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February 15, 2013    question
Georgeopc   Age: 28

"... Hello ....
You told me I should take tribulus with zma so I have "on" products tribulus says 1 or 2 on a meal and zma says 3 after sleep ...
How do you think I should take them ???
With food or not ???
Just before sleep or in evening with food ???
Or should I take them separate as they say on box ???
Thank you so much for answering my question right away u have helped me alot !!!"


February 16, 2013
response by James

Not sure who you are referring to? This is a public forum.

If you are asking about zma and tribulus, both are used at night time only for best results - every night. It doesn't matter if it is with food, but you should really be eating right before you go to bed unless it's a protein shake or cottage cheese.

Good luck.

February 8, 2013    question
Georgeopc   Age: 30

"... Hi again ... What would u prefer for fat burning l-carnitine or cla and why worh ur opinion ... Please help cause I don't wanna get real fat burners ???"


February 10, 2013
response by Vlado

Real fat burners are MADE UP of ingredients such as that, so there is no difference understand? Using both of the ingredients you mentioned work well for fat loss.

February 5, 2013    question
Georgeopc    Age: 30

"... Hello thanks alot for answer and I will like to ask one more question : so I have in the morning a pill of tribulus, multi pro (scitec) multivitamins and nitrotech in the morning... Then 30 minutes before training jac3d micro.... 15 minutes also before training 6 pills of prototype 216 ... Right away when I finish gym I have hydro builder platinum (on) after 3 hour I have a meal with 1 more pill of tribulus and after 3 hours before I go to bed I take a shake of casein complex (scitec) is it all ok or is it not right ??? "


February 5, 2013
response by Phil

Tribulus should be taken in the evening with ZMA for best results. Multi-vitamin and nitro-tech in the morning is OK. The pre-training stack is also good as well as the post workout and meals. Everything seems OK. Remember, you need to eat 4-6 meals per day (a meal can be a shake). Stick with high protein, medium carbs and low fat foods.

February 3, 2013    question
Georgeopc    Age: 30

"... Hi there if I take jack3d micro 30 minutes before is it ok to take prototype 216 15 minutes as well before training ???"


February 4, 2013
response by Sammy

No, it's actually a good stack and you'll see some good gains from this combination.

August 10, 2012    question
Syed   Age: 17

"... I wanted to know if I could stack this with my whey+casein protein and BCAA Leucine Loaded ? and how many pills should I take of 216 the first day I work out..I don't want to take 4pills and then realize my body can't handle it. what u guys think?"


August 14, 2012
response by George

Yes, that is a perfect combination. In fact, you should always be taking those other supplements regardless.

You can start with 2 pills for 5 days then move up to the suggested dose of 4 pills per day.

June 27, 2012    question
Kyle   Age: 16

"... I play football and im tryin to lose fat gain muscle and endurance and looking for something to help with soreness. Will Prototype 216 give me what im looking for?"


June 30, 2012
response by Pete

Yes, it will. I would also suggest using Scivation XTEND for during training and using 5-10 grams of glutamine pre and post workout and before bed.

April 26, 2012    question
doug glenn   Age: 38

"... Can I stack proyotype 216 with Leuckic Hardcore?"


April 28, 2012
response by Kris

Yep, this is a good combination. I would also make sure you're supplementing with a good protein, creatine and glutamine daily as well.

February 20, 2012    question
Rocky   Age: 20

"... I bought prototype 216 pills today and I was just wondering wether it would be okay to stack it with my whey protein, creatine monohydrate, and hemo-rage pre workout? I've been taking those three mentioned supplements for a couple months and seen descent results. I'm currently benching a 395 max and i was wondering if this prototype 216 would help me reach the 400s if i stack it with the three supplements I am currently using?"


February 22, 2012
response by Shawn

Yes, all the other supplements you listed are a great stack and will help you tremendously. You have everything in order and will see great results.

Keep us posted.

February 9, 2012    question
jcrowe16   Age: 20

"... as of right now im taking c4, whey protein, a mass gainer, a creatine pill, and prototype 216...this is the first day i have stacked all these together and my body feels crazy energy but is it really smart to stack all these? I dont want to experience any bad side effects...ive been lifting for 7 years and i just recently got into supplements and ive been drinking plenty of water."


February 9, 2012
response by Trey

Yea, it is an advanced stack but a solid one - unless the energy is too much then I would stick with it.

September 26, 2011    question
Ian   Age: 22

"... Can i use this product with a superpumpmax? the nutritionist told me to take 2pills 30 mins prior to my superpump and another 30 mins to start pumping. Wont the period of 45 mins since the '15 min before workout' be wasted? and is it really ok to just take 2 pills and not the recommended dosage?"


September 27, 2011
response by kRameR

I don't think it's wise to use TWO pre-workout supplements, why would you want to do that? Take one at a time, each product you mention are very potent and will give you the results you need. Stick with one, test them out properly and find out which work best - then stick with that one.

August 21, 2011    review
Fitnessfreak540   Age: 19

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Just started using this product, hoping for some good gains. Started working out 2 years ago at 139, I am now 190. PUSH IT HEAVY! My goal is 230.

I've used countless products over the last two years and the best one... My mind."

August 15, 2011    question
steven jackson   Age: 23

"... I am considering taking this suppliment because I want to get bigger and stronger muscles...I take protein and i dont notice any serious only concern with taking prototype 216 is does it have any harmful ingredients like creatine or metals? will it cause harmful side effects down the line such as liver, kidney or heart damage or even mental problems? these are my concerns before taking this. I want to get bigger but i dont want to sacrifice my health to do so."


August 15, 2011
response by Cameron

Hi Steven. Good questions. When you supplement with protein you will never see instant results, it is slow and gradual but the gain you do make you will keep. Adding an advanced amino acid supplement such as this one to the mix will also help with your gains. Creatine is not a harmful ingredient.

From my knowledge and experience with this product it is not steroidal or prohoromone based so there are no dangerous side-effects to worry about. If you are still concerned take the box with the ingredient label to your physician for them to confirm any doubts.

Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.

June 23, 2011    question
Goz   Age: 31

"... Read awesome things about this Amnio complext and am going to give it a try. The issue is that I'm not training hardcore, 1hr a day, 5 days a week. Overall goal is fat reduction, fitness and general hardness. I read that Aminos can help with these goals.

My question is "Do I need the full dose if I'm not training like a body builder or would it be appropriate to split the dose and measure the results?"

Cheers Goz"


August 13, 2011
response by Rockster

I would stick with the full dose when using alpha aminos, since that is the optimal rate that the product was designed to work at it's absolute best. Train how you can and always put it 100% effort. Best of luck!

April 5, 2011    question
patrick   Age: 21

"... im 165 pounds and really dont want to gain fat because i dont exactly have a a 6 pack but my question is will the product gain fat on wieght in muscle?"


August 28, 2011
response by Shane

No, you can't gain fat on muscle. This is a lean muscle building supplement. Now, the only way you will gain fat is with your diet. So if you eat healthy you have nothing to worry about, the decision is all up to you.

March 13, 2011    question
Carlos   Age: 20

"... Im planing to buy prototype 216 and nitrotech, the only problem is that protein nitro tech have 11gr of leucine and other 13gr of other BCAA, and the prototype216 has 7gr of aminoacids (the daily dosis).. so my question is, how much aminoacids is good or recommended daily?, is their any problem taking those 2 supplements?... really i don't know if i should buy it."


March 15, 2011
response by The Enforcer

There is no problem taking both, the amount of aminos and other nutrients will not go to waste. Whatever your body does not need, you will simply urinate out - there is no danger. Besides, your body can easily handle the amount of grams of aminos you have listed.. especially if you are training hard and looking to improve you recovery and new growth. Share you review on both in a little while to let us know about your progress!

March 10, 2011    question
thomas eliis    Age: 20

"... is it safe to take cryotest and prototype 216 together?"


March 15, 2011
response by The Enforcer

Yes.. both supplements are actually very effective on their own and will yield even better results when stacked together. What are your specific goals?

January 18, 2011    review
Dontworryboutit   Age: 18

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hell it worked when i first started lifting i went through 5bottles of this and gained 30lbs i used to be 110 now im 140lb. Beast but con is 50bucks"

August 28, 2010    question
Michael   Age: 18

"... i need some advice for supplement
recently,i have buy Muscletech Alpha Amino Prototype 216
but i am wonder whether i can take it with water or it is
necessary for me to take it with sport drinks ?



September 15, 2011
response by Dre

It makes no difference what you take it with, it's just pills. You can wash it down with water or any other drink you want. It works regardless of what drink you have with it.

Good luck and enjoy the results!

June 18, 2010    review
Adron   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Only product muscletech has that i like love the ecdysterone in it and the amino acids being a supplement and six of these r better than taking my normal amino acid takes 21 of em when i can take 6 of theses stack it with carnivor and nytrowhey and creapure in 6weeks i gain bout 5ibs thats hard for me when im a hard gainer n with out supplements take me a month to gain a ibs alway been hard to gain weight"

April 24, 2010    review
Jackie    Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I use it 2months ago and stack it with anator p70 and nitro tech hardcore and con cret saw good gains but bc of the price when back to dianibol and retabol by primo labs with d androbol and deca diboldazol which gave me 30ibs in 2months instead of just 8pounds in 2month"

March 23, 2010    review
Steve   Age: 18

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I'm 18 and I've been using this supplement for a week now stacked with whey protein and creatine. I'm up two pounds in weight and have put on 20 pounds on the bench press and ten pounds in each hand for curls. I get great energy for my workout and minimal soreness after or the next day. So far I haven't noticed any negative side effects. My only suggestions are to drink a lot of water on a daily basis because this stuff dehydrates you and not to take the full recommended dose if you aren't over 200 pounds. The first time I took it I took the recommended amount and was up all night. I weigh 158 pounds and I take 4 pills instead of 6 and my results have been good."

February 18, 2010    question
malcom bowser   Age: 16

"... Is this product safe for someone 16 years old? i plan on using this supplement to help me put on muscle for football season and i wanted to know if it was safe for my age."


April 16, 2010
response by Bowman

Hey man I just turned 17 and I play football and have been using supplements since I was 15(Protien since I was 13 or 14) but yeah alot of what people say about creatine or supplements not being good when you are young is not true as far as I can tell. The main thing you need to be careful with is lifting form and not damaging your joints or growth plates, I actually havn't taken prototype 216 yet but i've takn just about everyother muscle tech supp out there(Cell-tech,vitakic,mass-tech,nano-vapor,leukic,gakic,nitro-tech) and I have not any serious side effects but once you stop using them they tipically go away at least a little bit. But it should be fine.

January 14, 2010    question
John   Age: 17

"... I started using this about a week ago, and rite away felt amped up.however on some days im not working out i dont feel any difference. the bottle says take 15 minutes before workout, so should i take these daily, or just days im lifting?"


January 17, 2010
response by Michael Taylor

That's the question I want to know the answer to! I guess the safest way to know for sure is just to take it daily.


March 8, 2010
response by Drew

All supplements say "take daily" and they one say that so you use your bottle and have to spend more money to buy a new one. I only take my supplements on lifting days! don't waste your money just use it when your lifting.


June 30, 2010
response by ihibzz

drew is absoulitly right, on lifting dayz only,best way 2 save money.

January 6, 2010    question
Victor   Age: 17

"... im 17 and i am considering taking the prototype 216 i have never taken any supplements before except for protien i weigh about one 120 and i am 5'9 tall i have had a very hard time gaining weight so i decided to try this to see if it helps would it be safe for me to start out useing prototype 216 or should i start with something else any recomedations would be appriciated."


April 15, 2010
response by aksel

hey dude,
the best thing to take is optimum nutrition serious mass. That will help you gain weight after a hard workout.

November 13, 2009    question
wajan   Age: 31

"... i am not going gym since 2006, and i am under weight and now i want to take prototype 216, so kindly advise me , can i take prototype as a beginner, or i just start with nitro-tech hardcore? suggest me!"


May 23, 2010
response by


November 7, 2009    question
Dylan   Age: 16

"... is it ok to take half a serving of prototype 216 and half a serving of amplified creatine 189? or should i just pick one? I've been using creatine 189 and just got 216 last night. "


October 22, 2011
response by Quinton

I would just stick with one, who knows how the ingredients may interact. You might end up actually getting worse results stacking them. Just my advice, good luck!

November 2, 2009    question
Newb   Age: 16

"... ..So I'm just starting to use supplements. Would stacking Alpha Amino prototype 216, N.o. Xplode, and anabol 5 be ok? Advice appreciated thanks guys.. "


October 22, 2011
response by Daniel

Wow.. just starting and adding all these advanced supplements to start? Not a good idea, start off slow and go from there. I would suggest to use the Prototype 216 and add a good protein to the mix. Few months later add the pre-workout supplement and maybe a year later a testosterone building supplement. Best of luck!

October 18, 2009    question
larry perondi   Age: 40

"... I like it but I have a concern with the polyvinyl alcohol, is it safe for your body?I saw it as one of the ingrediants,the only one Im concerned about."


October 22, 2011
response by Ramez

Yes, it is safe as it is in trace amounts and there have been zero accounts of any ill effects. Now, of course this is not a guarantee, nothing is life is besides death right?

October 2, 2009    review
landon   Age: 18

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... so today was my second day on this and it was just as awsome as yesterday. took the 6 pill serving and had an energy drink and the drank tons of water and my workouts have never been better, the pump this give you is awsome and fullness feeling you get after a good workout doesnt seemed to fade very much. i love it. even after just two days on this i can notice my bench getting alot easier and curls and tricep extensions are a breeze, so now i just up my weight."

October 1, 2009    review
Landon   Age: 18

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i just got this today. i took it about 20 min and had a nitrous monster before hittin the weights and had an amazing workout. had an awsome pump and wanted nothing but more wieght. after my workout i felt good and didnt get that "deflated" feeling i normally do. awsome so far. ill post every couple weeks. "

September 15, 2009    review
Dave   Age: 18

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I used one bottel of prototype and gained 8 pounds in a period of about 1 month. Even though I do not really see the results, my friends keep on complimenting me on my latest gains. I do recommend this product unfortunately its quite expensive and I wont be able to buy a second with all supplements I believe true results WILL be seen after about 2 months!! For the meanwhile Im going back to USN. Can anyone please advise me on a supplement that delivers explosive gains in permanent muscles?? Ur help will be much appreciated!!☺"

September 10, 2009    review
TJ   Age: 16

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... This is awesome.. stacked with N.O. Xplode.. about 5 inutes into workout you get a HUGE energy kick and you just wanna jump on anything and lift.. its insane.. the only downfall with this and NO... i get way madder way faster... but im not gonna stop."

September 7, 2009    review
matt   Age: 17

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Prototype 216 works insanely well I've never been able ti gain wait and I've gained 12 pounds in the three weeks I've taken the supplement but I have noticed a large increase in acne which is the only concern I have with the product"

August 30, 2009    review
Beezan   Age: 16

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Well I'm 16, gym-ing already slows your height growth but doesn't stop it, and i really don't think this will make u not grow. i enjoyed my first day of my 216, went all out. think after my 20 days are done I'll give my results. i bought the sup based on the reviews so hope its as good as the reviews make it to be"

August 12, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Will taking this product effect one's growth if they are only say 17? Im afraid to but this stuff and take it because im not sure if i am done growing yet. "

August 10, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I bought this product this morning and i used it about 3. I only took a serving of 4 just to see the effects it works great after jus one day i hope to see lots of gains over my cycle"

July 29, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... hey guys. this product looks awesome but one thing im concerned about is the side effects. are there any bad side effects that you have experienced and does this product contain creatine or anything of the sort? thanks"

July 17, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey guys.. awesome reviews here. I am on the brink of trying this product out.. but wish I had a better example of the run of it. Can some of you start up a blog available on this site in the journals section? Would be really sweet to follow some of you from a week to week basis to see how the product worked with training/diet etc.

Anyways.. I'll probably order it and blog it myself here.. just think it would be nice to have a few of us able to track the results for this live."

July 16, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Im at the end of week 2.I have gains in muscle mass, how much im not sure.Hopefully results will improve alot the next two weeks."

July 8, 2009   

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Can you stack it with creatine or n.o. it doesnt say so i am curious to see if giving them up to try this is worth it or can you do all three "

July 3, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I bought my first bottle of prototype yesterday, starting to use on Monday. Im looking forward to see what results will come of it.Ive been using USN amino stack and gains in muscle was minimum, but it did work!From friend's recommendation of muscletech products and reviews ive read im positive that this product wiil work better. And I must say I truly, only believe in proteins for muscle growth even though prototype has added ingredients."

June 29, 2009   
Corey S.

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I think Joe you break 300 if you really push it hard... im takin the proto 216 stacked with vitakic and have just started and am beginning to tell a difference... just gotta keep the water flowing through."

June 16, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have heard many rumors about the product so i just went out and bought it i started working out for a year now taking basic supplments like no explode by muscle tech and 189 amplified creatine and wheybolic 60+ and my max is 275 how much do u think my bench will go up if i start taking this product and is it really worth it?"

June 6, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Miles asked the same question I did. I did some digging and from what I can find the research was not done on Proto 216.... It was done on the basic (use of amnio acids and muscle growth) so the add is misleading."

June 4, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey i have a question about this product is it the kinda product that puts on a lot of weight, but not muscle ripped up weight like more thick weight or is it just pure muscle?"

June 3, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Love it.. the second Muscletech product I bought (yes, I cracked.. after all these years) and works fantastic! 5 weeks in and I've increased my strength on all lifts and have actually added about 12 pounds while not adding any bodyfat (I check it electronically weekly). So far so good!

ps - the other muscletech product I am stacking with this is vitakic"

May 19, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Does anybody know where and when this research was published? I realize that it's from the University of Texas but I can't find the article. "

May 5, 2009   
Archie Sharp 191

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I'm 18 years old and trying to get into shape before I leave for basics. I have been using alpha amino prototype 216 for a month now and it is the best thing I have EVER used. I usually mix it with N.O.-XPLODE and it's sikk!!! I went from curling 25's to 40's in just one month! No lie. And I usually don't give good reports on most products cuz they aren't that great. My bench went from 175 to 235 and still rising. I would recommend this product to everyone!! "

May 4, 2009   

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Alpha amino prototype 216, is one of the most effective supplements i have taken yet. My bench has shot from 165 to 205 in a month, coupled with traditional whey protein it has worked wonders. Oh and lets not forget i have gained 9 pounds of solid muscle, i kid you not, the surge of power i feel after taking this supplement and hitting the gym is amazing. Overall i have gained muscle endurance AND exsplosive strength, with an emphasis on the exsplosive strength. The only side effect is a mild heart palpitation, however I know this is the body growing accustomed to the arginine. Now be prepared because this product will take you to an entirely new level with your training, you CANNOT not train as hard as you can with this formula. This means be prepared to crash harder normally than you would after your training. I have been on prototype 216 for about 6 weeks now and plan on using it until an even more effective product comes to light."

April 14, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Pretty effective. I've been using prototype for about 2 weeks and have actually noticed some decent results. The only change is the amino, training and diet have been the same so that means it works, for me.

Gonna post back with full results in about 8 more weeks.

So far 4.5/5"

March 3, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am heading down to the Arnold Classic weekend this week, hopefully they'll have plenty of sample there to give out of this new 'PROTOTYPE 216" product.. sounds very interesting to say the least."

March 2, 2009   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... The science behind this makes sense, amino's are key and I have been telling my friends that the rest of the supplments out there are garbage.. just stick with protein, creatine and a good multivitamin. Gonna give this one a go for sure, basic yet only thing that makes sense for attainable gains.

My personal opinion..."

March 2, 2009   
Gary, TO

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Interesting read on yet another new muscletech item. From personal experience, I usually get good results from this brand.. so I am curious what the feedback will be on this one. Rating a 4 based on previous muscletech experiences. Will post back a full review with results after use."

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Muscletech - Alpha Amino PROTOTYPE 216!

Muscletech Super-Amino Prototype 216 has Shown Increased Muscle Growth of 216%

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are the foundation for all new muscle growth. Without amino acids you will not grow - period! Using this inspiration, Team MuscleTech researchers bring you the future in super-amino acid muscle-building technology. Alpha Amino Prototype 216 is engineered with a lab-proven dosage of amino acids in the precise amounts designed to increase free intracellular amino acid levels in direct proportion to their physiological requirements for rapid protein synthesis. In a breakthrough clinical study conducted at the Medical Branch of the University of Texas, the amino acid complex found in Alpha Amino Prototype 216 caused a shocking 216% increase in muscle uptake in what clinical research indicates is a key marker of protein synthesis (phenylalanine), which of course is muscle growth occurring at the cellular level. The researchers employed a very precise method of testing done by drawing and analyzing blood from human subjects 60 and 120 minutes following intense exercise - the results showed accelerated muscle growth was occurring at the cellular level even two hours after training.

In the same University of Texas study, researchers discovered that test subjects who consumed a key complex in the Alpha Amino Prototype 216 formula immediately before intense training increased blood amino acid delivery by an astounding 650% directly to muscles! Increased amino acid delivery to hardworking muscles combined with ongoing training is critical to achieving rapid and permanent muscle growth. The amino acids found in Alpha Amino Prototype 216, in concert with nano-particulated aminos, essential aminos, conditionally essential aminos and precision ratio branched chain aminos, have resulted in what is unquestionably the most advanced super-amino muscle growth accelerant ever formulated.

Triggers Anabolic Activity for Permanent Gains in Lean Muscle!

Proven Ratio of Powerful Amino Acids to Induce Rapid New Growth!

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