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Weider Nutrition MEGA MASS 4000 Gainer Shake Review

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Weider NutritionGiant Mega Mass 4000Mega Mass 4000 by Weider

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Weider Mega Mass 4000 Results & Ratings

4.5 / 5
based on 19 reviews     SUBMIT A REVIEW / QUESTION

90%   19

January 13, 2015   [ QUESTION ]   [ mann - age 22 ]       will

" ... hi... i m planing to use this product but my question is for how long i have to use ? will lose weight if i stop using this ? "

Response shared January 17, 2015   [ Peter ]

" ... You can use this for as long as you want to use a weight gainer supplement. Remember, this is INSTEAD of a meal, so you can easily eat food instead of using this product to stop. It just makes it easier with this as you can just drink it and be done. "

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December 15, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ sameer - age 23 ]       using

" ... I m using mega mass 4000 before and after training is it work on these two shakes "

Response shared January 23, 2015   [ Richard ]

" ... Before workout is wrong and waste of time. Use it post-workout and before bed. "

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December 12, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ ali ahmad - age 17 ]       will

" ... HElo sir I want to buy magamass4000 I am very slim boy with only 45kg weight MY height is 5.5feet Can I use this to gain weight
Tell me its any side effect if I used
How much time it required to show its effect

Response shared January 23, 2015   [ Peter ]

" ... No side-effects, it's a meal replacement. Use it 2-3 times daily with 2-3 real meals per day for optimal results. Results will vary based on your decication and training plan. "

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December 5, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ rohan - age 18 ]       will

" ... Hi sir I have been going to the gym from the past 4 months.my weight is 63 kg and my height is 6inch.is it the right ime for this gainer.and does this have any side effects "

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November 8, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ Dario Yepes - age 78 ]       will

" ... Iam 78 year old I lost my muscular mass becouse prostae cáncer.
I want to recover my muscular mass I am bicycle racer. Can I take giant mega mass
Please answer me

Thank you Dario Yepes "

Response shared December 2, 2014   [ Vlado ]

" ... Yes, this is a good choice. Blend it with milk for more, healthy calories. "

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November 7, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ Sid - age 19 ]       will

" ... Hi I never used mega mass I just plan to use but I have some question
1)how much time it taken to see the affcets
2)which mega mass is good for me I'm 53 kg
3)how many scoops I need to take in one day
4)how many side affects "

Response shared December 2, 2014   [ Drew ]

" ... Hi Sid, it depends on how much other food you eat to see the results. Remember, it's total calories and nutrients. There is only one megamass, 6 scoops per day and there are no side-effects if you follow the directions and listen to your body. "

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September 29, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ Nikhil - age 24 ]       using

" ... Hai sir, I am 24 years old and 5'9 feet height, 59 kg weight I am regular in gym, I bought megamass 4000 I would like to know when is the right time to have the shake and can you tell me how many grams I need to add per shake. .
Thanx..!! "

Response shared October 30, 2014   [ Sammy ]

" ... When you wake up and before bed.. mix it with milk. "

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September 14, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ amit - age 19 ]       using

" ... I am using mega amino mass for first time, can i take it before going to bed and in morning after breakfast. "

Response shared October 30, 2014   [ Rick ]

" ... Yes, sounds good. "

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September 7, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ Dylan - age 16 ]       will

" ... Hi, I've bought the mega Mass 4000 to get my weight up while working out. my question is how many scoops do I put in and how much water to put it into?
please help


Response shared September 13, 2014   [ George ]

" ... Follow the directions, it tells you how many scoops per serving. I think it's 2-3 scoops with water. Take this twice per day. "

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July 9, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ shahwaiz - age 20 ]       will

" ... i can use this after eat or before please tell me...i have one more question .... can this protein increase mass into my face... "

Response shared August 7, 2014   [ Jinx ]

" ... This is an actual MEAL.. so take it as a meal not between or after one. "

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June 30, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ Tharindu - age 24 ]       will

" ... I.m 24 years old and skinny body. 5.8 feet height and 53 kg weight. I want to grow up my mass. Can you please explane how to use it and have it any side effects. "

Response shared July 6, 2014   [ Roger ]

" ... There are NO SIDE-EFFECTS to using a natural weight gainer. It's safe.

You 2-3 servings per day with 2-3 healthy meals per day. Train 4-5 days per week and get 8-10 hours of sleep per day.

Good luck! "

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April 24, 2014   [ REVIEW ]   [ ankit Kamra - age 26 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5

" ... i have just started using mega mass. I have the shake post workout in the evening after within a span of an hour dinner(mostly chicken) ,but my stomach gets upset badly. Kindly suggest what should i do. "

March 29, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ janaka widana gamage. - age 35 ]       using

" ... how much is dis product

Response shared April 18, 2014   [ Nick ]

" ... A fair price. "

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February 21, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ siraj - age 24 ]       will

" ... i never use any product i m 1 .90 mi wegit 91 i have somme good muscle but i need mor size i have a lltel of fat nowe if iwhant to use megga mass is good for the size ore whay pretine what the best for me i donnt whant many fat pliz i ned anser tnks a lot "

Response shared February 24, 2014   [ Phil Heath ]

" ... Use it 2-3 times per day, blend with low fat milk. Eat 2-3 real meals a day also. You'll get some great results, stay focused. "

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February 5, 2014   [ QUESTION ]   [ faizan - age 20 ]       will

" ... hi i have used jumbo weight gainer but it doesnot worked 1%.. i want to gain weight ..mega mass help me to gain weight or not ?? "

Response shared February 6, 2014   [ Greg ]

" ... Yes, drink 2 full shakes (servings) per day plus 3-4 real meals and you'll see the gains. Stay with ti. "

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December 31, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ david - age 23 ]       will

" ... hey, i am a skinny guy and want to gain weight and also busy with my official life.
my question is can i take this supplement without gym and workout with regular meals,and how much amount i have to use to gain weight. "

Response shared January 17, 2014   [ Henderson ]

" ... Yes, that added calories will help you gain weight. But if you wish to add MUSCLE, you NEED to exercise. "

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December 3, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ buddi - age 29 ]       will

" ... Pls let me know anyone.. from where i can buy this product in Qatar?? "

Response shared December 24, 2013   [ George ]

" ... Probably your only solution is ONLINE and get it shipped to you. "

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November 17, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Shah - age 23 ]       will

" ... Hello im planning to use mega mass 4000 to get weight and my question is that can i take only one shake in a day because i have ACNE problem and i think lots of calories will increase my acne.. "

Response shared November 30, 2013   [ George ]

" ... No, this will not affect your acne. You can take it as much as you want, that is up to you. In order to gain weight, you need to consume a certain amount of calories each day. So you will have to make up for it through real food. "

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October 22, 2013   [ REVIEW ]   [ Selina - age 29 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Hiii
I asked a question on here about a month ago as to whether Mega Mass 4000 would be suitable for me as a woman wanting to gain some healthy weight. I then went on and purchased Mega Mass and I thought I should atleast come back and review. I took the shake twice daily, each shake made up with 500ml whole milk and 12 heaped tablespoons of gainer blended in a mixer (I was not supplied with a scoop).
The first few days I felt quite dizzy and suffered headaches and felt throbbing from under my ribs, but this disappeared after the initial couple of days (I am a very slim girl and have probably never consumed that many calories in a day, so maybe my body just reacted).
Anyway I carried on until I finished the first 7kg box and I gained an impressive stone. This is probably in the space of 3 weeks and one of the weeks I barely ate due to illness so only had the shakes.
I have to say this product does exactly what it says and I have struggled all my life to gain weight.
I was so impressed I have just ordered another box.
Just keep to it guys, if you dedicate yourself this will work for u too

Selina x "

October 2, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Michael - age 21 ]       using

" ... hi..i plan to use mega mass 4000,because im a stress guy,my face is become older than my age,if i use mega mass 4000it will cause a good response tomy hole body..plz answer.. "

Response shared October 2, 2013   [ Joey ]

" ... No, this is not a product to help your face become younger. This is a WEIGHT and MUSCLE GAINER. "

Response shared October 13, 2013   [ john ]

" ... i want to used mega mass 4000.?how many days will improve my muscle?... "

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September 20, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Madusha - age 25 ]       will

" ... once after drinking Mega mass is it ok if i take some foods? one of my friends said I shouldn't take foods within 2hrs after drinking mega mass. is it true? "

Response shared September 22, 2013   [ Roger ]

" ... There is NO point to eating right after having a shake. There are plenty of calories, protein, carbs and fats that you don't need to eat for 2-3 hours afterwards. Doing so is a waste of your time. "

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September 18, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Mozam - age 18 ]       using

" ... How does height and cut increase with the use of this? "

Response shared September 22, 2013   [ Parker ]

" ... Your HEIGHT will NOT increase from the use of this. Nothing can increase your height besides natural growth.

You will also not cut or lose weight with this as it is a weight GAINER. "

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September 9, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Selina - age 29 ]       will

" ... Hi, I'm female and not interested in working out. I am healthy but have for sooo long struggled to put weight on. I am 5'6 and generally weigh between 47.5 to 49kg. I want to gain extra weight for a better womanly shape. Would you recommend this product for me and how best should I use it?

P.s this product was recommended to me by a work colleague who has bet me my money back if I don't gain using this. He is confident this product will do it for me!! "

Response shared September 11, 2013   [ Sean ]

" ... Yes, this is a great souce of HEALTHY and CLEAN calories to help you increase your overall weight without getting fat. Stick to two servings per day. "

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September 5, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Ejhay - age 19 ]       

" ... how long will an 8LBS Mega Mass last if i take it twice a day? "

Response shared September 11, 2013   [ Porter ]

" ... Look at the servings per container, simple as that. "

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September 4, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Thameem - age 21 ]       using

" ... Hi george !! I m using 4000 MASS .I always using this before & after workout...I got some improvement.I usually mix it with cup of milk.my way of use this product is right?plz answer me "

Response shared September 4, 2013   [ Jason ]

" ... Never use this BEFORE a workout, it will hinder your gains. You never want so many calories in your system when you need your blood for muscle growth and repair during training.

Instead, us it right after your workouts. Then again before bed. Mixing it with milk is OK. "

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September 1, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Denver - age 21 ]       using

" ... I'm now using mega mass 4000, I'm lean, how many times should i work out in a week to gain weight?

Response shared September 4, 2013   [ Paul ]

" ... Take it after your workouts and on off days one of your first meals - even breakfast is ok. "

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August 26, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Bilal - age 18 ]       will

" ... Hi there, I'm using this supplement starting 2 days ago and I'm planing to go to the gym for better result. After how many days can I expect to see my body change? "

Response shared August 28, 2013   [ Cory ]

" ... You body will start to change with each week, slowly but surely. Remember, adding new muscle size and strength takes time and goes slow. Be patient and you'll reach your goals in no time flat.

I would suggest you use this product twice a day with 3-4 additional healthy meals which are high in protien and low in carbohydrates. "

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July 10, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ sahir - age 21 ]       will

" ... Hi,, i've bought megamass 4000 my weight is 47 kg and height is 5,7" i want to increase my size. i have few points to clear
1- if i dont go to gym would it increase my size while maintaining my body shape or is it compulsory to workout for maintaining shape?
2- when you say 4-5 meals a day. Does it mean 3 regular meals plus 2 megamass shakes?
3- how many scoops should i use daily?
4- if i run daily for 4-5 miles and use megamass would it maintain my shape and increase the body size? "

Response shared July 11, 2013   [ Sammy ]

" ... If you are adding the calories, then yes you need to exercise to add muscle.

No, 4-5 meals with food plus 1-2 shakes to get the best results.

Use the amount of scoops per serving per shake, it's on the label.

Running is a great choice to keep the gains lean without any fat or water.

Good luck. "

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May 12, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Gela - age 20 ]       will

" ... I Am 63Kg And Want To Gain Only Lean Mass, I,ve Workout 3 Times A Week And Want Only Muscle, From Your Point Of View, How Many KG-s I Will Gain After This Product ? I Want To Gain As Much As Possible, If You Know Any Better Product, Please Let Me Know ;) "

Response shared May 12, 2013   [ Nick ]

" ... It's impossible to tell you exactly how many kg's you will gain. It depends on your genetics, diet, training, rest and supplements. This product is a good choice for gains, but if you want LEAN MUSCLE GAINS only I would suggest a whey isolate protein as well. "

Response shared May 14, 2013   [ Gela ]

" ... Whey Isolate Protein ? Ok, I'll Try It, It's Hard For Me To Gain Mass And Muscle Of Course. Some People Told Me That Gainer Was Better, But I Want Only Lean Mass, So I Will Try Whey Isolate Protein. Will Whey Isolate Protein Gain Me Fat % ? I Have 10.7% Fat And Don't Want To Increase It. "

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April 12, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Piya - age 30 ]       using

" ... Hi. I am using this product like some 4-5 days ago. Twice a day. 2 serving. I am on a slim side can say underweight. I am 41 kg.. I have 2 meals and snack twice. I haven't gained even a single gram using this product. Could plz guide me if I need to increase my serving? I m heartbroken. I am currently using mega mass 4000.. "

Response shared April 13, 2013   [ Paul ]

" ... You must have a REALLY fast metabolism then. Remember, 4-5 days is also a very short time, be patient and stick with it. So two full servings per day with 3-4 MEALS is the better way to go. Make sure your meals are high carb, high protein as well. Pasta and potatoes are a great way to slow down your metabolism so your body can absorb the nutrients. "

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March 12, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Mohammed - age 32 ]       using

" ... Dear Friend, I just wanted to know if Weider Mega Mass 4000 is Halal. Meaning, does it contain any Pork material? As I am a Muslim I wanted to know before I start taking it.
Thanks. "

Response shared March 12, 2013   [ Shane ]

" ... Not quite sure, but I would venture to GUESS that it doesn't contain any pork products - I haven't actually heard of any protein shakes that do.

If you want to be 100% sure, then contact Weider. "

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March 3, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ sujeev - age 21 ]       used

" ... Hi, I'm just 50 kg. I eat a lot but I am lean like nothing. I just want to know if I only drink Mega Mass 4000 without working out, will it have a result because I don't feel to eat when I have a supplement. I have already tried multifit whey protein which was useless. "

Response shared March 5, 2013   [ Richard ]

" ... Sujeev, you have a very fast metabolism so using this high calorie weight gainer is a great choice to slow it down so your body can start to carry more muscle mass and weight.

If you use it without exercise, most of the gains will turn to fat. If you workout, you will gain lean muscle mass and really transform you body. "

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February 16, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Shibhu - age 24 ]       will

" ... Hello Sir,
I am skinny guy of 5.9 feet and under-weight. Currently I am going to gym for some workout but not able to increase my weight. So I am thinking to get some creatine first then if I go for this produt will this be effective? I have heard that creatine can also help you put some weight on. Will it be a good or bad idea to get some stamina first then go for weight gainer?

Thanks, Shibhu "

Response shared February 16, 2013   [ Rick ]

" ... Using this weight gainer is OK, use one or two serving per day, everyday. You can also use a creatine that is a very good option. "

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January 31, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Shiva - age 25 ]       will

" ... Hey Roger, thanks for your suggestion. I have gone through that link which u have added in our last conversation and now I am confused. Should I go for "Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice 2544" or for "Mega mass 4000" or for some other supplement?

Please guide me on this, thanks. "

Response shared February 1, 2013   [ Rocky ]

" ... This is not Roger, but looking at the link as well all or good choices, including the 4000 you originally asked about. The key is, use it correctly. Use two servings at least per day plus a at least 3 more meals per day to get the gains you want. "

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January 26, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Shiva - age 25 ]       will

" ... Hi .. I am a thin guy of just under50 KG and want to gain some weight without any side effects .. so which supplement should be the best for me .. so please tell me what should i do .. should i go for this product or some another ....Please reply me ASAP... "

Response shared January 27, 2013   [ Roger ]

" ... There are ZERO side-effects with using this weight gainer. Use two full servings of this per day with an additional 3-4 real meals (that include beef, chicken or turkey) each day.

There are a variety of great weight gainers on the market today. Take a minute a look at the suggestions this site offers:

fitflex.com/supplementgoals/muscle-building.html "

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January 24, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ M Zaman - age 18 ]       using

" ... I am using Mega Mass 4000 about 2 days and I don't know how many tablespoons of powder
should mix with the water. I use 2 tablespoons of it to 300ml water is that ok? Please help me, thanks! "

Response shared January 24, 2013   [ George ]

" ... Hi. To follow the proper directions, you need to use the scoop that came in the container. Measure TWO of these scoops with 1 cup (8oz) of water. To measure it exactly, it's 447 grams.

If you are wondering, 447 grams is equal to 30 tablespoons. So if you are taking 2 tablespoons per shake, then you need 30 of these shakes per day to get the right amount. "

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January 11, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Asad - age 16 ]       will

" ... What are the specific age requirements to use this weight gainer? Thanks! "

Response shared January 12, 2013   [ Nick ]

" ... None, at 16 you are OK to use a weight gainer. It's a great way to add some extra healthy calories to help you pack on some new size. If you exercise regularly, you'll make better muscle gains. "

Response shared June 26, 2013   [ edwin ]

" ... im using this product for past one month bt my weight is still the same 45 nd wat should i do gain weight "

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January 3, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ William Ochieng - age 23 ]       using

" ... Hi, I just bought Mega Mass 4000. I was formerly using mega mass 2000, is it right to shift? Will I get better results if I combine it with amino 6000? Thanks. "

Response shared January 5, 2013   [ George ]

" ... As the number says, they are all different caloric totals. So adjust accordingly. I find the 4000 and 2000 to be the best choices as 6000 is a large amount for a single serving.

Either way, you should be having two of these shakes per day with another 2-3 real meals to make progress with your weight gain. "

Response shared February 5, 2013   [ NOUMAN ]

" ... Hi , i have sensitive stomach can i use this supplement for gain weight? is it produce gas ? "

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January 2, 2013   [ QUESTION ]   [ Renan - age 46 ]       using

" ... Can I use Mega Mass 4000 before workout with pre-workout supplement and take it again after workout with amino acid supplement? I will wait for your reply on this inquiry. Thanks "

Response shared January 2, 2013   [ Nick ]

" ... No, never use a weight gainer BEFORE a workout, it will NOT help you gain new size. You never want your stomach full and digesting heavy items when you train, as you want the blood to be in the muscles not in your stomach.

Take a weight gainer AFTER you train and before you go to bed. Take your amino acid supplement / drink while you train. "

Response shared September 28, 2013   [ michael ]

" ... hi sir..im a stress guy..my face is look bad and my body..if i take mega mass 4000.it is a good idea?to brcome a good looking guy...please answer sir.. "

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December 27, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Mazazino - age 25 ]       using

" ... Hello, I am 80 KG in weight, and 188 CM in height. I am not sure what's the pound and feet equivalents. Anyway, I have recently got the mega mass and I've used it before because I was very thin in the past. Right now the problem is the one I got doesn't seem to have a scoop (unless it's buried very deep within the box), so I need to know the following:

1) Every scoop is equivalent to how many spoons lets say?

2) how much water should i use? 250 ml?

3) I'm currently using 3 spoons of milk, with 3 spoons of powder, in about 200 ml of water 3 times a day (once instead of breakfast, another time after lunch, and the third right after practice). is such usage yield best outcome? "

Response shared December 29, 2012   [ Joey ]

" ... Each serving size is 3 scoops, and each scoop is 149 grams, so 447 grams in total.

Use as much water as you want. Some people like it thick where you can almost eat the shake with a spoon like pudding or instead a nice liquid shake. Generally it's 8-10 ounces of water.

Use this shake twice a day and you'll get the results you want! "

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December 24, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ mukesh - age 24 ]       using

" ... Hi I am planning to use this weight gainer...i want to know whether anyone have faced any problem post using this mega mass 4000..how is the result?? "

Response shared December 27, 2012   [ DJ ]

" ... Hi there! Based from other users' feedback, u can already determine how effective this weight gainer is. It will increase ur body size. U just have to mix it well so u can consume the contents. "

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December 16, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ DJ - age 21 ]       will

" ... Thanks for the response last Dec.9 George. Another thing, I'm not actually after to be a body builder but increase in size would be better for me, is it possible for me to be like kinda 'chubby'? It's fine for me. "

Response shared December 18, 2012   [ Peter ]

" ... If you want to have a bigger but chunny appearance then drink two of these a day, don't exercise and eat poor foods throughout the day. "

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December 9, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ DJ - age 21 ]       will

" ... Hi there! will it really increase my body size? would it make me even a bit bigger? thanks! "

Response shared December 14, 2012   [ George ]

" ... Yes, this is one of the leading weight gainers. Use it twice a day, with an additional 3-4 meals per day for the best results. "

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December 9, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ justine - age 20 ]       will

" ... question, is it ok to work out 5 times a week while using mega mass ? . i just want to have a great body. i'm not a body builder. i'm 5'11 and 98 kg . "

Response shared December 14, 2012   [ Carter ]

" ... Yes, 4-5 days per week is ideal. Use this shake at least once per day or twice if you can afford it. "

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December 4, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ dee - age 21 ]       will

" ... can this make u increase in body size? "

Response shared December 6, 2012   [ George ]

" ... Yes, that is exactly what the product is designed to do. "

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December 3, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Jepoy Payat - age 30 ]       using


Response shared December 4, 2012   [ George ]

" ... Yes, but you will not gain as much muscle as you would if you weight train. If you want to simply gain "weight" then this will do the job for you. "

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November 11, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ nool - age 18 ]       using

" ... Hi guys, after how many days will I see a change in my body if I use Mega Mass 4000? Thanks. "

Response shared November 14, 2012   [ George ]

" ... It will depend on your genetics, weight training effort and diet. Normally you will see an increase in your weight each week.. about 3-4 lbs. Remember, you need about 2 of these shakes per day with 2-3 real meals (health, not junk food) and train well to really make the best possible gains. "

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November 1, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ AAK - age 19 ]       will

" ... Hello, I am 19 years old and my height is 5'11. I have no good physical fitness and stamina. How many days will this product take to help me reach a good body? Are there any side effects of this product? "

Response shared November 3, 2012   [ Nick ]

" ... All depends on your training efforts, daily meals, rest at night, etc. With regular use of this weight gainer with a good fitness and diet plan you'll make gains each week both in new size, strength and added muscle weight. "

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October 25, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ sohan - age 17 ]       will

" ... hi im a thin guy and need to gain huge amounts of muscles im going to a gym too. So will mega mass be helpfull to me if so how many grams should i take dialy "

Response shared November 1, 2012   [ Paul ]

" ... You need to take 2 full shakes per day, the scoops per shake are listedon the directions. In addition, eat 3-4 solid high protein meals as well, not junk food. Train 4 days a week, compound basic heavy exercises. "

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October 9, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ NITIN - age 22 ]       will

" ... hey i am 22 year old,my weight is 80kg,but i want to increase my muscle size so i m planning to buy this product.i need to know, is there any side effects if i will use this.i dont want to get in some skin problems because my skin is sensitive..so please suggest me..what should i do... "

Response shared October 15, 2012   [ Sean ]

" ... No, there are no side-effects as this is a natural weight gainer aimed to help you increase your daily caloric intake to slow down your metabolism and allow your body to increase overall mass. "

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October 6, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Hamza - age 26 ]       will

" ... Hey.. I have just bought Mega Mass 4000.. I have currently 68 kgs weight and I need 75-78 kgs. Please advise me the daily dosage and timings for using Mega mass 4000 and how much weight can I get in a month, I am tall and lean. Please also refer me some good exercise for muscles building specially the thighs, shoulders and chest? "

Response shared October 15, 2012   [ Chris ]

" ... How much weight you can gain will vary based on your genetics, training and diet. If you give 100% to each you will see tremendous progress.

You need two of these shakes per day. One after your exercise and one before bed - everday.

Good exercise for your thighs include heavy squats and leg presses. Shoulder you can do front presses and raises and for chest presses, flyes and dips are great choices. "

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October 6, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Naveen - age 19 ]       will

" ... Hello, I just wanted to know whether I can use this gainer if I don't go to gym? I don't have time for the gym. "

Response shared October 11, 2012   [ Drake ]

" ... Yes, you can use it as a meal replacement - that is an excellent choice. However, if you wish to gain muscle mass then physical exercises is a requirement. Listen, it doesn't really take much in a day to exercise. Even if you don't have access to a gym you can do pushups, situp, etc. "

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October 5, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Amir - age 42 ]       will

" ... Hi, I am 42 years old, 5ft 10 inches. I am overweight and currently loosing weight by jogging and working out at the gym. Still I am around 87kg. Most of my weight is fat and not muscle. My question is, should I use the Weider product to gain muscle mass or wait until I have burned of the fat and then use it to gain back weight in muscle? "

Response shared October 11, 2012   [ Sean ]

" ... Hi Amir, thanks for stopping by. You can use this product to gain muscle mass WHILE you are losing fat at the same time. I would suggest two shakes per day, one right after your workout. Stick to about 5-6 meals (shakes included) per day that are high in protein and low in fat, carbs and sugars. "

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September 27, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Naveen - age 22 ]       used

" ... Hello I am Naveen. I used this mega mass five years ago. I used only half of the botel. Later I left Gym. And Now I am going again, I am thinking to use it again. Is it good to use and gain mass. and is there any side effects. how and when to take this is it after work out or before work out. In past I used to take before workout. so plz answer for my questions

Response shared October 3, 2012   [ Kent ]

" ... Yes, it's an excellent weight gainer and has no side-effects. The best time is to take this is twice a day, right after a workout and then again as a meal. Do not take it BEFORE a workout as it is to heavy and will sit in your stomach for some time. "

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September 15, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Roy De Los Reyes - age 40 ]       using

" ... I am using a calcium supplement Vitacal which contains Calcium Carbonate 500 mg, Colecalciferol (vitamin D3), agnesium Sulphate dried 400 mg, and Zinc gluconate 15mg..so is this ok if i continue while im using Mega mass 4000 "

Response shared September 20, 2012   [ Trey ]

" ... Yes, that is not a problem. "

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September 11, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Tanveer - age 19 ]       using

" ... Hello, I bought 1.5 kg Mega Mass 4000. Will it give me good results because I am planning on using it for a long time. Thanks. "

Response shared September 14, 2012   [ Taylor ]

" ... Yes, it is a great weight gainer. Use 2 shakes per day and try to stick with another 3-4 meals per day. All high in protein, medium carbohydrates and low fats. "

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August 31, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ shoaib - age 34 ]       using

" ... hi i m using mega mass 4000 my weight 55 after 1 month how much grow up my weight "

Response shared September 1, 2012   [ George ]

" ... Impossible to give you an exact answer because it depends on your genetics, metabolism, training, diet and sleep habits. If you take 2 full shakes per day as suggested with 3-4 healthy meals with training 4 days per week you can add aprox 10-20lbs in a month. It all depends on how much effort YOU put in to it. "

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August 31, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Pete - age 30 ]       using

" ... Is there any difference between mixing Mega Mass with water or milk ?? can I mix it with water as I don't tolerate milk to good "

Response shared September 1, 2012   [ Carl ]

" ... With milk you get more nutrients such as protein, carbs and fats as well as more calcium. It is suggested you mix it with water, we only suggest milk if you want to use less scoops. "

Response shared September 4, 2012   [ pete ]

" ... on my packing there is instruction to us 1 serving 150g in 550 ml milk so how much should I use mixing with water "

Response shared September 4, 2012   [ Carl ]

" ... It makes NO difference if it is MILK or WATER.. use the SAME AMOUNT for both.

Hope this helps. "

Response shared September 5, 2012   [ Pete ]

" ... thanks very much, it really helped me, I'm really happy with results Im getting (I just bought new box of Mega Mass) thank you very much "

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August 25, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ tony baker - age 3 ]       using

" ... with giant mega mass 4000 do you use one scoop with 300ml of milk or 2 "

Response shared August 26, 2012   [ Ted ]

" ... Each serving is TWO SCOOPS of powder. "

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August 24, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ shani - age 18 ]       using

" ... my age 18 and me using plz u tell me which weather using mega mass better and u also tell me how many days gain my body me also going gym plz tell me :) "

Response shared August 26, 2012   [ Drake ]

" ... Better for what? State your GOALS? If you want to gain weight and you want to know if it is safe to use at 18 the answer is yes.

Use 2 shakes per day, eat also 5 meals a day and you'll gain good muscle weight. "

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August 14, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Ron - age 31 ]       using

" ... I just want to know how many teaspoons I should take per day? After a meal or before a meal and how many times I should take it per day? I am now 76 kgs and I am doing home gym. "

Response shared August 14, 2012   [ James ]

" ... You get an actual scoop with it, use it. Don't use teaspoons because that would probably be like 10 or something per shake.

The best time to take it is 2-3 times per day between meals or as a meal if you wish. Eat every 3-4 hours so time it out.

Do not take it before workouts, but after a workout is OK. "

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August 13, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Adnan - age 20 ]       will

" ... Hey guys. I'm planning on using Mega Mass 4000. I actually have a really busy schedule. College, job etc., so I don't get time to workout. So I want to know if it's OK to just take the supplement and not workout in gym? Or is it a MUST to take supplement and workout hard in gym as well.

Do reply
Many thanks "

Response shared August 14, 2012   [ Shane ]

" ... Adding extra calories without any exercise or physical activity will increase the chances of gaining fat instead of muscle. Even if you are busy, I suggest doing some pushups and situps at home each night. It takes 20 minutes (same time you use to check your email and facebook) and will make a difference. "

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August 12, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ shaik abdul azeez - age 17 ]       using

" ... I am a weight lifter and I want to increase my loads and develop my body. My height is 5 foot 9 inches and my weight is currently 64kgs. In the first one month can I see the changes? "

Response shared August 14, 2012   [ Paul ]

" ... Yes, in the first week you will see changes. This is a great high protien, high calorie gainer that will help you add more lean size and strength faster. Take about 2 servings per day between your meals. "

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August 8, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ priya rodriguez - age 19 ]       will

" ... Hi I am a female age: 19. Height: 5'4 Weight: 90. I am trying to gain some serious weight in order to gain curves and wondering what is the best way to gain this weight. "

Response shared August 9, 2012   [ Paul ]

" ... Yes, this will help you gain weight. If you eat correctly and exercise it will be muscle weight, if you simply sit around and drink this then mostly fat and water weight. "

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July 31, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Philani - age 18 ]       will

" ... Hi there, I've been lifting weights since last year was using bad boy whey protein and it didn't work but I am planing on changing to Weider mega mass 4000 since I saw the brand it was promising including the ingredients. So I want to know after how many days will I get the improvement? "

Response shared August 2, 2012   [ Carl ]

" ... You will make gains from week to week. Use two full shakes of this per day and eat 3-4 solid high protein meals as well. Train 4-5 days a week and don't drink or smoke and you'll make very good gains. If you cheat or don't follow this plan, well then not so much. "

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July 20, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Faizan - age 17 ]       will

" ... HI my name is Faizan...I shall be very thankful to u if u guide me.... I m doing weight lifting since 12 month but i realize that my body mass is inreasing very slowly so,iam thinking about to use Mega mass So, Which one Mega mass is Suitable for me Kindly Answer my Question "

Response shared July 25, 2012   [ Quinten ]

" ... This is an excellent weight gainer and will help you get those extra calories that you are looking for. Stick with two shakes per day with 4-5 solid meals per day and you'll get the results you want quickly. "

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July 7, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ vaibhav - age 20 ]       using

" ... how much weight is gained after taking weider gainer..............my weight currently is 55 kg...........how much i'll geet after using it? "

Response shared July 10, 2012   [ George ]

" ... Impossible to give you an answer as everybody react different based on age, training, genetics, rest, other meals, etc.

If you use it 2-3 times per day plus 2-3 real meals per day you will gain aprox 10-20lbs per month however. "

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May 31, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Mr. Calculus - age 18 ]       using

" ... Hey, i'm using the mega mass smooth chocolate thing and it tastes like poop, yuk, is this right "

Response shared June 3, 2012   [ Hank ]

" ... Then try a different flavor if you are picky. I actually think that the chocolate version tastes like a McDonald chocolate milkshake.. one of my favorite weight gainers on the market today. "

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May 14, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ John - age 23 ]       using

" ... Hi I just wanted to ask how make Megamass 4000 smooth chocolate flavor taste better? it seems like it doesnt taste good in my opinion.. Can I add something to it for it to taste better? "

Response shared May 15, 2012   [ Jacob ]

" ... No protein shake will actually taste like a real milkshake, etc. It is what it is - you gotta do what you gotta do to reach your goals right?

What you can do is blend it with skim milk, this makes it better and creamier. "

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May 10, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Ahmed - age 19 ]       will

" ... helo im ahmed i have been doing gym from 1 year now yesterday i have bought mega mass 4000 to increase my body size. my height in 5'8" and weight is 60 plz tell me when to use my supplement after or before work out "

Response shared May 12, 2012   [ Cameron ]

" ... To get any type of real results you need to follow the directions and use this two to three times PER day EVERYDAY. I would suggest when you wake up, and again after your workouts. "

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May 8, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Bella - age 19 ]       using

" ... Hi,i'm Bella.
I'm currently using this supplement from 2 days,i'm just 40KG and i want to increase my weight upto 60KG because my height is 5'3.5 , how can i gain weight in 2months? "

Response shared May 9, 2012   [ Hank ]

" ... Use this shake 2-3 times per day and eat 2-3 meals per day. It will take time but you'll start to see results shortly. "

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March 1, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ khurram - age 24 ]       will

" ... HELLO MY NAME IS KHURRAM.I just want to gain my weight.I m also doing exercise.I have bought mega mass 4000 and now going to use it after i know about side effects of using this product.I have a point in my mind that it may have side effect.That's why I am afraid of using it.Can you please make my mind to use it.Also tell me how to use it..thanks..........!!!! "

Response shared March 2, 2012   [ Carl ]

" ... Hello. There are no side-effects of using mega mass 4000.

To use it for best results use 3 shakes per day, and remember that each shake has 3 SCOOPS plus water (or milk). "

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February 29, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ ahmed - age 24 ]       using

" ... there is no drugs whithout side effects ,so what the side effect of mega mass..and if it interfere with renal functions? "

Response shared February 29, 2012   [ Shane ]

" ... Mega Mass 4000 is a weight gainer SUPPLEMENT, not a drug. Only side-effects are of receiving extra calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates - which is NONE.

Hope this helps. "

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February 26, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ umesh - age 23 ]       

" ... i m taking this suppliment after workout with half kg milk and two bananas three teaspoons...is my weight and muscles will grow in one months.is my diet in right? "

Response shared February 27, 2012   [ Paul ]

" ... Yes, you seem to be on the right path. Just be sure to train heavy and hard 4-5 days a week and get 8-10 hours of sleep every night. "

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February 19, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Asmat - age 20 ]       will

" ... Hi, I just want to increase weight fast, I am currently just 56 kg. I want to use mega mass 400 to help me get there. I have no idea which mega mass will be perfect and also no idea about dosage. Help me, is mega mass truly better for my goals? "

Response shared February 20, 2012   [ Peter ]

" ... Adding a weight gainer like Mega Mass is your best choice. Have THREE SHAKES per day with THREE SOLID meals per day as well. Training 4-5 days a week, heavy. "

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February 15, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ Bali - age 25 ]       using

" ... Hi, I recently started to take mega mass, I am a weight lifter. According to the instructions it says to take 3 scoops twice per day. It is too much to drink 3 scoops at a time, so I am taking 1.5 scoops twice a day. How it works I am not sure, will it help me to gain weight or not? My other question is that if I take it before a meal, I don't like to take any meal. "

Response shared February 16, 2012   [ Simon ]

" ... You should follow the directions and take 3 scoops per serving, so 9 scoops in total per day. That is how it is meant to work and help you gain weight. If you cut the dosage in half as you said, you might still get some results but not as much as you should be gaining.

With regards to taking it before a meal, NO. Mega Mass 4000 IS A MEAL, so take it as a meal. You should eat every 2-3 hours to gain weight. So Have 3 shakes and 3 whole food meals throughout the day to make the most of it. "

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February 11, 2012   [ QUESTION ]   [ ram - age 17 ]       using

" ... i am 17 years old male....my weight is 56 kgs n my ht is 6ft(182.88 cm)...i have joind a gym n bougt mega mass 4000...in how much time will i gain 4-5 kgs(apprx 10 pounds)..?????pls do reply anyone.. "

Response shared February 11, 2012   [ Evan ]

" ... Impossible to give you an answer, everyone reacts differently. If you train hard, 4-5 days a week with 8-10 hours rest a night of sleep and 2-3 mega mass shakes per day plus 3-4 solid healthy meals per day you should see results quite quickly.

Stick with it and be patient. "

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October 9, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ zawar - age 17 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... hey guysim using its been 2 weeks im using mega mass 400 before gym! just one scopp! how many scoops should i add in milk and how many times should i drink this supplement pleasee tell me!! or text me the instructions :-) +923123239005 "

October 2, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ Mohan - age 28 ]       will

" ... Hi im 28 year old last 1 monthh used "super gainer" supplement By my GYM trainer. and i use that 4-5 week and i eat. but ther s no any changes on my mass. now deside to use Maga mass. i want grow up my mass up to 80kg now im 74kg im 5.10" .so plz tel me how much maga mass i have to buy. and how i have to drink and also how i have to follow my diet During the use maga mass plz im waiting for u rep..kindly thx.. "

Response shared October 4, 2011   [ Dale ]

" ... Adding an extra 6kg is very realistic and possible with using mega mass. I would suggest taking 2 servings a day. Take them between your solid meals. You should be eating or having a weight gainer shake every 2-3 hours, if you wait longer your body starts to use muscle for fuel and you lose muscle. "

Response shared October 6, 2011   [ mohan ]

" ... Thank u very much 'Dale' "

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July 23, 2011   [ REVIEW ]   [ shariq - age 27 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Hi every one i have stated using mega mass 4000 since 20 days ago and i gained 4kg of weight ofcourse with a lot of chicken breast and other food as well.so far no side effects but i saw my belly is bulging out. This might be a lot of sugar content anyway i am totally satisfied with this product and surely worth your money. "

March 16, 2011   [ QUESTION ]   [ dinesh - age 22 ]       will

" ... ... i want to use but i dont hav idea some people say dont use it has side effects please help me guide me age 22 height 5.7 Weight 55

Response shared March 19, 2011   [ Hi ]

" ... I just bought Mega mass 4000. Can i drink it everyday? even if i train 3days in every weekend? "

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December 5, 2010   [ REVIEW ]   [ daud - age 18 ]       used

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... shadi khan answer
shadi u have to keep ur diet(milk, eggs, bun, apple,) and stay away from oily things, in the future u will be a good body builder, keep suing this, coz its have not side effect, GOD BLESS U ALL "

October 22, 2010   [ QUESTION ]   [ Hamoody - age 22 ]       using

" ... m 22 years Old,
Hv Been Skinny Now For Quite a long tym
Heard A lot Abt Mega Mass nd i think I'll Give It a try
The oNLY Thing i Dnt Knw Is
Shud i Drink Megamass Aftr or before Workout ?
and Shud I eat Food Aftr Or Before Drinking This Supplement ?
Thanx In Advance
Happy Gaining Amigos ! "

Response shared September 9, 2011   [ Rob ]

" ... Gaining Weight is simple - lift heavy and eat more "

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September 10, 2010   [ REVIEW ]   [ shadi khan - age 25 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 2 out of 5

" ... im 25 years old.....
m using mega mass 4000 for 7 days....how much i should take it???now m taking 2 scoops aday...m trying level best to eat alot ....plzzzz tell me the diet and best usage of mega mass 4000....... "

June 7, 2010   [ REVIEW ]   [ manjit - age 19 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5

" ... im 19 yr.
i just purchase new megamass 4000. this day

i go to gym since last 4 months and i take already amino 6000 after that i saw no effect on my body it just make few muscles and harden my muscles. then after that i started whey powder(31 takes) with creatin (capsules 150)... from 52 kg it went up to 60 my muscle became bigger and noticeable but they are smooth because of creatin .... with everyday gym... 6 days in a week...

there is no side effect with amino whey but creatin helps gaining mass but soft muscles.. i just drink plenty of water its listed at back of creatin.... and now i have eating habbit.

well i just started mega mass 4000... i will tell you result after a month.. "

May 16, 2010   [ QUESTION ]   [ attaullah - age 16 ]       using

" ... hi all friends .i wants ur suggestions that i m new user of weider maga mass .i am 16 years old,i started bodybuilding 2 months before.my question is that is there any side effect(bad effects) of mega mass .f it has so plz tell me 2 stop its using .i m n wait of ur answer friends .thanks 4 reading my request. "

Response shared October 1, 2011   [ Jake ]

" ... No side-effects at all to worry about, Mega Mass 4000 is a very popular and effective weight gainer from Weider - a company that has been around for decades. Try to have 2-3 a day to help you with your weight and muscle gains. Good luck! "

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April 9, 2010   [ QUESTION ]   [ haris - age 20 ]       will

" ... Hi!I am haris from pak...my age is 20 and weight is 48 kg...someone plz help..should i use mega mass...Is there any side effect of mega mass... "

Response shared April 11, 2010   [ Hak ]

" ... Hi haris. how r u? 1st of all see wht u r eating. just eating mega mass will not make u muscular , u got to hve a balanced diet. mega mass is just a supplement which will help u in building muscle fast. without proper diet u will b wasting ur money on this great supplement. Haider "

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April 7, 2010   [ REVIEW ]   [ Ishamdeen - age 30 ]       used

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I wanna know about mega mass 8000 product. So in my country Sri Lanka v have only mega mass 4000 only. I heard from my friend that mega mass 8000. Is it true that? If it is so where can i buy Mega Mass 8000 supplement in sri Lanka? "

April 4, 2010   [ REVIEW ]   [ usmaniqbal - age 21 ]       will

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Well i m gonna use Mega mass 4000.
But your real thin goes away with your diet
Mega mass 4000 is designed to fasten intake of calories to increase your weight
But Running + gym is required to convert your extra calories to Muscles
Using mega mass and doing nothing is bad for your kidneys "

March 6, 2010   [ REVIEW ]   [ ARsalan - age 19 ]       will

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... i am aRsalan From paksitan And i am wanting to use mega mass after 6 months of body building experience but i have no idea about how to use mega mass 4000 that is why i need your help if u can so regards Arsalan
61 kg "

December 31, 2009   [ QUESTION ]   [ Ahmed - age 17 ]       will

" ... i wanna use Megamass weightgainer i have no idea some people say dont use it has side effect plz help me & guide me.age 17,height 5.7 "

Response shared August 18, 2010   [ Abdul Hadi ]

" ... NO, It doesn't have any side effects at all, for some people it might cause Diarhea, stomach upset. "

Response shared April 7, 2011   [ Kay-B ]

" ... If weight upsets your stomach, are u supposed to discontinue use or decrease dosage??? Please help. "

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December 1, 2009   [ REVIEW ]   [ tauqir - age 27 ]       will

   OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5

" ... i want to use but i dont hav idea some people say dont use it has side effects please help me guide me age 27 height 5.10

November 25, 2009   [ REVIEW ]   [ Ameer - age 23 ]       will

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... my name is Ameer, I am from Qatar. Just i am planning to use Mega Mass to gain my mass body. but some of my friends were saying if you use these kind of p;rotein powders, it will make you side effects. Thats why i want to know the exact thing........ can u help me for that.....? "

October 15, 2009   [ REVIEW ]   [ madman - age 33 ]       used

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... I started using mega mass 4000 when i was about 18. I whent from 170 to about 220 in about 6 months. When i went college that fall i was around 255. My bench whent from 180 to 420, by the time i reached 21 it was 510lbs. Changed my life, thanks. "

October 12, 2009   [ REVIEW ]   [ basit - age 23 ]       will

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... my name basit khan i m at karchi i wanna use maga mass 4000 but i have not idia plz halp me now my wath 52 kg i wanna incres my wath

September 8, 2009   [ REVIEW ]   [ Krio - age 23 ]       using

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Hello,
I wanted to know how much should I take per day with Mega mass 4000?
I weight 193lbs for 6'1
it says 6 scoops WTF is 6 scoops? it's 3 CUPS? I don't get nothing "

March 12, 2009   [ sridhar ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... This is true weight grainer, My friend was going to gym, on his birthday i gifted him Megamass4000 chocolate flavour. He used as per instructions given. He is rocking,,, awesome results... "

May 13, 2008   [ Paul,. KY ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Truly one of the better and more reputable weight gainers out there. I have tried a handful of others however I always come back to mega mass.. really the most effective and cost-effective if you want an honest opinion. "

October 10, 2007   [ Awesome ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Really helped me get past that skinny phase, in about 2 months of use. Mega Mass 4000 actually does taste alot better than it did years ago, the old chalk flavor is long gone. The extra calorie forumal helped me go from 176 pounds soaking wet to currently 203 pounds - looking pretty solid. "

February 11, 2007   [ Louie ]

   OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

" ... Mega mass has always been my choice when packing on new muscle and trying to increase my strength levels. I use mega mass every day, sometimes twice a day to really get the levels moving. Taste is great and lots of flavors to choose from. Add milk or bananas for a fuller, thicker shake. "


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Description » Weider Nutrition - Giant Mega Mass 4000

Perfect Combination of Proteins and Carbohydrates for Quick Fat-Free Weight Gain Results

Weider nutrition has always strived to be the perfect solution for bodybuilders and athletes to help them meet their fitness goals, and their long running Giant Mega Mass 4000 weight gain protein shake is the perfect example of this. What separates this gainer supplement from the dozens of others is that simple fact that you gain quality hard lean muscle size rather than just scale up with fat and water. This requires a perfect blend of the proper micro and macro nutrients that an athletes requires to get to that level from week to week. This is perhaps the most complete weight gain formulation out there today - even after all those years. The old-school mix of egg, milk and quality whey protein is exactly what it takes to get you through that frustrating sticking points. Tired of being skinny and not being able to gain a pound.. well that will all change with 2-3 shakes per day with a 2-3 solid healthy meals! Also available in the 2000 variation, both are excellent choices for hardgainers everywhere from all ages.

Now Available in Smooth Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla

The Original Nutrient Dense Fast Weight Gainer for Athletes

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