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Trans-FX by SciTec

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November 2, 2011    review
Yosef   Age: 47

  RATING: 2 out of 5

"... I tried this combination supplement a few years ago to see if I could go from using two different supplement and just one. I regularly have used creatine and glutamine daily and since I started with that combination many years ago my workouts are gradually improving along with my results. Stopping those and switching to trans-fx that claimed to have both ingredients along with pre-workout pump items, within weeks I noticed that my progress had slowed to a crawl. I switched back to my original stack and everything recovered. Not sure what the problem was, but just not as effective for me as I had hoped."

August 8, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... They only have it in the orange flavor, but it's delicous so it doesn't matter. Found it here for $20.89 which is a decent rate but with the shipping much cheaper overal price then anywhere esle that I've noticed. Oh yea.. it's got all you need."

February 18, 2007   

  RATING: 5 out of 5

"... Very good supplement of all the things athletes need to progress. I really am experiencing the effects. It encumpasses creatines, glutamines, and other amino acids to maximize recovery and new gains."

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SciTec - Trans-FX Creatine

Each Delicious Serving Combines Quality Creatine.. Glutamine.. Arginine & Taurine in One

SciTec again achieves greatness with their latest creatine formulation in their sports nutrition lineup, Trans-FX! There are many variations and formulations of creatine available ever since it's original release to the mass market in the early 1990's. But as you may have experienced for yourself, many so-called improvements and upgrades have simply not lived up to the hype or extreme claims. This is where SciTec changes the game and standards once again as their effervescent formula truly does excel in all aspects and builds on the many benefits you've come to expect from creatine. With this new formulation, you can actually get the creatine and ingredients absorbed much quicker which means your body can make the best use of the components instantly. No more loading or bloating effects - instead you can just experience the positive and performance benefits you prefer.

Easily Promotes Maximum Lean Muscle Cell Saturation

Unique 100% Sugar-Free Creatine Mass Building Formula

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