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April 28, 2011    review
Paul IV   Age: 16

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Hey guys.. this is exactly what I have been waiting for.. a good weight gainer or mass builder from ON. I have been just started using the hydro builder and it's great.. but this sound more like what I need as I have a really hard time packing on size. Any other info out there?"

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Optimum Nutrition - Platinum Hydro Meal

Finally a weight gainer that tastes great and provides excellent results.. HYDRO MEAL!

Optimum Nutrition has been leading the way with protein for decades, and is now releasing Platinum Hydro Meal! To get the full components of a balanced healthy meal when you are too rushed or busy through your day try the all new Platinum Hydro Meal to fill the void! The right combination of calories consisting of the perfect ratio of carbohydrate, protein and fats to help build lean muscle mass and avoid fat gains. The comination of slow acting micellar caseins, with ON's famous hydrolyzed egg albumen with the rapid hydrolyzed whey protein isolates you have the combination of ingredients to make it happen. The best part about Platinum Hydro Meal is that you can mix it with a spoon, it's instant and delicious. Pack in the right calories for your weight gain goals to make this all in one meal replacement your choice for your goals! Stay tuned for exciting new details about this soon to be released product and be sure to share your reviews and opinions on what you feel the real life results truly are!

Precise Combination of Key Ingredients that get to work Fast!

ON's Advanced Meal Replacement / Weight Gainer for Real Results!

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