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February 8, 2014    question
Roni   Age: 41

"... Is this safe for women to use as Recovery drink? Are there any known side effects such as gas pain in chest waking you up in middle of night?"


February 12, 2014
response by Roger

Yes, this is a natural AMINO ACID supplement that ANYBODY can use.

December 20, 2012    review
Cameron   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Just switched over from XTEND that I have been using for several months and find this to be superior. Maybe I just got used to the XTEND but whatever it is, this works great. Good energy boost and recovery is vastly improved. Taste is also the best out of the intra-workout options out there. I am using the fruit punch and it's great. What I also prefer with this over the rest is that it has no stims or caffeine, so I can take it before bed which really improves your recovery even more. In my opinion, amino1 vs xtend or vs modern bcaa.. this is the clear winner.


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MusclePharm - AMINO 1

One of the Most Effective Hydration Products to Use While you Exercise to Promote Recovery!

MusclePharm has reached out to the intra-workout category with their latest, Amino 1. This powerful branch chain amino acid drink is the key to staying properly hydrated during your intense training and workouts as well as the preferred source for the highest quality recovery ingredients available today. This stage of supplementation has just recently hit the market but has proven to be quite an effective tool for athletes whom want to make the most use of their efforts in the gym. Nourishing your muscles while you train gives you the head start towards rebuilding your muscle tissue as it breaks down in the gym. It absorbs instantly and gets to work around the clock for you as you can sip on it throughout the day, in addition to your actual workouts. With great tasting and proving lasting energy you can use to be productive in and out of the gym, it really is a supplement you shouldn't be without.

Each Serving is Loaded with 10 grams of Branch Amino Acids

Available in Delicious Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch & Lemon Lime

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