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Supplement stacking ... in essence the best possible combination of various supplements which work perfectly together for potent results. It truly allows you to get the absolute most out of your daily supplement use and
allows you to reach your weight training goals much faster. The benefits truly arise when various ingredients are combined or stacked, making each one even more powerful than as a standalone solution. There are many different options for stacking supplements and it can become quite confusing even for advanced athletes, which is whey we have created our supplement stack guide for you to benefit from. Let's take the complication out of this process. While most people usually opt for a single pre-workout or protein product, they really aren't reaping the benefits of using products that meet all the requirements your body needs to grow, recovery, heal or burn fat.

Remember, the key to any effective supplement stack includes two other major factors - your training and daily nutrition. For supplements to be truly effective, you need to put 100% effort in to these critical factors because supplements are just as they appear, an actual "supplement" to something - your diet and exercise.


Muscle Building Stacks
Gaining new muscle mass and improving your overall strength consists of a specific combination of nutrients and ingredients that you need to take advantage of to make the gains you seek. A good post-workout protein, night-time slow release casein with a multivitamin, creatine, glutamine along with amino acids is essential. Specific pre-workout, intra-workout, post-workout supplements truly allow you to target, repair and grow at exponential rates. Using supplements ensures that your body receives all of the micro and macro nutrients that are not always available in your daily foods. Start your stacking!
  //  Advanced Muscle Stack for MEN

Muscle Building Stack for Men
Complete arsenal of supplements for maximum gains for strength, muscles & recovery! Start making the quality gains you want!

//  Advanced Muscle Stack for WOMEN

Muscle Building Stack for Women
Solution designed for the average woman to improve muscle tone while shedding body fat to reveal a sexy, healthy new beach body!

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Weight Loss Stacks
Getting lean and toned is possible with specific fat burning stacks usually comprised of stimulants & thermogenic ingredients! But, where most men and women make the common mistake is when it comes to just not your basic fat burner but the inclusion of a quality protein supplement, healthy fish oils and a daily athlete based multivitamin. Ensuring that you receive your daily required amounts of protein means that your body remains in an anti-catabolic phase meaning it will burn fat for energy instead of your muscle tissue. Using these stacks will help you reach your goals!
  //  Top Fat Loss Stack for MEN

Fat Loss Stack for Men
Perfect blend of protein, minerals, vitamins & natural fat burning ingredients for superior fat burning results you can trust!

//  Top Fat Loss Stack for WOMEN

Fat Loss Stack for Women
The perfect stack of safe, natural & proven products which together promote the best fat loss experience for your own weight loss goals!

Browse our latest visitor & customer recommended stacks below:

Stacking Goal :

Rating :
   24-Hour Protein

   9.6 / 10
( Optimum Nutrition ) 100% WHEY GOLD + 100% CASEIN

No matter what budget I am on, this is always the one-two punch I have in my home. In my opinion and seeing what my friends do, it seems to be the trend to really buy some pre-workout drink or a testosterone booster and nothing else. It's the protein, amino acids in these shakes that actually make the muscle grow and respond, not some stimulant or tribulus. First and foremost, you have to get your total protein in each day. I use the 100% Gold Whey for post workouts or between meals and the 100% Casein for night-time. Really makes a huge difference.
Stacking Goal :

Rating :
   Ultimate Fat Loss

   9.3 / 10
( Muscletech & Labrada ) Hydroxycut ELITE + EFA Lean Gold

Without any question the best fat burning combination out there that I have put together. Of course, you have to try your best to keep your diet clean and get some exercise in, but even if you don't you'll still get some fat loss. I usually stack these for about 10 to 12 weeks straight and in that time I always drop about 2-3 pounds every week. Listen, it does take some work to get to that level but you have to decide for yourself how badly you want it and how much you're willing to invest with your exercise or foods to really make it happen, right?

Stacking Goal :

Rating :
   Pre & Post Workout

   9.2 / 10
( Cellucor & Muscletech ) C4 Extreme + CREACORE Creatine

Simply awesome! Finally found the perfect blend of pre-workout and post-workout products that work well together and really make a noticeable difference from week to week. C4 is easily the strongest pre-workout booster for pumps, focus and most importantly for me endurance. I train long and this helps me get through it without a crash. Next is the Creacore which is a concentrated creatine that is used right after you train and helps with the recovery and growth process. It also raises test levels slightly. I also recommend a whey isolate shake after training.
Stacking Goal :

Rating :
   Improve New Gains

   9.4 / 10
( ProMera Sports & Gaspari ) CON-CRET + AMINOLAST

For me, this is by far the best combo for training stacks. I have used a variety of pre-workout type products and none really work as well for me as this creatine drink. It really helps give me awesome pumps, good veins and really a good push in the gym to go hard and really give it all every time. What helps is the amino acids in the Aminolast product which I have just started using recently. I previously used the XTEND product for many years but found it stopped working some time ago. I drink this while I train and sometimes mix it with Glycofuse.

Stacking Goal :

Rating :
   Muscle Building

   9.6 / 10
( BPi Sports ) A-HD + Anabolic Elite + SOLID

Since the prohormone days are long gone, this for me is the best solution out there. Any by saying that I don't mean it's just an OK replacement, as it's actually an excellent stack and on both of my cycles has proven very successful. The best way to stack this, in case you don't know is to run SOLID the entire 8 weeks, the A50 for weeks 1 through 5 and the A-HD weeks 5 through 8. There is no PCT required as the A-HD helps with the estrogen rebound and levels your test levels back to normal. You'll get hard, lean gains - no water or bloat like in the past.
Stacking Goal :

Rating :
   Rapid Fat Burning

   9.2 / 10
( USPLabs & MusclePharm ) oxyELITE Pro + Enhanced CLA

Hi guys, thanks for this great site! I just wanted to post my favorite fat burning combination that my trainer recommend for me but it works extremely well. Use the oxyELITE Pro as directed as well as the CLA. I would also suggest adding a OMEGA / FISH OIL product in as well for the AM and PM - just helps a little extra more to get a few more pounds off. I would cycle the oxyELITE Pro as well, for about 6 weeks on then a 2 week break. This seems to keep the fat coming off and I don't get stuck with any plateaus. And of course, a good diet and cardio help!

Stacking Goal :

Rating :
   Pre & Intra Workout

   9.1 / 10
( Gaspari ) SUPERPUMP Max + SIZEON Maximum

I've used this stack on and off for the past few years. SuperPump 250 is used pre-workout, about 20-30 minutes. Start with one scoop and see how you react to it before moving up to the maximum of 4. During or after your workout, add Sizeon, one scoop. I personally take it immediately following my workouts. When I am on this stack my weight goes up, strength goes up, recovery improves a lot. Only side-effect I have found is that if I use 3 or more scoops of SuperPump 250 I get an upset stomach.. so I stick with 2. Lots of great flavors to choose from, really happy with the gains each time.
Stacking Goal :

Rating :
   Pre & Post Workout

   8.4 / 10

Hey everyone.. really impressed with this site - nothing out there really comes close in my opinion for supplement info - great job guys. In regards to my favorite stack in recent times, I have to say hands down it's the MHP pre and post workout stack. This is pretty much the only one that has given me any actual gains to speak of as most other pre and post workout stacks just give you a massive pump and a nasty headache to go along with it. With MHP I can honestly say that my strength and recovery have dramatically improved where it's noticeable from one workout to the next. A+

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