakfast , but some people take it 30 mins prior to workout ... At which time should I take this product for best results ?"


June 14, 2015
response by James

No, follow the back of the directions. Sure you can experiment if a different method might work better for you, but I suggest doing what the instructions say.

May 20, 2015    question
Nestor   Age: 24

"... This is a pre workout supplement, correct? I don't really feel a burst of energy when I use it.. in fact I feel more from the fat burner I take. Any reason for this? "


June 26, 2015
response by Joel

You are probably immune to stimulants as most people are these days because they overuse these products. Pre workouts or other stims should be cycled, 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off to let your receptors recover.

April 27, 2015    question
Jeff   Age: 21

"... Just wondering...if I was going to start a cutting phase, would this be okay to take still? Or would this be counter productive to my goals? Please let me know, thanks!"


April 28, 2015
response by Ken

This is a pre-workout supplement, it will help you with your workouts which means with your goals. It's ok and suggested.

April 23, 2015    question
Quan   Age: 27

"... I just bought the NO2 Red Extreme and was curious if it was safe to use in correlation with the Women's Ripped Vitapack Program? Some of the ingredients overlap and I didn't want to take too much. "


April 28, 2015
response by George

I wouldn't mix them if they overlap. Remember, if you want BETTER results stick with one and put MORE effort in to your training and/or diet.

April 10, 2015    question
Rich    Age: 27

"... Took my first dose of NO2 red Extreeme yesterday before workout, 5 minutes into my lift my face, arms and upper chest turned beet red as almost i. A rash!! Is this usual for starting off with the product?? "


April 20, 2015
response by Karl

Yep, common side effect and very annoying. It's the niacin. Companies like this put in stuff to make you think you are feeling something but it is all for nothing. Try PRE-JYM, the best of the best and every ingredient is worthwhile.

April 8, 2015    question
Jeff   Age: 22

"... I've been taking No2 Red for about 3 weeks now and have only been taking the 3 pills before my workout (no 2 in the afternoon) and I gotta say I'm seeing some pretty impressive results. My question now is, when I run out of No2 Red, should I stick with Red or go to Black? I read some good things about Black but I think it also has like 10x the pills to take (not literally)

Anyone take both and have a preference?"


April 22, 2015
response by Carter

Glad you like the product, it's quite effective.

You can stick with it or move to black to compare the formulats. Don't use them together however.

February 27, 2015    question
Matt   Age: 21

"... Hi, I was thinking of using No2 but I don't want to make any mistakes with it. On workout days I should have it 30 min before the workout? Do I skip it before breakfast that day then? Also would this be fine combining with a multivitamin as well as Apple Cider vinegar pills?

Last question, do you know about OxyElite Pro and would that be no good to stack with this?

Let me know thanks!"


March 30, 2015
response by Ken

Just follow the directions on the bottle, that is the best bet. If you cannot, then do as close as you can with what fits best with your schedule.

Stacking a fat burner with a pre-workout product is OK.

January 9, 2015    question
oliver   Age: 40

"... Hi I have purchased NO2 red extreme , Can I take 3 caps along with hyroxycut hardcore elite one cap 30 minutes before breakfast my next cap of hydroxycut is 30 mins before lunch, appreciate if you could advise. Thank you in advance !! "


January 18, 2015
response by George

I would say yes, but pay attention to any side effects. They are not supposed to be mixed, but can be if you can tolerate it.

August 16, 2014    question
gilbert   Age: 43

"... I have been using No2 red for some time now and have to say that no other product comes close. I was wanting to know if I can stack No2 red with GRP-HD along with the TEST-7?Thanks Guys. Lift safe."


September 13, 2014
response by David

I also love this product, one of the best on the market no question. Yes you can stack it with the mentioned test and gh boosting stack.. you'll get some really nice gains!

October 16, 2013    question
Tim   Age: 25

"... Hey, I have a few questions!?

I have been taking MRI NO2 Red 1250%. My Package like others have been saying says to take (1) pill in the morning 30 minutes before consuming breakfast. I was wondering if that was a misprint? Should I really be taking 3 pills as well?
I also have a bottle that is 2-3 months past it's exp date, I was wondering if it is safe to take them still & if they will still be effective because I haven't had a chance to use them and am just now getting low on my current bottle?

I also wanted to know if what I am doing for my routine is okay..
I have only been taking 1 pill a day because of my label, so if I need to up my dosage I will, but my routine involves:

Workout days: Mornings I take 1 pill of NO2 Red 30 minutes before breakfast, & after workouts I drink a protein shake.

Non workout days: Mornings I take 1 pill of NO2 Red 30 minutes before breakfast, & drink a protein shake before bed.

Question: Should I change anything about my routine, especially with the NO2 Red?



October 19, 2013
response by George

All packages are different as there are many variations of MRI NO2 - just follow what yours reads.

Your routine looks good. Try to get in 4-5 solid meals per day or 3-4 with a protein shake.

November 27, 2012    question
Bob   Age: 50

"... I don't normally eat breakfast, so what would be good to eat and how long before my workout?"


November 29, 2012
response by Shawn

You should always eat about 90-60 minutes before you exercise. Something with high protein and fast acting carbs.

November 6, 2012    question
Jordan   Age: 25

"... I haven't purchased no2 red yet but I am dying to try it. I currently take superpump max 30 minutes before my workouts, Whey protein after and casein protein before bed. When and how many no2 red capsules should I take?"


November 12, 2012
response by Josef

Your current stack is very good, keep it up. I wouldn't actually use no2 red while taking superpump as they are very similar products. Use one at a time.

September 9, 2012    question
Diego   Age: 25

"... Hey just a quick question, with this NO2 RED, do you need to take it only on training days or can/should you take it everyday? "


September 14, 2012
response by Norman

This product is to be used daily, on training days about 30 minutes before you hit the weights and non-training days first thing in the morning followed by breakfast about 30 minutes later. Best of luck bro!

August 15, 2012    question
jimmy   Age: 44

"... I am straying the MRI no2 black. It says to take at breakfast and lunch. With my job I can't workout until 4pm most days. I eat breakfast at 5am a break at 9am and lunch around 12:30 PM. Should I change the time I take it so it is closer to my workout time or does it matter. Thanks"


August 21, 2012
response by Mason

No, timing around your workout doesn't matter as long as you take it daily at roughly the same time periods.

June 18, 2012    question
Don   Age: 41

"... I have two bottles of NO2 Red. One states to take ONE pill before breakfast.(older bottle) The second bottle states take THREE before breakfast and TWO before lunch.(newer bottle) I compared the supplement facts and the individual pill is the same in each bottle. Why the differenc in the two?? "


June 19, 2012
response by Peter

Follow the directions on each bottle as the formula's slightly changed along with the directions. They are both the same strength and quality, so no need to worry about that. Good luck.


July 31, 2012
response by aog

I ordered a bottle off of amazon that said the zame thing about taking just 1a day. The nutritional facts are all 1/3 the size of the bottles that say that 3 is serving. Would it be ok to take 3 then?

May 1, 2012    question
Hunter   Age: 18

"... Do I take no2 red in the morning even though I workout around 8pm?


May 1, 2012
response by Nick

Yes, this is taken in the mornings. Unlike most other nitric oxide based supplements that are taken only pre-workout, this one is taken daily, each morning to keep your levels stable and high all day, everyday.

April 12, 2012    review
George   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... One of the most effective and safest supplements I have come across. No side-effects to speak of, none. I strictly use it only on workout days and found it works best when I cycle it for 6 weeks at a time. No idea why some people would even consider using it for more than 2 months.

Great pumps and just enough energy to get me through the workouts without a crash."

April 11, 2012    review
male   Age: 24

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... Ive been using N02 red for about two months. I liked the results i was seeing after about three weeks only taking 3 tablets a day at the start of my day and working out three-four times a week. i stopped taking it as of yesterday because the past week i began to feel out of breath like i needed to yawn and i couldnt. It was mild for the first couple days but last night it became a lot more severe. Seeing as i am very healthy guy and have had absolutely no health problems in the past, i took it seriously and went to the E.R. They told me it was most likely from the supplement so i decided to stop taking it completely, I will never go back to taking it after that scary incedent. Listen to the back of the bottle where it tells you to consult with your doctor."

February 9, 2012    question
cassius   Age: 19

"... hello,ok,so far on the no2 red pills dose is 5 or6 pills altogether,right?3 in the morning and 2 or 3 in the afternoon everyday?am i getting this right?also is it ok. to take this with the red no2 hemo surge powder together?your prompt response will be appreciated,thank you..."


February 9, 2012
response by George

You are taking the same of two products.. stick with one otherwise it's overkill. Use one at a time, the hemo-surge is the stronger of the two.

January 30, 2012    review
Ernest Aviles   Age: 40

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Man I get such a HUGE BULGE from my workouts and they stay...People has asked me if I'm using steroids and I showem what I have been using and got them turned on to this. I love this stuff. After my workouts I look like a monster. :)"

January 26, 2012    question
gerardo barajas   Age: 18

"... Is it a good thing to take no2 red in the morning like at 11 a.m.. because I work out around 2 p.m.. can someone help me?"


January 27, 2012
response by Nick

Yes that is ok, how is it working out for you?

January 26, 2012    question
Jayne   Age: 31

"... Hi, my husband bought this product for his own use and I used it this morning to do my cardio workout. Is it ok for women to use? I don't want to bulk up (I do lunges, squats, step ups etc as well as jogging) but just want to use it for energy and alertness. Is this the right product for me?"


January 27, 2012
response by Ken

Yes, of course. There are not testosterone ingredients in there so a female can use it safely with good results.

Remember, it's IMPOSSIBLE for women to BULK up so easily, it's the biggest scare for women, as if they just add muscle by looking at a weight. It takes years and years of heavy lifting to add muscle.


January 30, 2012
response by Jayne

Hi Ken. Thanks for your response. I got a little worried because my thighs became extremely muscly after three to four months of running and lots of step ups. I thought I would get leaner not more muscly so hence the paranoid question! I have laid off the step ups a little. Do you have any more tips?

January 18, 2012    question
billy   Age: 38

"... I just started taking and hemo surge ywo days ago,I was already taking extreme athlete by mega men. Now its hard for me to eat food,should this go away after my body adjusts,or should i drop the extreme athlete?"


January 19, 2012
response by Karl

I would drop the extreme athlete and stick with this. Or finish your extreme athlete and move to no2 red afterwards. Too much stimulants are not good.


February 10, 2012
response by ryan

i have used no2 red for 8mo,its awesome stuff in the beginning extreme pump and energy i went of for awhile tried other products and now back on no2 red. still on top i believe. id dump the other prod.

January 2, 2012    question
j.a   Age: 21

"... hello,i just bought mri no2 black,my question is if it's okay to take the whole dose in the morning or afternoon before the workout?and how long do i have to wait after the dose?thnxsssssssssss..."


January 4, 2012
response by Jenna

Best bet with no2 red is to take your serving about 30 minutes before you exercise. Be sure it's just HALF a scoop and do take it daily, so even on off days.


January 6, 2012
response by j.a

no2 red?you mean no2 black 'cause that's what i got....and thanks for the info on the no2 red product,i'm planning to buy that in the near future....

December 8, 2011    question
John   Age: 23

"... Is it ok to stack N02 Red with C4 pre-workout sup? This is my second day on N02 Red but was only taking 1 cap a day because that is what the label says. I will up it to 3 as suggested here."


December 11, 2011
response by Dean

I think it might be a bit overload. Stick with one and when you're done with both you'll have an idea of which works best for another cycle.

October 9, 2011    review
Moses    Age: 25

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... .... I have to say that this stuff really works, I have tried different types of supplements but man.... NO2 red is really doing it for me!!!"

September 17, 2011    review
shawn   Age: 39

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I really like the effects of MRI. don't like creatine but it was suggested to stack with it. I feel the pump for hours after leaving the gym. For now its great, we will see only time will tell just how good the supp. Is. Review."

September 3, 2011    question
Mark   Age: 51

"... Just bought NO2 Red. Directions on box and label on bottle say to take 1 caplet in the morning before breakfast. That's it. Everything I've read online says to take 3 in the morning and 2 in the PM. The online label is different than the label on the package I bought. What gives? Is the label wrong? Can I trust a company that can't correctly label it's own product?"


September 4, 2011
response by Phil

One serving is 3 capsules. Take these first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, then have breakfast about 10 minutes afterwards. Follow this method for the first 7-10 days, then add another 2-3 capsules in the early to mid afternoon to maximize results.

There you have it.


February 27, 2012
response by that guy

Any one whos asks this is from california. i too asked the question. all other states say 3 in morning and 3 more later(opposed to CA 1 and 1). I took 3 each time because 1 didnt do jack.

August 17, 2011    question
Kyle    Age: 22

"... Thanks Simon, one more q, how long before you started taking this did u see results and what kind of gains did you get? I am currently taking it with tropinol and was hoping for some big gains. "


August 18, 2011
response by Simon

Hey Kyle, no problem. Results were pretty quick for me with regards to better workouts, better pumps and a full look to my muscles. Key is to stick with a good diet and train hard to the max to see the long term goals show up.

August 16, 2011    question
Kyle   Age: 22

"... I just got the no2 red and they guy told me there was a miss print on it and to look up how many pills to take a day? I weigh 180"


August 17, 2011
response by Simon

Hey Kyle, no worries. Take 3 capsules (1 serving) aprox 30-45 minutes before your breakfast in the morning on a EMPTY stomach always. After a few week to maximize the results and dosage, add 2 more capsules somewhere mid-afteroon. The important step also is to drink a lot throughout the day - MRI suggests 64 ounces at least.

June 28, 2011    question
Adriano   Age: 20

"... I barley bought the NO2 red 2 days ago, i haven't used it because i bought this other supplement called CE2 High-def and my question is if its ok to mix them?"


August 12, 2011
response by Donald

Yes, it is perfectly OK to use both of these products. One is a good creatine supplement and the other is aimed at pre-workout energy and nitric oxide effects. You should see some good results from this combination.

June 26, 2011    review
victor   Age: 17

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i just got MRI NO2 RED.i don't know how many pills i should take. (weight 155)if anybody could tell me that would be really awesome thank you."

June 22, 2011    review
Peter   Age: 42

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey guys.. how is everyone? Nice to find a place like this on the internet. I would just like to say that I am using no2 red now for about 6 weeks and I really do love the results - it really has brought new life to my training sessions and after a long time.. I am able to pass some sticking points. The flavor is also good.. I enjoy to drink it."

June 2, 2011    review
gzoso   Age: 44

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I used NO2 when it first came out, and I was very pleased with results. After about six maoths away from the gym & a year from using any supplements I started using NANO9X. It was ok, and cant knock it, but I was not getting same results as with MRI NO2. I recently bought a bottle of NO2 RED & a jug of PRO NOS, and after two workouts I was blown away by the results! My first thought was why did I deviate from MRI. At my first workout with NO2 RED pre workout I benched 10 more than I was benching. I was at a stick ponit for over two months and was becoming frustrated. Now I am excited to see where I will be in a month. I am using PRO NOS post workout. I very seldom buy protein powders, and the main reason is the taste. Vaniila creme taste good, and goes down easy. I have never wrote a review on anything in my life, but for me MRI is it! Gave four stars to give myself room for a follow up in one month."

May 21, 2011    question
domenic   Age: 33

"... just bought no2 red wanted to ask i will be taking 3 pills 30 min before i work out with a protein amp shake anyway should take both on n work ut days as well i work out 4 to 5 times a week ..would it e ok not to take suppleents on off days thanx"


August 25, 2011
response by Bill

I would take these on your off training days, to keep your no2 levels primed and to get the most out of this supplement. Be sure to take the 3 capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach everyday - it doesn't matter when you train. Then another 2 mid afternoon to get the full effect.

May 10, 2011    question
Bigga365   Age: 28

"... i just started to work out and bought No2 red as well as amp wheybolic extreme 60...could anyone help me on how to use them both together"


May 14, 2011
response by Pete

Good combinations. Just follow the labels, there is no problem with any risk of combining them at all.

May 9, 2011    question
craig   Age: 22

"... I was wondering if i could stack this product with MRI® CE2 HI-DEF™? I have used NO2 black in the past it stacked well with MRI® CE2 HI-DEF™ I just wanted to know if this product will have the same effects when mixed withMRI® CE2 HI-DEF™ ."


August 27, 2011
response by Ace

It will have better effects, in my opinion no2 red as far superior to ce2 hi-def. Go ahead and stack them and enjoy the results. Be sure to come back and share some of your results with us.

April 28, 2011    question
Mel   Age: 34

"... Always been a big fan of MRI products so thought I'd give NO2 Red a shot, so far so good!
Is it safe to take a pre work out supplement with NO2 Red?
I take NO2 Red at 6am but my gym time is 4pm."


May 14, 2011
response by boy

you should take no2 red 30 minutes before your workout

April 19, 2011    question
boyd bean   Age: 44

"... Is no2 red a nitric oxide or is it just an activator of n.o. that you have to take along with this product ?"


April 25, 2011
response by Liam

Hi Boyd, NO2 RED from what I've read contains six separate phases of nitric oxide amplification. This helps blood circulation which in turn funnels key nutrients to your muscles faster while working out, the optimal time. In the end it's just about breaking down your muscle tissue (when you workout) and then helping them recover and repair bigger and stronger which start during the workout depending on what supplements you take (such as NO2 RED) and when you rest and sleep.

Best of luck and let us know how you find the results with it.

April 17, 2011    question
boyd bean   Age: 44

"... I was wondering if when taking these caplets in the morning on an empty stomach I still need to take a n.o. product 30 minutes before my afternoon workout ?"


April 19, 2011
response by Liam

Hi Boyd. It all depends on how far apart your morning dose is and your afternoon workout is. I would suggest that if your workout is more than 3 hours apart, then yes, taking a nitric oxide product thirty minutes before your workout would be beneficial.

Can you share how your experience with NO2 RED is thus far?

April 12, 2011    question
david sigala   Age: 32

"... just started no2red and why is it that the other no2 products (platimum and black) it takes 8 pills/day according to weight and now the bottle states to only take 5 pills/day i know these pill are stronger but is it safe to take 8 pills like the other mri products?"


August 28, 2011
response by Scifit Kre Alkalyn 1500

It is 100% safe and actually more effective than the other two combined. With technology improving, companies are able to fit the ingredients into less pills, which is more much easier to take and swallow. If you notice, many brands are also going to the concentrate method, which usually consists of one pill to do the job. No doubt MRI will also adapt this new policy.

Enjoy NO2 RED, one of my favorites.

March 26, 2011    review
jason   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Im on my second week of this product and Ive got to tip my hat to MRI for this one, Ive always loved the pumps from previous no2 products but it seems like the pumps get more intense every day on this stuff, and I do feel more motivated even after intense training. I honestly feel like I could train an extra hour! great job MRI"

March 22, 2011    review
nick   Age: 37

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... ok, week 2 of the product. i have always been a firm believer of no2 even when they took it off the market a few years back to fix some flaws. i took no2 for over a year...loved it..major changes...no2 black however...didnt seem to get the same for no2 red...i am learning this...if i dont push myself on that last rep each and everytime...i dont feel the effects of this product. no2 red has curbed my appatite but i am constantly avoid swelling from water this week i started to drink different types of hydrating seemed to work...things i noticed over the past 14 days is my hair is growing a rapid speed and im healing quicker...i actually dont feel tired after a hard training day but it also has a drawback...i want to constantly be doing something...not nervously but like i still have extra energy by end of day. ill keep everyone posted...i gave 4 out of 5 to leave room for improvement. all in all...worth the money"

March 7, 2011    review
Haley   Age: 43

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Always have experienced great results from MRI products.. especially when it comes to pre workout and pumps. I use to use the original NO2 from these guys and to compare this new no2 red it's much stronger and the effects of the pump last much longer as well.. easily a few hours after my workout is even complete."

January 25, 2011    question
john    Age: 35

"... should i take it even on non training days, i train about 5 days weekly?????, i just started this product today, so i cant decide about rating yet, so my rating will be biased."


February 12, 2011
response by Craig

I would follow the directions on the back and stick with taking it on training days only. Let us know how it is working for you and if you recommend it to others. Thanks!


April 25, 2011
response by Cameron

Sounds like sound good advice from Craig.. the same I have used in the past.

November 25, 2010    review
Hank   Age: 29

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I for one and extremely excited to give RED a go! MRI is the first brand that I used for nitric oxide products back in the day.. made all the difference in the world when it comes to pumps.. now all the other brands are catching up to what MRI started. From what I've read the release date for RED is 1.1.11"

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MRI - NO2 RED ... 1,250% More Nitric Oxide!

Get ready for the latest and greatest NO2 release from MRI to date.. Brand New MRI NO2 RED!

MRI sports supplements began the nitric oxide revolution in supplements and are releasing MRI NO2 RED to complete the circle! Since the beginning, starting in 1997, MRI has continually provided sound products for effective and safe results! With the revolution starting with MRI NO2, which transformed the way we look at pre-workout Supplements, we are sure that MRI NO2 RED will take the category into a new and advanced direction! Creating the most advanced products on the market drives MRI to push the limits beyond and pre-determind borders in the supplement world. We look forward to the new direction that MRI NO2 RED will take us in. Be sure to check back here at fitFLEX to get the latest, more importantly REAL-LIFE reviews of MRI NO2 RED to get an un-biased look at the product beyond the hype!

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