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Reach Muscle Building Goals with Top Rated Supplements

Muscle Building Supplements The hardworking staff at fitFLEX since 2002 have always provided free reviews and testimonials of the supplements that will help you to reach your goals. We also provide in-depth articles discussing all aspects of goals, diets and exercise. If you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, strength or overall well being, then this page will help guide you on the right path. Please keep in mind that pills don't do anything on their own. YOU must combine the efforts of proper exercise as well as nutrition on a daily basis to reach the body you envision and focus on. Sometimes it can be a challenging path, however these following supplements make it easier, they don't do all the work but they make the work much easier in most cases. We review and detail supplements such in categories such as protein supplements, creatine, glutamine and minerals and vitamins. Also, hardcore, testosterone booster, hGH and NO2 boosters.

PROTEIN Protein is responsible for building and repairing muscle tissue. It is the most important supplement each day.
How much to use? To increase muscle size consume 1.5 to 2.0 grams of protein per 1.0 lb of body weight. Example, a 175 lb individual requires roughly 260-350 grams or protein per day.

When to use? Always use protein immediately after exercise. Eat every 2-3 hours, so either have a meal or protein shake. Use casein protein in the evening for night-time growth and recovery.
Optimum Nutrition
100% Whey Gold Standard

High quality protein for everyday use.

Ultra premium extended released protein.
Optimum Nutrition
Casein Protein

Perfect protein choice for bedtime protein.

PRE-WORKOUT Improve your mental focus, clarity with improved energy levels. Boost pumps, endurance and training progress.
How much to use? Most pre-workout products will have a low and high end dosing chart that you should follow. Remember to take regular breaks from these as they have high stimulants.

When to use? Pre-workout supplements are used anywhere from 60 to 15 minutes prior to your exercise session. Use them as directed and never go over the suggested limit.
C4 Extreme

Experience explosive energy with each workout.
Driven Sports

The ultimate clear focus & exercise endurance.

The original pre-workout muscle building formula.

TESTOSTERONE BOOSTERS Increase your natural testosterone levels to increase your strength gains, new muscle mass and libido.
How much to use? It will vary greatly based on the specific ingredients that have been used in the formulation. Typically a product is used for a period of 4-10 weeks followed by a break.

When to use? Again, each brand has their own specific formula for these products but generally it is taken when you wake up or go to bed. The key is to take it the same time of day, each day.
Test Powder

Multiple pathway product contains D-Aspartic acid.
Animal STAK

Increase testosterone and growth hormone.
BPi Sports

Ultra concentrated testosterone improvement.

CREATINE Regular use of creatine will dramatically improve your strength, endurance, workouts & lean muscle growth.
How much to use? The amount used will vary on the type of creatine you are to use. Simply follow the directions on the product label based on your current body weight.

When to use? Again, it will depend on the specific product as each varies in directions. Generally, creatine can be used before and after your exercise sessions for best results.
ProMera Sports

Concentrated Creatine Hydrochloride.

Three various formats of creatines in one.

The perfect hardgainer creatine formula.

BCAA's Various amino acids are essential building blocks for muscles. Increase endurance, size, strength and growth.
How much to use? You should always consume amino acids from foods or supplements to keep your body in a anabolic environment and avoid and potential anti-catabolic (muscle waste) effects.

When to use? You should drink amino acid supplement drinks throughout the day. The ideal time to use them however is during and after your workout or exercises sessions for quick recovery.

Drink this during your workout sessions.

BCAA's to improve your recovery & endurance.
Optimum Nutrition
AmiNO Energy

The perfect hardgainer creatine formula.

WEIGHT GAINERS Increase your daily intake of muscle building calories with high quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates to gain weight.
How much to use? Depending on how much weight you need to gain and what level of hardgainer you might be at it can vary from a single shake to upwards of three.

When to use? To gain weight you need to consume 5-6 meals per day, so replace anywhere from 1 to 3 of those meals with these weight gainer shakes. Mix with milk if you want more calories.
Monster Milk

A delicious and fast acting weight gainer.
Optimum Nutrition
Serious Mass

Each serving contains 1,250 high quality calories.
Real Gains

Contains complex carbs, proteins and fiber.

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