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Sergio Oliva Jr. Diet Plan & Workout Routine plus Photo Gallery

Sergio Oliva Jr. Sergio Oliva Jr. Sergio Oliva Jr. Sergio Oliva Jr. Sergio Oliva Jr. Sergio Oliva Jr.
Sergio Oliva Jr. Sergio Oliva Jr. Sergio Oliva Jr. Sergio Oliva Jr. Sergio Oliva Jr. Sergio Oliva Jr.

Sergio Oliva Jr. DIET PLAN

With such a huge name to live up to, Sergio has taken it upon himself to separate himself from his fathers image. He trains out in Gold's Gym in Venice and makes strides each year as a Pro.

His diet is on point and he has recently learned how to bring it all together to bring a package of fullness, definition and much more. It's a brand new Myth, check out his daily diet:

Breakfast - 3 Whole Eggs, 7 Egg Whites

Meal 2 - Whey Isolate Protein Shake with Creatine, Glutamine, BCAA

Meal 3 - 8oz Chicken Breast, 2 cups rice, Greens

Meal 4 - 8oz Tilapia, Sweet Potato, Greens

Meal 5 - 3 Whole Eggs, 7 Egg Whites

Meal 6 - Whey Isolate Protein Shake for Bedtime


Sergio Jr is blessed with many of the genetic traits that his Father, The Myth had. This is an advantage as Sergio was one of the greatest of all time. He is able to duplicate his fathers Victory post quite well.

Training is old-school and basic. Even though his father never trained him nor supported him in the sport, Sergio Jr has taken it upon himself through trial and error to build his amazing IFBB Pro Physique.

Monday - Chest (Inclined Dumbbell Press, Flat Barbell Press, Incline Smith Machine, Decline Barbell, Weighted Dips, Incline Dumbbell Flyes, Cable Flyes)

Tuesday - Front Thighs (Leg Extensions, Squats, Leg Presses, Hack Squats, Walking Lunges)

Wednesday - Back (Wide Grip Pull-ups, Deadlifts, Barbell Rows, T-Bar Rows, Seated Cable Rows, Lat Pulldowns)

Thursday - Hamstrings (Seated Leg Curls, Stiff Leg Deadlifts, Lying Leg Curls, Single Leg Curls)

Friday - Shoulders (Military Press, Seated Dumbbell Press, Hammer Strength Shoulder Press, Side Raises, Upright Rows, Dumbbell Rear Delts on Machine)

Saturday - Arms (Preacher Curls, Seated Dumbbell Curls, Standing Barbell Curls, Hammer Curls, Skullcrushers, Dip Press on Machine, Overhead Rope Extensions, Dumbbell Kickbacks, Cable Pushdowns)

Sunday - REST DAY

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