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Muscletech ALPHATEST Concentrated Testosterone Review

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Muscletech SupplementsAlphaTestAlphaTest by Muscletech

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Muscletech AlphaTEST Results & Ratings

5.0 / 5 based on 3 reviews     SUBMIT A REVIEW / QUESTION

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March 14, 2015   [ QUESTION ]   [ marco - age 19 ]       will

" ... Hi, I want to begin using this supplement, I've always been fast but I've had extreme weight loss in the past, this time I would like to keep the weight off and leave only muscle. My real question though is, while taking alpha test would I come up positive for any type of drug in a urinal analysis, such as THC or performance enhancing drugs? "

Response shared March 17, 2015   [ Simon ]

" ... At 19 you are wasting your time, your natural testosterone levels are at a MAX. "

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January 19, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ johnny - age 19 ]       will

" ... what time of day should i take the supplent muscle-tech t-booster?? i wanna get big is it safe for me to take it?? "

Response shared January 25, 2014   [ Carl ]

" ... Follow the directions, no other way to use it. "

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November 20, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ David - age 23 ]       using

" ... Are the estrogen levels high in the alpha test? If so should I take Black Cohash or something similar to block the estrogen? "

Response shared November 21, 2012   [ Trevor ]

" ... There are ZERO estrogen levels in this product, it is strictly a testosterone booster and it doesn`t affect your estrogen levels. "

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October 19, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Claudio - age 26 ]       using

" ... i have purchased the 4 products of Muscletechs : Alphatest, Neurocore, Gakic, Myobuild, and nonostim. i would like to know if i could stack all these together? "

Response shared October 24, 2012   [ Karter ]

" ... That's five products, but who's counting?

Yes, you can stack all of these product together, you'll see some really quick and lasting gains. "

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August 3, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ ZaarbaaN - age 22 ]       will

" ... 1. How many inches of mass can i put on with Alpha test.
2. Alpha test+ 100% gold standard whey 5 pounds+ Dymatize BCAA's 200-400 caps
Is this a good stack? "

Response shared August 9, 2012   [ Drew ]

" ... Inches of mass? What does that mean? An arm measurement? That is a silly question as that depends on how hard you train, how well, your genetics and diet.

Your stack is good but be sure to also eat 4-5 HEALTHY high protein meals per day and train 4-5 days per week correctly.

You can make excellent gains with this testosterone boost. "

Response shared May 29, 2013   [ ZaarbaaN ]

" ... Sorry Drew, I was a newbie that time thanks for the help.

I am taking 10 meals of 30-40G protein per day right now. "

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April 11, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ LG76 - age 35 ]       using

" ... I just started taking AlphaTEST today. I can't find the recommended cycle on/off time anywhere. Some products say 4 weeks on 2 weeks off etc... Does it matter with AlphaTEST? Little help? "

Response shared April 12, 2012   [ Joey ]

" ... I would run the cycles 6-8 weeks in length with a 3-4 week break. Keep your protein intake high, train hard, rest 8-10 hours a night and EAT! "

Response shared August 8, 2012   [ LG76 ]

" ... Did 2 cycles of AlphaTEST and really enjoyed my results. Strength gains, fat loss, no weight gain (which would indicate a lb or 2 of muscle gain. Been off for 3 weeks now and I'm starting to feel I'm losing the edge (a little sluggish in the gym). I'm looking to get back on or cycle another product inbetween. "

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March 31, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ ANGEL - age 26 ]       will


Response shared April 1, 2012   [ Joe ]

" ... I think Alphatest is a stronger testosterone booster than hexatest so I would suggest that. And yes, stacking with Gakic will work and maybe throwing in XTEND while you train will help as well. "

Response shared April 2, 2012   [ ANGEL ]

" ... WOW! I never thought I would get a response! THANK YOU!!! I will keep you posted in a month (if you care) on the results. Also, I looked up the Xtend and it looks like it has no creatine so I will order it and take it during my workouts along with the AlphaTest twice a day... Again "THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR RESPONDING!!!!" "

Response shared April 21, 2012   [ Angel ]

" ... So its been almost a month of staking the Alpha Test w/ the Gakic and "DAMN"!!!!
I've added 2 inches on my arms, 4 inches on my chest, 3 inches on my legs and 2 on my calfs. I went close to a year without taking any test-type supps and I'm so FREAK'N glad I chose ALPHA TEST! I had crazy energy the first week but then my body adapted to it. I'm getting sooo many compliments about how big I'm getting from the Bigger dudes at the gym and I'm getting a lot more looks from the ladies......So far so good! I'll update in another month for those who care. I haven't noticed any side effects so far other than I'm wearing my girl out(if you catch my drift) :0) "

Response shared May 5, 2012   [ Antonio ]

" ... Hello, I'm taking Alphatest 3 days ago and I lost a lot of water. Is this normal diuretic effect? Anyone experienced this? "

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March 28, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Charles - age 40 ]       using

" ... im using alphatest for the first time.It says to take 2 tabs twice a day. Ok how much time in between tabs? "

Response shared March 30, 2012   [ Jones ]

" ... Split it up so first one is in the AM and the second roughly mid-afternoon.. so 6-8 hours later. Good luck and keep us posted on your results - be sure to EAT and TRAIN hard. "

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March 15, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Rui - age 25 ]       using

" ... Hello everyone! What is the best time of the day to take Alpha Test? In the morning in empty stomach or between meals? Right now im taking between meals but i don't now if it's the best time to do it. "

Response shared March 15, 2012   [ Nick ]

" ... It doesn't matter when you take it. As long as you take 2 servings each day. I would suggest to split it up so one serving in the AM and the other in the PM. "

Response shared March 16, 2012   [ Rui ]

" ... Thanks Nick "

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March 7, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Tristan - age 17 ]       will

" ... Hi, I have a good amount of muscle mass and I am 5'10" and am about 165lbs. I take protein and creatine but I can't gain the muscle mass or weight I want. I am thinking about taking ALPHA-TEST by MUSCLE-TECH or some kind of test booster, any advice? "

Response shared March 9, 2012   [ Nick ]

" ... The reason you are not gaining is because you need to eat more and train smarter. Unless you are eating 5-6 meals a day, healthy meals, you are moving backwards my friend. Once you get your eating and training in order, then you can add a supplement such as this to help your gains. Not sure if this one is available yet, but the BPi AHD/A50 stack is also good. "

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January 22, 2012   [ REVIEW ]   [ zacharyv - age 22 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... alpha test is great in my experience, I gained 40 pounds on my bench and 30 with the curl after just one bottle. I switched over to test freak and it worked great but def had side effects, whereas alphatest does not. I have switched back to Atest and feeling more naturally boosted after just a week. the rhidolia is what really gives you the crazy energy and motivation which was what seemed to be lacking with the test freak. if you add tribulus and zma, i think it really puts it over the top. i have tried other muscletest products and they seemed like an over hyped joke, but pretty much everything from the super concentrated series has been kick-ass in my experience! "

January 14, 2012   [ REVIEW ]   [ Carter - age 38 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Really impressed with this one. Just finished my cycle of 2 bottles and have found a significant increase in recovery and test levels. I have also added some new lean gains, about 6.5 lbs. I am naturally very lean and have a hard time adding muscle, or fat in facts.. a hard gainer. I have previously used gaspari novedex in the past with excellent results and I would place this on in the same class. As usual, I will be running some tribulus and zma to help restore my levels back to my own and after that cycle this again, probably by Spring time.

A+ "

January 14, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Daniel - age 32 ]       will

" ... Hi, my name is Daniel, im a doctor, and my question is for the muscletech people. In ur studies prior to the release of the product did u notice if after some time of using this product, the production of testosteron by the testicle was inhibited? For those who dont understand why i am asking this, is cuz whenever u take a hormone supp ur body understands that there is enough of this hormone and stops the production of its own hormone and when u stop taking the supp i doesnt start again, that means that u will have to take the supp for the rest of ur life cuz ur body is not able to do it again, its call "negative feedback" "

Response shared January 14, 2012   [ Dean ]

" ... Hi Daniel, I am by no means a muscletech person and I doubt they come here. From my experience in the game of using testosterone boosting supplements for short and long period of times I have never experienced ANY issues with my natural levels coming back to normal shortly after. It is a MYTH that your testosterone levels will "Doesn't start again" so please stop spreading lies. I always get regular blood work done every 6 months and my levels are always in the normal ranges.

Sure, if someone was to take testosterone boosting supplements for a long period of time, at least a year daily then they would have a harder time increasing their levels back to normal, but they DO comeback - this has been proven through countless studies.

Supplements like AlphaTEST should always be cycled for period of 8-16 weeks with break in between where your natural levels return back to normal, every time. "

Response shared February 14, 2012   [ Dave ]

" ... Hi Daniel, You are not really a doctor are you? "

Response shared February 14, 2012   [ Dave ]

" ... Hi Daniel, You are not really a doctor are you? "

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November 30, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ George - age 34 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Excellent! I am in my 4th week with Alphatest and really noticing the difference, which first started to become noticeable around the end of the first week. I am using 2 caps in the morning with breakfast and 2 more with my Casein shake at night, plus some ZMA which is a staple in my routine. I am finding the results very similar to the previous novedex xt from Gaspari. Muscles get harder and fuller, you start to lean out and strength is up. Recovery is much improved and my energy / confidence levels are up. I will probably run it for 16-20 weeks and report a back fully. But so far I thought I'd share what's happening so far, I am pretty excited. "

October 8, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ Jay - age 35 ]       will

" ... I've been reading about this product for months now but no one has any idea when it's hitting the market! It's advertised everywhere and even on the website but no release date! What's up? It's kinda disappointing and if I read about it anymore and can't buy it, I'm gonna have to go w/ a different Supp. And just skip this one all together! I could buy most the ingredients in it by themselves anyway! "

Response shared October 11, 2011   [ Sammy ]

" ... Yea.. Muscletech hasn't actually mentioned a release date so you can't get upset - they advertise it as coming soon so you'll have to be patient. I am guessing it will either be out by New Years or the 2012 Arnold Classic Expo where most of the big brands make their big releases.

Sit tight! "

Response shared November 29, 2011   [ b.cathey ]

" ... They have just released it on "

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September 29, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ Nick - age 4 ]       will

" ... Hi everyone, I am very interested in trying out this latest from muscletech. I have always had good success with testosterone boosters from this company and am looking forward to their latest release. Any news on the expected release date? "

Response shared October 1, 2011   [ Kris ]

" ... Me as well.. the rest of the new line-up is excellent. I have been using the neurocore for a few months with great workouts. Have the hydroxystim in stock to try in November. "

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Description » Muscletech - AlphaTEST Concentrated Testosterone

Powerful Performance and Testosterone Supplement Available only at Muscletech!

Muscletech is proud to release their latest muscle builder to the market, AlphaTest! The key behind the power and effectiveness of AlphaTest is not kept a secret with misleading labels such as proprietary blends that keep you guessing as to what exactly your are taking. Most of these other brands claim to have real-life results but they are never proven and are usually done on rats. With Muscletech and their entire new Super Concentrated Series product line, you can rest assured that every single ingredient and dose is clear on the label! AlphaTest is a unique product as it is a testosterone boosting supplement created through a super concentrated delivery method. As well, it has four human clinically studies with proven results that you can trust! AlphaTest will increase your overall testosterone levels, elevated your free testosterone levels, improves performance and finally, is able to maintain your peak testosterone to cortisol levels which is essential for muscle building results. Take your gains to the next level with AlphaTest today and be sure to stop by and share your experience with the number one supplement reviews source since 2002, fitFLEX!

The most Powerful Testosterone Concentrated Formula Guaranteed!

Experience Testosterone & Anabolic Results with AlphaTEST!

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