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Battle Fuel XT
Battle Fuel XT by MusclePharm

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December 13, 2012    review
Ken   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... What's up guys, awesome site here. Two weeks now using this booster and I am also using C4 for pre, XTEND during training and Creacore for post training. With Optimum 100% whey for after workouts as well. The best stack, just really great workouts and constant progress. Since adding battle fuel to the mix a few weeks back I have noticed that my strength is jumping up each workout, muscles are harder and fuller and overall weight is up about 3 pounds. I will run it for the suggested 8 weeks and report back with my full results from this."

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MusclePharm - Battle Fuel XT

Setting the new standard for natural testosterone enhancement for serious muscle growth!

MusclePharm has come out with an exciting new product by the name of Battle Fuel XT, a revolutionary testosterone boosting supplement that is 100% natural. The unique aspect regarding this brand is that they focus on formulating the highest caliber supplement without using any banned and or harmful substances. It's what sets them apart form the rest of the pack. This natural anabolic boost is composed of 4 stages that ensure every pathway is used to raise free-testosterone levels in your system. The use of D-Aspartic Acid, Mucuna Pruriens and Astaracantha Longifolia Aquatic Extract amplifies your levels directly while N-Acetyl Carnitine, Anacylus Pyrethrym, Curculigo Orchioides, Suma Extract 20:1, Maca 4:1, Propionyl Carnitine get you jacked! There is also a estrogen reduction complex in place to give you a hard, dry and lean package. This is the ideal blend of ingredients to truly boost new lean growth on a weekly basis with dramatic strength improvements in tow.

Built in Anti-Aromatase to Suppress Estrogen Build-Up

Patented 4-Stage Testosterone Support / Improvement Formula

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