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Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Hers

July 26, 2015    question
anna   Age: 23

"... hey, I started using lipo 6 and its been 10 days now. i exercise half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. there is no kind of side effect visible on my body and I do get a proper sleep. there is no as such change in the body though I eat healthy. i take one medicine in the morning before exercising and one in the evening around 8 before exercising. can you tel me how many pills do I need to have for the best results and the timing for the same.""

July 25, 2015    review
anna   Age: 23

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... hey, I started using lipo 6 and its been 10 days now. i exercise half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. there is no kind of side effect visible on my body and I do get a proper sleep. there is no as such change in the body though I eat healthy. i take one medicine in the morning before exercising and one in the evening around 8 before exercising. can you tel me how many pills do I need to have for the best results and the timing for the same."

July 23, 2015    question
rana   Age: 20

"... I am on vacation and took the pill and i will go back to college and will stop taking the pill and i fear stopping taking it will increase my weight more than before so what to do? as in collage i will eat fast food"

July 12, 2015    question
Kay   Age: 19

"... Hi there I just wanted to know if it is safe to use with anxiety medication such as fluoxetine and rivotril ? I currently weigh 80 kgs and I am 156 cm and I currently eat as healthy as possible and try not skip meals the meals I do eat are very clean and I go to gym twice a day morning and afternoon for as long as I can and I really want to take these tablets just to help me out but I just need to be sure it is safe to take with my other medication "

July 2, 2015    question
Zoya   Age: 22

"... Hi I am zoya I was on steroid medication 6 months back and i have gained 25 kgs like hell I Want to eat this medicine but since m 90 and mg muscles are weak I can't workout that much but I loyally diet I really want to have this supplement and can I have painkiller if I have pain after workout"

July 1, 2015    question
Reeya   Age: 21

"... Hey I have just started using this product ,I am on DAY-2 .Just wanted to ask that what kind of workout is necessary to loose more weight.Should I only stick to Cardio and belly fat matt exercise or add some weight lifting training?I am 65kgs."

June 28, 2015    question
Chelsea    Age: 19

"... But the bottle has been exposed to sun light. Is it still safe to use it?"

June 17, 2015    question
shelly   Age: 24

"... Hi.. i m 24 yrs old girl with height 5'4" nd weight 70 kgs. I m an overweigjt girl nd planning to start lipo 6 black hers...but my only concern is that wil i put on weight again if stopped taking thus dosage? Or can i stop it taking once i acheived my desired weight ?
Plz reply !"


June 26, 2015
response by Shane

You will put on weight if you eat poorly, simple as that. Using this product will help you burn the fat but like anything in life you need to commit to that new weight with a PROPER diet and exercise.

May 28, 2015    question
shabu    Age: 24

"... hi I'm currently using this product but suddenly I realise I got rashes on my skin near neck shoulder and hand so what can I do now shall I stop taking this capsule??? and please help me to gt back my good rashes free skin please "


June 14, 2015
response by Pam

This happens to some and usually goes away after a while. There is usually no real danger here, just a temporary skin rash. You decide, if you are truly stressed then stop and stick with what works - EXERCISE AND DIET.

May 28, 2015    question
shabu    Age: 24

"... hi I'm currently using this product but suddenly I realise I got rashes on my skin near neck shoulder and hand so what can I do now shall I stop taking this capsule??? and please help me to gt back my good rashes free skin please "


June 14, 2015
response by Pam

Question already answered.

May 25, 2015    question
reno   Age: 24

"... "I'm using this product frm 35 days but now I'm feeling my body and skin is fully dried out my skin is become too hard,,,so may I know the reason please??


June 26, 2015
response by Nick

No idea, but the diuretic aspect might be to blame. DRINK 6-10 glass of water per day.

May 24, 2015    question
Gowthami   Age: 26

"... Hi, i just started today. i just took only one. this is the 1st time I'm taking weight loss tablet. I am 26, my weight is 66kg. How should i take? is that fine with 1 capsule or should i take 3 capsule? No one there to guide me about this product. some one says after food some one says before food. but i took before food. When I'm taking this product can i smoke ?what food should i consume?what workout you prefer to me to do for weight loss? i hope you response for my request. thanks in advance.:)


June 26, 2015
response by Carter

Follow the directions, that's the best way. Start off slow and increase each day and listen to your body.

May 16, 2015    question
jenni   Age: 22

"... Hi am 22 yrs n I weigh height is 5'2...currently m working on my body by eating clean n weight training I am keen on trying this product but my oni concern is will I put on weight again once I stop the dosage???"


June 26, 2015
response by Carly

Hi Jenni, you will put on weight IF you eat CRAP and stop exercising. This pill, your diet and exercise is what helps you get the weight off. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy body.. simple as that.

April 21, 2015    question
Megha Verma   Age: 28

"... Hi I would like to know if i can eat Lipo 6 during my mensuration. "


April 21, 2015
response by George

Yes you can use a fat burner during your cycle.


April 22, 2015
response by Drake

Eat or consume? Either way, yes. But if you are worried then get it confirmed by your doctor, just bring them the bottle so they can read the label.

April 16, 2015    review
Mary   Age: 28

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I use Lipo 6 black hers 14 days. With diet and daily exercise I lost so far 4 kg. No side's effects and gives me a lot of energy. Simply I love it! "

April 8, 2015    question
Tina   Age: 26

"... i Started Lipo 6 hers 120 capsules a month ago i have been drinking 3 capsules a day instead of the 6 recommended i hit the gym 5 times a week 2hrs per day i weighed 80kgs now i weigh 75kgs. i lost 5kgs in a month. can i continue to take another bottle ?"


April 22, 2015
response by Harold

Yes, you can take it for 8-10 weeks or until the progress stops. Then take a 2-4 brean and start up again if you wish.

April 6, 2015    question
Sabrina   Age: 33

"... Hi'if I took it how much I will loose in one month??what program I have to use (I mean. What I have to eat and what I couldn't eat ) How many pills in a day ?thank u "


April 22, 2015
response by Ryan

No idea, there are TOO MANY FACTORS. First, how well you diet, exercise. Then your genetics. Finally adding this product will help. If you are doing everything correctly and not being lazy with your diet and training daily, then you can expect to lose 1-3 pounds per week of fat.

April 1, 2015    question
mary   Age: 24

"... Hello I have been working out at gym since a month! I am 86kg and 5.6feet. Though I am on diet and do work out I am not loosing weight! I am planning to take this tablet since I have to put down before my marriage! I just want to know whether I'll not have any problem for my child birth"


April 2, 2015
response by Nick

If you are not losing weight, you are either not dieting hard enough or training hard enough or both. Remember, it's HARD to lose weight, you need to really dig deep and sacrifice.

Once you have your diet and exercise correct, adding this will help speed things up.

March 30, 2015    question
Mary   Age: 28

"... Hello, I keep intermittent fasting 8/16 and low cal diet attending gym 6times in a week. 3 days 1h lifting weights, 1h cardio, 3 days HIIT 30 mins and 1h cardio. I had 105 kg and now I'm 85. I never taken any fat burners before. I bought Lipo 6 black hers and today is my first day of using. I wanna ask one question. I break fasting every day at 1 pm at 11 am start traning. Is it ok to take the first dose at 10 am and the second one at 3 pm because I'm additional 3 hours on an empty stomach? Thanks for answer :). "


March 30, 2015
response by Jorge

Congrats on the amazing results so far, great job!

Yes, that is fine with the dosing. Make it work for YOU. If you keep up your plan and need a boost.. this will do it. You are a great example of what it takes to get there, before the supplements.

March 21, 2015    question
Sara   Age: 26

"... hii .. I used to be thin about 52 kg. and I'm 158 cm height, after giving birth I weighed 67 kg I was on (not a very strict diet for 11 months) and I weigh now 57 kg. I use lipo 7 ultra concentrate hers for 10 days now 1 in the morning and 1 before my work out, I'm on a diet and I do work out really hard 6 days a week - to be frank I had 2 cheating meals during these 10 days. the problem is I gained 1 kg over my weight !! I don't know what am I doing wrong?!! when can I see good results ?? "


March 30, 2015
response by Porter

To lose weight you need to be STRICT! No cheating days. Ask yourself the next time you want to cheat.. IS THIS GOING TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOAL? You need to make a choice, not just want to get thin but actually to do what it takes.

It's hard, very hard. But the reward is amazing.


February 24, 2015    question
sampath   Age: 30

"... I have started workout from September and lost around 19 Lbs in 3 months, and got stuck on 171lbs , and its been 4 days i started taking Lipo 6 black and lost around 2lbs ( i took one pill for 3 days and 4th day two pills) i am completely on Diet and i workout for 2 hours daily ( 6 days a week), how many pills i can take at a time?? "


March 30, 2015
response by Rick

Congrats on the progress, great motivation for the others readind here.

You can take the MAX dose that is written on the label, do NOT take more than that as there will be side-effects and health risks.

February 15, 2015    review
chhaya   Age: 26

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Hi my height is 5'4" and weight is 80kgs. It's been four days and this product is amazing for me as of now. I don't feel any side effects.. I started with two pills a day and now I am taking four (2 at 9 am and 2 at 4 pm) I eat healthy and go to gym everyday. I feel unbelievable energy even after working out hard. Everything is going fine. I have read many reviews, my question is as per BMI I need to loose 18 to 20 kgs to be fit. So shall I continue this till I achieve my goal or as mentioned in the comments I should take a break after 8 weeks? And I am doing great with 4 pills a day so do I need to increase the dosage? "

February 3, 2015    question
Katie    Age: 23

"... I enjoy smoking Marijuana every other weekend and I want to start taking these pills tomorrow will the Marijuana affect the pills ?"


April 2, 2015
response by James

Should not be a problem as long as you don't junk out while you are high, as that will make you gain weight and make this product a waste of time and money.

January 15, 2015    question
Gloria   Age: 35

"... Is it ok to have an occasional drink (wine, vodka etc) while taking lipo 6 black hers? I am working out 20 mins a day and on a low calorie diet. However I like to have an adult beverage as well. Thank u"


January 17, 2015
response by Paul

Sure, but it will NOT help your result. It will actually set you back 2-3 days for your body to adjust and recover from the alcohol abuse. Just the way it is. If you want results, you need to put your goals ahead of your cravings.

December 31, 2014    question
ingrid   Age: 23

"... i just bought it today planning on start tomorrow morning, im currently 5'4 and 77kg i was 97 kgs and dropped to 70kg but increased 7 kgs in a few months , which is shamefull really is so easy to gain weight and so hard to loose, i havent exercised in a few weeks as honestly i havent got the strenght i feel so tired and weak (i definetly know is because of bad diet) anyways , i got the supplement and set my mind , going for it from tomorrow along with diet and exercise, i intent to loose 20kgs , my question is , ive tried dukan diet in the past , which consists in only protein diet and it worked wonders for me , i was thinking maybe i could do the diet along with this pill , or is it too much?? would you consider doing a low carb instead??? also it suggests to take the pill in empty stomach 30 min b4 workout , should i eat before the workout (a while after taking the pills ) or shoul i exercise and then eat?? thanks a lot"


January 22, 2015
response by George

Congrats on the initial success from 97kgs!

When using this pill you MUST be on a weight loss diet plan and exercise routine - otherwise you waste your time. Based on progress from week to week, you adjust the variables.

December 17, 2014    question
gajalakshmi   Age: 26

"... my weight is 81 kg want to reduce 15 kg in 3 it possible with your products?i have gastritis problem.,will it increase that problem?"


January 23, 2015
response by Nick

First, you need to focus on your diet and exercise and by adding this you can make it. Don't assume taking these pills will make the weight fall off magically, it takes work.

November 26, 2014    question
Kaie   Age: 23

"... I would like to know if this would work for people who works at night shift, sitting for 8hrs and doesn't have time to do work out?"


December 2, 2014
response by Richard

Why don't you MAKE 30 minutes per day to work out, it's EASY. Stop making excuses. You probably spend more time on the internet each day. You either want to get in shape and MAKE it happen or you find excuses and look for magic pills.

Hope this helps.

November 17, 2014    question
dana   Age: 52

"... Is it ok to use lipo 6 black hers if i have uterine mayoma,"


December 2, 2014
response by Nate

This is something you need to see your doctor about, an online review website isn't the best safe answer.

September 23, 2014    question
zoey92   Age: 22

"... hi..i am 22 years old and i weigh 64kg with 158cm height. I have been an overweight since I was a kid. Last month i used Lipo 6 Hers and currently am taking Lipo 6 Black Hers. I didnt lose that much of weight even though I hit the gym daily (cardio n weightlifting), play sports and eating clean. However, I notice that I am starting to fit in clothes that I could not fit in before. why is that? am i losing fat or not?anything I did wrong? hoping for ur advice..thanks in advance!"


December 2, 2014
response by Ken

To be honest, if you are NOT losing weigh then you are NOT eating correcly and NOT exercising as you should. People often think they are trying really hard but have no idea what it REALLY takes to lose weight. It's difficul.

Listen, you CAN do it and reach your goals. Dig a little deeper, add this pill and see the progress. It takes time, but it's all worth it in the end.

October 27, 2014    question
Marcie   Age: 52

"... I'm in menopause and my metabolism has slowed down a lot. I do & always have exercised 5 days a week. & tried to eat well(not always). Wondering If this product might help with increasing the metabolism but will it enhance the menopausal symptoms such as increase the hot flashes? Or is it even safe to take during this time?"


October 30, 2014
response by Sean

It will NOT effect your menopausal symptoms. It will increase your energy, mood, fat loss and metabolism when used as directed.

October 14, 2014    question
mana   Age: 29

"... hi
I am 29 years old girl, 166cm /72 kg
I do exersices every day .i wanna take lipo 6 but I have hypothyroid problem and take 1 levothyroxine every morning. now taking lipo 6 is dangerous for me or not?"


October 30, 2014
response by Sara

I would talk to your doctor before starting any of these products. Just not worth the risk with your other medications.

Stick with a BETTER diet and BETTER exercise plan to make ALL the fat loss success you can dream of. Just commit to it and make it happen.

September 4, 2014    question
nina   Age: 29

"... Can i take white kidney bean carb intercept and chinese green tea along with lipo 6 black hers?"


October 30, 2014
response by Ryan

Yes, but be sure to follow a sound exercise and diet plan to really get the most out of this product. Best of luck Nina.

August 30, 2014    question
maha    Age: 35

"... Dear ALL .

am using this product since 2 weeks , i lost only 1 kg and nothing more .
and more one question ? why do i have to take 2 tablets at morning and another 2 before exercising .
what shall i do ? i need a help :(
and iam on diet as well !!!


September 13, 2014
response by Peter

1 kgs in 2 weeks is GREAT RESULT. What did you expect.. 1KG per day?

.5KG per week is amazing results so keep it up. If you want faster results, then start watching your DIET and EXERCISE.

July 20, 2014    question
daisy   Age: 30

"... im training for marathon in jan 2015, i would really love to lose some weight for me to run efficiently is safe to take lipo 6?"


August 7, 2014
response by Peter

This will help with weight loss but only if you make an effort, a serious effort with your diet and exercise to make it work.

June 7, 2014    question
Shereen    Age: 33

"... Hello everyone , i started taking lipon6 a week ago , i take 1 pill a day then work out for about 90 min , i drink no caffiene and i am on diet , so far i am doing fine with the product BUT for the last 2 days i experienced chest pain as if i did huge effort taking into consideration that i recently back to work out after years , i lost about 3 kg and i want to continue , please feed me back about this chest pain is it normal ? "


June 7, 2014
response by Drew

You lost 3kg in a week of using this? Far too much and most of the will be water and muscle instead of fat. Stick to 1 to 1.5kg per week at most. If you feel chest pains, then by all means if it's related to this product stop. Seems like it's a little advanced for you from your results and side-effects. Just my 2 cents.

June 4, 2014    question
LQ   Age: 34

"... Can i drink coffee while taking this pill? i started with two twice a day instead of three twice a day. as i have minor heart condition i am just wondering if i can take the pill and drink even if its one glass of coffee?"


June 7, 2014
response by George

Yes, it all depends on your personal tolerance levels. Some people can do 5 cups of coffee with this.

BUT, if you have a heart condition, then it might be in your best interest to not. Even this pill might not be the best idea, please talk to your doctor.

April 27, 2014    question
Lucy Buchan   Age: 21

"... Hi, I have used lipo black 6 hers before and they worked really well, I am now planning on taking the ultra concentrate version, however I am 3 weeks post op from having breast augmentation. Will taking these have an affect on the healing process at all? Or will I be ok to take them? Thanks"


May 16, 2014
response by Juan

No, these should have no effect on that. But to make sure, it's always a safe bet to call your surgeon or doctor. Play it safe right?

April 16, 2014    question
Tasha   Age: 40

"... Hi I was told this product will target fat that I'm trying to lose concern is I have an irregular heartbeat and I'm focused on using natural products to help me with the remaining fat ..I ONLY drink water ..I don't consume any caffeinated drinks as they give me the this a good product to use..?"


April 18, 2014
response by Simon

No, do not use this if you have any heart conditions. If you are determined to lose weight then you need to suck it up and eat well and exercise daily. Even a quick walk daily is enough.

April 10, 2014    question
Margaret   Age: 41

"... I was just wondering if I was a good candidate for this product. I lost 250 lbs (with help from the lap band.). I had to remove the band (medical reasons) and gained about 30lbs back. I diet and exercise daily. Would this product help kick start my weight loss. I want to lose the 30 i gained. "


April 14, 2014
response by Margaret

Just wanted to say that I have been taking this for a few days now and it does cut my appetite also gives me energy!!

January 18, 2014    question
Sonia   Age: 33

"... Hi

Can i take this supplement during lactation? My son is 10 months old and i am a working mother and dont get time for physical activity?


January 18, 2014
response by Sean

I would suggest no, because it may be transferred to your son.

Remember, losing weight is 90% diet and 10% activitiy. So the diet part you CAN control if you WANT TO. It's just as easy to eat chicken breast with rice and green veggies as it is to eat a bowl of icecream.

My point is that you need to REALLY want the results to make the effort it takes.

You can do it!

December 30, 2013    question
aanchal sood   Age: 20

"... Does lipo 6 black hers affect the mestrual cycles?"


January 17, 2014
response by Nick

No, unless your body fat drops too low. This happens all the time to female athletes and is always temporary.


October 8, 2014
response by Maizipops

The high levels of caffeine can definitely affect your cycle, especially if you are taking oral contraception as this slows the rate it at which the caffeine breaks down. I have just been taking 2 per day for the last few weeks to ease in and my period is now 11 days late. I'm definitely not pregnant so it seems to be down to the caffeine.

November 27, 2013    question
Leena   Age: 27

"... Hi,
I take tegritol CR-200 as a daily dosage at night since childhood as I had epileptic seizures when I was a child. I am planning to use this. Can there be any side effects? Please advice. "


November 30, 2013
response by James

This is an important question that your doctor should deal with, not a message board.

October 25, 2013    question
rebecca   Age: 21

"... I took this product for about 2 weeks and LOVED the results. People noticed I was losing weight fast and I had lots of energy. However, I've just started breaking out a LOT around my chin/jaw and I know this is hormonal (I have some hormonal issues in my past) and I stopped taking the Lipo thinking that was it. I haven't taken it for about a week and it doesn't seem to be getting too much better but it is a little better. Does this product affect your hormones or would anything else in it be causing me to break out?? I love the product but it's not worth these break outs :/"


October 29, 2013
response by Paul

Yes, it can have an effect for a small part of the population.

September 1, 2013    question
Melissa   Age: 25

"... Hello, I've tried many fad fat burners, pills, drinks, diets.. I simply can't do low carb no matter how much I protein up I am absolutely exhausted and fatigued, same when I do low cal.. So basically this is my situation, I just had my 3rd baby and have really changed my eating habits, lots of veggies, lean meats etc, dropped all sodas, teas and drink 1 cup of coffee each morning with zero cal sweetener and water the rest of the day. I take CLA, and 30 Day Diet. I do not get to go to the gym but do make sure I walk 20-30 minutes twice daily, and every other day try really hard to do free weights. I KNOW I need to up my workouts but I seriously chase a toddler, lift a 20lb 6 month old, and assist my 6 year old with her cheer/tumbling along with all day of cleaning, lifting mopping etc so I'm not a stagnant person by any means. So my question is, with my limited "gym time" and what some people consider "real exercise" will it even be worth it for me to purchase this? I've read such positi e reviews, more than most other products I just don't want to get scammed again. I was able to go from 150 (after baby's birth) down to 138-140 on my own but have hit a serious plateau and nothing is working, I've re looked t my diet my exercise etc and can't beat this wall. My goal is 125, so I have 15lbs left. Can I get true opinions wether this will work given my current status?"


September 11, 2013
response by Julie

Hi Melissa, great questions. Congrats on making a difference, it's the first and most important step.

The calories you use up being a mother is plenty, don't stress over more. The key is DIET and sticking with it, no matter how hard. This is the part of a weight loss plan that most people fail on - that's what makes it hard and the reason most people remain over weight.

This is one of the best weight loss products. Be sure to start from the lowest dose and slowly work your way up. Drink plenty of water to avoid headaches, etc.

Again, diet is key.. eat small high protein low carb meals every 2-3 hours. Cut out carbs after 6pm.

Best of luck, you can do it!


September 12, 2013
response by Melissa

Thanks Julie! Since posting I started Lipo 6 and must say feel a difference in both my energy and my heat! I feel "hot flashes" all day so I know it's working. I haven't set foot on a scale yet but am trying hard to stick with diet, though it gets pretty difficult to stay perfect. Just te energy alone is making me want to stick with this. I am now up to the max dose and fel great!

August 27, 2013    question
RaMaria   Age: 19

"... I.startee this pill yesturday and i honestly felt like i was goin to pass out and not wake up the reaction was horrible i had dizziness , felt short of breath , nausea im scared to take it today what would you suggest ?"


August 28, 2013
response by Adrian

Did you start with the LOWEST dose or go right to the max? This is very important. If you experienced this on the lowest dose, 1 pill, then this product is not for you. You are perhaps just far too sensitive.

You should also be drinking plenty of liquids all day when using these pills - that will help with the dizziness.

June 29, 2013    question
Andrea   Age: 18

"... My dad ordered Lipo 6 Black hers as a birthday gift for me, I guess he didn't read it since on the label it says to not use if you are under 21, is there a reason you have to be a certain age to use this? I haven't tried it since I read the warning label."


June 30, 2013
response by Joey

It's a general guideline. Essentially everyone is different. Unless you have any serious per-existing conditions that might conflict with the ingredients then stop. Otherwise, I would suggest to start with the lowest dose and slowly work your way up.

Remember, supplements are only 1/3 of the puzzle. You NEED to exercise or do some cardio daily in addition to a good diet. If you skip on those two points then your success will be very limited. The pills work much better when you put effort in to it.

June 26, 2013    question
Isela   Age: 37

"... Hi.. I have a question which i am kinda confused when I bought the Lipo 6 Black Hers ultra concentrate the lady in the store told me to just take 1 pill a day but as I see the reviews I read some of the them are taking more than 2 a day. Also on the bottle under directions it states to take 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the afternoon not to take 6 hours before you sleep. I have been taking them for about 5 days and i do feel a little nausea and I am not able to exercise everyday but i try to at least 3 times a week. went to weigh myself this morning and I have not lost a pound I am not eating very much and i am eating a lot of fruits and some vegetables. What am I doing wrong? "


June 28, 2013
response by Dean

You are posting / reading about the regular version, not the ultra concentrate version. Search this website about the UC version to have accurate reviews.

In the big picture, follow the directions on YOUR bottle - there is not other secret formula or trick or schedule to use. It comes down to following the directions, in addition to a GREAT diet and GREAST fitness lifestyle to get the absolulte best results possible.

Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.. and never give up!

June 23, 2013    question
Wendy   Age: 43

"... I am going on vacation in 6 weeks and want to start using this pill. I am worried that I shouldn't tAke this because I am hypothyroid and take synthroid for this am I able to use this product? "


June 24, 2013
response by Sean

This product does contain a good amount of stimulants so it might be a factor. Why not just go to your doctor and ask? Bring the bottle or copy the ingredients so he or she can actually assess it correctly.

June 2, 2013    question
Jackie B   Age: 20

"... I only started taking LIPO6BLACK HERS yesterday, after stepping on the scales for the first time in a while.... I now weigh 60.5 Kgs and would love to lose about 5/6 before starting to tone muscle up again. . So far no side effects, just a bit more energy. Wondering will this work as well as it has for others who weigh that bit more ? should i be just focusing on cardio? "


June 3, 2013
response by Rick

It will work extremely well if you focus on your diet and exercise properly. It actually works far better when you are already preparing your metabolism with the diet and exercise to begin with so be sure to give it 100% on all fronts.

With a sound plan in place, you should be losing anywhere from 1-3 pounds per week. If not, then it's not the supplement, but your diet and exercise that are failing - so make adjustments.

May 22, 2013    question
Hannah    Age: 21

"... Hi there I've just started using this supplement and have found myself to be urinating a lot!! Is it possible that this supplement is just a duiretic and dehydrating me? "


May 22, 2013
response by George

Hi Hannah, great question. It does contain a mild diuretic. Just be sure to drink plenty of liquids all day, preferrably water. This will help you avoid headaches as well which are common with this product if you do not drink enough.

Best of luck,

April 20, 2013    question
Jojo   Age: 32

"... I will say that the warning intrigued me. I have had some good experiences with strong supplements so i was excited to read about Lipo 6 black. My first day on one pill I was jittery yet energetic. It only lasted about 4 hours. I was hungry wondering where the explosive feeling went. I only took one pill to assess it before going to 2 pills. Today was day 2 and I can honestly say I felt nothing. No extra energy or appetite suppressing. Is it possible that I need something stronger or 2 pills at once? I will give it a couple more tries before I look for another supplement. "


April 21, 2013
response by Drew

You mentioned you have used STRONG SUPPLEMENTS / STIMULANTS in the past so your tolerance levels are low, meaning you need higher doses to feel effects or simply take a few months off stimulants (and coffee) to bring it back up.

April 15, 2013    question
Alex   Age: 19

"... This is the first day I have used the product and I took two pills. after the second pill, my stomach did not feel right and I felt as if I needed to rest. Then I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible stomach pain and restlessness. I proceeded to vomit and had diarrhea. is this pill for me ?"


April 15, 2013
response by Kira

First you can try only taking one pill I like only taking one pill in the morning because it last all day for me so I don't really need the second. If that doesn't work, I would go to a doctor about it and make sure your okay to take it... on the warning it state not to use if your under 21 if you want to continue to take it talk to your doctor

April 13, 2013    question
Kira   Age: 19

"... I use this once.. I had a long day ahead and my friend recommended it at the time I didn't know that if you were under 21 not to take it in fact I didn't even know what it was just that it was some kind of diet pill. I took one and it lasted 12 hours but I was bubbly, talkative, worked out longer then normal. I was my old self again and I loved it. Anyway I have been looking everywhere to know why not to take it if your under 21? Can anyone explain"


April 14, 2013
response by Hannah

The main issue with age is that you are mature enough to use it and of course, very young people such as 10 it's too strong for their system. At 19, you will be ok. Just start with the lowest dose and work your way up slowly. If you feel it's too much, cut back.

April 1, 2013    question
Neesa   Age: 25

"... Hello, I've just started using this a day ago. My question is, can I take this together with other supplements, such as Vitamin C? I usually try not to take coffee (before I consumed Lipo 6 Hers black) and vitamin C at the same time because I've learned that caffein can inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals. "


April 2, 2013
response by Joey

Yes, using vitamin C is suggested actually to take daily regardless if you take other supplements. First thing in the morning, before exercise and again at night is best.

That theory about caffeine is actually not very accurate, you would have to take extreme large amounts for that to happen so don't worry.

March 25, 2013    question
Dina   Age: 21

"... Does Lipo 6 affects the menstrual cycle ??"


March 25, 2013
response by Janice

I personally haven't heard of this but if you are trying to get pregnant than you shouldn't be taking any supplements.

The only time I hear of the cycle skipping or stopping is when you reach a very low level of body fat.

March 14, 2013    question
Ale   Age: 31

"... I want to buy lipo 6 Black, But i have Gastritis, can i use it anyway?


March 14, 2013
response by George

It's impossible to say for sure, but any stomach issues and supplements may cause problems. You can try with the lowest dose and see if you have any discomfort and go from there. I would also suggest speaking to your doctor for qualified advice.

February 26, 2013    question
Angel   Age: 32

"... I have been taking this for one day BUT my question is the bottle says to take 3 pills in the AM and 3 in the afternoon; why is everyone only taking one? Am I missing something? I feel fine after taking 3 but have also taken Oxy Elite Pro in the past so I might have a high tolerance. Thanks. "


February 27, 2013
response by Nick

People are taking one because that is the STARTING DOSE. 3 pills, twice a day is the max dose. It is always smart to start off slow to let your body to adjust and watch out for any side-effects as this is a very powerful and potent fat burning stimulant based product.

If you are ok with 3, then carry on.

Remember to cycle on and off with these products. Stay on max 12 weeks on with 2-4 week break to allow for your hormones and receptors to recover.


February 1, 2015
response by neena

hi Iam using lipo since last two weeks and am taking 2 pills before breakfast and 2 pills before lunch and lost only 500gms so is it ok or what kind of exercises i have to do with this pills

February 19, 2013    question
Beatriz   Age: 19

"... Hi, I've been taking 2 pills per day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. I do a lot of cardio in the mornings, but after I started with Lipo 6, I'm not feeling so well while doing the cardio exercises, my heart goes really fast, and I feel dizzy, which didn't happen before... should I continue using it?
Also, should I use it even on weekends, when I usually don't exercise? (sat/sun)
thank you. "


February 19, 2013
response by George

Gettign dizzy is a normal reaction to this pill. Be sure you are drinking more liquids, much more than usual. Pretty much if you are thirsty it is too late and you are dehydrated which will cause dizziness and headaches.

If you are concerned, stick to one serving in the mornings only and wait a few more weeks to increase to twice a day.

This pill is also use EVERYDAY, not just when you exercise.

February 11, 2013    question
Diana   Age: 31

"... Hi, I'm attending the gym 5-6 days per week but around 6:00pm after office work. I just want to ask if I can take Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrated for Her, in the morning even though, at morning I'm doing some paper work only? Or should I take it i the afternoon? I need your advice, thanks."


February 11, 2013
response by Paula

Hi Diana, it doesn't really matter WHEN you take the pills as long as it's twice a day, everyday. The only advantage of taking it before a workout is for the extra energy. As long as you have the pills (ingredients) in your system then the supplement is working - even when you sit at your desk with paperwork.

Remember, follow the directions and take it TWICE a day, same time of day each day.


July 18, 2013
response by krystal

hi. i previouly was taking this , but the was taking 3 in the morning ,and 3 in the afternoon. Like the ottle said, but this other bottle sayes take 1 , and 1 .do not exceed. So is there two different ones, itss this one stronger. Doi take 3 and 3 ?

February 6, 2013    question
pearl   Age: 23

"... hello..i have started using this product and its been 4 days..i started with 1 pill in the morning at around 9 am and 1 pill in the evening at 6 pm..which is 30 minutes prior to my workout..i continued dis dosage for 3 days and then increased the evening dose by 1 pill...i have not had any significant weight loss...but i have had a significant fat loss percentage in my body and increase in muscle mass...which i m very much happy about...
My questions goes this it required to take 6.30 hours of gap between the first dose and the second dose? or my gap time is too high?

My second question is after completing this cycle, i am worried abt the maintanence of the enrgy level to continue my this pill gives immense enrgy which will decline once i stop this pill...

Please guide..



February 8, 2013
response by George

Hello Pearl, thanks for the question. Do not worry about "weight loss" as the goal is to descrease you FAT only and maintain or increase your lean muscle tissue (which will aid in increasing your metabolism for improved daily fat loss).

The gap is not really a BIG issue, do what fits your schedule as long as you can get in TWO doses and not to close to your sleep as it will keep you up.

Yes, this products contains stimulants so your energy levels will drop. BUT, you can always switch to a coffee or tea pre-workout to give you that boost.

When using this product I suggest using two bottles back to back followed by a 3-4 week OFF period and then repeat. The off period is just long enough to give your body and receptors a good break but not too long for you to get out of shape, etc.

Always stick to your diet and exercise regardless of the supplement use as those two items can ge tyou 99% of your results (if you really dig deep).

Good luck!

February 5, 2013    question
Beth   Age: 23

"... Hi I am 23 years old I currently weigh 158lbs and im wanting to lose about 20lbs. I started taking this pill(1 in the morning 1 int he afternoon) about a week ago, I also cut out all sweets and eating a healthy cereal for breakfast and salads for lunch and dinner with snacks in between. I walk for 20 min in the am and 45-50 min on thr afternoon-brisk walking. I am also a mother of 3 so im constantly moving and cleaning. I have not lost a single pound. I do have hypothyroidism but my levels are perfect. So am I doing something wrong? Shouldnt I have lost something by now?especially because I ate alot of sweets,soda fast food ect and I dont eat any of that now. Please help. Thanks"


February 5, 2013
response by George

Congrats on making a change and taking this big step, you can reach your goals just stick with it. You can move up the dose to the highest level, slowly as you are on the lowest dose right now.

If you are not making any progress then you need to adjust your diet and or training so you burn more calories, or consume less - or the combination of both.

February 2, 2013    question
Pearl   Age: 23

"... One more question. If I do not increase the intake of the pills, will it not effect my body? I am intending on taking 2 pills per day as prescribed on the label of Lipo 6 Black Hers (not the ultra concentrated version). I am bit scared of using diet pills, so I would like to stick to 2 pills per day, please help?

Also, I am a ardent green tea drinker which is without milk and sugar, can I continue drinking green tea with this product?



February 2, 2013
response by Carla

Hi Pearl, great questions and concerns we all share at first.

When starting a product like this that contains powerful stimulants, you ALWAYS start with the lowest dose. Allow your body to adapt and see if you can handle it. Then slowly work your way up to the full dose - to get the full effects.

Remember, you WILL still get results at any dose - but of course the best results come with the suggested full dose. Also, know that your diet and fitness make up a large portion of your results - you can't expect to take a pill and magically lose weight right? So pay attention to all areas (supplements, nutrition, exercise) to get your 2-3lbs loss per week.

With regards to green tea, that is an excellent daily habit that you can safely continue.

It comes down to how badly you want it and if you're mentally strong enough to get there. Go after it!

February 1, 2013    question
pearl   Age: 23

"... Hello...I am planning to start with this product in a week..I m 5 feet 8 inches and weigh around 80 kgs. I want to get my weight to aroun 65 to 70 kgs..I have been working out 6 days a week since 3 months...and lost just nearly 2.5 kgs..will product help me tone my body? and i go to gym in the evenings...can i take it 30 minutes before my work out?"


February 1, 2013
response by Lion

Yes, adding a quality fat burner such as this one WILL help your efforts, but it is essential to continue to exercise and eat well to get the best results. You already have the gym in place so that is excellent, but remember nutrition is extremely important. Cut our your carbs after 7pm each night, it will make a huge difference.

Yes you can take it before your workouts to get an extra energy push, but it is a strong stimulant so it might keep you up at night. Test it and find out.


February 1, 2013
response by pearl

thank u so much...!!!

January 29, 2013    question
Alli   Age: 37

"... I am getting ready to use this product, (just ordered) and after I placed my order I read that you should not drink coffee while using it. What happens if you drink coffee? I drink about 1 pot of coffee a day, black."


January 30, 2013
response by Ray

Well the point is that this product contains stimulants, as does coffee. Which means that you may have too much in one day. But, everyone is different. I would suggest that you start the product at the lowest dose as suggested and slowly work your way up. Have your cup of coffee as well and see how you handle it. Remember to drink plenty of water (much more than usual) to keep the headaches away.

Good luck!

January 29, 2013    question
Corrina   Age: 29

"... I took one pill yesterday, followed the a healthy diet 3 meals, with healthy snacks in between and a ton of water. But after I took it, I felt nausea which is common I guess, and horrible stomach cramps and multiple trips to the bathroom! Is this normal? Frequent bathroom trips and stomach cramps? "


January 30, 2013
response by James

Give it a few days to see if it settles out. This is a rare thing and usually goes away but if you still have cramps after a week then this product is not for you.

January 12, 2013    question
Michelle   Age: 19

"... The label says 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the afternoon I see some people take up to 3 at each time. How many are you suppose to take each day. I workout everyday and am trying to loose 40-50 pounds"


January 16, 2013
response by Lisa

(Sarah, please use the same username), Start with the lowest dose and slowly work your way up to the maximum dose. If you feel the stimulants are too high then don't overdo it.

January 12, 2013    question
Sarah   Age: 20

"... I just started using this product and am very excited to see what is in store for me as far as weightloss. I started really working out on Wednesday and have worked out everyday and Plan to continue doing that. I'm not sure how many calories to eat per day I am 180 lbs and want to be like 140. Also how many pounds should I drop per week on this product?"


January 16, 2013
response by Lisa

Sarah, you are headed in the right direction and you have a great attitude towards your weight loss. It's excellent you are working out as that will dramatically improve your results and how this product works. To lose weight you will either have to burn more calories in the gym or eat less calories each day, or a combination of both. If you find you are not losing weight then you have to make those adjustments. Remember, even a small cheat meal can set you back days as your body needs to adjust.

With a good diet, exercise plan and the use of this product you will lose 2-3 pounds per week - if not then you are not being strict enough with your end.

January 2, 2013    question
Victoria   Age: 21

"... Hello , I am planning on starting this supplement. I am 21 and my height is 5'4 and i was 90kgs last year and now i am 78kgs. I know i have lost 12kgs but the problem i am facing now is i have to study alot and don't find time for physical activities and workout programmes. I am getting married this year and i want to lose atleast 10-15 kgs as soon as possible , please tell me if this supplement is good and what is the diet plan i will have to follow as i don't find time for workouts. Regards, Victoria"


January 5, 2013
response by George

Congrats on the great progress so far, going from 90kgs to 78ks. You have the will power and motivation to get the job done, which is a great start.

Using this will help you lose the rest, even if you can't go to the gym. But there is NO EXCUSE for poor nutrition, that is something you can always control. Follow a good diet plan with this product and you'll be OK.

Remember, drink plenty of water, eat every 2-3 hours, keep your calories and carbohydrates low in the evenings, etc.

January 2, 2013    question
shenee   Age: 25

"... Is it ok to use this product with birth control pills?"


January 2, 2013
response by Ryan

99.9% of people are fine with it, meaning it doesn't affect the effectiveness of the pill. But if you are concerned talk to a professional doctor rather than website forums.

December 17, 2012    question
Tahryn   Age: 20

"... Hi. Im 20 years old. Never been a big person at all. Im 168cm weighing 65kg. Iv lost 3kg from diet and exercise alone but hit a brick wall for the past 6 weeks so im hoping this product is the boost i need to get back to 58kg.. Just worried once i get back to 58kg (if this product works) will i then put the weight back on without future use of lipo-6 black hers? I eat healthy and do a 5km cycle 6 days a week. What is your suggestion??"


December 17, 2012
response by Tahryn

Also another question. Is a 5km cycle a big enough workout with this product. Do you HAVE to do weights/gym or is cardio enough?

December 8, 2012    question
Shauna   Age: 25

"... I just bought this supplement and noticed it says do not take with thyroid medication. What happens if you do?"


December 14, 2012
response by Pete

It will lead to side-effects as it can be a dangerous combination. The ingredients in Lipo 6 affect your thyroid so it will interfere with the other medications and can possibly lead to complications.

Instead, try a stimulant free solution. At the top of this site, click to sort by Goals and click to weight loss for the options.

December 2, 2012    question
Nouran   Age: 23

"... I am a smoker, can I take this product or not? I will take take the 120 pills version. How many pills should I take per day and how? I will go to the gym with it is that also okay? I also smoke like 15 cigs per day ..."


December 4, 2012
response by Laura

Yes, smoking will not affect the effectiveness of this product, BUT you will never allow your body to truly burn as much fat as possible when abusing drugs such as nicotine.

I would suggest to stop, but it all depends on how badly you want to reach your weight loss goals.

November 21, 2012    question
Est   Age: 27

"... Hi, I have been taking this for about a week with two pills in the morning and one in the afternoon. I have already seen results and have been feeling fine for the past few days but today when I did some cardio I got quite intense chest pains. I heard that a few people have experienced this and was wondering if I should drop my dosage or drop the pill altogether as it's quite an unnerving feeling!"


November 21, 2012
response by Dylan

Yes, by all means you can drop the dosage down. The other question would be how intense was the cardio? Did you have enough water before hand? Did you warm up properly? Did you eat before your workout or on an empty stomach? Did you eat ptoperly the day before? Are you on any other stimulants such as coffee before the cardio?

As you can see there can be a large number of variables involved.

November 17, 2012    question
Hina   Age: 32

"... Hi, I have been using this product since 2 weeks but I had some problem having spotting after 15 days of my menstural cycle. Is it normal? Should I consult a doctor for this? I also have endometrosis, is it normal with it or not?"


November 21, 2012
response by Teddy

This seems to come up with advanced fat burners that contains stimultants. Unless your body fat has dropped dramatically it should not be happening. Even though there is a slim chance that the product is actually causing it, you should perhaps get checked out to see if it is anything else that needs to be addressed.

November 14, 2012    question
Rose    Age: 19

"... I'm 19 years old. Is it ok to take one pill a day? "


November 20, 2012
response by Jacob

Yes it is ok, but if you can handle the proper full dose then you should be using that - to get the best results.

November 13, 2012    question
AMORA11   Age: 20

"... HI! Ive used lipo 6 the regular one and i got pretty good results.. I eat healthy most of the time 1200-1300 calories a day and no gym access so i try to workout at home and some running for cardio. I was 250 and dropped 15Lbs on my own and I am now hoping to lose 40-50 lbs taking this pill .. any suggestions or tips to help me lose weight faster???"


November 20, 2012
response by Milan

You are on the right track and being able to figure out how to lose fat without a supplement is a great start. Adding this will simply help the efforts you put in, so instead of losing 1-2lbs per week without it, you will lose 2-3lbs with it.

Best of luck!

November 6, 2012    question
linda   Age: 24

"... Hi.I have a very serious question.
I am a women and have taken 0-2 pills of lipo6black since 2-3 weeks.
and i dont get my period. is that normal?
I made 3 pregnancy test troughout the last week and yesterday. With negative results
Do you think, the delay could happen because of the pill?
Or do some ingredients can chage the results of an hcg test into negative?
Please answer quick"


November 12, 2012
response by Drake

Yes, this happens sometimes but usually when bodyfat is extremely low. If you are concerned the PLEASE visit your doctor.

October 24, 2012    question
Fany   Age: 29

"... Hello, I am taking one pill daily, but I am going to the beach this weekend, I am sure that I will drink alcohol.. LOL, can I still take one pill daily? "


October 31, 2012
response by Simon

Yes you can but you are wasting your time with any weight loss goals. You need to commit to it and stick to it, simple as that. Will you have any side-effects from mixng the alcohol, no.


November 7, 2012
response by Lala

You WILL have side effects from mixing the pills with alcohol... Please stop taking them 24 hours prior to the vacation. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it have you urinating. You need fluids while taking these pills , and you should be drinking a lot of water while taking them

October 24, 2012    question
dodi   Age: 41

"... hi. i am 41 years old, 5 ft 3 inch, weight initially 67kg started lipo 6 in august. i have taken 2 bottles and now i weight 58 kg. i have stop taking lipo for 1 month. can i start again? ..i was told that maximum we can take - 2 bottles per year. please advise, thank you."


October 31, 2012
response by Nick

Yes, you should always take breaks with stimulant based fat burners. The general rule of thumb is half the time off as you were on, to let you receptors and body recovery.

October 22, 2012    question
Naomi   Age: 28

"... I had a kidney problem when I was little, can I use this pill and take lot of water during the day? "


October 24, 2012
response by Paul

I would start with the lowest dose and drink PLENTY of water each day. Listen to your body and if you think it's not right for you then stop. I would also suggest talking to a professional as it is your health.

October 15, 2012    question
dalia   Age: 24

"... I used it for 3 days i can't get over the side effects headache , anxiety , nervousness
and Excessive urination any help please to get over it ? "


October 15, 2012
response by Nick

Yes, this is very common for ultra strength stimulant type fat burners such as this for some people. Be sure to drink PLENTY of water all day. Most people think they do but they don't, you need to constantly be drinking to keep the headaches away.

October 12, 2012    review
Kylie   Age: 41

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey peeps was very excited to have my tablets delivered today , took 3 this morning no side effects so far , feeling positive , I am 5 foot 4 and weigh 59.2kos I train cardio, weights and TRX up to 10 hrs a week and I have hit a stale mate in weight loss ... Although not focussing on weight so much .. I would like more definition so I thought I would try the product to c if will help me shred abit ... Will keep u posted on how I go .... "

October 9, 2012    question
Mary Padilla   Age: 21

"... I weigh 128lbs and I'm 21 years old.This is my fourth day taking the pills and I've been more out of it instead of being energized like I should be. It makes me more tired and I want to know whats going on. I make sure I eat right and I exercise every morning. lately it feels like I'm dragging. Whats going on? "


October 15, 2012
response by Shawn

Did you start with the LOWEST dose to let your body adpat or did you jump to the max dose right away? This is a major and common mistake most people do and it causes these side-effects. Just be sure you are drinking ALL THE TIME, not just here and there when you are thirsty. It makes a tremendous difference. Also, beb sure to eat every 3 hours or so as well.

October 6, 2012    question
Meera   Age: 48

"... Hi, I would like to use the product and I don't have a problem with blood pressure but I take one pill for cholesterol which is never high now. Does this contradict with the product? Thanks."


October 15, 2012
response by Parker

It's impossible to know as you have not told us WHICH cholesterol prescription you are taking. In general, it should NOT conflict with this fat burner but I would suggest you discuss it with your doctor first if you are concerned.

October 4, 2012    question
First Timer   Age: 33

"... Can you drink an occasional glass of wine while taking Lipo 6?"


October 11, 2012
response by Parker

Of course, once in a while. Just remember, any type of alcohol sets you backwards with any weight loss or weight gain goals. Keep it to a minimum and always give 100% to your diet and exercise to get to your destination.

October 3, 2012    question
Haleema   Age: 22

"... Hi I am 22 and I weight 198 and I wana loose 30 pound I just started today 10/3/12 and I need to ask how long is the process? I can't take pill before breakfast? How do I control my metabolism? Any suggestions?"


October 3, 2012
response by Phil

Congrats on taking the first steps, making the choice to lose the weight. It will be a hard battle but you can do it if you stay dedicated.

With a good diet and fitness plan and the addition of this product you can expect to lose 1-3lbs per week, another higher is NOT HEALTHY and DANGEROUS. If you are not losing this amount then you need to either increase your exercise and/or reduce your calories.

October 1, 2012    question
Ashley   Age: 18

"... What is the best diet to use when taking this pill? Thanks!"


October 3, 2012
response by Julie

If you are trying to lose weight then you need to cut back your calories. Eat high protein, low carb and low fat foods such as fish, chicken breaks, lean red meats, fish, brown rice, egg whites, oatmeal, tuna, etc.

September 30, 2012    question
Suzane   Age: 33

"... Can I take this supplement and also l-carnitin?"


October 3, 2012
response by Obama

Yes, that will be a great addition to boost energy and fat loss.

September 27, 2012    question
Eden   Age: 18

"... I've just started exercising and i also eat healthy 90% of the time, i currently weigh 65 kilos however i want to drop 5-10 kilos, I'm extremely interested in using the supplement after reading the reviews however i don't want to use it, drop the weight then go off it and gain all the weight back, how long is it necessary to be taking it and will the weight stay off if I'm exercising/eating correctly?"


October 3, 2012
response by Heather

The only way you will GAIN WEIGHT BACK is if you stop exercising or eat BADLY. Stopping the product will not make you magically gain fat, it's your lifestyle that does that. So stay healhty and strict and maintain your results.


November 5, 2012
response by lucille

I'm 23 years old and I'm 35kg I tried eating a lot I even took pills for appetite 4 a month now and its not helping I want to gain weight because I feel to skinny what can I take I want something that will make me see and feel the difference in 7 days please help me

September 27, 2012    question
Bonnie   Age: 29

"... I justed started today n worried cause its rare for me to get any side effects iv done every diet pill out there I weigh 150 n trying to get 130 I used to work out 5 days a week now I am in the process of opening a business so all my time on that n my 2 year old! Do u think this pill will work for me especially considering all other pills have failed me?: "


October 3, 2012
response by Sylvie

Well you have to remember, no pill will work on it's own. It's 40% diet, 40% exercise, 20% supplements. And the pill will have little to no effect unless you put effort in to your lifestyle.

As far as fat burners go, this is the best solution out there specifically for women. Start with the lowest dose and work your way up gradually.

September 26, 2012    question
Karlie   Age: 24

"... I'm thinking about trying this product. I've never taken any supplements before. I've gone from 84kg to 67kg on my own. However I've been in a plateau for at least 3-4 years. I still have a lot of fat to burn! Only recently I've altered my exercise regime - start with 1 hour cardio (interval) everyday, then either light weight training or abdominal workout for a further 40-45mins (altered throughout the week to allow rest). I am also taking the pill (Ginet-84). My doctor isn't much help and I've asked her repeatedly about weight loss and she just laughs it off (she isn't in the best shape herself) So I'm kind of stuck for ideas & help etc. I eat healthy too so no worries there!

I am in need of something to help kick start my system into fat burning mode! Can anyone shed some light on this? Also, is this a steroid? "


September 26, 2012
response by Carl

First, congrats on your ability to drop 14 pounds on your own, diet and exercise is the KEY behind any success. So you are on the right path and ready to add a supplement to boost the results. It's a great way to get over the plateau and get back to losing that 1-2lbs per week.

This is NOT a steroid, it is a fat burner. There is a stimulant factor so start at the lowest dose and work your way up. Also, be sure to drink PLENTY of water each day to avoid headaches, dizziness, etc.

Best of luck!


September 26, 2012
response by Karlie

Thanks very much!

September 16, 2012    review
barbie   Age: 29

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hi i started taking these pills a couple days ago and losing 2 - 3lbs a day whats also helping is im doing the cabbage soup diet along with taking the pills the cabbage soup diet is very good too i lose alot with it i just combine both together and viola! U lose weight fast! :)"

September 15, 2012    question
Curious   Age: 31

"... I am currently taking Lipo 6 Black Hers. I have been taking it for almost two weeks and I have yet to see any results. I love the energy but no weight loss. How many calories should I consume a day at 398 pounds, and how many should I burn to lose 3-4 pounds a week?"


September 20, 2012
response by Chris

Glad you are happy with the energy, the lack of weight loss is now due to your diet and / or exercise. You need to commit to it and not depend on a fat burner - it takes work. So either increase your workouts or exercise or cut back on your calories and eat less junk.

If you are doing everything strict and right, you should be losing 1-2lbs per week.

Good luck.

September 14, 2012    question
Jessica   Age: 22

"... Can I use this with a whey protein? Also, can it be used simply for a preworkout supplement?"


September 20, 2012
response by Troy

Yes, of course! You should be using a good whey protein daily regardless of your goals - it ensures you are getting your required amount of proteins per day.

It will give you energy so yes it will give your workouts a boost.

September 11, 2012    question
Kayla   Age: 19

"... Ive taken this supplement for about two weeks and a half. I started this weighing 150 and weight has fluceuated up and down. Ive been doing weight training 3 times a week to get toned and was wondering why I havent yet lost any weight. my goal is 135 lbs but would be happy with 140. I do eat a healthy diet for the most part, not so much on weekends when going out, but should I be doing more cardio? or is there a certain amount of calories I should be consuming a day? The supplement directions doesnt say anything about exersize or dieting therefore thought it would come off faster if I were to keep up with eating healthy and exercizing"


September 13, 2012
response by Kim Duke

Nutrition is key! Even if you're exercising and taking this it's important to keep your diet clean. At your weight I'd suggest consuming between 1500-1800 calories in able to lose weight. Not eating enough can keep you from losing. Keep your protein high and carbs should consist of good carbs like veggies and whole wheats. Stay away from the processed foods, sodium, an artificial sweeteners. A proper diet and consistent exercise should get you where you want to be.

September 11, 2012    question
Linda   Age: 33

"... I started using Lipo 6 Black her today 11/9/2012. I am 5'8 and currently weigh 200pounds. had the fist dose this morning by 6am and had breakfast around 9.30am.... i feel very this normal"


September 14, 2012
response by Nick

Yes, this is one of the effects of using this fat burner. It will rev up your metabolism giving you a hunger feeling. Just make sure that you eat healthy foods and not junk when you are in this state. Stick with healthy snacks between meals such as almonds, trail mix, dried fruits etc.

Best of luck and keep us posted! Be sure to keep your water intake high to avoid headaches and nausea.

September 9, 2012    review
Lizzy   Age: 24

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I was just looking through the reviews and saw a lot of questions vs. reviews! I just wanted to say this is a great product! I have used it on and off for about 6 months and it is my absolute favorite. It isn't a miracle pill and will require a little work on your part! The results are phenomenal though. Thank you for the great product!"

September 8, 2012    review
stacey   Age: 26

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Ok so started this three days ago. Two pills a day. First day awful headache. Pretty sure it was the caffeine overload lol. I am down two pounds in three days. Never really hungry but I do feel sick through out the day so I force myself a yogurt or something small and I feel better. However, I have had my first bad food a cookie and instant stomach cramps! It just went right through me, so im def avoiding sweets. I drink nothing but water and skim milk, workout twenty minutes a day, every day. I do insanity, biking and walking throughout the week. Other than sweets going right through me which I don't need them anyways I love this product. 14lbs to go!!! Oh and yes drink lots and lots of water!"

September 7, 2012    question
Carol   Age: 39

"... I am 39 years old and weigh 138 lbs. I just started taking Lipo six hers about four days ago, I feel fine, but I sometimes feel very hungry, I take two at morning then go to the gym, then take two in the afternoon but I still feel hungry, am I doing something wrong? And, does Lipo six hers make your belly bloat?"


September 8, 2012
response by Quinton

You are hungry because your metabolism is in full swing. It is not suppose to make you feel full or not hungry. So everythign is fine, just be sure to be eating every 2-3 hours, small healthy meals. If you do not, your body will instead use your muscle as energy and burn it while storing the fat. So eat!

Bloating is not a common side-effect from this, perhaps, again, you are not eating?

September 5, 2012    question
Kate   Age: 38

"... today I started taking this capsule. I took only one in the morning and one afternoon as I was terrified by reading the reviews of severe side effects caused by Lipo 6 black hers. I took tea also 3 times but nothing happened. People telling about its effects they felt from 1st day but for me its nothing. I wonder if it will work for me if I continue? I have decided to take two caps x2 from tomorrow."


September 8, 2012
response by Peter

What severe side-effects have you heard of? Most are from people that are uneducated about it before they use it (silly to use it before understanding it) but the main issue seems to be dizziness and headaches which is 100% due to DEHYDRATION. You need to drink A LOT of water ALL THE TIME.

It will work for you just stick with it.. be sure your diet and exercise are on point as well.

September 4, 2012    question
kaylee   Age: 20

"... Can you take the Lipo 6 and the Be hot from GNC at the same time? I have been on the be hot for a week and just got the lipo 6 in the mail just want to make sure."


September 8, 2012
response by Rick

The only issue might be that the amount of stimulants might be too much to handle. Remember, MORE does not equal to BETTER results. I would stick with ONE product and follow a good diet and exercise plan and you'll get the results you want.

August 31, 2012    question
Sharina   Age: 21

"... I was just wondering if I will also be able to take AB CUTS (product) with this? "


September 1, 2012
response by Paul

I wouldn't suggest stacking any other stimulant based fat burner with this as it's very strong. You can try if you like, but if you feel too jittery stop.

August 26, 2012    question
chantelle   Age: 30

"... Is it ok to drink coffee/tea while taking this?
Or is there too much caffeine in it.
I have taken it and also had a coffee and felt sick, but wasnt too sure if it was because of the coffee or just a new supplement to my system."


September 1, 2012
response by Jana

Sure, but if you are sensitive to stimulants then it might be too much. Just be smart and listen to your body, if you feel too jittery or just not right then cut out the coffee and tea.

You know, you CAN have decaf tea and coffee.


September 7, 2012
response by Chantelle

Thanks, I've resorted to green tea and loads of water. Figure if I'm going to do this, I may as well do it right :-)

August 18, 2012    question
lisa   Age: 34

"... Hi, I have been using this product for acbout 3 weeks. Has anyone else had pain in their jaw and teeth. It's not in only 1 tooth it is in several, on the top and bottom. Cheers "


August 21, 2012
response by Vlado

This is very odd and I would highly question if it is due to the use of this product as side-effects often occur from the start not so late in to the cycle. Either way, if you are concerned I would visit the doctor to find out what it's actually from.

August 16, 2012    question
Sarah   Age: 26

"... Can a smoker use Lipo 6? Are there any bad side affects reported from people who smoke??"


August 21, 2012
response by Carl

Yes, of course. Will you results be much less than a non-smoker, yes. Smoking is a rare thing these days as most people realize it has zero benefits. In any health based decisions especially weight loss, you need to commit all your efforts which include stopping smoking.

August 16, 2012    question
alaya   Age: 17

"... Hey Im 180lbs (female) and I want to lose anywhere between 15 to 30lbs, but Im tremendously worried about losing the fat that I like for example butt, boobs and thighs. My problem area is my stomach I do walk daily and stick to a relatively healthy diet, so is this product good for me or not ?"


August 21, 2012
response by Heather

It's impossible to select where you lose fat from, this is a myth that infomercials spread. For example, just because you exercise your abs doesn't mean you'll lose fat there. Fat comes off your body evenly from everywhere, some people get luck and keep their breasts, etc. But again, it's all genetics and nothing that you can control.

Just give it a shot and you'll be surprised how well your entire body looks in a matter of weeks when you stick to a good exercise and diet plan with the use of these pills.

August 10, 2012    question
Sash   Age: 28

"... Hi, im currently using lipo 6 from 21 st July and so far i have lost 4 kg up to today with the work out by orbitrek. im 28yrs old and my current weight is 63 kg , height 5 feet 2 inches. Also i just want to know whether this will affect to my menstrual cycle. I had my last periods on 20th July and i started lipo six on 21st July. On 22nd my periods was over by 2days. usualy it goes for 4 - 5 days. and im wondering whether my next circle will get delayed. Can you pls advise me ? Im bit scared about this"


August 14, 2012
response by Trevor

Congrats on the great results!

Usually there are no complications with your menstrual cycle but it has been discussed. It's usually when your body fat levels drops low that you can actually miss full cycles for months at a time - but that is rare.

Also, if you are truly concerned please visit your physician.

August 6, 2012    question
piya   Age: 29

"... is it a must to workout while i take lipo6? i am a housewife and no time to workout"


August 9, 2012
response by Ken

You have to make time, all depends on how bad you want it. There is no such thing as a magic pill, where it makes you magically lose fat without ANY effort.

You are a housewife but that doesn't prevent you from eating HEALTHY, zero excuses. So that is one third of the game you can take care of. The exercise part, well be ACTIVE with your kids - take walks, play in the park, walk up and down stair with them. You see, you CAN make it work if you want to.

This is perhaps the best fat burner for women out there today and does work extremely well but not if you don't.

August 6, 2012    question
Christina   Age: 30

"... I have been taking Lipo 6 Black Hers for almost 1 1/2 weeks now...starting with 1 pill 2x a day and then 2 pills 2x a day, and now I am up to 3 pills 2x a day. A day or two after switching to 2 pills 2x a day I started having spotting between my menstrual cycle. Is this normal? Does this product mess with a woman's cycle or hormones?
Thanks!! "


August 9, 2012
response by Paul

This can be a side-effects, but usually is temporary. If you have ANY concerns contact a professional with the ingredient list so they can give you a PROFESSIONAL advice.

It does affect your hormones so it's just part of the game for some.


August 9, 2012
response by Ish

Hi Paul,
Are you sure this will affect the female hormones ???


August 22, 2012
response by sue

why are you taking so many pills a day? I believe you are supposed to take one with breakfast and one with lunch.


August 30, 2012
response by erin

Sue, she is following what the label says.... 3 pills 2x a day

July 23, 2012    question
Ishara   Age: 28

"... Hi, i started to use this pill since last saturday. it s the 1 pill version. so i took 1 pill in the morning at 6 am and then the second one at 1 pm, i was ok but i was seating and light headed, but on the second day, thatmeans on sunday i took the pill at 6am and i got a severe sickness with gastritis and i couldnt even swallow water and it was like squeezing my neck. i could nt eat at all and i vomited. i took famotidine 20 mg + domperidone 10 mg tablet but im still suffering from gastritis. i stopd currently having lipo 6. but is it good of i take this lipo 6 tablet once a day with domperidone + famotidine ????? PLS HELP, coz i wanna lose weight somehow as my wedding is on next month end, currently my weight is 65 kg and i jst wanna lose 5kg - 10 kg only."


July 25, 2012
response by Cory

Read the other questions and answers, being light headed is 100% normal and caused by dehydration, so DRINK lots of water to get rid of it. Most people don't drink nearly enough liquids throughout the day and when they try something like this it hits them. And for those that do drink it's usually caffeinated drink like coffee or tea or pop which is also a diuretic and makes this much worse.

Be sure to drink and eat around the pill and you'll be ok.

Remember, this is a powerful mix of ingredients that are forcing your body to burn fat .. a chemical reaction.

July 18, 2012    question
Sarah   Age: 25

"... On my first day taking it is it normal to feel nausea ?"


July 20, 2012
response by Paul

Yes, take a couple of minutes and READ the many questions and answers below as this is the most common side-effects and how to deal with it is also described.

July 12, 2012    question
Marinda   Age: 49

"... I have been using lipo 6 for a while now together with a resistance training program and it works really well! I also have much more energy that usual. I'd love to continue using it. The only problem is that I take it at about 8 o"clock in the morning and every day by about 5 pm, I start developing the worst headache that you can imagine. Since it is a slow release capsule I am not sure if another substance in the pill gets released a bit later in the day or why every day at 5?? I then start popping the headache tablets one after the other but nothing seems to help. Has anybody got any idea how I can continue using the Lipo 6 and avoid or treat the headaches effectively??"


July 15, 2012
response by Tara

Glad it's working out for your so far, thanks for sharing!

The headache are almost ALWAYS from dehydration, so that means you need to drink more, much more. Most people don't realize it until it's too late and the headache comes. So always have a water bottle handy and keep sipping away.

July 11, 2012    question
Rose   Age: 27

"... Hi, I workout 3 times a week now. A few months back I had lots of energy and used to workout 3 hrs per day, now I hardly run on the treadmill and do not have the energy to workout more than half an hour. I lost my control on diet and have put on 20 pounds in 6 months. I want to get back in shape!

I am a vegan, so can you suggest for me on how can I start this product and a diet that suits me. I will be really thankful!"


July 15, 2012
response by Dana

You've lost it before so do what you did back then. This place won't give you a complete diet, you'll need a personal trainer or it.

But it comes down to common sense, cut out the bad foods. You know what they are and you just need to not cheat. It's either you want the results or you don't.

Adding this product is a GREAT choice but you have to make an effort.

July 7, 2012    question
lwilliams184   Age: 58

"... Can yountake this supplement when you have high blood pressure?"


July 15, 2012
response by Geoorge

I would probably suggest not, as it can raise it slightly temporarily. Why not consult with your doctor to be absolutely certain.

July 2, 2012    question
sydney   Age: 20

"... I have some lower back/ side fat that I want gone, I work out 4 times a week, and I'm starting this fat burner and insanity work out, should this be enough to lose my unwanted fat?"


July 5, 2012
response by Josef

Yes, as long as you stick with the training and EAT CORRECTLY. This is not magic pills and as all fat burners will take dedication from you.

June 28, 2012    question
Lucy   Age: 25

"... Hi my name is Lucy and I am considering using this product. I have checked out all the reviews and the product seems to have substantial results. However I am currently taking a anti depressant pristiq 50mg and was wondering if anyone else is using the same anti depressant and weather you guys had any adverse reactions to the lipo 6 black. Your input would be much appreciated :) Thank you in advance "


June 30, 2012
response by Diana

You'll probably have a hard time finding someone with the exact medication on here, why not call up your doctor or jump in to a walk-in clinic to get a quick and reliable answer.

June 25, 2012    question
kris   Age: 13

"... i really wanna loose weight and i was thinking about taking these pills. but im 13, should I or shouldnt I?"


June 26, 2012
response by Nina

NO! You are too young, most likely, you will grow out your baby fat. Don't worry so much about how you look and enjoy your childhood. The label on the product clearly states you should be at least 21 years of age! You can be preventive and watch your diet, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid fast foods. I think that will be a great start!

June 25, 2012    question
Ann Gonzales   Age: 35

"... I have PCOS and so my doctor has me on metformin for that, not for diabetes, I do not have diabetes, I do have a hypothyroid, Does metformin have a negative interaction with lipo 6 black? From what I've read it seems the thyroid like qualities of the lipo 6 will help with my lack of thyroid activity?"


June 27, 2012
response by Jane

Again, this is something you need to consult your doctor with or contact the brand directly.

June 25, 2012    question
Tara   Age: 21

"... Hi there, I am almost 22 and I am a hypothyroid. I have been told that its fine to use Lipo 6, today is my third day I did cardio step. Yesterday I couldn't finish my 1 hr and I felt dizzy and sick. Might this be a side effect or maybe due to the fact that I was hungry?

What do you recommend, than you."


June 27, 2012
response by Heather

Might just be the first day as your body adjusts. Also, if you did this on an empty stomach or didn't drink enough liquids then that would be a cause of the effects.

June 18, 2012    review
EJ   Age: 39

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I'm on my 4th day. I lost 4 lbs. It works great. Side effects are sweating, light headed and not beling able to fall asleep."

June 16, 2012    review
Navarette65   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... So on my 6th day, taking 3 pills am/3pills pm. I dont hve the side effect of notbeing being to sleep, i actually took my 3 pills at 7pm one time and I slept fine, but i did work out so that may have counteracted it. These pills keep me energized & I have lost about 6lbs I started last sunday. Hopefully the diet/excercise helps some more but so far so good."

June 14, 2012    question
Alexis    Age: 19

"... I just bought this prdouct. I heard it works really well. Im trying to get my weight down to join the army... Whats a good diet plan to use with this product for best results."


June 15, 2012
response by Trey

Yep, this is one of the best fat burners you can get right now specifically for women.

A good diet plan is to eat 4-6 small meals per day every 2-3 hours basically. Cut out all process, canned or fast food. Drop your carbohydrates after 5pm and drink plenty of water.

June 12, 2012    review
Navarette65   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... 3rd day on the pills, today is my first day on 2 pills am/pm , a tiny tiny bit shaky but not too bad.. Feel very energized. Im at work so I cant work out but once I get home I will be able to. Havent weighed myself yet ! I will do so at the end of the week. Wll update later on !"

June 10, 2012    review
Navarette65   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I just took my first pill today, starting as every one suggested, one pill am/ one pill pm. for the first 2 days, and I FEEL GREAT. i feel engergize, and i feel good.
hoping for some great results along with a work out and good diet !!!wish me luck, i will update as frequently as possible !"

June 8, 2012    question
Sue   Age: 31

"... I added the use of Lipo 6 Hers black to a regimen of p90x and running.
I took 2 pills in the am y'day and 2 in the afternoon... last night after working out I noticed tingling in my toes... this has only gotten more intense today (increased dosage to 3 pills in am and afternoon today) and I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have other side effects but the persistent tingling is unexpected. Comments?"


June 12, 2012
response by Joey

Might be the increase in blood pressure from the stimulant based ingredients - if it feels uncomfortable are you are concerned lower the dosage to the lowest amount and go from there. Slowly move up over time.


June 13, 2012
response by Sue

thanks... the tingling is still there but only on the right big toe... bizarre!
but the supplement has been working great.... my appetite is definitely suppressed, drinking tons of water and am feeling quite energized throughout the day without jitters! definitely feel the high metabolic rate, even in simple day to day activities.
i have been taking it with CLA (conugated linoleic acid) and been consuming a vegetarian high protein diet... lost 5 lbs in a week while building muscle.
i think if these are used correctly with proper effort, the results can be great!

June 7, 2012    question
angela   Age: 29

"... I have been taking this for almost a month. in the first week I was really feeling great. after the second week i wasnt feeling anything . I tried not taking them for a few days and then starting again but still nothing . Is anyone else having this problem?


June 8, 2012
response by Susan

Some people get used to the effects. Did you start from the LOWEST dosage and slowly work your way up as is directed on the label? If you went right to the max dose then you probably burnt out your receptors. Take a break and start again properly.

June 7, 2012    question
NurseMJ   Age: 20

"... Hello all!
I plan on using this supplement to lose weight for our havasu trip at the end of this month !!!! im currently at 155 at 5'4.. I need to lose about 15-20 lbs. Will this pill help along w. cardio for about 30 min to an hour a day! PLEASE HELP!!!!"


June 8, 2012
response by George

You should never aim at losing more than 2 pounds per week, otherwise you are simply losing MUSCLE and not fat. Stick with it, patience and commitment.

May 9, 2012    question
sabrina   Age: 30

"... i've taken for 3 weeks, however i started to get some red pimples on my face. Can this be a side effect? Did anyone get acne while on the product. I love the product but I'm started to break out not sure if because of lipo6???"


May 10, 2012
response by Paul

It might or might not be related. The thing with fat burners and stimulants is that they make your body work harder and sweat through the pores. So you need to shower at least once a day and wash your face, especially after workouts. Most people just go home and then get zits.

May 2, 2012    question
Nicole   Age: 40

"... Hi i just started taking Lipo 6 Black Hers... Im not really looking to lose that much fat/weight im happy with my body... BUT would LOVE to change FAT for muscle... I workout 7days a week total of 12hs a week... Would it be enough for me to take 1 o 2 pills... Or do i need to take the MAX dose no matter what? Thanks! "


May 3, 2012
response by Paul

I would start with the lowest dose and see how it goes for 1-2 weeks. If you find it's not enough then work your way up to the max dosage as that is the optimal level for results.


May 15, 2012
response by Nicole

Thank you !

May 1, 2012    review
Jessica   Age: 45

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Well I just started taking this product today. The energy level is true and I have no jitters. I started working out again five days ago and had to really push myself for a 30 minute workout. This morning I was more than excited to just do it not having to push at all. I hit 250 pounds and decided I have had enough of gaining weight. Very disappointed cause last yr I had dropped below 200 I was so proud but I fell of the wagon. I remember I busted my butt I was doing half day workouts and not eating much. This time I will do the small meals every 3 to 4 hrs and see how it goes. I ahve ben heavy my whole life. Im 5"3 al most of my adult life been well over 200. My max weight was 280 and I was so unhappy. I would b happy with 170 to 180 if I can just get their. So I am hoping this product will help me do it. I will be back on progress reports whether good or bad. But I have faith so far its been all it says it does..."

May 1, 2012    question
KG   Age: 27

"... I'm currently on my second day of Lipo 6 Black Her Ultra Concentrate and I've had such a hard time trying to swallow the pills today. Yesterday was easy, as I believe I was just so excited to start using them. Today I've wasted 3 pills trying to swallow them without any luck. Is it ok to split the pill and mix it in my sugarless applesauce or water. Not trying to be a big baby, but I'm tired of wasting pills (money) and I really liked the energy it gave me on day one. This had to be the first fat burner pill that did not make me nervous or give me the jitters. Advice please!"


May 1, 2012
response by Shane

I would say with water is the best bet as with the apple sauce unless you lick the bowl clean you may be missing some.

Even though it is preferable to have the capsule whole and let it dissolve in your stomach as it's intended. If you have problems, look up when you swallow it.. sounds funny but it works.

April 30, 2012    question
Rose   Age: 27

"... PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Hi, Im using "Lipo 6 Black Hers" for the the past 1 week together with the vitamins "well woman". I take only 1 pill in the morning, 1 pill vitamins in the evening, I was very happy with it, I had so much energy that helped me with my workouts, but 2 days ago a horrible skin rash came out around my eyes, I can see lines under my eyes, like wrinkles. Can someone pls tell me if this is one of the side effect of Lipo 6 or maybe its because the vitamins???"


May 1, 2012
response by George

I really don't think it had anything to do with this supplement as it wouldn't take 30 days to happen. Odds are you ate something, were exposed to something, touched something etc that caused this reaction. If you are concerned then by all means visit a clinic or your family doctor.

April 26, 2012    question
Mish   Age: 20

"... First day taking lipo 6 hers. Took 1 in the morn and 1 in afternoon,dizzy and nausious all day. now i just threw up (unvoluntary) do i discontinue use? Please help im concerned"


April 28, 2012
response by George

Yep, normal reaction for such a powerful stimulant. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat every 2-3 hours. If you don't adjust to it then you might have to look for an alternative.

April 25, 2012    question
Lacey   Age: 30

"... so I work out a lot. I am training for a marathon, I do spin class and I lift weights at least 3 days a week.I have been looking into taking a supplement to lose my last 10 vanity pounds. My question is once I lose the weight I want to. If I stop taking this will gain it back. I am a big fan of eating right and working out. I just hit the wall I am looking for that thing that will jump start my system. "


April 25, 2012
response by Porter

No it will not come back if you stop. The only way it comes back is if you eat poorly and exercise less.

April 23, 2012    question
Elisabeth   Age: 19

"... I have been taking this pill for 5 days now and I've lost like 4 pounds, I've had the usual side effects, dizzy, green poo, ect. Here's my question though, I don't really eat, I have struggled with an eating disorder before but during that time I went from a size 14 to 8. That being said that I don't really eat, will I still continue to lose weight that my body is holding onto? I'm 5'3 at 155 right now and am trying to lose that last 15-20."


April 24, 2012
response by Paul

Green poo? Never heard of that one. But congrats on the 4lb loss in 5 days, it's all water but still good progress.

Not eating is the worst possible thing you can do for weight loss, as well as your health in general. When you stop eating your body directly goes in to starvation mode and holds on to fat and instead burns your muscle tissue. Very bad combination.

Start eating! If you don't like solid foods then consider a protein shake every 2-3 hours. It will ensure you are getting your protein and you are staying hydrated which is also very important with fat burners.

This is the most natural, tastiest and affordable whey protein option I suggest to my female clients, lots of great flavors to choose from:


April 25, 2012
response by Andrea

I just started taking this 3 days ago and I too have the green poo. LOL I thought it was just coincidence but I guess not. I don't eat much either..I have been trying to take a few bites of something here and there. I liked the protein shake suggestion. Good luck.

April 22, 2012    question
loraine   Age: 51

"... how should the product be use and when is the best time"


April 23, 2012
response by Porter

Did you look at the label on the bottle? Instructions are all there. Never try to sway from the directions as you'll end up getting hurt or have side-effects.

April 20, 2012    question
Krissy30   Age: 30

"... I just started using this supplement and all was good until yesterday about midway into day 2 I started itching all over...It hasn't stopped and I'm just wondering if it will begin to fade away or if it will remain until I stop taking the supplement? I haven't had any other side effects and was really enjoying the energy boost!!!"


April 21, 2012
response by Sinclair

This is a very ADVANCED supplement, so if you're new to this or can't handle it you might want to look at something weaker. Usually some of these side-effects happen when you put strong chemicals an ingredients. You have to look at it that you're putting components in to your body that are expected to burn fat .. so the process has to have some sides.

There is always diet and exercise - those two ALWAYS works.

April 15, 2012    question
Kari   Age: 41

"... Is it OK to take Lipo 6 Black Hers for Women with Lexapro and Seroquel? I have been taking it for a few days and I have been feeling anxious. Does the anxious feeling go away? "


April 16, 2012
response by Joey

I would not combine it - but to make absolute certain take it to the doctor that prescribed the Lexapro and Seroquel and ask. Don't be shy or embarrassed, this is your health.

April 13, 2012    question
Cynthia   Age: 27

"... Im very excited in taking these pills but should I start with the Lipo 6 black "Hers" or the Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrate? I work out about 4 times a week 60 minute cardio.. Im 5ft 11" and my weight is 243. "


April 15, 2012
response by Paul

They are all pretty much equal to be quite honest. Just follow the directions on either one and stick with a good healthy daily meal plan and daily fitness and you'll be ok.

April 10, 2012    question
MM   Age: 26

"... I just started these yesterday. I folowed the dosage, I took 3 in the morning, and 3 at night more than six hours before bedtime but I ended up awake all night. I'm naturally a really late sleeper, but this is ridiculous, I haven't slept yet and it's been almost 24 hours. Would it be as affective if I just take 3 pills a day instead of six?"


April 12, 2012
response by Jana

This is because you went straight to the MAX DOSAGE on your first day, that is crazy! Start with 1 pill, twice a day. A week later move to 2 pills, twice a day and then, if you feel you need it do the full maximum dosage of 3 pills, twice a day.

Slow it down lol

April 7, 2012    question
Alisha    Age: 26

"... a few years ago i had a baby and shortly after i started takeing Lipo6 with the blue lable and droped weight with working out i was very happy, i have put alot of the weight back on and just bought Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate will i have better results with this? i would also like to know if it will help with my baby pouch that i have? having a c-section my muscles never got back but will it let cut that area down to look better? "


April 9, 2012
response by Norman

They are pretty much the same formulas, except with the ultra concentrate it is smaller dosing at the same potency. Just follow the directions and you'll be OK.

Getting rid of a specific area of fat on your body is impossible, it's call spot-reducing and it's not possible. Fat will come off your body evenly and you can't pin-point a specific area at a time. So while doing crunches will build the ab muscles, it won't actually burn fat from there by doing the exercise.

Just stick with it and the fat will start to come off.


April 22, 2012
response by Alisha

Thank you for answering. I do know that i cant " pin-point " an area where i want to lose the weight but i need the boost of something to help me just lose weight in general just wanted to see if it would help me more then the regular Lipo6 i was useing.

April 5, 2012    review
Daria    Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Today is a third day of using this product. Its been great! I take just one in a morning and after that cant wait to get to the gym or my daily run. I definitely wouldnt recommend this product to people that dont work out regularly. The ideal combination is to eat healthy, have a plan of regular workouts, and listen to your body. I do have better bowel movement, decreased appetite, and I started drinking more water which is always good especially for those who doesnt drink much on regular basis. My advice is dont think that you will lose weight without putting effort in it and just taking a pill!"

April 2, 2012    review
Deb   Age: 40

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I exercise everyday, have clean diet and have never taken fat metabolisers. This brand elevates my heart rate, increases mental focus for sure, and as long as I am drinking enough water keeps bowel very regular which is a bonus! Slight issue with reflux but unsure if it is related to tablets or food. Has been great prep for competitions. "

April 2, 2012    question
Georgia   Age: 18

"... Hi There, I have been using this product for about 9 days now and it has worked great in terms of giving me extra energy for my workout regime and suppressing my hunger. I have been eating 3 small portioned healthy meals with one additional snack throughout the day and excersizing (running + walking) for at least one hour each day. Before I started using the product I was not excersizing regularly enough and tended to overeat. Everything seemed to be going well but today when I weighed myself for the first time (in the morning before i had eaten anything) I was still at my original weight. I was particularly surprised because last time I used a thermogenic product I quickly lost a few kilos. Is this uncommon or do thermogenic products generally take a while to 'kick in'? I am not particularly fat but also not skinny, I weigh 55.9 kg and am hoping to lose a minimum of 4 kilos. If you could help me out that would be great."


April 4, 2012
response by George

The last time you quickly lost a few kilos it was ALL WATER WEIGHT, not actual fat. So this time you didn't have that water weight to lose.

The product has kicked in, it's just that you have to make more changes to your plan. Most likely your caloric intake is too high or your caloric expenditure (cardio, fitness) is not high enough. Make an adjustment and see the results you want.

March 30, 2012    question
Fariha Sheikh   Age: 42

"... i have experianced chest pain and upper back cramps in just two days ...could this lead to a heart attack if i continue use of lipo6 black hers.....has anyone suffered a heart attack or renal failure in truth as a side affect? "


April 1, 2012
response by Paul

Nobody has had a heart attack or renal failure based on a diet pill alone - it's always to do with other pre-existing factors, poor health, poor nutrition, lack of proper hydration each day, not following the directions exactly as labelled, etc.

If you feel uncomfortable then by all means stop or lower the dosage or stick with diet as your weight loss path.

March 12, 2012    review
Mari   Age: 29

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... 5'1" 149lbs. Looking to lose about 30lbs. I have used this product for 4 days now and it has not done what it said it would. I didnt get jiggers or headaches or sweats. I only took one pill in the morning. I am not having the good luck of losing any weight either. I am feeling a pain in my upper chest area. I even stopped taking the pills for one day to see if it would go away and it did. The next day I took only one pill in the morning and again I felt a discomfort feeling in my upper chest area all day. I am not taking any more of these pills. I was really hoping to get the good results out of this product."

February 26, 2012    question
Wendy   Age: 20

"... I'm not really a morning person. So I usually skip breakfast. Is it alright to drink these pills in the morning without breakfast or you should really have breakfast afterwards?"


February 27, 2012
response by Drey

Skipping breakfast is the worst possible thing you can do if you are trying to lose weight. If you are serious about any type of weight loss you need to start eating breakfast, even if it's a piece of fruit, bagel or protein shake.

February 15, 2012    question
girlprob   Age: 20

"... I'm 20 and on birth control, will this supplement mess with my menstrual cycle or the effectiveness of my pills?"


February 16, 2012
response by Gina

Browse the questions and answers below, this has been covered. It shouldn't affect your cycle or pill effectiveness, but it's NOT guaranteed.

February 12, 2012    question
Linda   Age: 37

"... I bought the Ultra concentrate Lipo6 Hers on November because I want to loose some weight before Holidays. In my case, it only cut my appetite for only 2 hours and sometimes it doesn't have any effect. I follow carefully the instruction. Is anyone has the same problem?"


February 15, 2012
response by Jen

The product is not meant to work by itself, you need to have a GOOD diet in plan as well as a GOOD exercise program in play as well. Once you have those two aspect in full gear, THEN you add this to the mix and the results will be great.

February 11, 2012    question
Marie   Age: 20

"... So I am going on my 3rd day of using this product. I never work out. I HARDLY drink ANY water. So I am trying a lifestyle change. For a week now i've been working out everyday, and drinking ONLY water. Now with these pills I have no appetite and my mouth is so so so dry. I have drank at least 4 liters of water everyday i've taken these pills.

does anyone think it is realistic for a 5'2, 175 pound girl can lose 35-40 pounds in 100 days ? So about 3 pounds a week?!
I figure, I am going from not trying ONE BIT to taking these pills, eating better & less, drinking only water, and working out at least 30 minutes a day. So this should do something right ?!"


February 11, 2012
response by Mark

Did you start with the lowest dosage first to assess your reaction or did you jump right in to the full dose? Start slow, then move up.

A healthy, realistic weight loss is about 0.5 to 1.5lbs per week, anything higher is dangerous and will results in health risks.

Concentrate 100% on your fitness and cardio as well as your DIET.. DIET is 70% of the puzzle.

February 6, 2012    review
Nia   Age: 26

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Hi!!! I've been using Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrated for about a week in a half....I'm loving it...aside from the headaches and nausea when I first take them.....I'm currently 215lbs...My goal is to lose 70-85lbs.....Im excited....Do you guys think I can lose that amount by June??(Yeah it can be done with hardwork etc)Im currently workingout about 2-3 days a week(30-60mins) & I'm eating well....If you guys have any words of encouragement please feel free.....Good & Happy weight lost to all :o) !!!"

February 3, 2012    question
K.K   Age: 30

"... Hi, I just bought this product yesterday. I am 130pound.. can anyone please suggest me how and when i can take these pills? In early morning , on empty stomach ? I also have heard that you can not take caffine while using this product.. is tht true ? "


February 4, 2012
response by Hank

You should NOT take caffeine because this is a very strong stimulant. You can try, and see how you react but you might find that you are very jittery and may have a hard time sleeping.

Take 3 capsules in the AM 30 minutes before breakfast and then again in the early afternoon 30 minutes before a light snack.

January 20, 2012    review
Melanie   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I wasn't sure if the guys verison would be more... powerful and work better? I just started "hers" today and took it before work and it gave me that extra boost and I really liked how it made me feel and it curbed my appetite."

January 13, 2012    review
Amy   Age: 22

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... I used this to help drop the last of my baby weight. I lost ten pounds in the first week and then maybe two pounds a week after that...which is pretty good. I wouldnt buy them again though because they felt really unnatural like I was high or something I got really dizzy and when I worked out even a light jog I turned bright red dripping sweat and would almost fall out and I would feel tingly and numb the next hour...WEIRD! Everyone reacts different tho."

January 10, 2012    question
AR2121   Age: 27

"... Hi,
I been using Lipo 6 Black for about 2 weeks now, my only concern is I'm not using the bathroom regularly. I'm peeing like a racehorse but I'm not going #2(lol). Should I be concerned?"


January 10, 2012
response by George

Yes this is sometimes a side-effects of stimulants, caffeine etc. All you need to do is drink more water throughout the day and add more fibre rich foods to your diet such as beans, green vegetables, whole grain etc. You should be "regular" asap!

December 29, 2011    question
Jenny   Age: 24

"... So Ive been to a few wedsites trying to look at all the reviews. I finally just went ahead and bought this product :-). I am 24 and have played soccer throughout my life and even through college. Ive progressively gained weight but I feel that my body has got use to workouts no matter how hard I make them. I plan on using this product while increasing my cardio workouts. I am not obese but I am overweight and would like to get back to a more fit shape. Do you think this product will help and any other suggestions?"


January 4, 2012
response by Dean

If you are not losing fat and exercising regularly then DIET is your issues. Start to eat clean, all the time and the fat will come off. Once you have a diet plan in place then you can add this fat burner which WILL make a significant difference to your fat loss results.

December 3, 2011    review
claudia602   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5


December 1, 2011    review
Evon   Age: 27

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... This product seem to work. I am in my 2nd cycle. Started 23 aug. weight about 72kg then n this morning the scale said 67.5... Amazing! I m too lazy to exercise honestly n I just watch what I eat. Will update at the end of dec. targeting at 65"

November 27, 2011    question
Shae   Age: 23

"... I read a review where someone ended up in the hospital due to trouble with kidneys from taking this. I only have taken the first dose of three and already feel a change like maybe I'm hyperventilating or could be stressing about the side effects. I've never taken a weight loss supplement this strong. Should I take one pill for my second dosage and continue with just one in the am and then in the afternoon or discontinue use??"


November 27, 2011
response by Ben

Hi Shae, for everything in life, including supplements, there is always an uncertainty. There is always the one in a million that have a bad reaction to a product and in 99.9% of the cases it's due to a pre-disposed condition that the person wasn't aware about. As the labels state, you should always to talk to your physician first.

At three pills, if you are hyperventilating then that is a good sign that you are not ready for that dose. Stick with what you are comfortable with.

Remember, this isn't a magic pill.. it is designed to work well but only as a "supplement". Meaning, it supplements YOUR effort, which includes eating well and having an active lifestyle.

Best of luck - stay committed and give it 100% and then you'll see the results you are looking for.

November 20, 2011    question
Samantha   Age: 26

"... I have just bought the product yesterday. Was just reading through this and saw a few side effects regarding reduction in breast size and jitters etc. How common is this? Thanks"


November 21, 2011
response by Sharon

Jitters depend on the individual and dose. It's very easy to avoid, just start with the lowest dosage and work your way up. The jitters are usually part of every single fat burner that has stimulants, it's part of the game as your body is in overdrive to burn fat. With regards to breast reduction, well that also varies. As you know you cannot spot reduce, meaning you cannot lose fat from a specific part of your body such as stomach or hips. Fat comes off evenly everywhere, that's the way it works. The thinner you get then yes, you will lose some breast fat tissue.

November 18, 2011    question
gemgem   Age: 27

"... iam male and my coach told me to use lipo 6 black female cause its more effective on fats that true ? iam already got my bottle ."


November 18, 2011
response by Immanuel

Hmmmm.. I haven't come across this theory and there is no actual evidence of it. I know the Hers version is aimed more a women and their higher estrogen levels. I don't see how it would not work for you, but I am not also sure it would work better.

Since you have it use it, you'll get good results either way just stick to a good diet and training plan as well.

November 15, 2011    review
Jessica   Age: 26

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... Definite jitters. Was losing more weight without taking it. Gives me headaches and I feel sick to my stomach. I get a bad feeling about this product."

November 11, 2011    question
Lily Gordon   Age: 20

"... Hi there, I understand that the product requires user to be above 21. I would be turning 21 in less than 2 months and I am thinking of consuming this product to help speed up my process of getting in shape. I am not skinny neither am I fat. I just want to become leaner and I have heard alot about this product.

I hope this product will help me trim down some tummy fats that I have, which isn't a lot but they are pretty stubborn. Also, would I lose fats from my breasts in this case as well? If yes, would it be very drastic? "


November 15, 2011
response by Brenton

The estimate suggest age is 21 yes, but many are fine to use it in their late teens - the key is to follow the directions and never abuse it.

Adding this will definitely help you with your weight loss.

With regards to breast size loss, this is usually a slight case the lower your body fat drops. This effects most women. However, it is much more attractive to have a lean body and smaller breasts then a chubby body with large breasts.

October 31, 2011    question
marquita358   Age: 37

"... hi.. i just received a bottle of lipo 6 black hers ultra concentrate off of amazon.. the bottle was sealed like normal.. however, the bottle look a little different.. and the pills are black with a white strip around the center.. is this how it should look?? the first bottle i had, from a different person on amazon, the capsules were all black??"


November 3, 2011
response by Sammy

I am fairly certain the ULTRA CONCENTRATE version has a different look from the regular version. You should be fine. give the company a quick call or email if you are unsure.


November 28, 2011
response by mandy

I ran into the same issue and i know that the ones with a white stripe arent as strong. I feel nothing??? I emailed nutrex to find out. The regular black for her is all black and the new ones are too... not white. Hrmmmm?

October 24, 2011    review
melissa   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i am in the process of using lipo 6 with lipozene [ makes me feel full before i eat] to lose weight for the military and also personally because i never quite liked the way that i have looked. i started out at 192 and im down to 184 i love this pill it gives me energy so i can up to working out 4 times a day."

October 20, 2011    question
luluh   Age: 19

"... i am 19 years old and i want to take lipo 6 !! is there is any side effects for that ?"


October 20, 2011
response by Trey

No side-effects. But you need to be aware of the effects that fat burners and stimulants can have on some people such as jitters, lack of sleep if taken too late and headaches that are fixed by drinking more water. Good luck.

October 7, 2011    question
Monika   Age: 36

"... I want to know that "lipo 6 black her" i have to stop taking during mensuration time and can i take after 7 days? And please also tell me that how long we have to take ?"


October 15, 2011
response by Randy

Most women take it through their periods with no issues.

October 12, 2011    question
Coop   Age: 20

"... Can I take it while breast feeding I only breast feed at night and once in the a
But I need to loose this weight"


October 13, 2011
response by Sherman

I would suggest to wait until you are done with breast-feeding just to be sure as your baby will be getting the ingredients. I know you are probably anxious to lose the baby weight but be patient and please, do not stop breast feeding just to lose weight - put your baby first. There will be plenty of time to lose the weight in a few months time. As of now, you can put effort into your diet and start adding some mild cardio or fitness each day to get the process started.

October 10, 2011    question
reemomo27   Age: 27

"... hi everyone .. im using lipo 6 black and i think it is working as i dont feel like hungry as before but i want to know if i dont workout will it work or not work at all? as i tried to walk on trademill but i was so tiered kindly i need to know if i did not make any exercise will it work or it will be... "


October 11, 2011
response by Sammy

Yes, it will work on it's own, but it will work much, much better when you watch your diet and add some form of cardio or weight training. Remember, supplements are there to SUPPLEMENT your plan, not replace it - otherwise they'd be called replacements.

September 30, 2011    review
samantha   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... hello dear all. im currently on lipo6 black, taking 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the afternoon before workout.
i feel great coz it give me so much energy that im loving more and more working out.

but im doubtful abt something. do i need to take lipo6 when im not working out? and in the morning as i dont workout do i need to take them or only in the afternoon before working out?? i really need to know so that i dont take the uselessly. help!!!!!"

September 30, 2011    review
Evon   Age: 27

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I had been on lipo 6 for abt 6 weeks. I had dropped from 73.1kg to 69.7kg. Basically I do not really exercise but just a diet change for me. I had missed taking the pills sometimes but in all I feel that it works as it really heats up my body. I will update again next mth"

September 29, 2011    question
sam   Age: 27

"... Hi im kinda undecided about this product- ive used this product about 7 time so far and in the beggining i felt like it was REALLY working in the sense i'd be sweating a whole lot -However i feel like the products not working as intensely anymore as my bodys gettin used to it-anybody else feel the same way?? i stopped in the middle for a few days as i away on buisness and didnt get time to work out -ive increased the dose from 2 to 3 caps now -i feel more concentrated focus during my workout BUT dont feel much of the appetite suppressing effects anymore which sucks :( anybody else have a similar experience where the drugs effects are tapering off? "


October 1, 2011
response by Nathan

Yes, your body will adapt to the ingredients that is why the label even says to cycle it - basically to take a time off so your body can get back to normal and respond well next time you get back on.

I suggest to take a break or try a different fat burner.. I have found personally that Fusion SUB-Q works the best for me out of all these on the market today.

September 29, 2011    review
Silvia   Age: 33

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hello...i just starting using this product yesterday and didnt have any side effect so far...i feel less hungry which is great n i have more energies.The only thing that im notice is that im little swollen,like my legs n just curious if this is normal o not.Thank u!"

September 22, 2011    question
Hanan   Age: 40

"... Hi every body , I have endometriosis disease & I took zoladex3.6 injection each month I just take one & I'll take it for 6months .Can I take lipo 6black hers during medication. Thanks"


October 1, 2011
response by Kristen

Hard to judge.. and only a doctor can answer this properly for you. I would suggest to talk to yours and get the right answers you can trust.

September 29, 2011    review
allyson   Age: 31

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Hello,
I have been using this supplement for 1 week and I can tell it does curb my appetite and I feel like my tummy is getting flatter. I excercise about 5 days a week and just want to drop that last ten pounds from my beautiful babies. I only take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon and that's plenty for me. I get really bad headaches so that sucks but I'm hoping they will go away as my body adjusts. Anyway I'm hoping to work up to the full dose but I doubt it because I do get shaky as well. Anyway good luck everybody!!!!"

September 28, 2011    review
samantha   Age: 20

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... So I have been taking lipo6 black for about two weeks now I have had 3 children, plus 2 of those were csections I am 5'3 and currently weigh 216 I started out 230 when I started taking lipo. I gained about 70 lbs from just birth control. I am happy about my results so far but the weight that I normaly at is 110 does anyone have any advice for me?"

September 26, 2011    question
aleea   Age: 32

"... Hey im currently using this product im 5"10 188 pounds so far in two weeks i have lost 4 pounds ive been doing alot of cardio. My question is can i take a sleep aid hours lately so i can get some sleep i take my last pill at 1:00 would like to know if i can take a sleeping pill around 8:00 something over the counter tynelon or simply sleep "


September 27, 2011
response by Dean

Congrats on your weight loss success so far! Great to hear these stories to help others.

Yes, you can add a sleep pill with this fat burner. Even though when you take it a 1pm you should be able to sleep for example by 10-11pm. This product should keep you wired any time past that. But either way, yes you can add a sleep aid if you are having issues falling asleep in general.

September 23, 2011    question
Mrs. Smith   Age: 25

"... I have been using this supplement for 7 weeks and on the bottle it says to use it for 2 months and take a 4 month break and take it again no more than twice a year. However i'm extremely happy with the results i have seen so far and am motivated to step up my routine. I was wondering if i buy another bottle of another burner does it defeat the purpose if the four month "break"? Also i have forgotten to take it on my day off because of a break in my routine and have had some serious head aches is this normal? I have lost about 12 lbs so far with no physical activity changes, just switched up my diet so far, I'd like to work out too but i'm taking less than the minimum dosage and find myself very tired (i can't handle 2 pills a day much less 4!) Which is why i have been hesitant to start up my workout routines. If anyone has any advice or answers please write back! thankyou"


September 25, 2011
response by Machel

I would take a break, that's for sure. I have heard of people using this for 12 weeks with issues as well. I think the main thing is that the body gets used to the ingredients after that amount of time and you start to lose the effectiveness. This is the reason for the break, which allows your body to get back to normal so once you start again you receptors will be new to it again.

My suggestion would be to use it 8-12 weeks depending on the results and then take a 4-6 week break. With that break, stick to your diet and continue with your fitness as if you were on.

Best of luck!


September 26, 2011
response by Mrs. Smith

Thanks i'll be sure to follow that advice!

~ would the head aches be mainly from the caffeine being absent on days i do not take a pill? Wondering how to handle my head aches when i start my break.

September 15, 2011    question
cathy   Age: 21

"... Hello everyone!I have hypothyroidism problems and i have take a thyrormon pill in the morning.
1.Is it safe if I use Lipo 6?
2.If so,can I possibly take it with the thyrormon pill??"


September 15, 2011
response by Phil

Any issues dealing with your thyroid I would speak to your doctor before touching any advanced, stimulant based fat burners such as Lipo 6 Black. Then you can know for sure and avoid any side-effects that combining thyrormon with this can possible produce.

September 13, 2011    question
aleea   Age: 32

"... Ok Ive just started this product, I have been working out for the last couple of years but the older I get the harder it is to keep the weight off. I took a break im back on it but i was wondering what is the best workout for the stomach all my weight has seemed to move to my stomach my question is should i continue to walk for about an hour a day or run? How can i avoid celliute i see small traces of it appear on my legs. "


September 13, 2011
response by Dave

It is true that with age, for both men and women it's much harder to lose weight as metabolism and muscle mass drops. As you may or may not know, it is impossible to "spot reduce", meaning you can't remove fat from a certain area specifically. Fat comes off from the body in a general phase, but some areas come off before others. But again, there is no exercise you can do for your stomach to make the fat from there disappear. You can exercise and tone that area, so when the fat does comes off it will be toned and slim however. The best way to remove fat is through fitness/cardio and diet in addition to supplements like this which speeds up the process. It is a journey of consistent, daily effort to reach a fat loss goal. The end results is well worth the dedication.


September 13, 2011
response by aleea

ok does anyone know which is the best effective workout for weight loss walking or running?


November 14, 2011
response by Roelien

Think walking as fast as you can is better than running and less stress on joints

September 6, 2011    question
cris   Age: 29

"... hey every one i dont go to the gym but i do a twister step for 1 hour every day at home would u think if i take the tablet is it gonna work for me thanks"


September 6, 2011
response by Chuck

Yes, it will work! You are on the right track, with one hour daily of step that is an excellent base. The pill works better if you are active, and you are so that is the first step. If you notice that your weight loss is not as you like, then you will have to take a closer look at your diet. By the way, a healthy and good weight loss is about 1 to 2 pounds per week. With some weeks higher and lower.

September 6, 2011    review
Karen   Age: 42

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I would first like to address the review before me from Janna. Janna, please feel free to answer back as well. I noticed that you rank the product 1 star, however you state that you do continue to use the supplement. You mentioned that you currently use it for energy as well as some weight loss, meaning it works and you continue to use it because it works. You also mentioned that you take it with a meal and it has taken your dizzy side-effects out of the equation. I am confused as to why you agree you get energy, weight loss, continue to take it and rate it horrible? Please explain.

From my experience, I was introduced to this in early Spring, my son had suggested it to me. I have been able to make some really good weight loss with this, using the recommended dosage. I am now on my fourth bottle and have lost roughly 26 pounds to date. I find that I did get headaches at first, but then after some research found out it was common and easily fixable by drinking more water throughout the day, which solved it the same day.

I understand that not every woman will experience the same results and some might have to lower or increase the dosages to find the right formula that works for them - but bottom line is, in my opinion and current experience, it works.


September 6, 2011    review
janna   Age: 23

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... I have been taking Lipo 6, on and off, since January 2011; it does give me more energy and helps me not to eat as much as well as some weight loss, but their are side effects. I work a night job so when I don't have the energy to work I take 1 pill a day, otherwise I don't take it on days off. When I started using it I took the recommended dosage but I wasn't able to sleep but a few hours a day and I would feel extremely light headed and dizzy. Sometimes I felt like vomiting. I used to take it before meal, but now I find it best to take after a healthy meal, so I wouldn't be so dizzy all day. It does help me lose some weight, but I mainly take it for the energy now. My advice is to start taking this product once a day in the morning just to see how your body adjusts to it. "

September 4, 2011    review
Evon   Age: 27

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I had been on lipo6 for about 2 weeks. Went on a vacation and I came back with extra 2 kgs. Within about 5 days I lost all the 2 kg plus an extra 0.5kg. Now I weight about 70.6kg. I will update on 23 sept again. I started on 23 aug"

September 2, 2011    question
Lexi   Age: 21

"... SO I mainly just wanted to ask a question I have been on this supplement for 2 days now going on 3 and I was only taking 2 pills a day 1 in the morning 30 min befor a small meal and 1 in the afternoon before a slim fast for dinner however I did 1 this morning and 2 around 1pm and I felt really jittery and really mean like I wanted to fight someone im not sure if i should just take it slow and just stick to taking 2. Any suggestions? im trying to lose 20 lbs "


September 3, 2011
response by Neil

You wanted to fight someone? That is not the usual side-effect that I have ever heard of with a fat burner! If you are feeling jittery as well, then cut try to stay at this dosage for a few days to see if things improve, otherwise cut back to half. Just because you cut back the dosage don't be afraid that it will not work as well, remember if you are feeling jittery it is working TOO well.

Listen to your body and stay safe. Be sure to put extra effort into your fitness and nutrition as those are the keys to losing fat, adding a fat burner will just help those two.


September 3, 2011
response by Lexi

Thank you... I know it sounded funny but I felt real weird very jittery im was a little worried it wouldnt work if I took less so thank you for the input

August 24, 2011    review
Evon   Age: 27

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Started taking lipo 6 yesterday. I have 13 kg to lose. I m 163cm 71kg. I mth ago I weigh 75.5kg. Through dieting I lost some weight. Hope that lipo 6 can really help me"

August 23, 2011    question
Mama P   Age: 37

"... OK..I started using this product so far I liked it bec. it doesnt seem to have any bad side efect on me. However, I only use total 4 capsules (2 AM and 3 PM) per day bec. I want my body to get used to the product. I never have taken any diet pills before but now with my age and 2 boys later it's really hard to lose the weight. I have been going to the gym and consumming about 1000 calories (good calories...brown rice, oatmeal, almond milk, fruits and veg) each day but nothing seem to happen. I don't expect miracle but can anyone recommend anything to speed up the process. Thanks"


August 24, 2011
response by Nathan Jr.

Hi Mama P, first of all congrats on your start and the plan you have laid out. More women here need to realize that the exact types of foods you have described is what it takes to get results. With your case, I would increase the dosage and listen to your body. If you feel too jittery or experience frequent headaches either drink more liquids or cut it back down. Also, you can increase the frequency and intensity of your workouts. That is how to speed up your metabolism as well as burn those extra calories which will show my results.

August 18, 2011    review
kandi_tt   Age: 30

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I took this supplement for about 3 days about 3 months ago and came off because my workout regime and diet was not appropriate at that time. i'm now on a fairly strict diet and in the gym one week now with a personal trainer 3 days a week on weights and cardio with full cardio on a 4th day. I weighed 125 lbs yesterday (down 3 lbs from 1 week ago) and have restarted LIPO 6 Black Hers today. I gained almost 20lbs in the last 8 months from switching birth control pills, and becoming lactose TOLERANT. I need to lose the weight as it's all bad fat especially around mid section and shows as loose fat under my skin (i have to play carnival is a very small bikini in about 6 months). i've drastically gone from a 00/0 to almost somewhere 1/3 (even my ankles show very slight stretch marks), i don't mind the size increase but it's bad fat and not muscle, it is also affecting mentally as I've never had fat, body, weight issues). My intended dosage is 2 pills in the Am and 2 pills around 3pm before my 6 pm workouts (approx 40 mins cardio and 1hr weights)...will keep you updated

a piece of advice for people though...don't count the lbs...check the inches...if you replace muscle with the will be easier to control your weight in the future"

August 10, 2011    question
Jason   Age: 32

"... I just purchased this for my girl friend she is about 200 lbs and 5'8" She does not do a lot of exercise and I was wondering how well this stuff is with just a little exercise. What is the best exercise for her to do while taken this with the best results?"


August 12, 2011
response by Donald

Sure, this product will work but not as well as when you watch your nutrition and add some exercise. There is no such thing as a stand alone fat burner.. it's just an extra push to your current weight loss plan. The best for of exercise if she is interested in fat loss is cardio. There are many different types of cardio she can do, even as simple as a brisk walk for 15-20 minutes daily. Of course, the more effort she will put into this the better results she will have and with that, will come the motivation to keep going as the pounds come of. Good luck to her and keep motivating and encouraging her as this can be one tough journey without support.

August 6, 2011    question
Amanda   Age: 23

"... I was wondering if taking b vitamins will affect the way this supplement works?"


August 8, 2011
response by Sawyer

In terms of weight loss not really. Since there are so many variations of the vitamin B I am assuming you are taking a complete complex? In general vitamin B is not toxic and generally helps you with certain deficiencies. Just stick to your weight loss plan.. be sure to watch your diet and try to get some daily fitness in and you'll be on your way.


August 10, 2011
response by Angelina-21

i am taking birth control and i was wondering if there would be any effects if i start this product. since i know hormones are involved in it?

July 24, 2011    review
joanna   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... hey! so i bought this (lipo 6 black hers) awhile ago but when i found out i was pregnant so never got the chance to get to it till now :) trying to lose the baby weight and its doing real good! i been on it for 3 weeks and ive lost 10 lbs already i been working out and dieting trying to lose 10 more lbs before the hubby comes back!! ahhh wish me luck!!"

July 24, 2011    review
Eman   Age: 24

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Hey ,

i just wanted to make sure that Lipo 6 will not effect me if i am planing to get pragnant , i am not planing now !! after 2 or 3 months ???"

July 18, 2011    review
Ana   Age: 31

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've been using Lipo 6 Black Hers for 2 mnths and I've lost 24lbs. I started the pill 2 a day but it was to strong for me I felt lightheaded and couldn't do anything. I switched to 1 pill a day and is been working just fine. I do work out a bit so imagine if I exercise everyday. Everyone is different and adjust to the pill differently just make sure you consult a DR. if you have any severe health conditions."

July 14, 2011    question
aml sallam   Age: 35

"... HI
i started today using Lipo 6 black hers
i'm 236 lbs and making diet and started walking today and i did 10 km walking
if i continued this how much weight would i lose ?????
i hope i can do a good result after 2 monthes "


July 15, 2011
response by Joyce

You will get better results than without using it, that is for sure. The extent of your results will depend on how much effort you put into you exercise / cardio and diet. Best of luck and keep us posted!

Remember, the harder you work (diet/cardio) then the harder the diet pill will work!


July 24, 2011
response by aml sallam

this is my first result .... i lost 3 kilos in the first week ;)

July 8, 2011    question
stephanie    Age: 17

"... does this diet pill affect me if i have ASTHMA? because i feel alittle short of breath but it turns back to normal after a while"


August 12, 2011
response by Donald

This may actually be a side-effect of lipo 6. I have heard this a few previous times so there seems to be a link. With asthma, you need to be very careful with regards to which ingredients you are allowed and not allowed to consume. I would strongly suggest that you either cut back the dosages and see what happens as well as visit your family doctor with the bottle so he or she can evaluate the ingredients as well.

Please share your results with us for others who come across this.

July 4, 2011    review
Jessica   Age: 24

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... There ARE side-effects that ARE REAL ladies! This product may work for some but be aware of certain side effects which may follow. Insomnia (I am up at 1am right now!) as well as jittery-ness, migraines, shortness of breath and substantial mood-swings may follow. Make sure you are prepared for at LEAST one side effect. Best of luck!"

June 23, 2011    review
Krissy   Age: 25

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Been using this for 3 weeks now. I've only lost 1.4 lbs but I feel much better than I did before and also fit into my clothes better! I'm giving this a 3 rating simply because I haven't actually lost much weight."

June 20, 2011    question
Jenna    Age: 17

"... I was wondering if this stuff really works? i wanna lose 70 pounds im 5'4 and i weigh 210, i really need some help, i know that im 17 and you have to be 21 or older but i need something, my weight is outta control "


August 15, 2011
response by Cameron

Hi Jenna, yes you are old enough to use this but please do not expect to lose 70lbs simply by taking a pill. Yes the supplement will help tremendously but you need to start with your diet and adding a cardiovascular plan to your daily lifestyle. It's a combination of all three factors to really see the results you are aiming for. The key is to start, take the first steps and continue on day after day. It will get easier as you start to see the pounds come off. Best of luck and keep us posted please.

June 18, 2011    question
Jenna   Age: 17

"... I was wanting to use this product, im 17 and i weigh about 215 pounds! i hate it, i gained 60pounds over the winter an i feel horrible, what i was wondering was sence im on birthcontrol will this effect me if i take it? i know im not old enough for this but i need help. "


July 28, 2011
response by helpfulguy

How is your diet and exercise? Are you looking for a "miracle pill" or are you going to eat right and get to a gym?

June 14, 2011    question
sabrina   Age: 24

"... please i use lipo 6 black hers and this is my first week and i just loose 2 pounds . so i must do sports or even i m not doing sport the lipo 6 black hers burn my fat ???? sorry for my english"


August 15, 2011
response by Cameron

Losing 2lbs per week of fat is AMAZING progress. This is the safe and healthy rate to lose weight so you should be very proud. Remember, losing weight takes time and commitment, but once you reach your goal the rewards are limitless. Keep up the great work and keep us posted on your progression!

June 12, 2011    question
Reecee   Age: 30

"... I'm so excite to start tomorrow morning. But I'm a little confused I noticed a lot of people mentioned working your way up to 6 pills day. But on the bottle I bought from GNC said take no more than 2 a day. Can someone explain this to me? And I will be back in about 2 weeks to update you on my results....Yay!!!"


July 6, 2011
response by EFG

You are using the Ultra Concentrate right? Read the bottle to make sure!!! There are 2 versions of LIPO-6 Black Hers. One version is 3 pills per dose at 2 times a day OR 1 pill per dose at 2 times per day. If GNC said take 2 only per day then you bought The ULTRA CONCENTRATE. DO NOT take 6 a day!!!! Very dangerous!


August 16, 2012
response by alaya

hey Im 17 5'9 and a female weighing 180lbs I want to lose about 15 to 30lbs is lipo-6 right for me ? i do stick to a relatively healthy diet and walk daily ,

June 1, 2011    question
Yasmine   Age: 29

"... i skimmed through the reviews and i was shocked to see people saying they use 4-6 pills a day when it says on the pack that we must NOT consume more than the 2 pills a day?! please reply to this. As for me, i will start tomorrow and i wonder if i have to workout, i'm a lazy ass?"


July 5, 2011
response by Alexis


Not sure what pack you bought but i have a bottle from GNC and it says to take 3 pills in the am and 3 no later than 6 hours before bed time. I currently am only taking 2 a day because i tried 4 and was up the whole night...may have to work up to 4. Hope this helps some.


August 3, 2011
response by Candi

It depends on what concentration you bought actually. My bottle said 2 in the morning 30 mins before breakfast, 2 30 mins before lunch at least 5 hours after first dosage, and two more 30 mins before dinner but at least 6 hours before bed time. I've only been taking this for 3 days and the only time it actually made me feel jittery was the very first dose and after that I was fine. But yes you do have to exercise (get an exercise bike to sneak in some can still watch tv while you do that) and drink a lot of water. You do need to take this with a full glass of water. BTW if your bottle says not to exceed 2 a day then don't.

May 25, 2011    question
neha   Age: 19

"... heyy!!i strted using lipo 6 black hers 3 days back n i have already lost 4 to 5 feels great..but i was just wondering if i stop taking these pills will i put on d weight back?"


June 18, 2011
response by Jenna

you shouldn't, but that's only if you eat right, if you stop taking them just remember to keep exercising here and there and eat healthy.

May 11, 2011    question
Please Reply   Age: 18

"... Hi everyone, I have just purchased Lipo 6 Black Hers. But i was wondering if it would be safe to take the Acai Berry supplement alongside them? Acai Berry is a herbal supplement? Would that be safe, as Acai Berry can act as a weight loss aid? Please answer asap. Thankyou. Cant wait to get started!!!"


May 14, 2011
response by Sharon

No need to overdo it.. remember the key to the effectiveness, to maximize the effectiveness at least is to follow a sound diet and fintess routine. Lipo 6 Black Hers is very strong and I would not add in the Acai Berry.. I don't think there is any need. Perhaps in a few months time where you feel that the Lipo 6 Black Hers has done all it can for you.. you can switch to Acai Berry. Best of Luck!

May 7, 2011    question
zozo   Age: 35

"... hi every one Ive been taking Lipo 6 Hers Black for 2 months i lost 15kg until now but its ok to take it for a third month or i should stop .... i love this product ,,,i have power all day ......."


August 3, 2011
response by Candi

The guy at GNC told me to have a routine when using this. 6 weeks on and 3 weeks off. That's so your body doesn't become dependant on it and so you can continue to lose weight instead of hitting a plateau which happens a lot with women

May 4, 2011    review
Maria   Age: 22

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hi, everyone. I'm 22 years old, just a little overweight (about 10 or 12 pounds max)and I've been taking Lipo 6 Black for about three days... I feel like I lost a little weight already but, let me tell you, not in healthy way.
I'm all for drugs that control the appetite, but Lipo Black completely supresses it (the whole day I've only eaten a very small sandwich, and only cause I forced myself to). You may think that's great, but it's really not. So, keep eating you guys!!!
Plus, it really puts your heart to work. For a while that's great, but on the long haul, can we say "heart attack"? Anyways, you have to ask yourself, "do I want to be thin or do I want to be healthy?". If your answear is the first option, than I completely recommend it.
It's a good product but only to be used for a short period of time.
Other than that, I have to say, I haven't had any side effects. Maybe a little itching..."

May 4, 2011    review
Kristin   Age: 23

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Well, first of all I'd like to say that this supplement certainly keeps its promise. It surely can burn the fat in your body and give you more power to do your daily activities, but at great cost. I mean, I would only recommend this product to obese people that have no other way of losing weight. And whatever you do, do NOT take this supplement if you have high pressure issues!! Plus, drink lots of water e consult with your doctor prior to taking it. "

April 27, 2011    question
mari   Age: 26

"... Ive been taking lipo 6 black hers for three days i started of with two pills in morning and two in afternoon on the third day i decied to take 3 now is my third day and im going to the bathroo. Alot it turned my poop dark green wondering if its normal i do drink alot of water "


July 26, 2011
response by ash26

it is normal, basicly the color of your poop changed because your body isnt allowing time for the fat you consume to desolve, so your stool changes color and becomes greasy like because there is more fat coming out of you which is a great thing

April 26, 2011    review
moe   Age: 23

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I bought lipo 6 black sum months ago but stopped taking them pretty early on. when i first started taking them i took the 3 in the morning and afternoon. In my opinion it made me feel a little jittery. i have recently been back on them for going on 2 weeks and they make me feel great. i feel lots of energy but not jittery. i have not weighed myself so im not sure if i have lost weight. but i have noticed tht my clothes are fitting more loose. i have been eating totally health but i have been watching wht i eat and walking regularly. but all in all i like taking this product because it gives me good energy and makes me feel like i wanna work out!!"

April 25, 2011    review
Carla   Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hello gals.. I have been taking these pills now for about 3 weeks and I am very happy with the results.. actually much better than I was hoping for or even expecting. I took my time and read through the majority of the reviews and comments here and decided to go ahead. I am glad I did. I have managed to drop about 8lbs.. half or more is probably water weight but it doesn't matter because I do look thinner and the clothes already fit losser.. I am hoping to drop another 20lbs or so before the summer is here. Best of luck to all the girls.. I will keep everyone posted!"

April 19, 2011    review
dimple   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... its been a week am using this product i take 2 pills in morning and 2 in evening just before heading to gym and its great have lost around 5 lbs ...
its my first experience with diet pills and have turned out to be great with no side effects."

April 18, 2011    question
Magan Chambers   Age: 24

"... I started using the product today 4/18/11 and this morning I took three 30 min. befor breakfast and immediatly I stared feeling great! Lots and lots of energy! Around noon I took my lunch break at work and I took three more pills befor eating a little after that I started feeling really sick and nauseated. My question is should I stop using the product or should I just cut back the dosage? If so how much? I really would like to see what this pill could do for me but I dont ever want to feel the way I did today again! I use to be 287pounds and I lost a tone of weight on my own without supplements but have hit a plato. I now weigh 208 and Im 5'7. I really need some extra help! Thanks"


April 19, 2011
response by Liam

I would suggest to to listen to what your body is telling you and cut back the dosage. Start with the lowest dose and go from there.. everybody reacts a bit different so you will have to find out what works best for you. One thing that might have happened is that taking it on the empty stomach affected you.. try eating 5 minutes after taking the pills and see what happens. Even if it's something small like a piece of fruit or half a bagel, etc so your stomach can counteract the effects.

Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress Magan!


August 3, 2011
response by Candi

It specifically says on the bottle that it is not recommended you take this product with food! Wait 30 minutes then eat your breakfast but yes you are taking too much. The highest dosage for this product is 6 pills a day spread out over the day 2 30 mins before breakfast, 2 30 mins before lunch, and 2 30 mins before dinner.

April 18, 2011    question
Magan C   Age: 24

"... Hi my name is Magan Im from Fort Worth TX. and I just started using Lipo 6 Black today. I took three this morning and Instantly I felt great lots and lots of energy. When it came time to take three more in the afternoon a hour later I felt really sick like I had to throw up! My qeustion is should I stop taking them or just cut back on the dosage? I mean I really would like to see what it does for me but I dont want to feel like this again!"


April 19, 2011
response by Liam

Hi Magan, your post has been answered.

April 14, 2011    review
stella   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i started the product 2 days ago and i feel loads of energy. i dont really feel hungry though but i feel like running. i am aiming to lose about 20kgs but also with a strict diet and exercise. hope this will kick start my diet."

April 6, 2011    question
Mel D   Age: 19

"... so far i lost around 12-15 lbs using the product but does anyone notice serious migraines and nausea when they dont take the product for a day?"


August 28, 2011
response by Shane

Wow.. amazing results congrats! The headaches is extremely common with most stimulant based fat burners. Quick fix is to drink more water, 8-10 glass a day and the problems will go away. Besides that facts you'll be healthier with the water intake.

March 23, 2011    question
shanti   Age: 36

"... Hi,Iam weighing 122 lbs right now, but want reduce to 110 lbs and iam finding it hard to loose my belly fat even with 4 days of 30 min workout in gym . I have not used any kind of diet pills or supplements till now. Can I take lipo6 black for hers to reduce. Please suggest. "


August 30, 2011
response by Richard

Yes, this is an excellent choice for your Shanti to get that extra boost. You are doing it the right way, with having a great workout plan in order BEFORE you start with any diet pills - this is the way to do it. As your body is already in fat burning mode, adding lipo 6 black hers will just speed up and increase your progress. 12 more pounds is very attainable, even though that last few pounds may seem impossible to take off at times!

March 21, 2011    review
Mel D   Age: 19

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Today is my first day with lipo 6 black hers... i took 2 pills early this morning 7am before i went to school..then i came home and took 3 around 11 am and did my work out. 45 mins of cardio 20 mins of pilates. i have PCOS ..originally lost 65 lbs naturally but gained almost 40 back within the past 6 body doesnt really look like i gained all that weight but im trying to shed the pounds any way. this type of weight gain is normal for someone with pcos plus its going to be much harder this time around. I feel a little jittery not really though..i feel really focused and had much more stamina while working out...tomorrow i plan on taking the full dosage. well see what happens. i heard that some people have broken out into hives i believe that could be from all the caffeine in the pill plus maybe they had additional caffeine in soda or something. i am praying this works for me and there are no negative side effects! so far so good"

March 11, 2011    question
Sandie   Age: 18

"... Hi!! I'm thinking about buying this later on today, but I'm on a contraceptive pill, is anyone else? Just so I know I will be fine? Thankyou xx "


March 15, 2011
response by The Enforcer

This may be a serious issue as they may not interact well together. The best bet would be to take note of the ingredents and warnings on the back label and let your personal doctor know about it as they will let you know 100% what the answer would be. From my experience, I have not heard anything about Lipo 6 Black Hers to affect the effectiveness of contraceptives.

March 2, 2011    question
Joan   Age: 57

"... Can anyone tell me if it would be safe for an older person to try this diet pill? I'm in pretty good shape but I have 25 pounds to lose. I'm a bit scared of this stuff but I am so tired of being fat... Anyone?"


March 4, 2011
response by Paxton

Hi Joan, age should not be an issue unless you have health issues, especially with your heart, etc. If you are in fine or average health then it should be ok. If you have doubts, by all means please talk to your doctor first. With regards to results, you must remember that these supplements work and work well, but only if you make an effort with your diet and some kind of physical activity. It will never work just by taking a pill and hoping for the fat to burn off. Once again, add it to an existing plan and the results will multiply, that's for sure. Keep us posted on your results please!

March 1, 2011    review
aspear   Age: 19

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... i have been on this for a week now and love it! i have lost about 10 pounds in 2 weeks and feel great! i even had a few days where i wasnt eating healthy and still lost it. the only down side is some nights i can not fall asleep even when i take it well before 6 hours before i go to bed. i do recommend this though!"

February 26, 2011    review
spazoos   Age: 38

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have been taking this for 1 week today and i feel nothing but feeling tired . I have lost 144lbs to date on my own and thought this would help me get the rest gone but i don't know if it will just lost all the engery i had "

February 24, 2011    question
sandra   Age: 36

"... I'm 36yrs old and weigh 230lbs. Does anyone know if this will work for me?? Please let me know if anyone started at this weight or close to it...thanks"


March 4, 2011
response by Paxton

Sure it will.. there is no age limit. As long as you are in good health, or don't have any health issues than adding lipo to your supplement list is a good addition to an already established nutrition and fitness plan. It won't work magic on its own, but it will improve your results of your current dedication. Best of luck.

February 22, 2011    question
k   Age: 24

"... directions to take lipo 6 black hers"


July 27, 2011
response by Jack

...its on the bottle. 3 in the am, and 3 6hours before bed.

February 22, 2011    question
aspear   Age: 18

"... i just started taking this today. i have heard alot of good things about it so hopefully it works for me. im not sure how you are supposed to feel while working out though. my boyfirend said that him and his friend ended up sweating majorly but when i went to the gym i didnt notice me sweating more then i usually do. is that okay? is it working correctly?"


September 1, 2011
response by Jackson

It all depends, was this your FIRST day on lipo 6 black hers? Sometimes it takes time to get into your system and get to the full dosage. Also, sweating in the gym can be the results of your actual workout, not the pills. From the people I have worked with using this, they actually don't sweat any more or less with this, that is not what it is meant to do. You should however feel a good increase in energy levels and alertness as well. Best of luck with your weight loss journey and do keep us up to date!

February 16, 2011    review
MrsAnderson   Age: 31

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Today is day2 on Lipo6 Black Hers - I love it. I had the jitters yesterday, and I can tell it's raising my bolism based on the fact I am REALLY hot all day long. I lost 2 lbs yesterday, which I'm sure is water weight. I had a baby 9mths ago, and I have about 38lbs to lost total (36 now!) I am doing cardio with it, and I look forward to being able to shed at least 15lbs in the next 6wks. "

February 14, 2011    review
Shannon   Age: 38

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... Ive been taking Lipo 6 Hers Black for 5 days. I made the mistake of taking one at 5pm just minutes after I walked out of GNC. It certainly gave me the jolt I needed to get in a great workout but it kept me awake until 1am. Aside from that, I take 1 pill (recommended dose for concentrated formula) at 9am and another one at 2pm. The 1st pill gets me through breakfast and lunch without overeating because it 100% suppresses my appetite to the point where I have to force myself to eat and the 2nd pill gives me energy for my evening workout and gets me through dinner. I have lost a couple pounds but I am attributing that to my harder workouts and restricted calorie intake not the pill in and of itself. I only become jittery when I dont eat enough and experience a little bit of lightheadedness but once I eat I am fine. I definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a little extra motivation to work out and manage portion control! When taking Lipo, you really have no choice but to get up and go because your energy level at times can be overwhelming. Which is a GOOD THING! "

February 9, 2011    review
April   Age: 30

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... 10 pounds in a week start off slow 2 pills the frist two days 3rd day 3pills 2 in the morning and one at afternoon. 5th day 2 in the morning 2 in the afternoon "

January 23, 2011    question
Emily   Age: 31

"... Can someone with rosacea take lipo 6? I am planning on taking it but it says that it could cause flusing. Can someone tell me about that?"


September 1, 2011
response by Jackson

The best advice would be to talk to your doctor and show him or her the ingredients to get the best feedback. I have not come across this issue and cannot seem to find any concrete evidence to lead you in the right directions.

If you are seeking weight loss, you can start with a better diet plan and starting a fitness plan - safe and effective plan to get results always!

January 20, 2011    question
danna   Age: 23

"... I am planning on taking Lipo 6. I work out every day and just cant seem to lose all the weight I want. Im looking to make my bottle last as long as possible, because it is expensive for me. Can I take 4 pills a day instead of 6? Will it still work?


September 4, 2011
response by Phil

Hi Danna, congrats on your commitment and efforts! Yes, you can try to use 4 pills a day but the results are optimal when you use 6. One mentioned that you work out every day, but if you are not losing any weight then you are not working out the right way, and also you must remember that 50% of the job is your diet. If you have those in place the right way then you should be losing about 1 to 2 pounds per week. Adding these pills at the full dosage should increase that to 2-3 lbs per week.

Buckle down, do more cardio, eat bland boring (healthy) food and you will reach your goals. It's not easy, but very worthwhile!

January 20, 2011    question
sheza   Age: 22

"... i am using it from 17days along with gym but it is not reducing my weight my weight is 95kg"


September 4, 2011
response by Phil

Hi Sheze, keep focused! If you are not losing weight then you are either not dieting strict enough or doing enough cardio. Most people think they can get away with certain foods but the truth is you can't. To lose weight and eat truly healthy foods most people don't want to do that as they are too weak to eat bland, boring foods. You have to ask yourself how badly do you want to reach your goal, then you'll realize, hopefully, that the chips or burger are just not worth it.

January 16, 2011    review
Sarah   Age: 24

  RATING: 3 out of 5

"... Okay, so now I've been using this for 3 days. After the first dose, I no longer felt jittery.

AND Elisabeth, I was NOT drinking any caffeine when I experienced the jitters. Please do not assume something about people before you know the facts. I was also eating healthy, no candy, soda, coffee, fries, etc. Everyone's body is different and will react to things in different ways. I also have hypothyroidism, and have been taking medicine for it since I was 10.

I have not noticed any more results other than those I was already getting before the pills, but it has only been 3 days, so we'll see."

January 14, 2011    review
Elisabeth   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have been on the pills for 2.5 weeks. I havent had any issues with taking the pills but seeing some of the comments on this page seems to me that some of you need to read the label and take it more responsibly. They have 50% caffine! If you drink anything caffinated it's no wonder your jittery. I've lost a total 8.6 lbs in 19 days. I also work out 6 days a week steadily not killing myself. Without a good healthy diet this product will do what any other will do make you feel sick because your still putting junk in your system. Oh and trust me I know whoever reads this is going to say "but I am eating healthy" when the reality is your little cheats here and there are whats killing you. You get a grilled chicken sandwhich and a side of fries. Those fries will put you way over on "bad carbs" and they also contain around 400 to 600 calories. There's 3500 calories in every pound. Eat healthy STOP cheating and you will do just fine. Seriously read the label, if your not knowledgable of what your taking your only hurting yourself. Oh and Ive tried everything under the sun including pure ephedra but due to a thyroid that has no production I culdnt lose wieght and now Im almost down 10 lbs. That should tell you this pill is phenominal!!!"

January 10, 2011    question
Cloudine   Age: 27

"... I just came across Lipo 6 Black hers and was wondering if it works! I'm 5'4" 220 lbs female..I have tried taking diet pills before and disliked the jittery feeling you get as a result! I was wondering if anyone experienced any jittery feeling or dizziness, etc? I have tried working out alone before and lost 30lbs, which was great! but as soon as I had gone back to my busy busy school life and all that traveling and stuff, I have gained all 30lbs again,which is not good. But I want to follow a plan that will give me results and that will help me shed about at least 90lbs. Any recommendations? I would really appreciate it!"


January 13, 2011
response by Sarah


I bought the Wii game, the biggest loser, I was actually getting results just from that, but wanted an extra boost. I just took my first dose of Lipo 6 Black Hers about 2 hours ago. Now, I think that I should have started with just one pill, but I took the full dosage of 3. I've feeling very jittery and could not go back to sleep after taking it. I waited about an hour after taking it and made a good breakfast, since breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I'm still feeling a bit jittery, but not as much as I was before I ate. Don't know if that has anything to do with it. I do think that I will reduce my dosage for the pm so I don't feel so jittery. Maybe if I get used to it, the side effect won't occur. I'm currently 5'3" and was 201 pounds when I started the biggest loser game, am now down to 187 pounds. I have also been watching what I eat and trying to stay under 1400 calories a day and drinking a lot of water.

December 29, 2010    review
Elisabeth   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I've been on these pills for 3 days. I've lost 2.2 lbs so far. In a healthy manner. I've limited my calorie intake to 1,500 max. I did this by buying foods like special K and oatmeal for breakfast, I eat a veggie burger for lunch or a small salad (no beacon bits and extras) and for Dinner maybe another bowl of special K or whole grain speghetti with heart healthy paste sauce. All I can say is PORTIONS, PORTIONS, PORTIONS. If you feel you cheated on your meal, make up for it the next day and eat a low calorie meal. This will help balance you out. This pill works as an appitie suppresser too so you won't feel like your ready to eat your own hand off out of starvation by 7 ( when you shouldn't eat anymore.) I do interval cardio and strength training for tone. A little about myself. I'm a Marine. I had a rough turn out after a deployment to Iraq and gained over 60 lbs due to expose to toxins. My thyroid no longer works and I deal with IBS amongst a few other issues. I don't like pills, I believe natural is the way to go but I'm desprate I went from 145 to 218 which is what I am now in less than 2 years.. I am Consistantly working out. I'm one of the few who is obese and has an oustanding cholestrol level! I want my body back, so I'm putting myself back through boot camp with an even more strict diet. NO SWEETS EITHER! Women aren't allowed to have them in training we had a slice of bread a tbls of peanut butter and jelly and thats it. READ the label, mind your Iron intake because you can o.d. on vitamins. Caffine as well. If your taking these pills drink de-caf everything. It has almost 50% caffine in it. In other words lay off the Mt. Dew and Coffee! This pill also has dual Thyroid activators which is why I chose it. Nothing and I mean nothing and Ive tried ALOT has worked , not even a pound and in 3 days on this I already see results. It's a good idea to do a detox system while doing your 8 week cycle. I take Acai.

**I've had no side effects. Your heart rate reaches peak in what seems like 0-5 seconds of cardio, Lots of sweat. Very pure form of energy, intense! You feel your muscles burning if your working out correctly. Its easy to convince yourself you're trying, when really your not. You'll know your trying when its a struggle to keep going and you want to quit but don't."

December 27, 2010    question
Theresa   Age: 22

"... This is my first day taking the supplement. The biggest thing that I noticed was a huge increase in stamina at the gym, cardio was easier. Odd thing was I didn't sweat much, not like I usually do. I'm 5'7'' currently 155 lbs and I want to get cut and lean. I was up to 165 and lost 10 on my own but it took a while, I also have Pcos so it takes forever to lose weight. I'm going to get to 135 here soon, I'll letcha' know how it goes ;)"


February 8, 2011
response by podmed15

Hi, How did it go for you? I have PCOs too and am wondering whats going to happen! Thanks.

December 11, 2010    review
sports chick   Age: 34

  RATING: 4 out of 5

"... I started taking LIPO Black a week ago. Dropped 5 lbs since then.A friend and I were looking for an additional booster to what we were already doing to stay fit. Im pretty impressed with the results. We train pretty hard in the gym as it is, but this has given us an extra kick. We drink lots and lots of water throughout the day to miminize the jitters. We eat healthy and train 4-5 days a week. I think to reach the highest and most successful results you need to put the work in and not rely on the pill so much. Its not a miracle pill. But it does inhance and speed up your results when healthy eating and exercising are involved. "

November 30, 2010    review
Ruby   Age: 26

  RATING: 1 out of 5

"... So I took my first 3 capsules Monday morning, then ate about 30 mins later, I began feeling jittery and about an hour later I began feeling nauseous then began vomiting. I have read reviews that woman felt nauseous but did anybody actually vomit? I felt sick the whole day, until i had to take some anti-vomiting medications. Should I try it again at a lower dose?"

November 29, 2010    review
estimator   Age: 40

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hiya..I have always trained- had a baby 18 months ago and although training 3 times per week- cardi and weight- I still cant shift last 6 pounds. I am 39 and know that your bolic rate slows right down...My diet is ok, so thought to try Lipo 6 and have been taking them for a 5 hard, but no change in weight at all.....i TAKE 3 MORNING, 3 LUNCHTIME, AM DOING 45 MINUTES RUN OR CROSS TRAINER AND WEIGHTS...Dont eat much carbs and dont eat after6pm...How long til I should start to lose weight...."

November 15, 2010    question
Jamie   Age: 24

"... Hi guys,

I am 24 and looking to join the military. I need to lose about 30 more pounds and have been very good about my diet and exercise. I am losing weight relatively fast with just this but am always tired, no matter what. I even take a women's multi-vitamin but still can never seem to have enough energy to get me through the day. I am looking for something to just give me a normal amount of energy. I would prefer not to take diet pills because I know they can mess with the heart. Does anyone have any suggestions? Oh and coffee and soda does not work, at all."


November 29, 2010
response by Christina

You are not intaking enough complex carbs...(I.E sweet potato, whole grain breads, Oatmeal) I am training for the police academy, my trainer noticed the lack of energy I had, it was because I was not intaking enough complex carbs and too much protein.
Listen to what your body tells you, if you crave salty foods you are not eating enough protein. If you are craving sweet, not enough carbs.
If you are loosing the amount of weight you claim to be loosing in such a short period of time, you may also not be intaking enough calories. Make sure your intake is at least 1200 calories a day.
Good Luck!!!


December 29, 2010
response by Elisabeth

I was like you when I joined the Marine Corps, I had to drop 10 lbs and it was difficult because I gained muscle which didn't lower the scale in my favor. Be careful, do it in a healthy way. I was fasting and eating ice and a slice of cheese, I dropped the weight on the scale but the moment I ate normal food which was on my way to boot camp I had gain all of that weight back in one day. Your body will freak out if you lose it quickly, so like Christina said minimize your calorie intake to 1200 1500 max! Stay a way from fatty foods eat healthy you can google good easy to make things to eat that are good for your system and won't shock it to store fat instead it will burn like it needs to. You can eat 5 times a days and not even take in 1200 if your eating healthy and portion sized amounts. These pills are good as long as you take them responsibly. They have 47% caffine in them and do great keeping me up. I was a lot like you always tired. The workout rush is extreme to say the least not in a bad way either you feel a natural blast of energy and have no problem with stamina. Hydration is key while taking them also.

November 13, 2010    review
kelsey   Age: 25

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I just started using the product and I love it so far! It makes me not hunggry which before i was constantly eating!! I sarted out with 2 right as I woke up and 2 around 3pm. The man i bought it from told me not to take it less then 5 hours before i went to sleep or it will keep you up. Also i have had jitters and mild nausea but i think that will go away in a few day when my body gets used to it. I recommend to all ladies! "

November 11, 2010    question
BB1978   Age: 32

"... I just bought my first bottle and noticed that it states, drink no coffee! Will it hurt me if I have 1 cup a day? Please say no!"


November 22, 2010
response by BJ

I wouldn't drink coffee simply b/c the ingredients within the pills is enough to keep u energized.


December 29, 2010
response by Elisabeth's answer

Read the label. I used to drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee in the morning. This pill has almost 50% caffine in it. Believe me you won't need the coffee if you absolutely have to have it drink de-caf and ONLY 1 cup. The reason most pills have been banned that worked is because people abused them and didn't mind the label. This one works as long as you follow a healthy diet and pay attention to the label.

November 9, 2010    question
krissy   Age: 21

"... hi everyone
im new to this i just heard about this product. how many did u take the first time? what type of meal diet u have going on?Help me out please"


September 8, 2011
response by Roger

Hi Krissy, the instructions are on the label. The full dose is 3 capsules in the morning and then 3 more in the early afternoon. You can start with 1 capsules twice a day, then move to 2 capsules and then the full dose just to let your body adjust to it safely. Remember, it is also key to take it WITHOUT food, proximately 30 minutes before you eat. And the suggest length is about 8-10 weeks then take 4 weeks off.

November 4, 2010    question
Rocio   Age: 21

"... So i started using this yesterday and at the end of the night it had a weird effect on me. First i couldnt sleep and when i finnaly fell asleep at 3am i was awake by 4am, so i only had 1hr of sleep. Also I have a massive headache that feels like me head is going to explode. It made me very shaky and made my eyes hurt when the light was on and had very bad sweating at night as if someone poured water on me. It was ridicolus. Im scared to even try it again. Should I have started with 1pill and progresses to 3 because i jumped right into it using it 3pills in the am and 3 in the pm. and what is the lastese do you think i should take it cause i drank it at 7pm. Too late?? Let me know thanks.

I really want this to work because I am only 21 and am 180 pounds over weight. Meaning i weigh 357. Its like i gain weight every yr since i was 2."


November 4, 2010
response by Amanda

You should start with only 1 pill in morning and 1 pill in afternoon. Do this for 2 days, then the third day take 2 morning and 2 afternoon. Also do this for 2 days and then start the full dosage. I did this and so far im having no side effects. Also, I couldnt sleep in the beginning so I found that if I dont take it after 3 pm I get a better night sleep. Definitely dont take it after 4 or 5 pm.

November 2, 2010    question
Mari   Age: 25

"... Hi ladies! I'm 25 years old, a mother of three girls my height is 4"11 and my weight is 109 right now. I was weighing 143lbs in Jan. i'm working out at home with and lost 34lbs. As of right now I'm looking for something that can give me more energy and help me tone up my body. Would Lipo 6 Black hers do the trick? Can anyone please let me know asap and thank you!"


November 29, 2010
response by Christina

At this point you really don't need to take any supplements. Just work out with weights and continue cardio. I would also increase your protein and carbs (NO WHITE CARBS), and get yourself a jug of whey protein.

November 2, 2010    review
Jessica   Age: 28

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I have just started the pill this morning. I'm starting off with one capsule today and I will increase in a couple of days. With just one I feel fine. Now irregular heart beat or jitters. I feel a slight bit of energy but I did just take one. I've read lots of reviews and did research. This product seems to work if you diet, exercise and take this pill. I've got one down and hoping I can work on diet and exercise. I really need to lose weight since my fat jeans are now my daily jeans and they are to tight. I'm starting at 190lbs and I will keep you posted. Good Luck everyone!"

October 28, 2010    question
Dametra   Age: 29

"... Hi Laides. I started taking this product at the begining of September. I lost 15 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks. I don't know for sure if it was just water weight. I would take the pill at 5 a.m before hitting the gym and again at 3 p.m before my second workout at the gym. It gave me alot of energy and I didnt feel hungry at all. While deployed in 08 I took Lipo 6 hers and lost 13 lbs but I stopped losing after the 1st bottle. I love the Lipo 6 Black Hers! "


September 8, 2011
response by Cameron

Wow.. amazing results in your first 2 weeks - right on track! It's excellent to hear success stories, and even more so when the person is also applying a good fitness plan which speeds up the results remarkably. Again, thanks for sharing and keep up the amazing progress!

October 19, 2010    question
riny   Age: 18

"... i am 18 can i use tis product!i am dying to loose weigth! i dont go for any workout but follow diet !someon pls tell me wether i can use tis prouduct"


September 10, 2011
response by Rick

Yes you can use this product, just follow directions and stay committed. Since you don't do any physical exercise, your gains won't be as fast but if you do follow a good diet you should see good results. I would suggest adding SOME cardio to the day, even if its a short walk everyday around your block. Good luck and go get it!

October 17, 2010    review
Jeanette    Age: 32

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I started taking Lipo 6 Hers Black this morning for the first time. I am nervous but I tired of being fat. I work out everyday and eat right but the weight never comes off. I weighed in at 221 this morning. Need this to work. I took 2 capsules about 30 minutes ago and I am starting to feel it. I will keep you posted."

October 13, 2010    review
Daisy P   Age: 27

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Since taking Lipo 6 Ive had increased energy, less fatigue throughout long days, and my hunger has been suppresed. Now I am working out about 2 hours a day and eating less and eating better. I have lost 10 pounds since I started and It has only been 2 and a half weeks."

October 11, 2010    question
Susan   Age: 37

"... I just purchased Lip 6 black for hers I am extremly nervous. WIll i have to keep taking it after I finish the bottle? They say after I stop I will gain the weight back is that true? Assuming I keep my deit and exercise the same??"


October 14, 2010
response by Jaclyn

Not necessarily,you will need to increase your excercise routine a little bit to not gain anything back. Lipo 6 black, like all of their products,are stimulants so you might lose a little energy which will result in less motivation to work out. Keep this end mind when you cycle on and off of any stimulant and you should be fine.

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