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July 1, 2016    question
sarath   Age: 23

"... Hi,will using Muscletech Anotest help me facial hair growth?how long using for good result?"

November 13, 2015    question
Robert    Age: 36

"... I purchased, Anotest, Creactor, muscle builder, CLA, and the clear pill. Questions is how many of these muscletech products can I take with healthy diet and excercise? "


November 14, 2015
response by Ken

You can run these all together. Be sure to add in a good protein post workout and actually train and eat correctly to get the most out of this. Best of luck Rob.

July 14, 2015    question
Rahul   Age: 23

"... Is this product is safe for the person having low testosterone at the age of 23..?? If so.. Then will it be safe in future after marriage while planning any baby ...??"


August 26, 2015
response by James

Have you actually been tested or just assume you have low test because you are not gaining 30 pounds of muscle per year? If you are actually tested for low test, then see your doctor as this won't do much.

Increasing your test levels has ZERO affect on your sperm.

April 20, 2015    question
Chris   Age: 36

"... I've been using Anotest for a while now but incorrectly. I've been sipping on it throughout the day, treating it like a simple BCAA product. I'll start taking 2 scoops first thing in the morning 15-20 minutes before my breakfast. Can I mix it in with my protein shake?...and how crucial is it to cycle Anotest (cause I haven't yet)?
Also, Can I stack Anotest with Universal Animal Test? "


April 21, 2015
response by Porter

No need to mix it with your protein shake, counter-productive. Also, stacking TWO test products together won't make it twice as strong, actually will waste your time and money. Stick with one at a time for 4-6 weeks then take 4-6 weeks off.

April 15, 2014    question
matt   Age: 29

"... I am currently taking anotest in the morning with vitakic multi and omega 3's.
I take hcl creatine before my workouts and then iso 100 shake with hcl creatine after my workout. I had a friend set me up with these supps just wondered if this was good you seem to be very knowledgeable when I read your other reply s"


April 18, 2014
response by Craig

Good stack, keep that up. But you must be sure to eat 4-5 good meal throughout the day as well as proper training and rest.

April 10, 2014    review
Jake   Age: 29

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... This product gives me diarrhea. I saw that another gentleman up top asked if that was normal, yet his question is the only one that was not answered. I would not recommend this product as I have taken better test booster products that didnt have me on the toilet 4 times a day..."

April 9, 2014    question

"... Currently on day 3 using Anotest. Everytime I use Anotest i get diarrhea. Not once but about 3-4 times about 1 hour after consuming Anotest. Although there is no stomach cramping of any sort, it's getting annoying. My question is, will the diarrhea go away? Also, I am wondering if my body is even taking in any of the Anotest, or is by body just rejecting it and it comes right out and i'm not getting anything? Other than that, it tates great, and it seemed it worked well the first day I used it, or it just could be I had a great workout my first day back after a two day rest."


April 18, 2014
response by Jorge

Give it at least a week to let your body adjust to this drug. If things don't improve, your body is just not made for it so stop and switch to something else if you need it.

March 3, 2014    question
tonkhunter   Age: 35

"... I am currently taking about 120 grams (4 Scoops) of protein, and Muscletech Nonostim Pills on the days I workout. Can I stack Anotest with the protien and nanostim?"


March 23, 2014
response by Simon

Yes, adding a testosterone booster such as Anotest is a good mix. Be sure to follow a good diet and bust your ass in the gym.

February 11, 2014    question
Brad   Age: 42

"... When using Anotest do I still need to take BCAA's or is the level contained in Anotest enough?
I am planing a supplement regime of test booster,protein,creatine, per-workout and multivitamins.
Just wondering about adding the BCAA's??"


February 12, 2014
response by George

You can always have MORE amino acids, there is no limit to be honest. You've got a good stacking going, but can't hurt to use the BCAA intra-workout to make it complete.

January 2, 2014    question
John Grey   Age: 24

"... When is the best time to take ANOTEST?"


January 17, 2014
response by Quinton

As directed, follow the directions. There is no other secret time.

September 20, 2013    question
chigz   Age: 25

"... hi i just wanted to ask if I can have anotest with a pre-work out nano vapour and if it goes well? and secondly I am just a beginner so is it advisable to have anotest??"


September 22, 2013
response by Sammy

Yes, you can use a tetosterone booser (Anotest) with a pre-workout supplement as they work on different levels for different goals. Be sure to also use a good WHEY PROTEIN powder for post-workout.

July 20, 2013    question
Angel   Age: 40

"... I have been taken anotest w/protein in the morning before workout and also take oat meal w/blueberrys but when I finish to workout get my egg whites w 2 sliced turkey bacon before I go to work and I get out at 2:00 pm and eat chicken breast dry w/vegtables and almonds and at night I eat 6ozlean beef 93% lean 1oz of walnuts 1 cup of broccoli and the thing is I feel w no strength what can be wrong please tell me."


July 21, 2013
response by George

Sounds like a good diet and supplement plan. You have no energy because your carbohydrates are extremely low. When you drop your carbs going in to a KETO type diet you need to dramatically increase your healthy fats with each meal.

July 8, 2013    question
Joshua   Age: 30

"... I am taking Anotest by Muscletech with a product called Nolvadren XT. My question is, is this OK to stack or combine? Also, can I drink my Anotest and eat with it? Thanks."


July 9, 2013
response by Peter

Are these both testosterone boosters? If so, then there is no reason to use two at once.

June 29, 2013    question
THE GAME   Age: 37



June 30, 2013
response by Nick

That it quite soon.. in 5 days you will not see any massive results. No supplement will do that. Will you see improvements in size, strength, recovery etc from week to week, yes. Just stick with it, train well and eat well and you'll really make the progress you want.

This is an excellent product and I have run it for 3 different cycles myself with good results. Just do it right.


August 15, 2013
response by lee padgett

thank you . I have notice results

June 19, 2013    question
ricardo   Age: 37

"... currently training 5 times a week, morning & afternoon. im taking celltech 1 scoop and Shake protein 3 to 4 scoops a day (1 pre, 1 post workouts) as well as a healthy diet achieving average 80g protein per meal (5 meals).
I plan to take Anotest. Can I take it? How should I take it?
Ive read about the Post Cycle Treatment, I there a need to do this Anotest? Any negative side effects?


June 19, 2013
response by Paul

Hi Ricardo, good question.

Wow.. first I would say you are on a good plan but you can cut the protein back to 40-50 grams per meal, 80 is not needed.

Second, yes adding a natural testosterone booster to the mix will help you with new growth, strength and recovery.

No need for PCT with this product.


June 20, 2013
response by ricardo

Thanx Got it. Now, I should take it first thing in the morning right? one or two scoops? for how long?


June 20, 2013
response by Paul

Yes. Follow the directions - take 2 scoops first thing in the morning - everyday.


July 24, 2013
response by Ricardo

How long is one cycle of Anotest? One month? two months? I have been taking Anotest for 3 weeks now.

May 16, 2013    question
Hasnain   Age: 21

"... Im 21 years old and thinking of adding anotest by muscle tech along with the current protein shake I'm taking which is nitrotech. Do you think that it would be a good idea?"


May 16, 2013
response by George

Yes, that is agreat combo. Regardless of any other supplements you take, you should always have a base of a protein shake, which you do with nitro-tech.

May 6, 2013    question
Mond   Age: 36

"... Hi, I am taking animal M-Stak right now. My question is, ca I stack that with Anotest?



May 7, 2013
response by Trey

No, there is no reason to stack two of the same or similar products together, you will NOT get bigger gains. Use one at a time. If you are not making the gains you want, then you are lacking with your training style / intensity, your diet and your proper rest time at night.

April 29, 2013    question
Dani   Age: 34

"... just wondering is it too much to take Grenade fat burner with Anotest at the same time"


April 29, 2013
response by Shane

I personally don't agree with using a fat burner and muscle builder at the same time. BUT, you can stack them and get harder with more definition and tone. But your lean gains will be minimal.

Best of luck.

April 29, 2013    question
Dimitri   Age: 19

"... Hey, im using Serious mass from optimum nutrition as a gainer, three times a day . Plus, a multi.vitamin by morning, bcaas while i workout, and creatine just prior to my workout (mixed with the gainer). Want to start taking ano.test in the morning, is this too much ? Thankyou"


April 29, 2013
response by Derik

Don't have the gainer before your workout, big mistake. It's too heavy for your digestion system and takes up all your blood and energy which should be used during training instead.

Second, Anotest to this current stack is a good mix - you'll see some great results. If you are taking serious mass 3x per day that is good, but also be sure to eat 2-3 SOLID high protein meals per day as well - using shakes only is not good.

April 28, 2013    question
Viv   Age: 33

"... Hi, will using Anotest Performance Series help me lose weight? I intend to focus more on cardio and lean muscle than bulking up? Thanks."


April 28, 2013
response by Jack

Hi Viv, good question.

Using a testosterone booster does help burn fat along with increase new lean muscle mass. Depending on your diet and training style, you can sway the results in one direction or the other - or both.

Best of luck!


April 29, 2013
response by viv

Thanks Jack...
I used to play soccer regularly... but had a serious knee injury.. now just getting back to sprinting after 6 sprinting and floor exercises for now... will start with weights in a week or two..Hope to get help with stamina and lean body build with Anotest


April 29, 2013
response by viv

By the way bought the product and using it :)

April 2, 2013    question
alex   Age: 29

"... one thing i don't understand. Bcaa as glutamine is not supposed to be taken in post and intra workout? "


April 2, 2013
response by Nick

Glutamine or any amino acids can be taken anytime actually. But, there are benefits to taking them at certain times. If it's part of a formula, take as directed. If you have glutamine by itself, the best time to take it is when you wake up, before and after training and again at night.

March 10, 2013    question
Jay   Age: 34

"... Is Anotest safe to take every day without cylcing or is it best to cycle for best results? And if so what should the cylce period be?"


March 10, 2013
response by Roger

Anotest is used daily, in the mornings. I would use it as 2 scoops per day, for 40 days. You will require to containers for this. Then take 20 days off and start again.

March 4, 2013    question
Brett   Age: 26

"... I am currently taking Cellucor NO3 chrome and Muscletech Creakic. I just ordered my first tub of Anotest, and plan to order a preworkout also. Any suggestions on a preworkout and is this too much at once?"


March 5, 2013
response by George

You are already taking a pre-workout supplement, the NO3 Chrome.

You have a good stack, I would just add a good protein powder to the mix, here's a good list in this website:

Good luck!


March 5, 2013
response by Brett

I forgot to add that im currently taking sytha-6. I was under the impression that no3 chrome was just a nitric oxide and not a preworkout.

February 20, 2013    question
rafael   Age: 32

"... Can i drink anotest post workout because i drink no explode preworkout or can i drink them both preworkout?"


February 21, 2013
response by Craig

You need to read the directions before trying your own methods. Anotest is neither a Pre-Workout or a Post-Workout supplement. It it taken daily, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Even if you train in the morning, take your anotest, eat your breakfast and then take your regular pre-workout shake.

January 23, 2013    question
jamie b   Age: 27

"... Hi what time of the day is it best to take anotest thanks."


January 24, 2013
response by Peter

Follow the directions on the bottle which says FIRST THING IN THE MORNING before your breakfast.

January 22, 2013    question
Lynn   Age: 52

"... When is the best time to take this product? My GNC rep did know, pre or post work out is what I am asking."


January 23, 2013
response by Mike

The best way, the only way to take this is right when you wake up on an empty stomach. Mix it up and drink it, then go about your breakfast 15-20 minutes later. It is not designed to be a pre, intra or post workout drink. You get it in your system each day, same time, and let it go to work.


January 23, 2013
response by Lynn

thanks man...I work out early and start with Pre-Workout amplifier by Muscletech can I take these two together?


January 23, 2013
response by Mike

Yes, that is fine to combine them or have them close together - it won't hurt the results.

Train hard and get it done - keep us posted on your progress.


January 23, 2013
response by Lynn

Awesome...Thanks man

January 15, 2013    question
Josh   Age: 22

"... is it ok to use anotest and superpump max together in a cycle"


January 16, 2013
response by George

Yes, they work as different products so that is OK. Good stack actually, just be sure to also be using a high quality protein supplement such as HydroWhey or Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey to help build and repair your muscle tissue.

January 15, 2013    question
jamie b   Age: 28

"... Hi was just wondering can you take anotest with driven sports craze at the same time thanks"


January 16, 2013
response by Roger

Hi Jamie, yes that is ok and actually a good combination.

January 9, 2013    question
Omar   Age: 19

"... Im 19, been working out for awhile now, made some incredible gains. Should i take this supplement or hold of for future?"


January 10, 2013
response by Paul

If you are currently making amazing gains as you claim then you probably don't need this right? But, if you are asking with regards to your age then 19 is OK.

January 3, 2013    question
Sam   Age: 23

"... Hello, I just want to ask if the Anotest can hold any bad effects for me or something else that is dangerous? Thanks."


January 5, 2013
response by Cameron

No, this is a safe and natural testosterone booster. Follow the directions and you'll make some good gains with your training, size and strength.

December 15, 2012    review
joe   Age: 55

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I have used anotest for a week have noticed increase in energy and workout recovery I kickbox full contact sparring and I spar 30 year olds amateur and ex pro fighters I also weight train 5 days a week,i have noticed a big increase in my cardio as I can now spar 3 3min rounds befor I gassed out by the middle of the second round"

December 10, 2012    question
bob hatfield   Age: 56

"... Is Anotest gluten free for people with celiac disease."


December 14, 2012
response by James


December 4, 2012    question
aj   Age: 30

"... Will this make gain mass..looking to loss weight and get cut"


December 6, 2012
response by Shane

Yes, it's a good natural testosterone booster that will improve your muscle mass growth and strength gains.

November 8, 2012    question
Mark   Age: 56

"... Does it work for men over 50. I do heavy workouts 3 times a week."


November 14, 2012
response by Helen

Yes, it works for all ages. It will naturally boost your testosterone levels and at your age your levels are very low as they decline from 35 and onwards. You will see a benefit with energy, mood, libido, strength and will be able to add more muscle. Rememeber, you have to compliment it with a solid training program and a high quality protein rich meal plan to get the most out of the strenght and muscle goals.

November 2, 2012    question



November 5, 2012
response by Kenny

Yes, good combination actually you will see some good results.

October 9, 2012    question
kakarot   Age: 16

"... I'm 16 can i take anostest? I been working out for 3 years now and i take whey protein. I was just wondering if i could take it since Gnc gave me a free sample."


October 15, 2012
response by Drake

At 16 I would say no, but if you have at least 3 years of training experience and take your training and nutrition serious then you can consider it. You have to keep in mind that at your age, up to about 21 your testosterone levels are totally maxed out.

Instead stick to basics such as protein, creatine, glutamine, multi-vitamins and amino acids for the best results.

September 19, 2012    question
playaa22   Age: 27

"... Can u stack arginine ethyl ester with the anotest? And whey protein ?


September 20, 2012
response by George

Yes. First of all, you should ALWAYS be using a good protein supplement at all times, regardless of any other supplements you are interested in. Second, arginine can help with the stack but it won't give you any ground breaking gains.

September 8, 2012    question
Brian   Age: 52

"... When would I use this product; beofre a workout as a "pre-workout" (currently using Neuro-core)?"


September 8, 2012
response by Trevor

It is not a pre-workout supplement, it is a testosterone booster. You take one serving first thing in the morning when you wake up, everyday. You can continue to use Neurocore as well, it's a good combination.

July 1, 2012    review
George   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Just finished my first tub and ordered another two. Really impressed with this as muscletech really seems to be finally getting it right. I also use their creacore and neurocore products and find my workouts and progress is finally going in the right direction. With the anotest, I will note that it takes about 10 days to really feel it kick in, and when it does you can really notice that you are on something. Good overall products and plan on using it for the rest of the summer."

June 29, 2012    question
Jason feliciano   Age: 33

"... I hear so many good reviews! And I really wanted a sample but I get paid tomorrow and I'm going to rush an order of Anotest ASAP because I really like muscletech products! Any advice?"


June 30, 2012
response by Paul

Just use as directed and be sure to train hard 4-5 days per week and eat, eat, eat! That means healthy high protein meals 5-6 times per day. Get a good whey protein as well for post workout.

June 25, 2012    question
Ryan   Age: 24

"... Im looking for something to take my workouts to the next level. I just finished a muscle pharm stack. What are some other suppliments that are recommended to stack with Anotest if any at all??"


June 27, 2012
response by Paul

Yes, this is a great new test booster that works quite well based on early feedback. This or the A50/AHD stack from BPi is probably your best bet these days.

Always use some whey protein, fish oil, glutamine, creatine and a good multivitamin as well.

May 18, 2012    review
Pete   Age: 35

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Can't give a full reviews yet, just tried a sample. From that I can say that that fruit punch flavor is nice, mixes easily and doesn't upset my stomach in any way. Really looking forward to what this will bring. I will note that I know this isn't the old Anotesten formula, but I did use that several times in the late 90's and had amazing results. So will be good to see how they compare. "

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MuscleTech - Anotest Performance Series

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MuscleTech has yet once again released their latest industry standard setting formula.. fitFLEX is proud to be the first to introduce AnoTEST! Familiar sounding with the classic prohormone Anotesten, this testosterone booster is proven safe yet at the same time extremely effective. Breaking ground and entering the powder format, it's a new angle compared to the typical capsule or liquid format. With just one single serving each day, it's easy to use and no fuss about missing doses with complicated schedules. Specific ingredients are included to boost testosterone levels while minimizing estrogen to keep your gains solid and bloat free. Jack up your recovery times, increase your lean muscle gains and see your strength improve within a short period of time. Touted as the world's first 4-in-1 test boosting powder - it will surely set a new standard that other brands will flock to mimic, as usual. Give the most trusted brand in the industry with this new and exciting formula and be sure to post back your question, answer, ratings and reviews for others to share.

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