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Amino Build
Amino Build by Muscletech

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May 14, 2013    review
Jack   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I switched to this from Xtend as it was on sale and I wanted something new. For the most part, aminos are aminos but you should always look at the label to make sure it's potent enough. This, based on the label had more than enough so I grabbed it. I am now hooked on it, really, really good product. I have tried all three flavors and prefer the Green Apple, it is great. For the best results, use it during training and at night before bed with some fish oils, ZMA and Tribulus. On off days, be sure to have a serving at least during the day somewhere.


September 29, 2012    question
Jack   Age: 47

"... Just saw this at the Olympia Expo yesterday and from what the reps described seems to be a really great product - going to go head to head with the other amino blends from BSN and Gaspari. They're going to be using a 2:1:1 ratio of 7g of aminos per serving. "


October 3, 2012
response by Kent

Yes, that's what they told me as well. Really excited to try something new as Xtend no longer works for me and the new aminolast from gaspari didn't do much for me either.


January 3, 2013
response by George

Ingredient List include:

Each scoop contains 2g leucine, 1g isoleucine, 1g valine, .5g taurine, .5g glutamine, .5g citrulline. I would assume you would require 2-3 scoops to get a real benefit out of it. More details to come.

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Muscletech - Amino Build

Experience the Tremendous Benefits that Branch Chain Amino Acids Hold for Athletic Goals

Muscletech once again brings a new level of development with their latest release, Amino Build. This powerful branch chain amino acid drink is the key to truly ensuring your muscle constantly get the nutrients required to help you push to the elite level you work so hard to reach. Amino's have proven to be the building blocks of your muscles so it only makes sense that you get the right amount each day. Within recent years, the trend thanks to original products such as Xtend and SizeOn have proven that using amino acids while you exercise has the ability to kick start your recovery and growth process. Due to the increased blood flow while you train, the aminos are easily transported directly to the muscles at work. Always make sure you replenish your stores and realize the progress you know you can. Give this new amino acid blend a try and let us know how you like or dislike it right here at fitFLEX!

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