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November 21, 2017    review
Sundaram Meenakshi   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have started using Carnivor Beef protein isolate just 3 days back blending with milk post workout. But i feel terrible gas trouble and diarrhea. Should i stop the product?.

September 30, 2017    question
Obed   Age: 22

"... Should i drink after workout or before workout

February 10, 2017    question
Bilal   Age: 26

"... hello frinds kindly answer my 3 questions..... i have just bought a 4.5LB Carnivor beef Protien Isolate
1) can i use this 2 Scoops of Carnivor beef protein with 2 scoops of CellTech for more Creatine and BCAAs For More Hard Muscles ??? Or that will Hurt me ??
2) if Yes then what u guys suggest? that can i use 2 scoops of This Carnivor beef protein with Milk or only with water because i will also use CellTech????
3) what ever water or milk if u say yes that i can use this Protein with CellTech by 2-2 scoops of both that Tell me pre workout and post workout planto use these 4 scoops daily ???
Thank You
and all Muslim here this product is Obviously Haram for u all Muslims so dont ask these baby Questions"

July 9, 2016    question
Sarah   Age: 34

"... Is MuscleMeds Carnivor protein safe during pregnancy!?! "

May 9, 2016    question
Aswin John Perayira   Age: 16

"... Hi should I reduce my serving of 4 scoops per day"

May 9, 2016    question
Aswin John Perayira   Age: 16

"... Hi I'm using this product 2 scoops twice a day so total 4 scoops does it do any harm to my body and I wana say that it delivered heavy much results when I used 2lb tub"

May 7, 2016    question
Rahil   Age: 22

"... Is musclemeds Carnivor beef protein halal..?? As this is a beef protein, so are the beef cut in the name of Allah..? Or just machine slaughtering..?? Plz reply.."

April 27, 2016    question
parth   Age: 20

"... My body is so thin. So can i take this before a workout to meke some fat in my body."

January 23, 2016    question
Niel   Age: 22

"... Hi i want to know the gelatin in this product produced from what sources? Is it vegetal pork, or other?"

December 14, 2015    question
Quiwn   Age: 24

"... I'm lactose intolerant this product is great i absolutely love it but I have one question does it matter if you drink it fast or slow?"

December 14, 2015    question
Quiwn   Age: 24

"... I'm lactose intolerant this product is great my absolutely love it but I have one question does it matter if you drink it fast or slow?"

November 5, 2015    question
shah alam   Age: 26

"... please I want to know this carnvior mass is it halal?????
as I am a muslim"


November 8, 2015
response by Joel

No idea, ask your local aid.

October 14, 2015    question
TooKrispy   Age: 29

"... My question is do you have to mix this product with anything? I normally just poor 8oz of water in a bottle with one scoop shake it up real good and consume it like that. "


November 3, 2015
response by Simon

Water is find dude, if you want more calories and macros then blend with milk.

October 14, 2015    question
mahmoud   Age: 37

"... dear
when i take carnivor beef i noticed that my stool colour become dark brown"


November 3, 2015
response by Roger


October 7, 2015    review
Sameh Mustafa   Age: 48

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... wonderful, never tried anything like that, I am now addicted to it"

September 17, 2015    question
yasir khan   Age: 19

"... I am 63 now nd i am planing to take a best gain and here it is but i am muslim and i have a question in my mind that this product contain beef product and i wana know that the beef which is used in this is it halal !! "


November 14, 2015
response by Shaw

are you 63 or 19 as you posted.. why lie?

If the label says BEEF then it has BEEF.

September 16, 2015    question
navgill   Age: 35

"... Hiya can I start using carnivor wiv fat burners.if so will it put on weight.
tnx "


November 14, 2015
response by George

Yes you can use a protein powder while using a fat burner.. this will help you burn fat while holding on to your muscle with the protein. Be sure to follow a weight loss diet and a cardio based workout plan.. you need to do the work.

September 5, 2015    question
gaza   Age: 20

"... hi,can i use fat burner while using protein carnivour"


November 12, 2015
response by Neil

Of course.. you eat protein daily with regular meals so it's no problem adding a protein shake if you don't have time to eat enough meals each day. Be sure to follow a high protein and low carb diet plan and add in cardio daily.

July 17, 2015    question
mohib   Age: 18

"... When should i take carnivor isolate zero fat protien ? How many scoops and when ?"


August 26, 2015
response by Milan

I would take it right after training and again before bed.

July 4, 2015    question
avneesh   Age: 45

"... hi i am 180 lbs , 45 year old
gyming for so many years now trying to put more quality size . started carnivor last month .
please suggest my that way of taking supplement or the order of taking them is ok or not

4.30 am testosterone boosting caps immediately after waking up ,
5 am 01 bowl of boiled oats with peanut butter ,
5.30 C4 prework out ,
5.45 - 7 am bcaa during workout
7 am 01 scoop of carnivor protein as post workout shake .
10 am 4 eggs white and 2 whole egg in breakfast
12 pm 3 carnivor aminos
2.30 pm brown rice with vegetables curry / potatoes
5 pm 01 scoop ON gold protein
6.30 chicken breast 200 gms
9 pm testo caps
10 pm 01 scoop carnivor protein

my question is
1. should i take dextrose with the post workout and if yes how much ? can i take simple glucose powder .
2. should i take the carnivor aminos one more time ?

kindly reply "


August 26, 2015
response by Jose

Looks like you have it all worked out. Keep it up and keep us posted on your progress.

July 1, 2015    question
Heather   Age: 27

"... I'm trying to gain weight so I'm wondering if I can gain from this product I'm out of solutions "


August 26, 2015
response by Richard

Of course.. just be sure to eat 4-5 regular meals per day as well.

June 26, 2015    question
ricky sweum   Age: 29

"... Has anybody with acne broke out worse from using this product. Just curious. "


August 26, 2015
response by Sammy

Acne from a protein powder is rare, but it can happen. If this is your case, switch to a different brand or type of protein such as isolate.

May 5, 2015    question
Karen   Age: 33

"... Hi, im just wondering if you could help me. Since using this protein i have had trouble with hormonal acne, especially on my back. I stopped using it for a while and it cleared up. I never had this issue before i start taking it. Would it have anything to do with all the B vitamins in it? Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks."


June 26, 2015
response by Jordy

Sometimes protien will do this to people.. you just don't respond well so I would suggest to stop unless you don't mind the acne. There are plenty of other protein powders out there today, and the beef ones are over-rated.

May 2, 2015    question
rizwan   Age: 44

"... can i use this product with low fat milk?2 scope serving twice a day with low fat milk will be fine?"


June 26, 2015
response by Barker

Yes, that is actually the preferred method to drink it for extra nutritional benefits.

April 29, 2015    question
ashish   Age: 24

"... I am using dia carnival mass gainer my qsn is dat how take it is better water or milk"


June 26, 2015
response by Peter


April 23, 2015    question
murtuza   Age: 28

"... How much calories does one scoop of carnivore beef protein mixed with skimmed milk have??"


April 28, 2015
response by Neil

Look at the label per serving and then Google the exact amount of skimmed milk as you are not sharing the amount in your post. Pretty easy to do, just take a minute to look it up.

April 23, 2015    question
murtuza   Age: 28

"... How much calories does one scoop of carnivore beef protein mixed with skimmed milk have??"


April 28, 2015
response by Joey

Don't ask questions twice, already answered.

April 22, 2015    question
kabhojbhojwani   Age: 24

"... HelloCarnivorr hwru I wana my day more taking one soon carnivor beef isolate mybody weight is 90 m doing heavy workouts ND using true mass beef protein man taking in morning wakeup ND before work out ND post workout truer mass ND beef protein when I sleep suggest mewhn is right time please suggest .me"


June 26, 2015
response by Kendra

Take it after your exercise.

More importantly, learn how to speak and type English.

April 7, 2015    question
Willy   Age: 24

"... Hi,i'm just curious. Currently i'm using carnivor and combat powder at the same time. Is it okay if i take combat at the morning and take carnivor right away after i work out? "


April 22, 2015
response by Peter

Sure, but taking 2 protein powders is not really needed. Stick with one, twice per day to judge the effects. Eat 3-4 healthy high protein meals per day as well and watch your gains improve.

March 2, 2015    question
ROHIT   Age: 20



March 17, 2015
response by Pauly

Sure, the more protein the better. If your body gets too much, you will just pee it out so no worries.

January 28, 2015    question
zo   Age: 23

"... Just started taking this product but was wondering can you mix carnivor with cellucor c4 extreme?"


April 2, 2015
response by Mike

Yes, but not together. Take C4 before training and beef protein after training.

January 23, 2015    question
Tony   Age: 42

"... Can I bake with the Carnivor power drink?


April 2, 2015
response by Nick


September 30, 2014    review
azhar   Age: 31

  RATING: 1 out of 5

i buy
Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate Blue Raspberry in dubai life pharmacy
once i take this when i am going to toilet i can see green color not urine kindly advice i can use or throw ..


September 11, 2014    question
adrian   Age: 35

"... is carnivore lean safe for diabetics


September 13, 2014
response by Joan

As with anything you consume when you are a diabetic, you must know your limits and follow the ingredients.

June 24, 2014    question
esco   Age: 40

"... what is better pills or powder? if so whats the difference? whats the best flavor?"


July 6, 2014
response by Jackson

Identical, but I prefer the pills as it's easier to use.

June 23, 2014    question
brandon   Age: 26

"... can you take carnivor as soon as you wake up, and if so how will it help?"


July 6, 2014
response by Milan

Sure, it will be a great way to feed your muscles after the long break of sleeping.

June 14, 2014    question
Brandon.   Age: 20

"... Im very acne-prone will this protien cause me to beakbout?? "


July 6, 2014
response by Sal

Protein shakes barely cause any acne, you need to try it to find out. Let us know how you make out Brandon.

April 18, 2014    question
Billy   Age: 46

"... Hi
Is this product made in Canada?
What type of beff is used
The source and from what part of the animal
Thanks "


May 16, 2014
response by Aaron

Probably not as it's an American based product, who knows if it's even produced in North America. Does it matter?

No idea what type of been is used, call the company.


March 25, 2014    question
Roger   Age: 16

"... How many capsules of Carnivor Amidos should I take at once ?"


April 18, 2014
response by Joel

As many as the directions suggest.

February 10, 2014    question
eugene   Age: 31

"... When IM I suppose to take the carnivore shake?"


February 12, 2014
response by Carl

The best time is right after your training and then again before bed.

December 28, 2013    question
BOBBY K   Age: 53

"... can take carnivor with vpx no shotgun? is it to much creatine?"


January 17, 2014
response by Helen

Yes, that is fine.

December 17, 2013    question
junaid   Age: 27

"... am about to use carnivor mass. i need to know is tht made of halal beef or any other source. is the source is cow or what "


December 24, 2013
response by Carmen

No idea... you need to call up the company that actually makes this protein if you want specific answers.

October 28, 2013    question
Mario   Age: 16

"... I'm 16, is it okay to use this protein at my age since it has creatine? "


October 29, 2013
response by Roger

Yes, the amounts are safe. Be sure to drink plenty of water each day.

September 23, 2013    question
jack   Age: 19

"... My way in the use of the protein is after breakfast 1 scoop, before workout 1 scoop,
My question is how much scoops shoud i take afterwork out ??"


October 2, 2013
response by Nick

Do not use it after breakfast, that is a waste. Since you are eating breakfast, you are getting the nutrients you require so adding this on top of that is just not practical.

The best way to use this is 2-3 scoops POST-WORKOUT and then again before bed or as a replacement of a meal during the day.

Optimal use for optimal results is twice a day with 2-3 additional real food healthy meals.

July 29, 2013    question
Sara   Age: 16

"... My questions is.. I usually take the protein as a pre and post workout.. that means twice a day.. I want to ask is it fine to take the proten in the day which I do not workout?"


July 31, 2013
response by Sammy

If you take it pre-workout, make sure it's at leat an hour prior to training. But to answer your question, YES. You need to take protein everyday.

The key is to get in 1 gram of protien per 1 pound of body weight, at least. To gain muscle and strength, aim for 1.5 grams of protein instead. This should be divided in to 5-6 meals each day which can be shakes as well.

June 16, 2013    question
Nitin   Age: 30

"... I don't want to gain body weight, I wan't to gain muscle size instead. So, is this product beneficial for me or not? If yes, how do I take it and gain muscle size? I am currently using BSN Syntha 6 Isolate protein."


June 17, 2013
response by George

To gain muscle, then drink this and EAT CLEAN. This is an excellent muscle builder, but you need to follow a proper diet and exercise plan to experience the optimal results.

May 18, 2013    question
redman   Age: 40

"... does it make you gain weight



May 18, 2013
response by Nick

Yes, using this protein will help you gain weight. You need to combine it with a proper diet and exercise plan of course.

May 15, 2013    question
Umair   Age: 27

"... I'm currently using it and found it pretty good so far but someone raised the issue of Halal now here is a red flag in my mind like if anything in it is derived from pork. Can any one help me in this regard? "


May 15, 2013
response by George

The best place to get the answer is to contact the brand, musclemeds directly. Either through phone, email or their FB page.

April 25, 2013    question
chris    Age: 28

"... Hi I have been taking carnivore isolate for a few months now, but I had one question. I recently got DARK MATTER for post workout, would my proper dose be carnivore hour or two preworkout, dark matter post w.o. then another serving of carnivore one hour later? I was wondering about using both considering creatine or any other contrasting ingredients?"


April 26, 2013
response by Sam

The best bet is to use Dark Matter for post workout. Use carnivor as a meal replacement instead. Or as a pre-workout protein shake as well.

Using both daily is OK and actually a good stack.

April 21, 2013    question
Diego Leal   Age: 23

"... I would like to know the best stacking using carnivor and the casein optimum nutrition, aiming dry gains and take each 2 times a day, which I take in the morning before training, and after night?"


April 22, 2013
response by Richy

Carnivor can be taken for breakfast and again after training. Casein mid-day and again before bed. Try to get in 2 solid meals as well, lean proteins with low carbs to get the hard lean gains. Good luck.

April 16, 2013    question
Eric   Age: 28

"... I am a month in on starting to work out, pretty lean and thin, 6'0, 155lbs, I went into a nutrition shop, the guy suggested the carnivor pills because I don't like making the shakes and wanted something quick to take, he however suggested I take 3 pills (recommended dose) with each meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and then once before workout and once after workout, the bottle says twice a day? Is this ok?"


April 17, 2013
response by Paul

These tablets are a great way to increase your daily amino acid intake and help you improve your rate of muscle growth.

If you are using the tablets, you should only take 3 tablets, twice a day. I would suggest after your workouts and then again between meals.

February 27, 2013    question
Mhit   Age: 23

"... Hi, can you suggest for me two times when I should take this protein?

Currently I am using it 1 hour prior to my workout and then again, post-workout. Please advise me if this is the proper use and dosage."


February 27, 2013
response by Paul

You are using it exactly as it should be, before and after your training. Keep up the great work.

February 16, 2013    question
Freddy   Age: 23

"... hi, my target is building muscle, so how many scoops should i take, and should i take it right after workout or should i wait a period of time like an hour to drink it, thank you"


February 16, 2013
response by George

Hi Freddy, good question. Use TWO SCOOPS per shake mixed with water, you can use skim milk if you want some more calories. Have one serving right after your workout. Then 90 minutes later have a meal with either chicken, steak, fish or turkey with brown rice or potatoes and green veggies. Then 3 hours later have another shake.

Good luck!

February 12, 2013    question
Will   Age: 46

"... My question is why would Carnivor makers put so much creatine in the product. I was having heart palpitations. Two doctor visits later, I found out it's the creatine. If they take that out of the product I may go back to it. This caused a big problem on my EKG. If you body makes sufficient amount of creatine, why would they put this into the product?"


February 12, 2013
response by Nick

Will, this is an extremely rare results as creatine has never been proven to cause any heart palpitations especially at the low levels found in this beef protein (isolate) shake. In fact, the creatine content in this product is far less than any other protein supplement on the market today.

Perhaps the reason you assume that the creatine content is high is with their labeling that states "20x the Creatine Content of Steak". It's just means it's more concentrated, not that there is more content.

The reason I am taking the time to go over this is because this is a very safe product that I have been using for close to 4 months daily without any issues, just good results.

I would STRONGLY suggest that you visit your doctor and find out why you are having the reactions you experienced, perhaps you are the one in a billion that would react this way based on per-existing conditions or genetics.

Best of luck, train hard and reach your goals!

January 19, 2013    question
Muslim   Age: 23

"... We are Muslim. A halal certificate is necessary for us to consume products from beef. My question is, does canivor beef protein supplement pass halal for you? This information is very important, please advise."


January 20, 2013
response by Jake

This is something that you'll need to contact the company directly with, just go to their website and email/write or call them up for a quick answer.

January 9, 2013    question
Ben Heath   Age: 41

"... When is the best time to take this protein shake? Thanks."


January 10, 2013
response by Pete

If you can take it once a day, then right after your workout and on non-workout days as a meal. Twice a day is ideal to use, so again use it between or as an actual meal.

Good luck!

January 8, 2013    question
Boss   Age: 21

"... Is this protein bad for skin disease like eczema and psoarasis? Just curious, thanks. "


January 10, 2013
response by Simon

No, of course not. It's a natural, safe, FDA approve daily protein supplementation. Nothing to worry about.

January 4, 2013    question
Rossi   Age: 63

"... Hi guys, I am sixty three years old and overweight and now entering a weight training program. My question is, should I use Carnivore Beef Protein and how is the best approach to make the best gains. Thanks. "


January 5, 2013
response by Nick

If you want to lose weight, using a protein shake, a quality one like carnivor is a great start. Be sure to get at least one full gram of protein for every pound of body weight. Eat 4-5 times per day and cutting back calories and carbs for the final 2 meals of the day.

Use this shake after your workouts. I would suggest twice a day in total.

December 5, 2012    review
Abz   Age: 34

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I just started taking Carnivor protein. I also ordered Carnivor Mass. So far the Carnivor protein is delicious!!! I got the Vanilla Caramel. I'm not only taking that protein, I make my own concoction post workout shake which works for me. Easy to mix w blender, and like I said great taste. I will update a few weeks in on my progress !"

November 10, 2012    question
iceE   Age: 41

"... Hi, can I take this DURING my workouts?"


November 14, 2012
response by Shane

No, you should never drink a protein shake during workouts. They are meant for RIGHT AFTER YOUR TRAINING. If you drink it while you train your body will use it's blood and resources to digest the protein rather than shuttle nutrients to your muslces and give you a pump, etc.

During your workouts you should have an amino acid type drink such as XTEND. Search for it here.

September 13, 2012    question
Wyatt   Age: 16

"... The Chocolate Carnivor tastes DECENT in water. Though I was wondering, if I mix it with Milk will it give me the same benefits and have no drawbacks? Because I'd imagine it tastes way better in Milk than in Cold Water..."


September 14, 2012
response by Josef

It will give you the benefits and drawbacks of milk. In essence, if you are trying to gain weight then the extra protein from the milk is a good thing and if you use skim or 1% then there is barely any fat or carbs so it's safe to use without worry about fat gains.

August 22, 2012    question
shamus   Age: 22

"... How many times a day do I take this and when"


August 26, 2012
response by George

As many times as you can but at least twice is good. Two to three shakes per day with two to three real meals per day is a good recipe.

August 16, 2012    question
javed   Age: 25

"... i wanna use this product but wanna confirm that is the beef used is halal or not??"


August 21, 2012
response by Simon

Halal? No idea what you mean, but yes the protein and aminos are derived from beef sources.

August 14, 2012    question
Neha   Age: 21

"... I am a 21 yr old girl, my weight is 60 kgs and height is 150 cm. I am planning for the weight loss and I just wanted to know whether I can use this along with a fat burner?"


August 14, 2012
response by George

Yes, when you are losing weight you need high protein. Try to aim for 1 to 1.2 grams or protein per pound of body weight.

August 10, 2012    question
Robyn   Age: 30

"... So I am a female and I don't want to gain weight, I want to tone up. I bought this and would like to know, is it a good idea to drink it or a bad idea? What should I do? "


August 14, 2012
response by Simon

This is fine to drink if you want to tone up, it's a protein shake. You require a certain amount of daily protein daily.

July 5, 2012    question
felipe costa   Age: 24

"... why and how is time release supplement??? "


July 10, 2012
response by Ken

Because it contains fast, medium and slow digested branch chain amino acids (protein) so your body absorbs them at different rates. From a few seconds to hours, which is beneficial because it feeds and fuels your muscles around the clock to provide an anabolic enviroment.


September 20, 2012
response by J.

BCAA'S are not proteins. But yes it does contain fast acting proteins and slow acting casein proteins.


September 20, 2012
response by George

J., protein is made up of BCAA's - so you are wrong. Protein = BCAA = Proteins.

June 26, 2012    question
henry   Age: 40

"... how many times a day should i use it"


June 27, 2012
response by Peter

1-3 times. The key is to get in 5-6 meals per day which it difficult. So you can try 4 solid meals per day with 2 shakes, or whatever combination works best for you. Remember to eat healthy meals - no junk or you'll be wasting your time.

June 17, 2012    question
Sakis   Age: 31

"... I'm about to start with this,and i was wondering if its possible to mix Carnivor with Whey(1 scoop each)post workout.Am i going to be benefited from both equally like if i would take separately.And i heard that Beef protein is absorbed fast as whey,is it true?"


June 19, 2012
response by Joey

No need, that is overkill. You can if you wish but the protein content in Carnivor is quality enough for post workout.

May 27, 2012    question
Kendall   Age: 15

"... Is it OK for a 15 year old to take this protein drink?"


May 28, 2012
response by Kim

Yes, it's a protein drink which is safe to consume at any age of 12.

May 9, 2012    question
Laura   Age: 24

"... Can someone please tell me, does carnivor bloat you?"


May 9, 2012
response by George

No, protein shakes do not bloat you.

May 6, 2012    question
BGraham   Age: 23

"... So... just picked up the Carnivor. I'm about 5 months pregnant and stick to a low impact work-out. At times its hard for me to eat still, and I need something to help me pack on a little more weight without the fat content. I'm used to taking supplements, and was rather fond of Whey protein before the pregnancy. For some reason it has been hard for me to digest Whey lately. So i heard about this... the thing is, I did not see the warning till I was already home. My question is, why is this protein not roccemended for pregnant women? What is the difference between this protein and the others when it comes to carrying a child??"


May 8, 2012
response by Norman

I would NOT suggest this for anyone pregnant - put your baby first. The thing with this is that it's not a standard whey protein, it's got many other ingredients that help with recovery, growth, strength etc.

Why are you trying to "pack on a little" bit of weight when pregnant?

May 6, 2012    question
kailash   Age: 21

"... im using carnivor protein---blue rasberry flavour for 4-5 days ...its impossible to see for differences in this 4 days..i'll tell the review about the productin a couple of weeks ,..but my stool color has changed abnormally (dark blue color)............does this color change a serious side effect relly scared ..can anyone tell me about the color change of stool and its effects....."


May 6, 2012
response by Joey

Yes, this is actually quite normal with almost all Musclemeds products. With their dark rage and dark matter it turns green. Nothing to worry about.

May 1, 2012    question
xavier   Age: 24

"... im reading online that carnivor/creatine builds water in your body wich can be bad for your lungs,is this true??"


May 3, 2012
response by Arnold

Carnivor is not a creatine, so no, it doesn't not make you hold water.

And creatine has nothing to do with water in your lungs, this is a myth.


June 1, 2012
response by Andrew

Carnivor is most certainly Creatine... 20 times that of steak.. it says it in huge letters across the label...


June 1, 2012
response by Arnold

Again, it is NOT a creatine - it's a concentrated protein shake. Yes it does contain SOME creatine but that is not the main ingredient by any means. If you're looking for a creatine supplement you will need to purchase one separately to get actual creatine-based results. Con-Cret is a good selection these days.

April 30, 2012    question
David   Age: 27

"... How manny times should I take the carnivor mass . I just got it today "


May 1, 2012
response by Trey

Depends on how much you can afford and how much you want to gain. I would use at least 2 shakes per day.


February 4, 2013
response by SULAIMAN


March 17, 2012    review
Romano   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Ok, to all the people who dont know when to take this product. Read the F*cking label or use some common sense. I take this product 3 times a day, best thing ive ever taken. I take blue rasberry and have got use to it over time. Everybodys different but i get the sh*ts and its blue, oh well! I take it because nothing else compares, F*ck Optimum nutrition, never liked em, this is by far a much superior protein supplement. nitrotech hardcore and carnivore are my favourites. Carnivore in my experience is superior"

March 3, 2012    question
John   Age: 24

"... i'm just confused about the product, there's the beef protein gainer and the beef protein is they're a difference between the two or are they the same?"


March 4, 2012
response by ashwin

is there any side effects on using this product?

February 22, 2012    review
Bam218   Age: 37

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I use to use Carnivore during pre-workout and post. Now I use it after I workout and in the morning. I love it. It provides me with the right amount of strength to get through the day. I just don't know which way works better."

January 29, 2012    question
Elliott    Age: 41

"... Hi fellas, one? I have been taking carnivor liquid protein (fruit punch) love it. I'm taking it as post work out. My question is can I take all max muscle prime pre workout amplifier before workouts and. continue to use carnivor as a post workout? "


January 30, 2012
response by Pauly

Yes you can, there will not conflict and stacking the two will actually improve your progress.

January 10, 2012    review
Dan    Age: 56

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I bought the last bottle on the shelf at GNC and it was the Blue Raspberry. I was recovering from surgery and couldn't keep it down. It went in Blue and came out green. After switching to whey poweder for a week I tried it again on yogurt. I will check the flavor label next time

January 3, 2012    question
Kyel   Age: 23

"... Hello im new to this I just wanna know it ok to take carnivore for breakfast by itself with no food?"


January 4, 2012
response by Sean

Well sure, remember carnivor is FOOD, just liquid food. And probably more protein then you would eat with solid foods. I would use a scoop or two at least however. If you do want a source of carbs you can also eat a wheat bagel or banana.

November 28, 2011    question
charly   Age: 22

"... hi guys! is it better as a pre o post workout?, i want gain muscle, ofcourse im on a estric diet and hitting the gym brutally. any thoughts? tnks"


December 2, 2011
response by George

Post workout is the best option, use it as soon as you can then follow that up with a solid meal within 90 minutes of a good protein source like beef, chicken and fish with complex carbs.

November 26, 2011    review
Harsh   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i am using it twice since a month, pre and post workout.. it gives me the great strength and muscle recovery,i Love this product very much coz i am getting satisfied with it's great results. "

October 11, 2011    question
Rishabh   Age: 24

"... I wana ask that can one take a fat burner along with this to reduce the i am doing it...i am done with 2lbs n result are m on a 4 lb pack...,along with a burber????"


October 11, 2011
response by George

Yes. Stacking a fat burner with a protein shake such as carnivor is a good combination as the protein will help you keep your muscle mass while the fat burner will shed the fat stores. Good luck!

October 1, 2011    review
Jeff Farelli   Age: 41

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I have been using carnivore for about two weeks.The blue rasberry is absolutely disgusting and the chocolate is absolutely delicious! I feel stronger since I started using the product, as it is easy on the stomach.I will probably continue to use the product as I will have to force the blue rasberry down so my money will not go to waste! Like I said,The chocolate is awesome, like night and day comparing these flavors."

September 8, 2011    review
John Bentley   Age: 20

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... Didnt affect my gains as substantially as I desired. Didnt taste that bad but the results didn't impress me."

August 30, 2011    review
Sam   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Tried the chocolate first! Amazing taste. Easiest to mix ever! Amazing gains and better pump! Plus the BCAA's make the product double as a post workout as well. On the Blue Rasperry now cause i wanted to taste it. :/ Nowhere near as good as the chocolate. :C And green stool kinda scared me at first LOL. Same results though. Highly recommended. 5'10 197 5% body fat. Message for a pic of me O:"

August 1, 2011    review
dibes   Age: 17

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Carnivor is great and easy on the stomach. Everyone who uses it should try the chocalate. It taste great, easy on the stomach, and no problems with the dye. Overall it is a great product and an even better source of protein than whey.

April 17, 2011    review
billy   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey guys trying to lean out but need a good source of protien. Can't digest whey vry well. Taking this stuff a good idea? If so when?"

March 27, 2011    review
Louie   Age: 34

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... STOP BUYING THE BLUE RASBERRY!!! Apparently it tastes terrible! The fruit punch is far from disgusting its delicious and its very easy on the stomach...great protein!"

January 11, 2011    review
PhilGER   Age: 36

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Yes, the Fruit Punch tastes way better than Blue raspberry. It is best used as pre-and/or post-workout-it seems to be rapidly digested and gives good decent strength gains-pay attention to the 2.5 grams of creatine per scoop!Anyone looking for solid gains from a fat-free fast acting protein isolate should give this a try."

December 7, 2010    review
justin b   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am using carnivore fruit punch flavor the taste is not bad at all...its great for pre and post workout...way better than regular whey or casien turned my stool red but its a small price to pay if u wanna gain serious mass..."

October 19, 2010    question
shane   Age: 30

"... From what I read. Sounds great outside the dye issue of now I been using creatine189 / n.o/wheybolic extreme 60.picking up jack3d an looking for best protein available anyone got info help me out"


September 10, 2011
response by Rick

If you need to add a protein to the mix then carnivor is a great addition. It is composed of beef isolated which are more effective at adding lean muscle tissue. However, there are also many whey isolates out there if you are looking for a straight forward protein - one that stands out is hydrowhey from Optimum Nutrition.

September 15, 2010    review
Jase   Age: 27

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Not too bad on the stomach but terrible taste. Absolutely disgusting. Im using the blue rasberry and the dye is also so strong it turns my poop blue, which is a bit disconcerting. Overall this is a quality protein but they need to lay off the blue dye and work on the taste. The protein also cannot be mixed in a shaker cup and must be mixed with a blender. Shaking this stuff is near impossible. It foams and makes a huge blue mess. "

September 8, 2010    review
PhilGER   Age: 35

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Pure BEEF ISOLATE-red meat is the muscle maker-yes colour in feces from the blue raspberry and awful taste-I like fruit punch better. Loads of B vitamins from natural beef source. It feels like very rapidly assimilated and had no stomach issues- felt strength increase and good full lean gains within natural limits. for me it works great and I see it as pre- and post training supplement. Thumbs up for CARNIVOR! "

August 27, 2010    review
Brendan   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I just started taking carnivor and had a weird side effect happen... Well... my (without using a profanity)waste was blue...(not to sound vulgar...but I hope my body is absorbing the protein and not simply expelling it...that would upset me off...) The taste is bad, but, I am willing to give it a chance and will wait until the 4lb tub is empty. I'm thinking on using it strictly post workout, but not sure. I've seen many good reviews on it hope that I see the results others claim to have. My favorite protein has been Optimum Nutrition, but... I'm trying to think outside the box...

July 16, 2010    review
MuscleFL   Age: 27

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Been using this for a week. Pretty good thus far. Doesnt mix well at all and the taste is blah but easy on the stomach. Might buy that electronic mixer. Im sure the stool color is common, due to the artificial coloring and stuff. I tried another product that did it a little. Not a big deal, but agree with another poster. Why the need to put so much in a product? Like the product for random protein intake between meals. "

July 8, 2010    question
brian   Age: 20

"... When do users recomend taking this protein ( morning , after workout , before workout?) please only awnser is you had positive gains"


May 26, 2011
response by Mike - age 15

The gains on this is crazy especially when you start working parts of youre body you ignored before. I start my workouts with a 10min walk while drinking the protein, than a 2min fast jog. After I lift, than i do 30min walk, and a 5 minute VERY fast jog. After this i take more protein. 1 and a half scoops each time.

July 8, 2010    question
brian   Age: 18

"... If you have used this before and had good gains from it ....when do you recomend taking it ( morning, pre-workout, post-workout, before bed) ??"


August 3, 2010
response by Jeremy

I've had good luck hitting up the carnivore pre and post workout. 1 scoop at a time. I would also recommend taking a casein upon waking and right before bed. This will give you good time release protein throughout the entire day.

June 19, 2010    review
c   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Think the "negative taste aspects can be mitigated with either gatorade addition or perhaps some fruit. Does not upset my stomach like other protein products. Just started so have yet to see short term benefits. good so far."

June 18, 2010    review
Mike   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I love this protein! Im not the kind off person who can go through an intense work out and then have a milkshake. lol. So, this worked out pretty good for me. It foams up alot but I found a way to beat that. I know it sounds a little gross, but if you use room temperature water it doesnt foam as much."

June 10, 2010    review
Jim   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Pretty new to this only used a coupke different proteins before this, but using this i have definitly noticed that i am less soor after a workout, and can do more sets than i could previusly without getting fatigued. i dont think the blue ras is that bad tasting at all. although the excessive amounts of Dye is a little anoying, having green stool was a little weird at first lol."

May 9, 2010    review
Mauricio   Age: 37

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I'm starting to use it, the flavor is very relative, it seems to me that of all the products I've consumed over the past 20 years of training is one that has better taste

May 7, 2010    review
Joe   Age: 25

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... The Taste of the (Blue Raspberry) is horrible but for the small amount of water you have to consume while taking it is tolerable. Foaming though is a little lame. Good protein in General. Also I have never seen my stool every look such as lovely Forest Green. Have to say that caught me off guard at first. "

April 22, 2010    review
dominicos   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... hahaha green stool damn yeahh me to.!! but i've never had the results in the gym that i have nowadays.dunno what it is so i stick to 112 pounds and bench the double.i feel like a beast eat like a beast.but the green stool completes it."

April 20, 2010    review
John   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... the best protein on the market IMP. no fat and no cholesterol just 100% lean beef protein. the only con is they use a ridiculous amount of food coloring in the blue rasberry flavor. (I'm not sure about the fruit punch flavor though.) YOUR FECES WILL BE GREEN/BLUE!! mine has been ever since I started taking it over a month ago. but let me tell you, the funky taste and green feces is just minor set back to the MAJOR gains you will have!

April 18, 2010    review
Bruno    Age: 48

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have been trying Carnivore for 2 weeks, it keeps me full from morning to my workout time, the taste of blue raspberry is awful, and why the blue color?, it turns my feces blue, we do not need that kind of junk for nutrition in bodybuilding, can't they keep the artificial color out, and give us some nice flavor, that would be swell!"

April 14, 2010    question
Ryan   Age: 15

"... iv been workin out for some time now even though im only interested in trying this protein after using whey for about two years....i was wondering which flavor tastes the best and what i can add to it to make it taste better..also id like to know if it would be better jus buying the carnivor shots instead"


October 13, 2011
response by Sherman

Beef based protein is a better alternative to whey, especially if you've been using whey for some time. I prefer the chocolate flavor, it's really creamy and rich. Purchasing the shots instead is just a matter of convenience.

April 9, 2010    question
Mac   Age: 21

"... well I just bought carnivor and also jack3d and my question is should I take both?? I mix a bottle of water with one scoop of jack3d before going to the gym and after I have my normal meal and I mix half glass of apple juice, a glass of water in one scoop of carnivor. Im also having stomach problems but idk if the reason why is cuz im taking thos 2 strong products."


May 12, 2010
response by Big Ed

i took jack3d before...and had no stomach aches....i guess its the carnivore itself???


August 3, 2010
response by Jeremy

Your issue may be coming from the Apple Juice. For some reason all the fiber in it causes stomach issues in some people. Also mixing the apple juice with a protein will surely get your stomach churning.

April 6, 2010    review
Brian   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am currently on Carnivor (Fruit Punch) and its a great tasting protein powder, easy on the stomach, but what is my favorite is that is mix with water wich make my protein intake easy because I am always busy."

March 19, 2010    review
Keith   Age: 17

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i have tried blue rasberry and it was prety good. the results have been great. I have put on 7 pounds in 6 weeks. The blue rasberry tastes much better then fruit punch. "

March 17, 2010    question
heath   Age: 21

"... Ile start with the cons. Yes green stool, and yes horrible taste, but if your buying supplements based on there taste your in the wrong business you need to role down to Dairy Queen and get a slushy! Now for the pros side. Ive never drank a protein that has gave me some what of a "pump" after drinking it, but this stuff does. If anyone disagrees please comment back. It is also good to get away from the thick, typical vanilla,chocolate, strawberry proteins. This stuff mixes simi-well and stays a nice thin watery texture. Good results just try it. I recommend it. Stay Healthy friends."


August 27, 2010
response by Brendan

Alright, good... I thought I was the only one with the green/blue stool problem...
Thanks, your post refreshes my confidence in the product. I thought my body was not absorbing the nutrients and just letting them expel from my body...

February 2, 2010    review
James   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I give it a 5 only concern was the taste heard alot of bad. You can take wylers light lemonade flavoring mix. Kinda brings out the taste more makes it more bareable."

January 24, 2010    question
nelson   Age: 19

"... I am thinking about using this product. But one reservation besides green poo...doesn't creatine just swoll you up with water? cuz i want actual strength, not swoll"


January 27, 2010
response by rippedluis

When i took it i didnt feel bloated at all to feell bloated with this best protein in the world you will have to take like 4 to 10 servings a day wich i dont recomend this protein rips you up like thai boxer.bro!and is eaaaaasy to drink not like mass tech from muscletech and the flavor from the fruit punch ummmmm i love it.mixed with ice buy agood shaker at gnc shake it like 100 times hard and youl see whats a protein with gooood all you can before they take them!


July 26, 2011
response by durrr

You're on the internet you can look up the answer to your question before you even type it. Creatine is involved in the supply of energy for muscular contraction thus actually helping gains in strength.

December 6, 2009    review
luis   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... It is a good supplement for lean ripped muscle.10/10.I went on vacation 3 days i took the day i went 4 servings i did a lot of pushups i could feel much mure hard and solid."

October 24, 2009    review
Cosmofla   Age: 41

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... One more thing - I use one of those handy electric shake mixers that I bought for $7 and it takes care of the lumps. And I add crushed ice and fruit for variety. Definitely makes it more palatable and refreshing after a workout."

October 24, 2009    review
Cosmofla   Age: 41

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I've been using this for a about a month after switching from gym workouts with cardio to the P90X and twice weekly wind sprints. The product does seem to be working in terms of helping me lean out with slight mass gain (that's my goal), although it's still early. I took the fruit punch previously and loved it. This time I went for the blue raspberry and it is...I mean...bad tasting. But I'll deal with it - it's worth it.

And rettt87 - I'm having the green stool issue, as well. The only thing that's changed in my diet is going from fruit punch to blue raspberry. Must be the dye. I did some online research and found that supplements with dyes can affect you that way. As long as nothing else is noticeably wrong, you should be OK."

October 21, 2009    review
j-rod   Age: 21

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... ok...finally finished 2 pounds of this strength gains or size...the gains i did get wasnt from this...deff. a BS product. my favorite stack is MethylTest, Amplified Mass XXX, and NO Xplode...Awesome stack...give it a try!!"

October 13, 2009    review
eric p   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Best protein I've used....hands down. I'm on my second 2 lb. tub of this stuff. Haven't had the blue raspberry flavor yet, but I do have to say that the fruit punch isn't that bad. Yes it foams up, but if you let it sit for a minute its fine. I'm using this protein and jack3d nitric oxide. Both great products, the strength and size gains are ridiculous. "

October 12, 2009    review
john P   Age: 51

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I tried the Kai greene Beef protein and was pleasantly surprised at how great it was. The fruit was better then the blue rasberry,maybe my imagination but i seriously did have 3 greaT workouts in a row,needed less warmup time i noticed. I got mine way cheap so i wasnt worried if it was great,ive tried almost everything Live in albany NY went to a small place got 2 for 23.99 each John"

October 1, 2009    review
Joe V   Age: 28

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... This really does taste pretty ridiculous... but it's low carb/fat, good protein, great mixability, and has the benefits of beef without having to buy and cook up a steak every time you work out. hear some good reviews, and so far no bloating or stomach problems, though yes... i also have green poo... it's from the artificial coloring in it though. i looked it up. ha ha"

September 26, 2009    review
wayne   Age: 22

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... It was hard on my stomach
It does not mix well
Over all its just like whey protein in terms of results there is nothing special about this stuff.
Don't waste ur money just go buy a tub of Whey....I have 8 years experience in the fitness industry and this is another bS product out on the shelves. "

September 24, 2009    review
J-Rod   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... just started this stuff, taste is alright, easy on the stomach. pain in the ass to mix though. I'm stacking Carnivore, Anator p70, Anavol Hardcore, and MASS XXX by gnc. I take Carnivore on my non weight training days though. I've been gaining about 2 - 3 pounds a week, hoping its not just water weight, I am stronger and slightly bigger (no bloating though) far so good."

September 21, 2009    review
bob   Age: 42

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Great gains, taste is ok ,no stomach issues. Use it postworkout with some casein.
Too much foam is a hassle.
Otherwise good product."

September 4, 2009    review
mike    Age: 18

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Have made great strength and size gains since beginning CARNIVOR, but it is far from the result of just the Carnivor alone. Just like any other protein powder, it is used for supplementing your daily protein needs - what makes it different is the source the protein is from. I don't think I'll buy another tub just because the taste is so horrible but who knows, maybe I will. A tub of protein, nothing more nothing less. "

September 4, 2009    review
Jennifer Robinson   Age: 34

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Tried Carnivor Blue Raspberry. Has a very light powder consistency similar to waxy maize so the blue dust can be messy. Taste was on par for supplements. Turned my tongue which was not attractive. First use caused a little stomach discomfort which I'm sure will pass."

August 26, 2009    review
mikcow   Age: 19

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... ya i had blue rasberry and i gave sum to my 11 year old cuzin and he said it tastes like Ibuprofen. yuck! but the results are fantastic."

August 24, 2009    review
Tony   Age: 29

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... I've been working out and taking supp's since the age of 13( I'm now 29). I was also the Dir. of Sales for a supplement company. I must say that the concept of this product is great, but I have some concerns. Besides the taste which is horrible, the fact this product will not mix unless a shaker is used and it turns your stool colors, I don't believe this product is any better than a good Whey shake mixed with some creatine. Too many dyes and other additives for me as well. I wrote to the company asking if it was BSE free as well along with other questions. An email was never returned. "

August 24, 2009    review
rafael   Age: 27

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I've been taking carnivor for about a week,and i think it's a great protein.The taste isn't bad,i have the blue rasberry,it has no aftertaste like most proteins,it's just the foam that i'm not crazy about after you shake it.I will need more time to see some results. I am also having green stools..."

August 11, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Carnivor has a taste that will take some getting use to- it does have the consistency of vomit but I can absolutely see that taste isn't everything- it is a great product. I've noticed that my stomach doesn't ache when I administer food when gulping down the fruit punch flavored beef protein. Just hold your nose and go for it because that taste is awful but the rewards are great!"

August 7, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... decent gains after a weeks use, the taste of blue rasberry isnt bad if you are used to supplements, but i did have green, and grey stools, anyone have that problem???

August 7, 2009   

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Just bought and tried Carnivor today. Based on the reviews that I read prior to purchasing it I thought it was going to be the most disgusting protein ever. However the Fruit Punch flavor doesnt taste bad. Ive definitely had worst tasting proteins. Looking forward to making some good gains on this protein and I will be posting my results after further use of this protein. Bottom line....try a protein for yourself and then make a decision on taste and/or quality. "

August 3, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5


July 25, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... About half way through a 4lb tub of Fruit Punch flavor. I am strictly taking it post workout (2 scoops w/ 80g waxymaize) along with roughly 2lbs of red meat daily. Too soon to see results but the taste is absolutley putrid. Horrible would be an understatement. "

June 22, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... 1 full week now. The product is absolutely fantastic... the taste is absolutely rancid. In the category of the original GAKIC powder which is the worst taste of all time"

June 15, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Awesome product!!! no digestion problems at all. I got the blue raspberry and it tastes like puke. Horrible taste. It is a great protien and I'll ckoke it down for the results"

June 7, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I just started using Carnivor and so far it's way easier on the stomach than other types of protiens I've come across! And it Does Not Taste like Crap it's good stuff!!!"

April 29, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Awesome! I have had great success with Arimatest and I just ordered eNoxide, so it's great musclemeds have added a protein option. Seems the line up is complete.

Easily one of the best brands available today, for me. And I've gone through every major brand out there."

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MuscleMeds - CARNIVOR Beef Protein Isolate

MuscleMeds Introduces the Worlds First BioEngineered Beef Protein Isolate!

MuscleMeds has once again broken ground in the sports nutrition category with Carnivor, the worlds first bioengineerd beef protein isolate drink! Packed with anabolic muscle building aminos, Carnivor is actually 350% more concentrated than the average steak and even more concentrated than whey protein. Maximize your muscle growth with Musclemeds Apatented anabolic nitrogen retention technology. Carnivor is proven to be the only protein drink that actually recycles essential amino acids back into the anabolic muscle building pathways which in the end improves muscle mass and endurance. Carnivor 99.9% beef protein isolate is also loaded with creatine and branc chain amino acids which further helps you pack on muscle mass along with improving your endurance and recovery levels. Besides the excellent results, Carnivor also comes in delicious refreshing flavors so you can actually enjoy and look forward to drinking this protein shake. Start with some serious gains with Carnivor today.. Kai Greene is living proof of the incredible effects!

Carnivor Contains Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology

350% More Concentrated than Steak & 20 Times More Creatine!

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