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Ageless Foundations
UlraMax Gold
UlraMax Gold by Ageless Foundations

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4.8 / 5 based on 4 reviews     SUBMIT A REVIEW / QUESTION

96%   4

April 17, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Huang - age 36 ]       will

" ... have u shipped to taiwan?? "

Response shared April 17, 2013   [ Dave ]

" ... Most products do ship to Taiwan. To find out, simply click on the link above for the best price and add to cart. If the product is no longer available in the store then try the suggested hGH alternatives. "

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May 20, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ CMLee - age 50 ]       used

" ... I started using using the UltramaxGold sachets at the beginning of the year and was advised by the sales representative to take for 3 months and stop for 6 months and recommence for another 3 months. May I ask if this is correct? What if I take the capsules, can I take it continously? "

Response shared May 21, 2012   [ Mason ]

" ... The ideal way to use this is for 3 OR 6 months straight, I would suggest the 6 months to get the best results. Then take a 3 month break in either case and repeat. "

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November 6, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ Hugh - age 61 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5

" ... The key behind being able to take ultramax for long periods and benefiting from the great results is to follow the directions. I made this mistake as I didn't read the fine print at first. For those reading this, be sure to take 2 capsules in the AM and 2 capsules in the PM. Do this for 5 days straight and then stop for 2 full days. I find it easy to run from Monday to Friday and then take the weekends off, easier to remember. If you follow that the results will be quite dramatic, at least they are for me. Excellent quality and truly does improve your hgh levels significantly for better health. "

November 18, 2007   [ Christopher ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I've been using ultramax hgh gold now for about 3 years, and continue to have excellent results. "

February 3, 2007   [ Nick ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Very good hgh supplements, I, my father and now grandfather take it daily. "

January 31, 2007   [ Ken ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Another hgg product, but this one is my favorite. I easily rate it 5/5 for all aspects, because in my case atleast, finally a hgh product that is without a preion that really delivers results. I use it daily. "


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Description » Ageless Foundations - UltraMax HGH Gold

This Product Truly Contains the Perfect Effective Combination Blend of HGH for Everyone!

Ageless Foundation Laboratories has created the most valuable and worthwhile anti-aging supplement to date, their UltraMax Gold! It contains a specific natural blend of ingredients which safely improves your human growth hormonal levels and unleashes all the great benefits that come along with it. Available in a unique effervescent powder format for quick preparation with some water for a taste orange beverage. The ideal time to consume this is before you head out for bed on an empty stomach. It has been shown the HGH is usually highest in the body during your sleep phases so that is why this product is taken during this period to stimulate the maximum effective release from your glands. There are so many health benefits from using improving your growth hormone levels especially after a certain age where they begin to diminish. More energy, focus, strength and endurance are just a sample of great benefits you can come to expect.

Contains the Patented AlphaNeuro Complex & GABA Components

Today's Most Complete Natural Rejuvenation Formula for Men

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