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Sami Al Haddad Diet Plan & Workout Routine plus Photo Gallery

Sami Al Haddad Sami Al Haddad Sami Al Haddad Sami Al Haddad Sami Al Haddad Sami Al Haddad
Sami Al Haddad Sami Al Haddad Sami Al Haddad Sami Al Haddad Sami Al Haddad Sami Al Haddad

Sami Al Haddad DIET PLAN

Sami is an excellent example of a bodybuilder that has little success as an open bodybuilder but then comes along the 202 and then the 212 pound category where his true potential can shine bright.

Sami The Blacksmith as he's called in the professional bodybuilding game, he's made it a mark to always be in excellent condition. He's never off and here's an idea as to why:

Tip 1 - Best supplements are (Glutamine, Creatine, BCAAs, Multivitamins, HMB, Whey protein, Vanadyl Sulfate, Nutrex, Zinc, Vitamin C)

Tip 2 - Always have enough protein to help with new muscle growth and recovery

Tip 3 - Try to add green vegetable to each meal to help digestion and absorption

Tip 4 - Don't eat junk food.. there is no "re-feed" benefit, that's for lazy people


Sami is one of those bodybuilders whom has a very balanced and pleasing physique. Most pros are single muscle group dominant, which takes away from the entire look. It takes true care and dedication to develop true balance.

One of his most outstanding muscles today are his incredible arms. He wasn't born blessed with good genetics or huge arms, so it took many years to bring them up and make them so spectacular. Here's a look at his arm day:

Exercise 1 - Barbell Curls @ 4 x 10-12

Exercise 2 - Preacher Curls @ 4 x 10-12

Exercise 3 - Concentration Curls @ 3 x 10-12

Exercise 4 - Cable or Rope Pushdowns @ 4 x 20-30

Exercise 5 - Skull Crushers @ 4 x 8-10

Exercise 6 - Machine Dips @ 4 x 10

Exercise 7 - One-arm Overhead Cable Extensions @ 3 x 15

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