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December 16, 2013    review
Jade   Age: 25

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... Good for pumps but I find that most pre-workout supplements actually contains this ingredient now so it's worth just getting more for your money."

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ProMera Health - Agma-Tren

The World's Most Potent form of Concentrated Agmatine Supplementation for Athletes!

ProMera Sports has really stepped up to the plate with their latest, Agma-Tren supplement. This concentrated version of Agmatine is quickly absorbed in to your system and will provide a handful of benefits for the athlete. It has shown to help reduce pain following exercise through improved recovery. It will optimize your insulin response for a more muscular physique based on your training efforts. It has characteristics that mimic LH and GH in your body and effects the IGF-1 hormone. This will lead to many growth and recovery benefits that growth hormone is known for. It also promote the release of NO in your body which you can use for better nutrient delivery and pumps during your training sessions. You'll also experience a great energy and focus improvement similar to Epinephrine which you can utilize towards your fitness sessions as well. A powerful antioxidant as well as mood enhancer, this product truly does contain the combination of multiple supplements in one. We at fitFLEX agree that you should take advantage today of this powerful new trend that will surely be mimicked by the rest of the industry as was the case with con-cret.

Stimulate Huge Nitric Oxide Pumps through New Pathways

Potential to Vastly Improve your Post-Workout Recovery

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