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October 21, 2013    question
marco   Age: 21

"... when should i take the product before or after working out?


October 29, 2013
response by Nick

Neither. Did you read the directions? This is not a pre or post workout supplement, it's a natural testosterone booster.

The label clearly states to take it first thing in the morning and right before bed.

April 28, 2013    review
George   Age: 21

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... My first time using a DAA product (also Fenugreek) and I love it. Running my second bottle at this time and so far in under 6 weeks I have gained roughly 11 pounds of lean gains, dropped close to 2 inches off my waist, strength is up, muscle fullness and tone is better and energy is great. Not to mention libido has also improved.

In addition, zero side-effects which is a major plus for me because most other testosterone boosters (natural or not) always made me break out and oiled up my skin.

I am also using Craze for pre-workout, xtend for intra and torrent for post."

December 28, 2012    review
George   Age: 41

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... I am on my second bottle at this time so I feel I can post a fair review. I truly feel this is a very effective testosterone booster without any sides whatsoever. I have used a variety of over the counter test enhancers, even prohormones a few years back and I will say that this is the best option that I have come across in recent years. The combination of benefits without any sides and a fair price just really sticks out for me. Overall with the first bottle I dropped aprox. 7% bodyfat, increase lean mass by about 6 pounds and strength, energy and libido is also high. I will note that I have also used DAA in the past but it didn'r work as well as this. Perhaps it was the dosage or the quality, but this works and I like it. I'll use up this bottle and then take a break before startign again in the Spring."

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Platinum Series - Alpha Protocol

Stop taking Health Risks with Illegal Testosterone Boosters.. Switch to Safe & Natural!

Platinum Series once again helps take your athletic performance to the max with their Alpha Protocol product! This product is designed to do one very specific thing which is to naturally increase your testosterone levels and you can rest assured that it does it extremely well. In fact, human real life studies have shown nearly a 100% full increase in free-test levels with the directed use of this product. Using key essential components which have shown to raise your levels such as Eurycoma Longifolia Extract, Fenugreek Seed Extract and D-Aspartic Acid each powerful serving will help you get that much closer to your eventual goal. The vast amount of benefits of using this product include an increase in male libido, a lower body fat, boost in new muscle strength and size and an overall improvement in your sports or athletic performance. Turn in to that alpha male you push hard to become!

Contains 3,120mg D-aspartic Acids with 600mg of Testofen

Studies have Shown an Increase of 98% of Free-Testosterone

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